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How To Support Anime Industry

The Proliferation Of Japanimation Fans

What’s the BEST Way to Support the Anime Industry?

Meanwhile, Japanese television anime began to become popular among young people overseas. In some countries, adults rejected it, calling it Japanimation and criticizing it as cheap, violent, and sexually explicit. When Kyandi kyandi was broadcast in France, young girls were glued to the television screen. Some parents resented this, claiming their children were being corrupted by a strange culture from the Orient. Nevertheless, the anime fan base continues to grow around the world, mostly among young people. Some fans even wonder, Why cant our country create works that surpass Japanimation? Today, Japanimation means something quite different from the negative connotations it used to have.

The Japanese anime industry is at a turning point. The reality is that many anime production companies are struggling, and have become little more than subcontractors for television stations. The need to improve the status of these companies is foremost among the many issues that need to be addressed if the industry is to continue to develop new talent for the future.

Pay For An Anime Streaming Service

This is one of the most affordable options because for the most part, video streaming service have a cheap monthly fee. Netflix is $10 per month, Hulu is $7 per month, HBO MAX is $15 or $10 per month with ads. There is also a free option called TUBI which has over 20 million users as of now.

Since many companies are investing into anime now more than ever, by subscribing to one of them you are helping them create more anime. One of the best options is Crunchyroll and Funimation which are $7 and $6 per month.

Start A Youtube Channel

You are probably wondering, how am I helping the anime industry by starting a Youtube channel. The answer is by freely promoting it. There are tons of anime Youtubers out there. I know three who are now do videos for Netflix.

Here are some popular ones.

Gigguk, The Anime Man and Akidearest have appeared on Netflix Anime Youtube channel. They help promote the anime industry.

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Top 9 Animation Software For Anime

Support The Industry!!! July 2017 Anime/Manga Haul
  • Adobe Animate – Can be integrated with all Adobe services
  • Autodesk 3ds Max – For the most complex animations
  • Toonz – Popular among anime studios
  • Moho – Easy-to-use animation software
  • Toon Boom Harmony – Great vector drawing technology
  • Animaker – The biggest animation library on the market
  • Vyond Studio – Allows customizing any existing character
  • Toonator – Supports in-browser drawing with your tablet
  • With the help of the best animation software for anime, you can significantly reduce the time you spend on creating animations. Some options use automatic lip-synching, others support automatic limb animation while relying on the laws of physics, and some tools let you create facial animations by using a webcam to scan your face.

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    Blogs And Articles You Read Online

    Like I mentioned in point #1, sharing promotes the anime industry in the long-term.

    The more you share and promote what you read, the more it spreads and reaches new people.

    Obviously that doesnt mean sharing just for the sake of sharing. But if an article grabs your interest, do a good deed by sharing it.

    Leading The Way Through Original Content

    Original content is a non-negotiable aspect of successful digital marketing in todays digitally-charged world. Not only this, it makes you look amazing online. Your brand and content are easily discoverable through your website, forum, and social media.

    Hence, original content illustrates your experience. It shows the capacity of your brand to think creatively, and also establishes your brand as an industry expert. This can give you a significant advantage to offer exclusive, high-quality content about subjects that people in your industry rarely speak about. Sounds amazing right? Let us know if you want to hear more from us by subscribing to our blogs for more interesting articles.

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    Comparing Crunchyroll To Dvds Is Like Apples And Oranges

    Even if you agree that supporting Crunchyroll is supporting the anime industry, how do you know that you couldnt be a better consumer by buying DVDs and Blu-rays? According to Gao, its not really something you can compare.

    For each DVD, publishers might see a few dollars at most just because there are so many middlemen. Half of it goes to Best Buy or Amazon. The distributor only gets half or less. DVDs are just one more way to support the industry.

    But if you prefer DVDs to digital streaming, Gao says to go for it. The point is that you care about supporting anime publishers, and youre actively doing something about it.

    I dont think it makes sense to tell fans to do digital, to do DVDs, as long as they do commit dollars knowing theyre supporting the industry, he said.

    For me, Crunchyroll is worth it. But at the end of the day what matters is that were supporting the anime industry in any way we can. Whats your preferred method of consuming anime?

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    How YOU can Help the Anime Industry

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    Tetsuwan Atomu: The First Japanese Television Anime

    On January 1, 1963, Fuji Television broadcast a 30-minute animated television series called Tetsuwan Atomu . The show became a surprise hit, starting an anime boom and a period of intense competition for TV audiences. The success marked the beginning of a new kind of anime industry.

