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Mutsu Enmei Ryuu Gaiden: Shura No Toki

Katanagatari | The Anime Series You Aren’t Allowed to (Legally) Watch

Legend tells of an invincible martial art known as Mutsu Enmei-Ryu, an unarmed style that allows users to defeat a number of armed opponents using extraordinary speed and power.

This is the story of three generations of those who have Mutsu names, and their encounters and battles with the strongest fighters in their era.

One of the best martial arts anime with interesting and exciting stories. These two series feature male leaders who defeated various swordsmen without using swords, which is a rather rare similarity.

Both of them share the same speed and journey, although Katanagatari has more comedic elements and a more colorful visual style.

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Basilisk: Kouga Ninpou Chou

A battle between Kouga and Iga will determine who the next shogun will be. The leader of each clan must choose 10 fighters to fight for them. After a village is attacked, this is the time for the war to end.

Gennosuke Kouga is a respectable man and tries to marry Oboro Iga. Unfortunately, their clan is now an enemy. Oboro may not be a warrior, but he can use his eyes to reduce the enemys strength.

Both clans will lay traps, play dirty, and do whatever is needed to win. Can Oboro and Kouga find peace, when is their world at war?

People may complain about living in a time of division, but keep in mind, there are bad times. Shichika and Gennosuke both lived in feudal Japan.

The Edo period was very brutal. Both Shichika and Gennosuke fought hard in Japan, and both had the same interest in love.

Togame stated that he was part of the shogun, and Oboro was forced to fight by the government. There are also similarities in characters who fight.

Jyubei Jimushi at the Basilisk hides a knife in his stomach. Maniwa Koumori in Katanagatari also hid the sword in his stomach.

We think hiding knives in the stomach sounds painful, so dont try this at home huh! If you like Katanagatari you might like Basilisk. In fact, Basilisk is a little more bloody.

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Collecting 12 Swords Should Be Simple Right


Katanagatari is a title befitting this series, as the literal translation “sword tale” pretty much sums up the premise. In each episode, Togame and Shichika search for and eventually do battle with a wielder of a Deviant Blade in hopes of eventually collecting all 12. Simple, right? Exactly. But it is this simple premise that opens the door for Katanagatari‘s genius to shine through.

Katanagatari, at a glance, appears to tread a well-beaten path, and at this point, you may be expecting something along the lines of: “They find all 12 swords through the power of friendship and eventually fall in love. The end.” Wrong! Katanagatari understands that its premise is simple, which allows it to cleverly defy viewer expectations at every turn, while still maintaining suspension of disbelief. We won’t spoil the series for you but know this: when it looks like Katanagatari is going to turn left it just may turn right, and when you think it’s going to turn right it gets out of the car and starts riding a bike.

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Anime Like Katanagatari 2022

Katanagari is unique compared to the others, namely smooth graphics and unique coloring and background characters. Katanagatari numbered 12 episodes.

However, the duration shown is around 50 minutes per episode. That is also what becomes the special excitement of the anime.

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Katanagatari tells of Shichika Yasuri living a remote life until the game comes up! This is a tragic love story, with a touch of historical context.

Shogunate is described in various ways in the anime. Its hard to imagine that the Edo Period began in the 1600s. Historical stories educate us, amaze us, scare us, and much more.

Although not every anime with historic elements is really factual, this setting can be enjoyed and related.

Steel collides with steel and will clash with the will. When will people learn that violence is not the only language in the world? Even in the anime war will flare up, if its just for fun, of course.

If you are like me, and like a good sword fight, then you have come to the right place. Katanagatari might be over, but the battle has just begun, prepare yourself! Samurai, sword, ninja, and romance.

Here are 9 anime similar to Katanagatari which should not be missed, of course with an exciting and interesting storyline.

Presentation Like No Other

For Studio White Fox, adapting from a dialogue-driven light novel series means just that, as the anime adapts all of these word-heavy moments perfectly. The knee jerk reaction to this may be that Katanagatari looks boring, or at least that it drags at certain points, especially given each episode’s 50-minute runtime. In spite of this, Katanagatari and Studio White Fox keeps the series fresh in each and every episode through unique animation and how the series was first presented to viewers.

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For one thing, during its original TV run, Katanagatari aired only once a month over the course of 12 months. This made viewing Katanagatari an event while adding a real sense of time to the travels of Shichika and Togame. The series’ narrator adds to this momentous feeling by ending each episode with the phrase: “The story of Katanagatari on this month and this evening ends here.” This month-long wait period not only left audiences craving the next episode but also kept the series fresh, perhaps mitigating the effects of the program’s verbose nature. While viewing Katanagatari now means watching as many episodes as you like in one go, this original method of airing really added to Katanagatari‘s genius presentation.

Simply put, Katanagatari is exceptional. All that’s left for you to do is go and watch it.

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