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How To Make Your Own Anime

Create Your Own Anime Show Or Manga

How To Create Your Own Anime: Episode 1

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I had no experience and wanted to create some cool manga/comic, your crash course took me from beginner to pro in 5 days!Producer of Anime VS Humans

Imagine creating your very own anime/manga character just as cute and cool; looking as popular anime characters.; Without any illustration or drawing experience the AnimeProducer will allow you to design and customize an original and unique anime character for your very own Anime Show or Animated Manga!

This powerful rich piece of software will be your best friend when it comes creating your very own Anime Characters.; The software does all the work for you!; All you have to do is just take the snap shots to use in your manga or anime!

Without ANY drawing from you, you can create anime characters for your very own manga or anime show.; The above image took less then a minute to make.; More and more anime and manga fans can now create their very own manga or anime show for FUN or PROFIT.; You can be the next youtube star/partner with your very own Animated Manga series.

Getting A Domain And Hosting

Lets start at the beginning by picking a catchy and representative domain name and extension. People seem to put the most trust in the .com extension, so you should definitely try to get your hands on it.

Its an excellent idea to pick a name that tells the story of what your website is all about. Dont use long strings of words or those difficult to pronounce. Short and concise domain names are easier to commit to memory and pass around to other people.

You can get a domain name registered at an online registrar or with a company thats going to host your website.

Finding the right web hosting company for your anime website is as important as registering a valid domain name. Offshore hosting companies, as opposed to onshore hosting, are data centers located outside of your country of residence. They are the go-to providers for streaming services mainly due to laxer laws and industry-leading bandwidth.

The perfect example of the above is AbeloHost and its Netherlands-based servers.

This offshore web hosting company provides its clients with total privacy, data security, protection from DMCA claims , and very flexible content policy.

Free Avatar Maker: Charatme

Unlike the first 2 options, is more of a hands-on anime character creator rather than an automatic AI generator. It has a relatively broad range of customisable options available where the software allows for various simple alterations.

Charat is pretty decent as an online avatar maker. The software allows the user to create an anime Waifu or avatar in exactly the way they like.

But since we cant have nice things, even if you are using the software in English mode, some options still come up in Japanese. So the lack of translations is quite annoying for sure.

On top of the language issue, the UI can be hard to use because of its counterintuitive design. But if you can look past that, Charat,me is a decent online avatar creator!


  • Plenty of customizable options available.
  • Grants full Control Over the Character Design.


  • Bad User Interface.
  • Menu options always come up in Japanese, even if you are on the English version of the website.

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Pick A Speech Bubble Style

Different types of bubbles can be used to reinforce the message they contain. For example a normal speech bubble can be a simple oval with a tail that points towards the characters mouth. If a character is shouting you may want to emphasize that with bubble with jagged edges.

Different manga artists can sometimes also use slightly different styles of speech bubbles. Generally you will want to pick one set of styles and stick with it throughout your manga.

For a list of the more common styles of manga speech bubbles and well as explanations of when to use them see:

First Of Is The Concept Phase

Create your anime. Custom Anime

In this Phase, the Animators will draw concepts to the characters.

They will do little test Animations and work out how the characters move. Then they will start to conceptualize the backgrounds, lighting, and style of Animation.

In this phase, they will also settle on an overall mood and color to match the story. This phase is the most creative and also the one phase where most Projects just straight out die.

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Developing The Character Design

To further develop your design draw your character from the front, both sides , and back views. You can also draw additional views if you need to.

The reason to do these drawings is so that you will have an all around design of your character. You can then use these pictures as reference material when drawing the same character in your manga or animation.

To help you keep even proportions in different views you can draw guidelines from one body part in one view to the same body part in another view. Its important to note here that due to perspective certain parts of a character may not always be perfectly aligned to others in different views. You can see that in the above example if you look at the feet. Because we are looking down on the feet in the front view and because they are reaching more towards the viewer they extend slightly past the guideline.

For tutorials on drawing people in the anime style you can see:

Rock Your Favorite Characters With Custom Anime T

Want to show off your anime style? Personalize anime t-shirts at CustomInk with your favorite character or custom design. Your anime club will stand out from the crowd at any event or convention. Just pick a product, choose a color, and start designing! No logo? No worries! We have thousands of high quality graphics and hundreds of fonts for you to choose from. Weve got anime characters, unique Japanese style fonts, and tons more. Or upload graphics from your computer or tablet with ease. We also feature a huge gallery of design templates if you need more inspiration.

