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How To Pronounce Anime In Japanese

What Anime Is Where It’s From Recommended Series And How To Pronounce It

How to Pronounce ShÅ?nen Manga? (Shounen Anime)
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Anime is a word used by people living outside of Japan to describe cartoons or animation produced within Japan. Using the word in English conversation is essentially the same as describing something as a Japanese cartoon series or an animated movie or show from Japan.

The word itself is simply the Japanese word for cartoon or animation and in Japan is used by people to describe all cartoons regardless of country of origin. For example, a Japanese person would think of Sailor Moon and Disney’s Frozen as both being anime, not as two different things from separate genres.

Train Your Ear To The Language

Make an effort to listen often to Japanese music and recorded books, and watch plenty of Japanese movies and/or TV shows in Japanese. This will train your ear to the language, and youll be surprised how quickly you pick up the accent. Remember, this is the way we learned to speak when we were young – mostly by listening to the adults talking, and repeating what they say!

Reasons To Learn Japanese Through Pdf Lessons

Lets now take a closer look at how studying Japanese lessons in PDF format can help you reach your dream in up to half the time of normal video or audio lessons!

Saves Minutes on Your Data Plan

Learning Japanese through PDF lessons can dramatically reduce your data use. Once a lesson or tool is downloaded, you can then access it offline via your computer or smartphone any time or place regardless of Internet access. And once youve downloaded the Japanese lessons in PDF format, you can actually access them faster than logging in and trying to do so via a live site. So not only will learning Japanese using PDF lessons save minutes on your data planit will save you some significant time as well as the lessons add up!

Print and Take All Japanese Lessons and PDF Tools With You Anywhere

Sometimes, a tiny smartphone screen just isnt adequate, especially when you are trying to learn something new. The great thing about PDF lessons, tools or files is that they can be quickly printed and taken anywhere after you download them. In fact, printing out Japanese lessons in PDF format can actually save you time when compared to going through the material on a smartphone with a small screeneven with the extra printing time!

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Why are we giving it away?

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How To Pronounce Japanese Words

Here are some Japanese words that most non-Japanese people often mispronounce. This article will show you how to say these words the true Japanese way.

Anime Japanese animation isnt pronounced A-ni-mei like animal its ah-ni-meh. The differences might sound subtle or trivial, but if you say it the American way in Japan, people may not understand you.

Bonsai The art of crafting sculpture out of trees is mispronounced a lot as banzai, but thats a Japanese cheer. The correct way to say it is bohn-sigh.

Daikon The pungent Japanese radish, which seems to be more and more available in American supermarkets produce sections, is often pronounced DYE-conn. Try saying dai-kohn, where the subtle different in the first syllable is a softer eye sound, and the second syllable rhymes with loan, but cut off short.

Futon The traditional Japanese sleeping mat became popular with trendy American yuppies in the 80s, with hippie stores cranking out clunky beds and convertible sofas that used futon cushions. But those stores employees and their shoppers always called them FOO-tawn. The Japanese pronunciation is a clipped first syllable, almost just an F, and a shortened second: ftohn.

Kobe The word wasnt often pronounced in the US until the rise of the citys namesake, super-expensive beef, and the rise of Kobe Bryant, the Lakers basketball superstar. Now everyone says it like the NBA player, KOE-bee instead of the more subdued Koh-beh.

How To Download Your Free Guide To The Japanese Alphabet

How to Pronounce Seinen Manga? (Japanese Anime)

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Learning From Japanese Anime

Do you watch Japanese anime to learn Japanese? Are you worried that you sound too much like an Anime character?

In this blog, we will share with you some natural ways to use the words that you are learning when you watch Naruto or Attack on Titan.

Here are the top 10 phrases commonly used in Japanese Anime that you can use to converse with your Japanese friends!

Are There Anime Comic Books

Anime refers exclusively to animation. There is no such thing as an anime comic book. The Japanese comic books which inspire many anime series and films do exist, however, and these are referred to by non-Japanese fans by the Japanese word, manga .

Similar to the word anime, manga is used in Japan to describe all comic books, not just comics from Japan. Interestingly, the English word comics is also used in Japan to describe Japanese and foreign comic books.

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Use Voice Recording Tools To Perfect Your Pronunciation

JapanesePod101 has plenty of resources to help you with your Japanese pronunciation, so be sure to make thorough use of our recordings with native Japanese speakers. These are available not only to demonstrate to you how you should pronounce Japanese vocabulary, but also sentences and dialogues. Watch and listen to these over and over again to train your ear, and watch the teachers mouth as she speaks in the video lessons. Then, copy the speech as best you can. Later, you can record yourself to hear if you sound like a native speaker and compare yourself with native speakers. Great for self-motivation.

Wait A Moment Or Please Wait For A Moment

How to Pronounce Naruto? (CORRECTLY) Japanese, American, English Pronunciation

You can use this phrase when you want someone to wait for you awhile. is a more casual form as compared to which is more polite.For example, When your friend is walking too fast, you can say ORIn English, one second means wait a moment but, in Japanese, one second means which might not be understood. This is one example of the dangers of direct translation.

