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How To Fight Like An Anime Character

What Anime Character Are You

How to fight like an anime character !

Today, anime is more popular than animation, and you can find them in any genre. For each age group, there is an anime suitable for the same age group. Those made for children have unique features that parents can safely allow their children to watch. Conversely, anime for adults may not be suitable for children due to some morality.

There are both good and evil characters in any anime, each with certain personality traits. These personality traits and types make anime characters popular or unpopular among fans. What anime Character Are you? Have you ever thought about the answer to this question? This question is very familiar for anime fans since they often imagine themselves to be one or more popular characters. But for those who still do not know which of the characters they look like, an anime quiz can be a good option.

Among them, Naruto Quiz is very popular and is searched by many users every day. By answering some personality-based questions at the end of this quiz, youll learn which Naruto character you look like. Here are some examples of Naruto quiz questions:

  • Youre bored with overwork. What is your favorite enjoyment?
  • How do you usually make decisions in sensitive situations?
  • What supernatural power do you desire in fighting an imaginary enemy?
  • What personality traits are important to you in choosing a partner?
  • What is your hair color?

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Best Anime Fights Of All Time

Anime fisticuffs.

By fist, blade, or fighting spirit-fueled drill, theres something enthralling about a good fight in anime. Since the medium was first created, weve seen a number of great fights, but these ones, in particular, are among the best anime fights of all time.

Oftentimes representing the climax of an arc or storyline, it culminates everything the viewer has invested themselves in, with wills and ideologies on the line along with the characters lives.

Common sense goes out the window as each new attack tears through the air, sometimes as the swing of a sword and other times as a cataclysmic laser meant to rend the planet in half.

If youre interested in reading about more anime, check out what we had to say about the winter 2021 anime season, anime villains, anime senpai, and more!

Warning: Spoilers for multiple series ahead.

Opening And Ending Themes

Virtua Fighter Anime Op.

The first Opening Theme: “Wild Vision” is sung by Kouji Hayashi. Both the opening and ending themes have been sung in different languages throughout the world.

Virtua Fighter the Animation – Closing credits 1

The first Ending Theme: “Kuchiburu no Shinwa” is sung by Vivian Hsu.

Virtua Fighter the Animation – Opening credits 2

The second Opening Theme: “Ai ga ta ri nai ze” is sung by Takenobu Mitsuyoshi.

Virtua Fighter the Animation – Closing credits 2

The second Ending Theme: “Kyohansha” is sung by Vivian Hsu.

Virtua Fighter the Animation – Closing credits 3

The Third Ending Theme: “Eien no man-naka de” is sung by Akiko Seko.

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Knowing When To Hold Back

  • 1Understand that not everything is socially acceptable. Your character’s behavior might be considered the norm in his or her world, but may not be in this one. Even in conventions, there are some behaviors that are frowned upon. This includes things like hitting, groping, swearing excessively, and so forth. Use your common sense: if you think an action may get you in trouble, its best not to do it.
  • If your character is very mean, consider downplaying that aspect of their personality or doing it in a joking way to avoid offending others. No one will want to compliment your costume or great acting skills if youre too busy being cruel in character!
  • This doesn’t mean that you can’t act like your desired character at all. Mimic the good and downplay the bad.
  • 2Know when and when not to act like your character. While acting like an anime character may seem cool and fun, there are times when you need to take things more seriously. If you are around people who may not be familiar with the anime, or the fact that you are cosplaying, it is best to be yourself.
  • For example: fans of “Fullmetal Alchemist” might find it amusing if you rage about your lack of height like Edward Elric. Your doctor certainly will not.
  • Watch their body language for cues. If they seem uncomfortable or agitated, such as shuffling, looking around, or making excuses, leave them be.
  • Israel Adesanyas Lifelong Passion: Anime

    Pin by Moon Child on Sorcery Fight

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    As ESPN reports, Adesanya is a certifiable anime nerd. On many occasions, hes referenced his favorite anime shows and movies while walking out to the octagon. When hes fighting, some of his anime-inspired tattoos are visible for eagle-eyed viewers. And, when hes not fighting, he often talks about his love for anime and cartoons.

    Adesanya told ESPN that when he was a kid, hed watch anime and cartoons for the animation itself. Hed pay so much attention to the actual animation that he would have to rewatch the show just to understand the story. Like he told ESPN, Thats what I love about anime, the fight scenes in certain anime its such fluid animation, really really crisp. It jazzes me up.

    When it comes to anime or cartoons, there are plenty of characters that he loves. Unsurprisingly, many of them are fighters.

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    My Hero Ones Justice 2

    My Hero Academia is a manga that has been in production since 2014, boasting 30 volumes. Its very popular and My Hero Ones Justice 2 is the third game based around it. The sequel to My Hero Ones Justice was released in March of 2020. The general consensus around this game is that it takes all of the best elements from the first game, keeps them, and mixes them in a pot with some great new features like destructible environments, new characters, and a mission mode.

