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Is One Piece The Best Anime

Anime: The Vibrancy In The Coloring

People who think One Piece is the best anime

Another clear asset that the One Piece anime has over the manga–and one that at least most anime have over their manga counterparts–is the level of vibrancy in the use of color. As every fan of the series knows, and even those who have just seen clips and screenshots of the series, One Piece is actually a very colorful and vibrant world.

This even applies to the designs of the actual characters themselves as well. For that reason alone, it would be worth it to experience watching the anime adaptation.

One Piece: Round The Land

Platforms: PS2

Lots of One Piece games were made way before the franchise gained traction abroad, and never made it to Western audiences.

One of the first to make it out of Japan was Round the Land.

This 2.5D side-scrolling brawler developed by Artdink offers an entirely new story featuring a Devil Fruit user called Blyue.

Most of the main Straw Hat pirates up to the Skypiea Arc are available as playable characters, complete with voice acting from the original anime cast.

A classic to pick up if youre a hardcore One Piece fan.

Monkey D Luffy Quotes

Forgetting is like a wound. The wound may heal but it has already left a scar. Monkey D Luffy

If I get reincarnated I wanna become a clam. Monkey D Luffy

Being alone is more painful than getting hurt. Monkey D Luffy

If you hurt somebody or if somebody hurts you, the same red blood will be shed. Monkey D Luffy

You want to keep everyone from dying? Thats naive. Its war. People die. Monkey D Luffy

No matter how hard or impossible it is, never lose sight of your goal. Monkey D Luffy

Power isnt determined by your size, but the size of your heart and dreams! Monkey D Luffy

Dying is not repaying a debt! That is not what he saved you for. Only weak men would die after someone spared their lives! Monkey D Luffy

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One Piece: Unlimited World Red 75

Spawning from the same line responsible for Unlimited Adventure, Unlimited World Red is the most complete “adventure” game adapted from the manga/anime. Whether experienced on PC, the Nintendo 3DS, or current generation consoles Unlimited World Red is a visual and vivid delight to behold.

While the story does its own thing, it is mainly used as an excuse to revisit iconic locations from the franchise. Outside of missions that typically end with a boss fight – often a highlight in Unlimited World Red‘s campaign – there is also a hub world where minigames and side-quests can be accessed. As a brawler, Unlimted World Red would have benefitted from expanding the Straw Hats’ moveset, as the seemingly compulsory RPG mechanics amount to little more than improved stats.

One Piece: Unlimited Cruise Episode 1/2

What Makes One Piece One of The Best Anime Ever?

Platforms: Wii, Nintendo 3DS

Ganbarion realized they had something great in their hands with Unlimited Adventure. So they continued the Unlimited series on the Wii with Unlimited Cruise, which was released as two different episodes due to the length of the campaign.

Its a story-driven adventurous journey thatll take you from island to island on the Thousand Sunny.

With excellent graphics and lots of good fights against marines, divine soldiers, automata, and bosses such as Buggy and Don Krieg, this game will keep you hooked for a while.

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Top 20 Best Anime Like One Piece And Naruto

  • 20. YuGiOh!: Duel Monsters GX

Image Source: wallpapercave

Rating 7.16

Plot Like its previous franchise, it is also based around card games. But this time, the story follows Juudai Yuuki, who enrolls at the Duel Academy. And on his first day of the academy, he encounters a well-known person who gives him the Winged Kuriboh card. Now he must move forward as a duelist and become the King of Games.

Number of Episodes 180

Image Source:

Rating 7.85

Plot The story begins with Kagome Higurashi, an average 15-yr old girl, who gets dragged by demons into a well in her familys Shinto shrine. And ends up in the Sengoku period filled with demons and a wish-granting jewel inside of her. But the jewel gets shattered after a battle with a demon. And together with Inuyasha, she must restore it.

Number of Episodes 193

  • 13. The Prince of Tennis

Image Source: wallpapercave

Rating 7.90

Plot The plot is based around tennis and its competition. And follows the protagonist of the series named Ryouma Echizen, a prodigy, who seeks to surpass his father and prove himself. Follow him and his team as they strive to become the best tennis player in the country.

Number of Episodes 178

Image Source:

Rating 7.95

Number of Episodes 170

  • 10. JoJos Bizarre Adventure

Image Source: alphacoders

Rating 8.02

Number of Episodes 152

Image Source: wallpaperboat

Rating 9.08

Number of Episodes 148

Where to Watch Crunchyroll

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References In Society And Popular Culture

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Greek athlete Miltiadis Tentoglou performed a “Gear Second” pose before winning a gold medal in the men’s Long Jump competition.

A gene in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster is named “Baramicin,” crediting One Piece as inspiration: “The name Baramicin was partly inspired by Eiichiro Odas character Buggy, a Bara-Bara superhuman.”

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Best Anime: The Enies Lobby Arc

The longer One Piece goes on, the more frivolous filler arcs it adds. The high points are harder to register when they’re hidden among such excess, but the arcs that work in the first half of the series are true triumphs. There are many high points, but the Enies Lobby Arc is One Piece at its best.