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Most Common Mispronounced Japanese Phrases And How To Pronounce Them

Whether youre a foreign resident or visitor in Japan, familiarizing yourself with the proper pronunciation of Japanese words is essential when learning the language. Correctly pronouncing Japanese words helps you better communicate with the Japanese locals during your stay in the country. It shows that you have a good understanding of and are able to communicate using the local tongue. Plus, you are bound to impress the native speakers.

When In Doubt Use Suki Da

Even though ai shiteru is arguably the word that is most similar to the English phrase “I love you,” its rarely, if ever, said in Japanese to someone and isnt used on a casual, everyday basis.

This is why, in general, if youre hoping to express your love or romantic interest in someone, its best to go with either suki da or daisuki da, since these phrases are used a lot more often and entail a range of emotions, from a small crush to a big, passionate love for someone.

So if youre ever in doubt, use a variation of suki daand use ai shiteru sparingly or not at all.

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How Japanesepod101 Can Help You Learn More Japanese

I hope this article about Japanese pronunciation is helpful and that it makes your pronunciation practice more enjoyable! Keep up the practice, and youll sound like a native when you pronounce Japanese words! Japanese pronunciation can test your patience at times, but keep it up!

If you would like to learn more about the Japanese language, youll find more useful contents on We provide a variety of free lessons for you to improve your Japanese language skills.

Need more Japanese pronunciation help?

Practice your pronunciation with your Japanese teacher on JapanesePod101! This means you will have your own native Japanese teacher available to practice your pronunciation with, and much more! Send recordings of yourself speaking Japanese and get feedback from your Japanese teacher.

Is Anime Okay For Children

How To Pronounce Anime

Not all anime is suitable for children but some of it is. There are anime series and movies made for all age demographics, with series like Doraemon, Glitter Force, and Pokemon targeting the under seven-year-old age bracket, and others like Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, and Naruto Shippuden being made to appeal to teenagers and older.

Parents: There are some anime films and series created specifically for adults that aren’t appropriate for children. Always check the ratings of a show before letting a child watch it.

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What’s The Difference Between Subbed And Dubbed Anime

Subbed is short for subtitled which means that the anime is likely available to watch with the original Japanese audio and with English subtitlesplaced over the footage.

Dubbed means that the anime has been redubbed with a language different from that of the original Japanese. More often than not, this means that it has an English language version with English-speaking voice actors. Occasionally this can also mean that the songs have also been replaced with English versions.

Most popular anime series and movies will have both subbed and dubbed versions available to watch on streaming services such as Crunchyroll and on their official DVD and Blu-ray releases.

Viewers can usually switch between the different versions from within a streaming service app or website. The language can be changed on a DVD or Blu-ray via the language options on the disk’s main menu.

Note that some series may be only available in English if footage considered inappropriate for Western children was removed during the adaptation process. Pokemon is one such anime series where this was done, as is Netflix’s Glitter Force.

Why Is Anime Not Spelt Phonetically

Anime is pronounced ah-ni-may , but why isn’t it spelt that way?

I get why lots of English words sound nothing like how they are spelt, or how words from other languages retain Latin characters that had a different pronunciation originally, but how has a Japanese word ended up with a confusing and non-phonetic English spelling?

  • 3Why isn’t it spelt “ah-ni-may”? Well, we usually don’t spell words, even from languages that aren’t normally spelled with the Latin alphabet, purely according to their English pronunciation. See “x, q” in Chinese words. The transliteration conventions for Japanese are actually more English-based then those for most Eastern Asian languages . Relevant Linguistics SE post: How are English spellings determined for words from eastern languagesNov 1 ’15 at 22:25
  • 2Nov 1 ’15 at 22:27
  • 4It is a phonetic spelling. It reproduces the sound of the Japanese word /a ni me/ in the Katakana syllabary. English spelling does not represent sounds at all well it’s so poor that nobody ever uses it when accurate phonetic transcription is needed. For that one uses Modern English phonemic symbols. In that phonetic spelling, the word would be /anime/. English spelling is not ready for prime time.

Anime is the shorted form of animshon, which is just the Romaji form of the word “animation”, which the Japanese adopted into their language with approximately English pronunciation. Check here.

In a comment, John Lawler wrote:

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Dont Worry About Pronouns

If youre new to Japanese, you might be confused by the phrases above, which don’t contain any subjects, objects, or pronouns in them. The reason for this is thatsubjects and often objects are normally implied in the Japanese language. As a result, you dont typically need to specify whom you love. As long as youre looking at the person and saying the phrase directly, your intentions will be clear.

Even though Google Translate would literally translate the English phrase, “I love you” as “Watashi wa anata o ai shiteimasu ,” wherein watashi means “I” and anata means “you,” this is a very stiff, cluttered way of expressing your love in Japanese.

When it comes down to it, just focus on the verbs/adjectives, as these are what matter the most!

