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How To Watch The Fate Anime Series

Fate/grand Order: First Order

How to Watch The Fate Series

Unbeknownst to the world at large, the Chaldea Security Organization relies on the analysis of various experts to determine potential extinction events to threaten mankind. Thankfully, their initial 2015 forecast predicts safety for the next century. However, the verdict suddenly announces the end of the world in 2016. With no apparent cause, Chaldea only knows of a link the events of 2004’s Fifth Holy Grail War, the setting of Fate/stay night.

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In turn, Chaldea has announced a Grand Order: to change the past and restore the future. To do this, protagonist Fujimaru Ritsuka a new Chaldea recruit and the mysterious Mash Kyrielight need to go back in time.

Fans of the Fate franchise would fondly remember Grand Order as the hit gacha game with a gripping narrative despite its mobile nature. This movie adapts the prologue of the game’s “Observer on Timeless Temple” storyline.

Why Watch It? People who couldn’t be bothered to grind through the mobile game’s hours’ worth of story can watch First Order as it is a faithful adaptation of the game’s first chapter. Fans of the game also won’t feel bored watching the film despite knowing what would happen throughout the story, as the adaptation incorporates stellar fight scenes and gives more personality to the characters.

The Fate Series: A Quick Guide To Watching The Anime

The Fate franchise has always been a tough one to get into due to its sheer size and varying series quality. This guide makes it simple for newcomers.

The Fate franchise exploded onto the anime scene in the last decade after Ufotable’s adaptation of Gen Urobuchi and Takeshi Takeuchi’s light novel, Fate/Zero in 2011. Not long after that, the Fate anime series experienced an enormous boom that spawned many, many sequels and multiple spinoffs. However, due to this very phenomenon, the Fate series has become one that is overwhelming for newcomers.

The Fate series can be tricky to begin to navigate without any prior information however, with the right information it’s actually more straightforward than it may seem — as this guide will demonstrate. The biggest source of confusion in the series — and it has many — mainly stems from its first installment being a terrible adaptation. However, there’s more than one method for newcomers to dive into this immensely popular series.

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The Best Order To Watch The Fate Series

Fate Anime is one of the top-rated anime series with a massive fanbase that has ever been released, and it is well worth watching. With so many fantastic releases discovered over the years, it becomes a daunting task for the viewer to cover them through other alternate realities. The Fate Anime Series is the most well-known anime series, with millions of fans worldwide. The compilation included two series and three films.

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Fate Series Watch Order: A Complete Guide On How To Watch

How to watch the Fate series? Of course, you will be intimidated by the sheer collection of media the Fate Franchise has to offer. We have come up with 3 watch orders for newcomers who want a taste of the great franchise.

However, Fate/Stay Night was originally released as a visual novel , so the story moves depending on the love interest of the player chose near the start of the game resulting in a unique sequence of events, called a route.

Depending on the choice of Saber the noble servant, Rin the young mage girl, or Sakura the shy classmate, one of the three routes will transpire. Thus following the same flow of events, Studio Deen and Ufotable have succeeded in showcasing the Fate franchise anime as a whole.

Fate/grand Order: Shinsei Entaku Ryouiki Camelot 1 Wandering Agateram

Images Of Fate Anime Series Watch Order

This is the adaptation of the players experience during the sixth singularity in the game, Fate/Grand Order. Getting used to their role as heroes, Mash, Da Vinci, and Ritsuka travel to Camelot to correct the 6th Singularity.

In this realm, it seems that only the Holy City, ruled by the Lion King, is the only safe haven for people. Ozymandias and the People of the Mountains start to plot against the tyranny of the lands so that people will be freer.

Bedivere, a member of the Round Table who disagrees with his kings methods, decides to aid Ritsuka and Mash on their mission. However, the other knights decide to stay by their kings side and fight for the Holy City.

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Fate/stay Night Heavens Feel Iii

With the now possessed Sakura, Shirou and Rin go on a mission to rescue her. Shirou eventually sacrifices his own body in the process. After convincing Sakura to go home, he requests Rider to take them to a safe place while he destroys the Holy Grail.

Before Shirou could sacrifice himself to destroy the Grail, Ilya steps in to perform a ritual effectively separating Shirous soul from his dying body. During the aftermath, Rin and Sakura revive Shirou by fusing his soul into an artificial body.

An Ode To Fate Anime Series

Are you up for the challenge to finally get the holy grail and change the way of the world? Well, the Fate anime series offers you more than that. This anime is an example of a perfect blend of storytelling and action sequences. Moreover, it has a wonderful animation as well. In addition, there are powerful characters as well who are always ready for some bloodshed and havoc.

However, the perplexing narrative and order is an issue for many. This is why this series may seem to be a train wreck for a lot of people who have no idea how to start. In other words, if you follow an incorrect fate anime order then you will find some difficulties for sure. For example, lets say you have started watching with an incorrect order, then you might not understand the plotline. Moreover, there are chances that you may get spoilers and stuff from the wrong fate anime.