It’s a tight, suspenseful chapter of the anime that features some of the show’s best villains and throws many unexpected challenges in Luffy’s way. It holds up incredibly well and establishes the storytelling heights that the show can achieve.

Japanese Anime One Piece To Air Its 1000th Episode In 80 Countries

Highest Rated Episodes in One Piece I Best Episodes in One Piece I Anime Senpai Comparisons

Cartoon series, starring Monkey D Luffy, started life as a manga in 1997 and is a record seller as a comic book

Two decades after the Japanese cartoon series One Piece introduced the world to a swashbuckling pirate in a straw hat, anime fans are awaiting this weekends release of the 1,000th episode.

One Piece first appeared in manga form in Japan in 1997, with an anime version following two years later.

Since then the franchise has become a global cultural phenomenon, smashing records and winning fans around the globe. Nonetheless, it wasnt an immediate hit.

Its a miracle, Ryuji Kochi of Toei Animation, the Japanese company behind the anime series, said of the 1,000-episode landmark. From the beginning, it was a tough title. It was not easy to place on the TV, he said, adding that creating a fanbase for the show was not easy either.

Kochi said it had taken 13 years for the anime, following the adventures of hat-wearing hero Monkey D Luffy, to reach cult status. Today, however, hundreds of millions of fans tune in to watch the hunt for the eponymous One Piece, the treasure coveted by all pirates. The popularity of the manga version has also endured alongside the TV show.

Its creator, Eiichiro Oda, holds the Guinness world record for most copies published for the same comic book series by a single author 490 million. The 1,000th episode of the anime series will be released in 80 countries over the weekend.

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Manga: The Bonus Panels

A particularly fun thing that Eiichiro Oda enjoys to do in the manga for One Piece is to add at the cover page for the start of each chapter a bonus panel telling the story of some of the characters that the Straw Hats have met in the past. These panels are, of course, canon to the overall story and, like a lot of the main story, are fun and comical, but that is not the best thing about these panels.

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The bonus panels, at least for the most part, become relevant to the main story later on. For example, after the conclusion to the encounter Luffy, Zoro, and Nami had with Buggy, you get bonus panels telling the story of their exploits in the meantime and he and his crew reenter the main story later on.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3

Platforms: PS3, PS4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch , PC

Ive always been a fan of Omega Forces Dynasty Warrior series.

And I love it when they mash up its Musou gameplay with a franchise like The Legend of Zelda or in this case, One Piece.

The third entry in the Pirate Warriors series was considered the best for a long while.

Not only does it feature the best re-telling of the story in a game so far, but the attention to detail and references that only fans will catch is a treat.

Absolutely give this one a try if you can, its on mostly all modern consoles.

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Fell Short: The Loss & Return Of Straw Hat Pirates

The real heart of One Piece is Luffy’s bond with his Straw Hat Pirate crew. Family is essential between everyone, but that doesn’t stop various members of the crew from leaving over the years. Nami, Robin, Usopp, Chopper, and Sanji have all departed the crew, only to eventually return after different amounts of time.

These exits are difficult for Luffy, but they begin to feel manipulative after they continue to happen and never appear to be permanent. Everyone returning to Luffy has weakened the dramatic weight of such moments.

The End Of The Battle Oden Vs Kaido

One Piece Is Finally Coming To AnimeLab
  • Wano Country Arc

As mentioned above, Oden’s flashback made him one of the most loved characters in the series. From being an outcast to becoming the hero of Wano, it’s fair to say that Oden overcame many hurdles throughout his journey.

In this particular episode, Oden clashes against Kaido. He absolutely hammers his opponent and is about to finish him off, but Kurozumi Higurashi manages to distract Oden. The distraction paves the way for Kaido to land a critical hit on Oden, which knocks out the latter.

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One Piece Vs Naruto: Which Anime Is Better

As far as the world of anime is concerned, there is a group of anime known as the Big Four. Among them, Dragon Ball is considered to be the predecessor, while the remaining three Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece are considered to be the Big Three, since they all came out roughly at the same time, while Toriyamas anime is a tad older. These four shows have certainly made an impact on the history of anime and that is why we at Fiction Horizon have decided to compare these four shows for you!

Naruto and One Piece are among the most popular and longest anime in history. They are conceptually quite different, as Naruto has a different setting and goal than One Piece. Still, in a comparison between the two, we would say that Naruto is the better anime due to its character development, depth, and overall story.

In todays article, we are going to compare Bleach and One Piece. In the first two sections, we are going to give you an overview of the two series and their plots, while the final section is going to contain a comparison of the two anime series, in which we are going to reveal the reasons behind our choice. Enjoy!

One Piece Where Do I Even Start

-Written by: Lisa Marie Cooper

One Piece. Im going to assume that if youre on, you know Im talking about the shounen pirate series currently celebrating its 20th anniversary and not a bathing suit. The series is wildly popular, but with over 90 volumes of manga to read and nearly 900 anime episodes already out there, where does a new fan start? Is it even worth it?