Free shipping is standard on every apparel order, which guarantees your order will be in your hands in 14 days or less. And if you have any questions, our friendly and knowledgeable sales & service team is here to take your calls, answer your emails, and chat with you 7 days a week!

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Anime Affiliate Programs: The Top 6

These are the best 6 anime affiliate programs you could use to monetize your anime website!

I went to check , despite the strong feeling that it wouldnt have any anime affiliate programs. My instincts proved to be right, so I searched web instead, and found the following:


About is one of the largest and most popular e-commerce sites out there, offering online shoppers everything from books to household items to toys. That includes a decent selection of anime and collectibles.

How much can I make?The Amazon Associate commissions are a measly 4%, but this can easily add up once you start to sell items on a regular basis. Its not much, but consider that anime products arent the only items your customers can buy from Amazon through your link. You get commissions from the entire purchase, anime item or not, so this may actually be a substantial amount after all.

How do I apply?

A Public Service Announcement

How To Make Your OWN Anime? – FIND OUT HOW!

Of course, Id be remiss if I didnt do the usual PSA that Im sure you have heard before. You wouldnt be reading this obscenely long and boring article if you werent a weeb already. Hey, no shame! Me too. So, if you really enjoy or appreciate anime, please consider supporting the industry with your hard-earned dollars. For example, you can subscribe to legitimate streaming services. You can also purchase your anime instead of torrent-ing it. Or, at least buy 1,000 EROMANGA SENSEI Sagiri body pillows if none of these options are appealing to you.

Another way to show your love is by supporting industry efforts for higher wages, and better working and living conditions. Really, theyre pretty darn depressing.

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Bonus Tip Get Feedback

You can get some basic feedback by showing people your character designs and giving them some idea of the plot. You can also show them your planning sketches to see if what is happening in the panels actually makes sense to other people.

It might be hard for a friend to criticize your work but ask for honest feedback.

Criticism may also be hard to take but if you are truly serious about doing something then you should be willing to listen to the opinions of others. At the same time remember that not every bit of advice or criticism from everyone is always valid. Definitely try and talk to more than one person and get a general consensus of your work.

If you know someone who is a professional artist or writer they may be a very good person to ask for some help and advice.

Add Your Voiceover/ Or Music

The last and final step has arrived; adding audio! It is time to bring your animation to life. Will you narrate your script or add an awesome background beat ? If you choose to record a voiceover, then grab a glass of water and a mic, clear your throat and start speaking. Your platform should have a free recording tool and a library of music at your fingertips . But, If you dont have recording tools on your platform or you would like to use a piece of audio from an existing recording, then download Audacity. It is a great software tool for recording clean voiceovers and exporting them as different files.

Or You can just ditch the voiceover. If your animation has speech bubbles or does such a great job visually telling your story, then just simply add music. Download your favorite songs and let Beyoncé or Frank Sinatra do the work for you!

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Is Anime Expensive To Make The Costs Of Making An Anime

When you look at an Anime you, most of the time, will probably think, that it isn´t as expensive as other Animations like 3D rendered Animations or very detailed other 2D Animations. And while that may be true it still isn´t cheap to make an Anime.

So how much does one Anime Episode cost to make? The average cost of a simple 60-second 2D Animation is around 6000 $. A whole Episode can cost between 100.000 $ to 300.000 $. So a 12 Episode long Season can cost up to 3.6 million US Dollars. And this is only the production and does not factor in the marketing costs!

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Optimizing Your Anime Streaming Website

Create your own anime character in

All thats left is to put your website out there and let it garner some attention. The best way to achieve that is to advertise it on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

Also, think about SEO. Make sure youre up to speed on all upcoming anime content to give your community what they want. Build backlinks so as to boost your websites rating, and youre all set.

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This Waifu Does Not Exist

For those who are looking to get waifu or anime images online without hassle, This Waifu Does Not Exist is definetly a good choice. What you need to do is just click Refresh button and this website will present you with different fake waifus. It uses deep learning StyleGAN 2 to generate anime face randomly. You can also read the GPT-3-generated anime plot.