So, without further ado, lets take a look at the correct order of fate anime if you have no clue.

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Fate/stay Night Heavens Feel I

This is the first of a three-part movie. In the game, this would be considered Sakuras route. The movie follows Shirou, who ends up getting dragged into the Fifth Holy Grail War. However, unlike the other versions where Sakura is cast aside, she becomes more involved with Shirou.

Towards the end of the movie, Shirou loses Saber. He returns home to Sakura, but he decides to continue to fight in the Holy Grail War even without a servant.

What Order To Watch Fate Anime

How to watch the Fate series in 5 min (fast and easy)

In the anime series, Fate Anime is one of the top-rated series with a massive fanbase ever launched, and it is worth watching. With different fantastic releases found over the years, it becomes an overwhelming task for the viewer to cover it through other alternative realities.

Ill explain the approach, that how I got into the franchise, But how to watch the fate anime series that might be a little confusing at first glance today Ill be demonstrating how to get into the fate franchise, So lets start with what this series is all about and even revealing that theres one giant clusterfuck, fate is a thoughtfully started as a Japanese light novel written by kinoko nasu and a part of the overall tight moon universe.

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Here’s Where You Can Watch Every Episode Of The Fate Series

Few intellectual properties epitomize the term “multimedia franchise” as completely as the “Fate” series. Originally beginning as an adult visual novel, “Fate/Stay Night,” created by the developer Type-Moon in 2004, the franchise has expanded into everything from light novels and manga to fighting games, mobile RPGs, and many different anime series. Of course, the growing popularity of anime worldwide has led to some “Fate” anime becoming some of the most popular entries in the entire franchise. This includes “Fate/Stay Night,” “Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works,” the “Heaven’s Feel” films, “Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya,” “Fate/Zero,” and the many other anime that exist within the “Fate” franchise’s growing bubble of media.

Though many of these shows don’t always share the same characters or continuity, the series is broadly tied together by events known as “The Holy Grail Wars,” wherein people known as Masters summon characters called Servants to duke it out for possession of the Holy Grail . It can be a dense and confusing web of shows and plotlines to juggle, yet there is some value in parsing out such a maze of media. For those brave souls who are determined to tread such waters, here is where you can watch every episode of the “Fate” series.

Where Can I Watch Fate Anime In Sub Or Dub

Other countries will have their own preferences when it comes to watching anime with subtitles or dubbed. All of the current streaming services provide equal quantities of Fate anime, and its just a matter of time before you plunge into the vast ocean of Fate.

Here are the candidates.

  • Crunchyroll, Hulu, Tubi are all places to watch it.
  • The end of the world is nigh, and three magi with superhuman abilities will try to prevent it.
  • As you can tell by the title, this post is specifically about Unlimited Blade Works , which is available on Netflix in the United States, Hulu, and Funimation.
  • Fate/Apocrypha Netflix US
  • Last Encore is the third season of Fate/Extra on Netflix.
  • The year is 2099, and in this future world, the Holy Grail War has already begun. People from all over the world gather to participate in a ritual known as Holy Grail Summoning, or simply Holy Grail War. After many years of conflict, the winner obtains control of Earth at last! Only five Masters remain on opposing sides

All of the aforementioned services, such as Netflix, Funimation, Crunchyroll, Tubi, and Hulu, offer both subtitled and dubbed versions.

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Chronological List For Tv Series

So, if you wish to know about the fate anime series through correct chronological order or release date, then lets check it out. Below are the TV series of Fate series on the correct release order.

  • Fate/Stay Night Anime
  • Fate/Extra: Last Encore Illustrious Tendousetsu
  • Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia

Fate Stay Night Unlimited

I made a timeline of the Fate/Series for those who are ...

In the fate grand order anime, you want to go straight to fate stay night unlimited blade. Thats how the series works, but heres an essential factor, Its the series, not the movie. You may find Fate Stay NIght Unlimited. The film is not worth-watching and a waste of time.

The Fate anime series, the unlimited blade, works as the direct sequel to fate/zero, picking up ten years after a heavenly reward. The overall season consists of 26 episodes, both subbed and dubbed.

The story is more focused on two main characters: Osakas best girl fight needs to ensure Lamia rather than an entire cast of characters like fake zero. This is the famous story of the fate grand order anime where youll meet most of the poster characters you see, probably broadcasted ubiquitously.

An unbelievable thing about the fate anime series is that this story has

two other ultra burdens: the actual observable novel having three separate routes.

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The Problem With The Fate Series In Anime

The big problem with consuming the Fate series is that the original visual novel, Fate/stay night, isnt available legally in the west.

Given the series exponential growth in recent years, the fact that no one has picked up the license is mind-boggling. Lesser series get released all the time. Unfortunately, we dont know the full circumstances but you can find various unofficial patches on the series very useful subreddit.