This isn’t even a complete collection.

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One Piece: Pirates Carnival

While an action or adventure game might seem more fitting of a shounen anime, One Pieces peculiar style of humor and quirky personalities does lend itself somewhat to party games. One Piece: Pirates Carnival pits four players against each other as they go around a board competing in flashy but overly simple minigames to collect belly .

Some fun can be derived from the over-the-top insanity of some of the challenges, but they are all style and no substance. Although the minigames might not be great, Pirates Carnivals painfully slow pace is what really kills it.

One Piece Treasure Cruise 79

One Piece Has The Best World Building in Anime

Along with being the most popular One Piece game, Treasure Cruise also holds the distinction of being the best. As a free-to-play collect-them-all mobile game, Treasure Cruise‘s mere existence is likely to turn off some fans, an understandable reaction considering the market’s predatory nature.

As progression does screech to a halt after a few hours, Treasure Cruise is not innocent of all of the genre’s worst habits however, there is something enticing about unlocking new cards and building your own crew. The simplistic turn-based gameplay is aided by a timing-based system that keeps battles from being completely braindead.

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Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken

Number of episodes: 12

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! is an endearing love letter to anime that follows three high schoolers who start their own anime club with the goal of creating the ultimate world from their own imaginations. Midori Asakusa is an energetic and passionate freshmen who aspires to create her own an anime one day. When she discovers her classmate, amateur model Tsubame Mizusaki, shares her dream, the two decide to team up a collaboration strongly egged on by Midoris financially-focused best friend, Sayaka Kanamori, who sees this as a potential gold mine. Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! is utterly charming, and you dont have to look further than the opening theme to get a sense of the shows boundless kinetic joy.

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! is available to stream on Crunchyroll and HBO Max.

Is It Worth Starting One Piece 20 Years Late

Ill be honest with you, it depends. Do you like fun, adventure, and the vicarious thrill of watching really bad guys get punched in the face? Then absolutely, get started today. How about loveable characters who are a little bit broken inside pursuing their dreams and standing together against oppressive rulers? Youll adore the Straw Hat crew and their family-like bond as they defy the World Government. Do you exclusively read the romance genre? Stick to shoujo unless youre willing to do a lot of extra-curricular reading via fanfiction and doujinshi. How do you feel about heavily stylized character design? If you need realism, One Piece is probably not the show for you.

I could go on, but it really comes down to this: One Piece is an adventure. Either you want to join the Straw Hat Pirates on their journey or you dont. Some people just dont and thats okay. For everyone else, theres Mastercard this guide.

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Shanks Moves Ceremony To The Rampaging Age

  • Post-Enies Lobby Arc

The episode involved two of the Yonko, Shanks, and Whitebeard. The Marines did everything in their power to prevent the two Yonko from meeting each other however, ended up failing quite miserably.

Shanks’ entry on Whitebeard’s ship managed to get everyone off their seats. With his Conqueror’s Haki, Shanks damaged the ship and knocked out many members of the Whitebeard Pirates. The episode ended with Whitebeard and Shanks clashing their weapons and splitting the sky, a fight never to be forgotten.

The 10 Best Episodes Of One Piece

Where to Watch One Piece Anime Episodes Online for Free

‘s monstrous epic is the highest selling manga of all time, but its absurd length still keeps plenty of people from checking it out, and that hill is only going to get steeper as we barrel toward its conclusion .

Even more of a conundrum is the One Piece anime, which is a much bigger time commitment and doesn’t boast Oda’s fantastic artwork as a selling point. Yet so many fans experience the story for the first time this way and fall in love regardless. There’s something magical about cuddling up in front of a screen and getting lost in a world over the course of several long binges, and the strong spirit that burns just beneath the surface, even during the anime’s not-so-hot days, always keeps us building to a new best episode. Everybody’s got their favorite episodes, the ones that they feel personally attached to, and we’d love for you to share yours with us in the forums. Here are my own ten best episodes of One Piece, in chronological order:

Episode 19 – The Three-Sword Style’s Past! Zoro and Kuina’s Vow!Episode 67 – Deliver Princess Vivi! The Luffy Pirates Set Sail!

There’s a risk of loading a list like this with all the big emotional crying episodes, but I wanted to keep my choices varied. Episode 67 is the beginning of the Baroque Works saga, the first time Vivi comes abroad as a semi-member of the Straw Hat pirates, and our first introduction to Nico Robin back when we knew her as the villainous Miss All Sunday.

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One Piece: Burning Blood 66

Similar to World Seeker, Burning Blood makes the most of current generation hardware. The fighting game’s cel-shaded visuals do a brilliant job of replicating the anime’s aesthetic, with the animation working overtime to ensure every hit feels suitably impactful.

Retelling the Marineford Arc from multiple perspectives, Burning Blood‘s campaign falls somewhat flat. More damning is the overcomplicated but frustratingly forgettable combat, which grows tiresome rather quickly.


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