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Hellsing Ultimate Similar Anime With Zombie

10 Anime Like High School DxD You Must Watch!

This anime talks about the Hellsing Organization that aims to eradicate abominable creatures. This organization is directed by Integra Hellsing. As the spearhead of the organization she gives orders to her soldiers and Alucard to eliminate the threat. Later on, in the anime, a woman named Seras Victoria joins the Organization on count of Alucard. This will cause Hellsings strength to greatly increase. Just as in Highschool of the Dead, Hellsing Ultimate makes use of brutal and gory scenes. Which makes it a wonderful show in its genre.

The Testament Of Sister New Devil

Winter 201512 Episodes

Families in Japanese anime have weird dynamics, and more often than not, change family members on a split-second. Basara Toujou suddenly finds himself with two new stepsisters, the buxom redhead Mio and the small silver-haired Maria. While the anime could have been about the siscon complex of a perfectly normal young man and his two perfectly normal stepsisters, Mio and Maria are not normal they are demons, Mio the only daughter of the Demon Lord and Maria her succubus servant. But their background is not important to Basara, not even after he reveals himself to be part of a lineage of demon slayers. He cares about his sisters and wants to protect them, from heroes and demons alike.

Both anime are full of action-packed battles and ecchi fan-service. There is a new OVA coming in March 2018. Learn more about it here:

Campione: Matsurowanu Kamigami To Kamigoroshi No Maou

Overall Score 5/10

Campione offers you a great plot and character development in addition to the fan service. The anime follows Godou Kusanagis story, who ends up killing the God of Victory, Verethragna, and receivers his powers and the title God Slayer. The series offers good action scenes, and the romance is harem type but enjoyable. The harem of girls assists him in killing Gods who have gone out of control. If they know God, they transfer it to him with a kiss. The main lead is decent, and overall this anime makes a good watch. If you love all-powerful MC, give this anime a try.

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Top 10 Anime Like High School Dxd

I watch it for the plot, is the lie everyone tells when they watch some fan service. Its just like people who watch Free! And say they watch it only for the plot. Same thing with High School DxD, which is, presumably, the best ecchi, harem anime out there. However, fans of High School DxD are served with much more content than any other harem anime. It offers a decent plotline, awesome fight scenes, and an abundance of fan service. It has plenty of characters from different varieties, be it traps, or cute kitty girls. Thus, to save you all the trouble of going through data and data of similar anime, we put together a short list, a top ten. Here are 10 anime like High School DxD!

Haganai: I Dont Have Many Friends

5 Anime Like High School DxD If You

Kodaka is a transfer student, and its his first day of school. He walks around the halls, searching for someone to talk withuntil he gets labelled as an intimidating delinquent due to his blonde hair and scowling face. Kodaka feels alone at this new high school until one fateful morning when he finds Yozora Mikazuki talking in her empty classroom she had also been teased because they were both seen as outsiders by their classmates who called them delinquents or weirdos.

Kodaka and Yozora overcame their lonely high school lives by starting the Neighbors Club. They created a club for people who dont have friends to help them make more connections with others, hoping it will allow them to find new friendships that theyve been looking for so longingly for all this time. Joined by Sena Kashiwazaki, an eroge-loving girl and other outcasts. They may finally be able to call these oddballs some of his closest friends!

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Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls

The land of Great Japan is full of natural beauty and prosperous people, but it also faces a looming threat. Mysterious guardians known as Master Samurai are the only defense that can stop this danger from spreading into their country.

At the behest of his student council, Muneakira Yagyuu arrives at Buou Academic School. Run by the Tokugawa Shogunate and led by Yoshihiko Tokugawa himself, this school educates children of warriors to prepare them for their future roles as leaders under Shogun rule. Among these pupils is Muneakiras childhood friend Sen.

During the chaos of arriving at his new school, Muneakira feels pulled into a terrible fight. The sky fills with white light, and there is suddenly this girl named Juubei Yagyuu who kisses him before everything goes back to normal ¸ except that now he has some sort of mysterious power protecting them from harm. The kiss awakened the power of Juubei, but Muneakira had to learn more about this secret to protect his country.

Seireitsukai No Blade Dance

Unlike the other anime, Seireitsukai no Blade Dances plot revolves around a rather prestigious school for holy shrine princesses that go by the name Areishia Spirit Academy. In this school, girls train to become elemntalists, to form slave contracts with spirits. They use the contracts to compete in battles against each other. Yet, only females seem to have this trick up their sleeve so far.