Whats especially unfortunate about this is that all of Fate/stay nights subsequent adaptations have been lacking in one way or another. Usually, in these circumstances, its easier to simply recommend reading the source material before diving into any adaptations, but we dont have that privilege when it comes to the Fate series. Instead, we are stuck navigating the rocky waters of adaptation.

If youre completely new to the Fate series, heres a brief explanation: In Fuyuki City, seven Masters and seven Servants battle it out to get their hands on the Holy Grail: a magical artefact said to grant the winners any one wish. Those Servants, by the way, are figures from real-life history and mythology, meaning that this is a sort of history buffs battle royale.

Sound good? Youre in for a treat.

Bonus: Visual Novel Order

If you are a Fate nerd, and you want to enjoy reading the Visual Novels then we got you covered.

Fate/Stay Night Visual Novel

Roughly 60 hours long, but 100% worth it!

Fate/Hollow Ataraxia Visual Novel FHA Patch

> 50 hours long and is the direct sequel to Fate/Stay Night.


This series is the prequel to Fate/Stay Night. The events take place 10 years before the events of Fate/Stay Night.

Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works

It is based on the Unlimited Blade Works route of the game Fate/stay night focusing mainly on Rin Tohsaka, which assumes youve already played Fate, with even more plot twists .

Fate/stay night: Heavens Feel

It is based on the Heavens Feel route, the final route, and the darkest one of the game Fate/stay night, which focuses on Sakura.

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Are Fate Series Connected

The latter revolves around Emiya Shirou and his involvement with the 5th Holy Grail War. Fate/Hollow Ataraxia is considered the sequel to Fate/Stay Night, taking place 6 months later. Its really half story-canon and half fandisk. Fate/Extra takes places a long time after Fate/Stay Night, but in a parallel universe.

What Is The Best Way To Watch Fate Anime

How To Watch Fate Series in Order

Spoiler alert: there is no one best way to start!

You can decide to start by chronological order or release order. Whichever way, you will have fun.

For beginners, we will advise you to start with the Fate/Stay Night TV anime series. And even for that, follow the release order. Doing so will make you understand the plot lines even better.

However, to enjoy the thrills of the Fate anime television series at its peak, the best way to watch the anime is the chronological order.

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Fate Anime Series Watch Order: The Complete 2021 Guide

Nothing turns off anime viewers more than a lengthy series with a perplexing viewing order. The Fate series is one of those animes that may leave you perplexed as to the sequence in which you should watch it. However, it is just too wonderful to overlook! One of the three paths will unfold depending on Saber the aristocratic servants decision, Rin the young mage girls choice, or Sakura the bashful classmates option. Thus, by adhering to the same timeline, Studio Deen and Ufotable were able to showcase the Fate series anime as a whole.

The Fate Series chronicles the Great Holy Grail War between two families that wage war by calling great historical warriors from many periods to fight with them. The winners of the Holy Grail War will have their desires fulfilled. Weve created the definitive guide to help you watch the Fate Series without getting lost. Therefore, keep on reading as I unveil to you the best order to watch Fate Anime Series.

Is Shirou Emiya In Fate Apocrypha

Shirou also makes minor appearances in the novel Fate/Apocrypha, in which his hometown was not destroyed by the fire of the Fourth Holy Grail War. He is also the main character of the manga Todays Menu for the Emiya Family, in which Shirous peaceful life is shown alongside those of the other characters.

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To Experience Every Fate Anime You Can’t Go To Just One Place

According to the Type-Moon wiki, there are as many as 29 separate animated projects that fall within the scope of the “Fate” franchise, starting with the 2006 anime, “Fate/Stay Night.” This series can be found on popular streaming services such as Crunchyroll and Funimation. These sites also provide access to the series “Fate/Zero,” “Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Files,” “Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family,” “Fate/Grand Order First Order,” and its spinoff “Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia.”

Some other shows, however, are only available on only one of these services. Every season of “Prisma Illya,” for instance, can only be found on Crunchyroll, whereas “Grand Order MOONLIGHT/LOSTROM” and the “Unlimited Bladeworks” show are on Funimation. Additionally, Netflix hosts two other “Fate” shows, “Fate/Apocrypha” and “Fate/Extra Last Encore.”

The rest of the “Fate” series, however, does not seem to be on any mainstream streaming services. For those enterprising “Fate” fans that must see every second that the franchise has to offer, tracking down physical copies and delving into the legally dubious realm of free anime streaming may be your only options.

Fate Anime Watch Order:

How to watch the Fate Series

Getting back to the main context, Lets get to the watch order and review the fate grand order anime. Heres a tip You dont have to watch the 2006 adaption of Fate Fate Stay Night, this is probably the worst version in the series, Si save yourself from the headache, and I wont include me on this list at all.

The 2006 versioLets start with the list:n includes carnival phantasm, which is just humorous tiny shorts that are part of the sh*tty 2009 adaptation.

There are 14 titles in this series, including fate anime Gilgamesh. Watch order starts with the Fate zero.

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