    Let Your Personality Choose

    Its hard to find the anime you love based on what others suggest. So, youre better off without them. Our recommendation quiz works differently. It recommends a list of series that you might likeregarding YOUR personality. So, you dont have to watch what others want you to. Instead, you get to stream shows that match your type.

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    Ryuko Matoi Vs Soul Eater & Maka

    Maka Albarn of Soul Eater and Ryuko Matoi of Kill La Kill are pretty similar when you look at their powers, skills and weapons both characters are gifted fighters, both use bladed weapons and both are aided in battle by talking equipment of some kindMaka’s partner is Soul Eater, who turns into her scythe, and Rykuo is aided by her Kamui, Senketsu.

    So how would their powered up weapons scale up against each other? We’re not sure, but a fight between Maka’s visually epic fighting style and Ryuko’s unbridled determination and ability to rise from the ashes would definitely be epic.

    Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    How Handicap Characters Be Fighting in Anime

    Edward and Alphonse Elric are two of the continent’s most capable young Alchemists. Throughout their journey to find the Philosopher’s Stone, they encounter many powerful Alchemists who want to cause them harm.

    To protect themselves, the boys use their vast understanding of Alchemy to do battle. Edward and Alphonse are clear genii, who are often able to do Alchemy without first drawing a transmutation circle. This high-level Alchemy ensured that many of the battles in Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood made for a fascinating viewing.

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    Sanji Vs Soma Yukihara

    This entry is a bit different from the others, since it wouldn’t be a fight that we’d want to see between One Piece‘s Sanji and Food Wars!‘s Soma, it would be some kind of cooking challenge.

    Perhaps the two could compete in a Food War, which Food Wars! is known for, or perhaps it would just be to see who could make the better version of the same meal. Either way, a clash of cooking between these two anime chefs would be just as entertaining as any fist-fight on this list.

    Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All

    JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure‘s unique style and unforgettable characters makes it one of the most iconic series both in manga and anime. And the game, All-Star Battle, captures that very essence. Made for the PS3 this fighting game has more than 40 characters from all eight of the JoJo story arcs.

    Every character has one of five Battle Styles reminiscent of their skills and abilities from the series. Dio has the Vampirism Stye that lets him drain opponents’ attacks and heal himself. Characters like Jotaro and Josuke have their Stands instead. There are several different game modes, too.

    Players can play through Story Mode to reenact their favorite moments from the series and even play through Campaign or Versus to gain Customize Metals or battle their friends with their favorite characters.

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    Anime To Watch If You Love Voltron: Legendary Defender

    Voltron: Legendary Defendertells the story of a group of young Paladins who come together to fight for the greater good. Its not just the characters and storylines that have garnered its increasing fan base, the shows close ties to Japanese anime has also opened its viewers up to the world of this medium. So if Voltron: Legendary Defender has piqued your interest in anime, here are six shows you should watch.

    Distracting Yourself With Other Things

    Top 10 best anime fights ever (part 1)
  • 1Consider finding another hobbies. You don’t have to spend all your time totally invested in one thing, even if you love it. Explore other interests and hobbies that you might have once enjoyed, but lost over time, as you became more and more into anime. Here are some things you can try:
  • Playing a musical instrument such as the guitar or piano.
  • Jogging, hiking, and biking can not only keep you fit and healthy, but they can also help you relax and enjoy the natural world around you. Take a trip to the gym might be nice.XResearch source
  • Knitting and crochet will keep your hands moving and busy you won’t have time to think about Anime.
  • 2Find another fandom to take part in. Sometimes, you can overcome your anime addiction by giving yourself another, non-anime fandom to focus on this includes books, movies, and television shows. You may find yourself spending less time on anime and more time on the new fandom. If you don’t know where to look, consider asking friends or classmates for suggestions tell them the sorts of things you like, such as horror, medieval fantasy, or vampire drama.
  • If you like to roleplay, then consider branching out to other, non-anime related fandoms, such as ones based on books and movies.
  • 3Spend some time with your friends. It will help you keep your mind off of anime it will also remind your friends that you still care about them. This way, the next time you really need someone to talk to, they will be more likely to be there to support you.
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    Bad Example: Attack On Titan

    For me, this is the area where Attack on Titan loses points. It fails to wrap up much of anything by the end and leaves a lot of questions unanswered. We’re left not knowing what titans are if humans made them or if they’re natural, and we’re also left not knowing much about what goes on inside the inner circle of the government or what the big wigs in charge of everything are doing. We get glimpses and hints, but the series ends without the audience becoming fully aware of the larger reality of what happened. There is also a lot of stuff in the mangas that got left out of the anime. We can only hope for subsequent Attack on Titan anime. At present, however, I cannot recommend watching the Attack on Titan anime, because you just won’t get any sort of closure by the last episode. One incident resolves itself, but bigger questions about the titans, and about humanity in the world of the titans, are left unanswered.