    The low franchise fees paid to the studio for Tetsuwan Atomu meant that the company needed to come up with a way to drastically cut production costs. They ruthlessly cut the number of drawings, trimmed the number of lines in each image to the bare minimum, and took to using more still images. They worked to make the storylines quicker and devised clever ways of simulating movement, from sound effects to the dialogue.

    The company offset its losses with copyright incomelicensing the rights for the Atom character to their corporate sponsor, confectionary maker Meiji Seika, who used the character on a popular brand of chocolates. When the company still posted a loss, Tezuka decided to invest his own income from manga publishing. It was a generous gesture typical of the man they called the god of manga.

    Donating And Commissioning To Artists

    There is a concern in the anime community over just how much money goes directly to the creators as opposed to the production committee. One way to assure animators get money is to simply donate directly to them. Creators like Terumi Nishii and Rapparu have Patreons. Studio Trigger also has its own Patreon, though it should be noted the money is split between streaming equipment and artists who participate in their Twitch drawing streams as opposed to going to either individuals or anime productions.

    Another common method for donating is Pixiv Fanbox. Pixiv Fanbox is a subscription service similar to Patreon where creators can set up different monthly plans that fans can subscribe to. Once subscribed, fans can view posts that cover topics like storyboards, layouts and illustrations, with some going in-depth on how they created their work. Some artists that have Pixiv Fanbox include China , and Tatsuya Miki . Pixiv Fanbox’s “find creators” tab allows users to discover new artists to subscribe to.

    Studio Durian’s Atelier Service is run by Kiyotaka Oshiyama, the director of Flip Flappers and cyborg designer for . Atelier is a monthly subscription and gives access to a private Twitter account with info on Oshiyama’s latest projects plus insider insight on the animation industry. It’s a closed community, so any leaks are expected to be kept private, but it’s still cool how it allows fans to interact with Oshiyama.


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    The Industry Refuses To Acknowledge Service As The Cause Of Piracy

    What the average company in the anime industry will do is aggressively pursue pirate sites.

    And if successful, theyll shut them down. Even to the point where theyre charged or arrested.

    But the problem with this tactic is its a short-term solution to a long-term problem.

    Pirates can upload content faster than companies can shut them down for copyright claims.

    Its a losing battle, equivalent to a fox trying to chase 100 rabbits at the same time.

    Heres how one anime fan put it on Quora:

    In my personal opinion, the anime industry should stop being so pig-headed and change their strategy, similar to that of Netflix.

    And another anime fan mentioned something similar:

    While piracy may be illegal, it looks like the anime industry has a service problem more than a piracy problem.

    REALITY CHECK: Piracy happens BECAUSE the service is bullshit

    Instead of focusing on tactics , companies should focus on strategy .

    Thats where the real solutions are hiding which will benefit us all.

    Fewer Than 10 Percent Of Users Are Subscribers

    Anime Kickstarter Wants to Help INCREASE Japanese ...

    I wasnt surprised to hear that the male-female Crunchyroll user split is about 50-50. Or that a bit fewer than 50 percent of users are international, from Latin America, Spain, Portugal and France. But Ive been a subscriber since 2010, and I had no idea how unusual that was.

    Out of Crunchyrolls 10,000,000 monthly visitors, only 200,000 or so actually pay for the service. That means more than 90 percent never give Crunchyroll any money. Thats not a problem for Gao or the anime industry, however. The ads free members see make up the difference, so publishers earn just as much as they would with subscribers.

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    Its A Former Fansub Site Made Good

    I knew this fact, but I didnt know the whole story. Gao said that he and his partners started the site in 2006 to be like YouTube for Asian TV, and invited fans to upload their favorite shows, minus the license. But a few months later, they traveled to Japan to try and change that.

    At first, publishers were reluctant, and didnt see the value in bringing shows online.

    When we first started, publishers doubted anime viewers would pay online to support the anime industry, he said. We showed them that anime fans are decent people willing to support the anime industry directly by subscription or ad support and that piracy is really a last resort for when they really love the content but cant get it any other way.

    Miraculously, TV Tokyo, the largest anime publisher in the world, accepted Crunchyrolls offer. Shortly afterward, Crunchyroll went, as Gao said, from YouTube to Hulu overnight, streaming only the shows they had licensed and removing everything else.

    Ways To Support The Anime Industry Without Going Bankrupt

    You dont have to spend millions to show your support. Or splurge to prove youre a fan of anime

    Though of course, if you do? Youre doing the anime industry a huge favour. Which is cool.

    But there are other simple, easy, convenient ways to support the industry.

    Lets explore 11 simple ways you can contribute to help the industry grow and prosper.

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    Is Bad Service A Good Excuse To Watch Pirated Anime Shows

    Thats not what Im saying, but at the same time thats not how it works either.