  • Generate anime plot so that you can combine waifu generated with stories


Im No Expert At Plushy Making So Thats Why I Didnt Make This A Full

How to make your own anime figure. If you prefer you can always start your design from a blank page. I cant explain the process in words because it will make you confuse try some tutorial videos on youtube here are some which mig. To create your custom action figure we take up to 3 photos of your face front is required left and right side profiles are optional and upload them into our complex software program to create a realistic 3D model of your face.

Unlicensed figures do exist but these should be avoided at all costs. Using the flash program above you are able to build and save your own custom anime avatar. Like smooth round happy feeling lines with the dark saturated colors of markers or wispy quick watercolor lines and bright springy colors.

Anime logos are a great branding choice for studios production companies and others operating in this field. 3D printers have dropped in price so I decided to buy one to experiment with. CHARAT GENESIS is an anime character creator that you can play for free.

Try GraphicSprings today and create a stunning anime logo design. To get the proportions right make your stick-figure outline about 7 times as tall as your characters head. Why buy anime figures when you can make your own.

Please make your own character. Or contact us if you get stuck. Sculpt the anime character using clay.

Age Differences On Design For Same Character Drawing Body Proportions Drawing People Drawing People Faces

Pin On 3d Models Inspo

Pin On Toys Figures

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Additional Help When Printing Manga

You can do additional research on printing on your own but the above printing tips are all things to be aware of.

If you feel yo need more help in this area a good person to consult with can be a graphic designer. They often deal with print and should be easier to find than an actual manga or comic book artist.

How To Make An Anime Series

How to make your own Anime!

Whether you are interested in making an anime series as a creative project for fun, or as a method to work your way into the anime business as a professional, creating an anime series may not be as challenging as you think. Making an anime series is a great way to gain publicity for your creative visions and even entertain a regular audience of viewers. Follow this procedure to conveniently and inexpensively create your own anime series.

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S To Make Your Own Manga Or Comic Book

Making a real manga requires a lot of time, dedication and artistic skill but dont let that discourage you form trying. You have to start somewhere.

This tutorial provides some step by step tips on how to plan out your manga before you start drawing as well as some drawing tips for when you do.

Determine The Length Of Your Manga

Plan out how much of your story will happen in each chapter.

Write point form notes of the major events in a given chapter and the characters that will participate in them.

Example of point form notes:

  • Protagonist wakes up and makes breakfast
  • Protagonist stops by best friends house & they walk to school together
  • On way to school protagonist and best friend talk about
  • At start of class a new transfer student is introduced
  • etc

Of course you will want to use the actual names of your characters in the notes.

Clearly label each set of point form notes like Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc… If you are going to name your chapters include the name after the number . You want to stay well organized.

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Best Anime Character Generator: Vroid Studio

Perhaps the best anime character creator ever, Vroid Studio allows you to create 3D models or of your favorite character with little effort.

The software has an easy-to-use interface with some of the best pre-made tools to allow even someone who has never used a creators studio in their entire life to start making unique Waifus and Husbandos on their own.

They have a huge library of customisable tools that you can take advantage of. Moreover, you can easily download the software for free from their website.


Anime Production : How Anime Is Made

Maker anime manga avatar for Android

Have you ever wondered how anime is made? For most of us, anime production is all smoke and mirrors. The distance between the concept art and the finished masterpiece is the length of a typical 12-week season. Truth be told, unless youre fluent in Japanese, the production process governing Japanese animation is shrouded in mystery. Trying to learn more will lead you down a rabbit hole of terms like key animator, in-between animator, animation director, episode director, art director, and character designer. How anime is made in Japan is very different from how you would think; often times, it is much more of a fluid process than you would expect.

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Why Is Animation So Expensive To Make

Creating animations is expensive because there is a lot of work going into creating it. Even if it is a very Simple Animation it still needs a lot of work.

Anime already is one of the more cheaper variations of Animation, because it is comparably simple in style. Anime was invented because of the high Animation costs and was specially developed to cost less. If you want to know more about how Anime came to be, you can check out my article on the history and Origin of Anime here.

If you are worried about anime needing to be from japan then don´t be, there are actually non-japanese animes out there. So Animes can be made in American for example.

But let´s take a very rough and simplified look at how Animators work and how long it takes to only create 60 seconds of Animation.


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