    Jojos Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle

    Released in Japan in 2013 and North America, Europe, and Australasia in 2014, JoJos Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle is just one of ten games in the main series where the most recent game is from 2019, and the oldest is from way back in 1993. Only available on the PlayStation 3, the game features more than three dozen characters from all of JoJos story arcs. Characters here are true to the series, and theres even a story mode where events from the manga series can be replayed.

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    Who Should Take It

    The test is meant to help newbies. So, its best to take it if youre new to the industry. Its an excellent way to get rid of long anime recommendation lists. Such lists only suggest the mainstream shows. But this quiz is the opposite. You get to find shows that are likely to interest youand not the mainstream fans.

    Spike Spiegel Vs Gene Starwind

    How You know an Anime Character is About to win A fight

    Next up is a fight between two of anime’s coolest space hero protagonists, Spike Spiegel of Cowboy Bebop and Gene Starwind of Outlaw Star. Both characters are pretty much human and both have encountered some form of supernatural phenomenon, using their hand-to-hand combat and sharp shooting skills to get out of some tough situations.

    Gene has a few tricks up his sleeve that would be sure to give Spike a run for his money, like his caster shellsbullets that basically shoot magicand his shield projectors, but Spike is the better martial artist. Suffice to say, this clash would be epic.

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    Acting Like A Specific Character

  • 1Choose a character. Most people find it easiest to portray a character who is similar to them personality-wise. On the other hand, some people find it easier, or a fun challenge, to portray a character who is the complete opposite.
  • Consider starting out with two characters: one who is similar to you and one who is completely different. If one is too hard to mimic, you can narrow it down to the easier one.
  • 2Study their scenes. If possible, try to read the manga and watch the anime. Take note of how your character reacts to different situations. Notice the range of their emotions and how they act when they are happy, sad, angry, or afraid. Study how the character acts around different characters: family, friends, enemies, strangers. This is a good excuse to watch your favorite anime and read the manga, so have fun with it!
  • If your character is stoic, pay extra attention. These characters will display their emotions subtly, so become a master of picking up the little details.
  • Don’t stop at just the anime or manga. If they appear in a video game, watch cutscenes from the game!
  • 3Read up on your character online. The internet is full of information on anime and manga. Try to find the anime or manga’s official site, and read up on your character. The better you know your character, the better youll be able to imitate them, understanding their personality and what makes them tick.
  • Onimaru And The Secret Organization


    They’re the main antagonists of the second season, nobody knows who are they really. They’re six leaders, three men and two women, they’re somehow linked to Rafale Company and interested about Dural.Oni-Maru and his ninjas work for them, also there are his allies:

    • Gao: He rarely fights in the series, but he knows lots of things about the secret list. Akira and their friends meet him for the first time in a train while they’re about to visit Wolf.
    • Nyon: She’s the one who fought against Wolf before he knew about the secret list. She loses against him in a match.

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    The Seven Deadly Sins Vs The Homunculus

    Next up we have sins versus sins, the titular characters of The Seven Deadly Sins and the Homunculus of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, who are named after the seven deadly sins. That might seem confusing, but the point is that these two sets of characters would make for an epic team-versus-team battle.

    While the Homunculus likely don’t have the same physical power as the Sins, they do all have impressive regenerative abilitieswhere only one Sin has a similar healing factorand each possess unique powers, much like the Sins, who each have different magical abilities.

    Akashic Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor

    What are the 10 anime worth watching? I generally like ...

    Sistines most adored magic academy teacher retired unexpectedly, and the new instructor was a complete failure. He was once an infamous assassin and was also the person who helped save Rumia Tingel. He was once called The Fool, an incredible magician who killed Alzano Imperial Court Magicians.

    However, the job was vacated to ensure his safety and that of those who were around him. Hes now a substitute instructor at Alzano Imperial Magic Academy, where he hides his skills and protects the school from attacks from time to time.

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    Who Is Israel Adesanya

    RELATED: Jon Jones Stopped a Robbery and Won a UFC Title on the Same Day

    While the UFC will sometimes coddle a fighter by giving them easy fights, this wasnt what happened to Adesanya. Hes an accomplished kickboxer who made the move over to MMA. With an undefeated record of 11-0, he joined the UFC in spectacular fashion. Adesanyas first UFC fight took place on February 2018, and a year later, he had already beaten five guys.

    He started slowing down as the UFC gave him tougher fights who required more training. But Adesanya lived up to expectations. He completely dismantled some of the best fighters in the division, some of whom were undefeated. For example, Robert Whittaker had never lost a fight in the middleweight division. Then, Adesanya made easy work of Whittaker, knocking him out after two rounds.

    With an undefeated 20-0 record, Adesanya has beaten so many middleweights that hes set his sights on the 205-pound light heavyweight division. He faces Jan Blachowicz for the belt at UFC 259. Many think Adesanya will make it look easy again. While this might be a tough fight, Adesanya has plenty of inspiring characters to look up to as he trains.


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