    We pirate things not because of morality or ethics, but because of convenience and pleasure.

    Bad service in the anime industry is too painful to deal with.

    DVDS are hard to get access to.

    There isnt a single anime streaming service with a full library of anime content.

    And so many fans arent willing to deal with that, because why should they?

    The pirates arent at fault , the main fault is the industry.

    And its about time the industry took responsibility for whats happening.

    The video game industry doesn’t have these problems, which is why it continues to grow.

    The anime industry could learn a thing or too. Especially from similar industries that do it right.

    The time for conventional thinking is over and done.

    Its about time we looked towards the future, and figured out a way to create it today.

    Otherwise the anime industry wont have much of a future to speak of.

    Especially if it focuses on pirates verses life-changing solutions.

    And more importantly: the fact that piracy is a service problem disguised as a pirate problem.

    Lets Use Funimation As An Example Of Service

    Ways to help artists in the Animation Industry- Art Talk 254 with Stephen Silver @Stephen Silver

    Their slogan is: Anime. Anytime. Anywhere.

    While their slogan might sound simple and noble, to what extent is it true?

    How many anime fans in the world are able to get anime, anytime, anywhere without restrictions?

    The reality looks disgustingly different to the intentions behind Funimations catchy-slogan.

    When most fans like myself visit Funimation, were bound to see a message like this:

    Thats the message that pops up when I try visiting a page for Dragon Ball Z.

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    Animes Slave Labor Problem

    Anime is almost entirely drawn by hand. It takes skill to create hand-drawn animation and experience to do it quickly.

    Shingo Adachi, an animator and character designer for Sword Art Online, a popular anime TV series, said the talent shortage is a serious ongoing problem with nearly 200 animated TV series alone made in Japan each year, there arent enough skilled animators to go around. Instead, studios rely on a large pool of essentially unpaid freelancers who are passionate about anime.

    At the entry level are in-between animators, who are usually freelancers. Theyre the ones who make all the individual drawings after the top-level directors come up with the storyboards and the middle-tier key animators draw the important frames in each scene.

    In-between animators earn around 200 yen per drawing less than $2. That wouldnt be so bad if each artist could crank out 200 drawings a day, but a single drawing can take more than an hour. Thats not to mention animes meticulous attention to details that are by and large ignored by animation in the West, like food, architecture, and landscape, which can take four or five times longer than average to draw.

    Even if you move up the ladder and become a key-frame animator, you wont earn much, Adachi said. And even if your title is a huge hit, like Attack on Titan, you wont make any of it. Its a structural problem in the anime industry. Theres no dream .

    NlSHII Terumi May 11, 2019

    How Is Netflix Helping The Rising Anime Industry

    As part of its efforts to broaden its original content in the long run, Netflix will financially support young animators in Japan as a shortage of animators is being felt even in the historically talent-rich region.

    In April, Tokyo-based anime development company WIT Studio, a Netflix affiliate, will be launching the WIT Animator Academy. Currently, Netflix is one of the worlds largest producers of anime. They have collaborated with anime studios and creators and are planning this year to deliver more than 25 original Japanese works.

    Anime is very diverse and with unique characters and stories, extends the limits of the rational universe. Moreover, Japanese anime offers strong content for attracting new users. The pandemic has given a boom to video streaming services. It has further accelerated demand for anime hence, the rising of the industry. People cannot stop loving the plot or the characters.

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    Things You Need To Know If You Want To Work In An Anime Studio

    l like to watch anime as much as I hate to study. And, some question has frequently come to my mind. Like- How are these made? Can I get a job in a studio? Is it actually fun? As I looked up to the answers, I learnt some interesting, surprising and saddening facts. So, I am going to share them now.

    But before that, did you know I wrote a similar article on the gaming industry? You can read it here.

    And to write this article, I have taken help from Whiteboard Animation, Vox, Comicsverse.

    Go To An Anime Convention Or Event Offline

    How YOU Can Support the Anime Industry

    There is a reason why Comic Cons online convention does not work. Online events dont really work unless is a seminar. Its just not the same and many times it just feels like commercials. Going to the E3 event is different than watching it on the internet. Going to an anime convention is a totally different experience than an online convention.

    I know that we have all this technology where you can video chat and have ZOOM meetings. You can talk to anybody from any part of the world but nothing compares to going to a live event.

    Is like what Marvels Stan Lee said about comic book.

    Comic books are like boobs. You love looking at them but you want to hold. 

    Try going to one of the big events that are sponsored by big companies like Crunchyroll. As a matter of fact, Crunchyroll have their own anime convention.

    One of the great things about anime conventions is that many times these events will bring Japanese rock bands as well as the maid café experience and many more things directly from Japanese culture.

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