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The Titan’s Bride Full Anime

The Titans Bride Manga Online

ã?OfficialãThe Titan’s Bride (All Age ver.) – Episode 1 (巨人æ?ã?®è±å«?)

A push and pull romance between a woman who is trying to solve a curse that turns her into a dog every midnight and a man who is afraid of dogs!

Breathing does not guarantee everyone

“Can you become my teacher?”After the case occurred in 2116 in the Southeast Asian Union, the SEAUn, Kougami Shinya kept on wandering.In a small country in South Asia, Kougami rescues a bus carrying refugees that were being attacked by armed guerrill

Despite her family’s protests, Aoi Sakuraba decides that she is going to marry Kaoru Hanabishi, her love of eighteen years. Once he realizes that her intentions are genuine – and that she’s not just trying to get him to reconcile with his estranged

Is it a pillow?!?!….no, it’s a CAT!! One night, 22-year-old Moe took in the ever-so pillow-like cat, Poyo. No doubt, Poyo not your everyday cat , but that doesn’t stop Moe, her family, friends, and neighbors from lo

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When the TV anime adaptation of ITKZ’s fantasy boys’ love manga The Titan’s Bride was first announced, the two main cast members were revealed as Yuuki Ono and Kento Ito. Now publisher Suseisha is here with an update that includes a new cast addition, the first key visual, and a .

The latest cast member came along with one of three pieces of character design art, pictured below. That’s Caius’ ex-fiancée, Medina Nall Rosas, voiced by Noriko Fujimoto.

Kento Ito voices Koichi:

And Yuuki Ono voices Caius.

Staff revealed thus far includes:

Here’s the new key visual:

The catchphrase for The Titan’s Bride manga is “The largest-scale coupling in the BL history.” The series has been serialized digitally via Comic Cmoa’s boys-love label BL Screamo, and the first volume of its print edition hit Japan back in March.


One day, male high school student Koichi is summoned to another world while masturbating. It is a country of giants, where a species much larger than him lives. The first prince of the country, Kaius , looks at Koichi enthusiastically and makes a proposal of marriage to him, “I want you to be my bride and give birth to my child.”

Series: The Titans Bride

Story & Art byITKZGenre:Boys’ LoveFantasyIsekai / Another WorldMonster BoysRomance

In this Mature-rated Boys Love fantasy isekai that inspired an anime, theres nothing small about the love between a human and a titan prince!

Senior Kouichi Mizuki is about to take his final exams and graduate from high school, when he suddenly finds himself in a world of titans. Not only is he no longer anywhere near home, but one of these giants, Prince Caius, has claimed Kouichi as his bride! Thanks to a disturbing, world-ending prophecy, the princes upcoming nuptials cannot be with anyone of his world. Since Caius has no plans to send Kouichi back to earth, he is wholeheartedly set on taking Kouichi as his wife!

Seven Seas special print release of this Mature-rated favorite will feature the completely uncensored original art not available in other editions.

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