Japanese Words You Probably Mispronounce When Speaking English

How to Pronounce Anime? (CORRECTLY)

In Japanese by Jeremy Arns2018-08-14

There are likely some Japanese words you pronounce with an accent when speaking English, even if you speak Japanese. This is often preferable to using the Japanese word as its pronounced in Japanese if youre speaking English, so you dont sound pretentious like Ross on Friends talking about Ka-Ra-Te.

This list started off as words that you probably pronounce with an accent in English opposed to Japanese, however its really more a list of words that have been adopted into English from Japanese .

I can only speak for American English, however a general rule for how words are pronounced is raising a middle syllable a pitch. For instance with the word umbrella, its um-BREL-luh. As another example insurance is in-SURE-ance. As a side note, this is typically the first syllable in southern states, where they say IN-sure-ance or UM-brel-luh. This raising of pitch often finds its way into Japanese words for English speakers. There is a pitch accent in Japanese, however if you arent familiar with the pitch of a word, your best bet is to speak it as flatly and steadily as you can without raising pitch.

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Hard Words To Pronounce & How To Overcome

When it comes to some Japanese words, pronunciation can be a struggle. Some Japanese sounds are difficult for foreign people to pronounce.

As mentioned above in Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid, the r-line , , , , , is one of the most difficult Japanese sounds for foreigners to pronounce correctly.

In addition to the r-line, the short compound syllables of the small ya-line combinations are also very hard to pronounce. Even Japanese people bite their tongues sometimes when it comes to saying words which contain the short compound syllables, such as:

  • , ,
  • , ,
  • , ,
  • , ,

Heres a list of difficult words to pronounce. Please feel free to listen to each words pronunciation as well. Each syllable is indicated and divided with – below.

  • Tenin staff/clerk
  • This word isnt English ten and in. Try to say each syllable clearly.

  • Shutsuryoku output power
  • You could tangle your tongue when you say this word. Speak slowly and pronounce each syllable clearly.

  • Ryouri cuisine
  • The o has a long sound and u isnt really pronounced.

  • Chshaj parking lot
  • The u and o in bold have a long sound and the following u is pronounced slightly.

  • Ryok traveling
  • The o in bold has a long sound and the u isnt really pronounced.

  • Benri convenient
  • Shinryaku invasion
  • In order to pronounce this correctly, speak slowly and pronounce each syllable clearly.

    Daisuki Da = I Really Like You

    This next way to say, “I love you,” in Japanese is pretty similar to the one we looked at above the only difference is the addition of the character dai , meaning “big” or, in this case, “really .” Because of the presence of dai, daisuki da is a little stronger and more direct than suki da.

    By saying the phrase, “Daisuki da ,” to someone, you’re essentially saying, “I really like you,” “I like you a lot,” or “I really like being with you.”

    But, as we discussed above with the adjective suki, daisuki da can also mean something deeper than just “like” and could be implied to mean something closer to the English phrase “I love you” depending on both the context and person.


    Daisuki da is pronounced the same as suki da above, only this time youll be adding the syllable dai before it, which sounds almost identical to the English words “die” / “dye.” So the pronunciation is essentially DYE-ski-dah. Be sure to put more emphasis on the initial syllable dai.


    • Like suki da, there are some variations of daisuki da: daisuki da yo and daisuki yo . The former is a more masculine and more casual way of saying that you like and/or love someone, whereas the latter is more feminine.

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    How Do You Pronounce Anime

    The correct Japanese pronunciation of anime is a-ni-me with the “a” sounding like the “a” in art , ni sounding like the ni in Nick, and me being said like the “me” in met.

    The way anime is said by natural English speakers, however, is slightly different with the “a” sounding like the “a” in ant, the “ni” sounding like the “ni” in Nick , and with the “me” being said like the month, May.

    While most Western anime fans are aware of their incorrect pronunciation, most choose to stick with it because it’s easier to say and due to the fact that it’s the most commonly used pronunciation . It’s similar to how everyone knows the correct way to say Paris but chooses to stick with the traditional English pronunciation .

    Gojo Satoru Unlimited Void

    Anime Title Cardcaptor Sakura in Japanese Pronunciation ...

    Gojo Satorus Unlimited Void says MURYOKUSHO in Japanese.

    MU = void, nothing

    KU = empty, sky

    SHO = place

    The word MURYOKUSHO comes from a Buddhism word. It means a status that you are freed from any physical things and realize the infinity.

    Please read the post below to know more about Unlimited Void!

    DON = bow, keep staying one place, immediately

    KA = wrap, environ

    I think the English word is well free translated. This is a difficult word to understand even for Japanese!

    ENDON is a Buddhism word meaning to achieve enlightenment immediately. Mahito is so young for a cursed spirit, but he flashed the Domain Expansion in the battle. I think this kanji stands for himself.

    ZI HEI is self closed, and KA is to wrap something. To create the closed space wrapped with ones cursed energy is the very feature of the Domain Expansion technique!

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