Then, came along Kamito Kazehaya, normal in every domain except one, hes the first man after 1000 years to be able to form a contract with a spirit. Thus, this results in the headmaster of the school, Greyworth, to summon him for an enrollment in the school, forcing him to participate in a special tournament.

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Anime To Watch If You Liked Highschool Of The Dead

Highscool of the Dead is a very unique anime series. While waiting for more episodes, fans might want to check out these alternative but similar shows

Daisuke Sat and Shji Sat’s Highschool of the Dead is a supernatural, action-packed horror series that examines a group of high-school students trying to survive in a zombie-infested world. Not only that, but the students also wish to find out what caused this pandemic.

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Although the series’s was never adapted entirely, many horror fans were satisfied with what they achieved. Its source material is even acclaimed as one of the best zombie manga according to MyAnimeList. Therefore, here are ten other anime worth watching if you enjoyed this series.

Hybrid X Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia

5 Anime Like High School DxD!

Overall Score 5.2/10

Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia is another anime with high fan service quality. In this way, it is very similar to High School DxD. The MC Kizuna Hida visits the Strategic Defense Academy to help humanity face a threat from the invading aliens from the other world.

Aine Chidorigafuchi is at the forefront, and with the help of a new weapon, Heart Hybrid Gear Zeros, she seems to be doing well. But, when the gear runs of energy, the only way to recharge is by doing something lewd to her. If this is something that appeals to you, then you can certainly watch this anime.

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High School Dxd Action/ecchi Anime Like Highschool Of The Dead

This show talks of a boy named Issei Hyondou. A guy who loves ladies to such an extent Well, he ironically ends up being killed by one, when he was on a date. After this frightful event, Rias Gremory resurrects Issei and makes him part of a club, also becoming her servant. What he doesnt know is that Rias is actually a cruel girl. This show follows Isseis new life as he tries to keep it all secret from his family. We greatly advise this show as the male and feminine main characters are likable and even share similarities.

Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride

Overall Score 6.9/10

Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls is a must-watch anime for all harem lovers. The anime is an enjoyable watch, and you have Samurai girls ready for battle all the time and eager to gain powers. The main character does not receive much character development the girls get decent amounts of it.

This is also an anime with good quality art, and this goes very well with the ecchi scenes. This anime certainly offers good entertainment value, although the characters are a bit generic. The story is set in the Buou Academic School, where Samurai girls hone their battle skills. Muneakira Yagyu, master of the Yagyu dojo, has the ability to unlock the hidden powers with a kiss. If you love Samurai and the ecchi theme, go ahead and watch this anime.

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Inchiban Ushiro No Daimaou

Akuto Sais dreams have always been about changing the world for good. He transfers to a Constant Magic Academy and befriends a virtuous ninja clan member that goes by the name Junko Hattori. They both make vows to make the world a better place together. But, there is one thing Akuto Sai did not except to happen. That being, Akuto Sais destiny differs greatly, as he is the prophecy others awaitedhe became the Demon King!

Word spread out, and his dream of making the world a better place took a whole new image. It was seen as his own twisted way of saying he wanted to control the world. He loses everybodys trust, even Junkos. Surrounded by a harem of girls, showering him with love just to control him, Akutos powers awaken.

Top 10 Anime Like High School Dxd Recommendations

14 Best Anime Like High School DxD
  • Trinity Seven

One day, the bright red sun stops shining, causing the Breakdown Phenomenonthe destruction of Arata Kasugas town. and the disappearance of the people inhabiting it.

All, however, is not yet lost by utilizing the magical grimoire given to him by his childhood friend and cousin Hijiri Kasuga, Aratas world gets artificially reconstructed.

In order to investigate the phenomenon, Lilith Asami appears before Arata, whose artificial world suddenly disintegrates. He is between two choices: hand over the book, or die.

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Deadman Wonderland Similar Anime With A Gory Theme

The story of this anime puts light on a boy named Ganta Igarashi. Accused of murdering all of his classmates, hes sent to a brutal facility referred to as Deadman Wonderland. Afterwards, Ganta associates with an eccentric girl who goes by the name of Shiro. Surviving the environment will be his first concern, while, at the same time seeking for truth about the death of his comrades. Deadman Wonderland pictures Igarashi, suffering from his isolation from society while also facing a dramatic incident. If you need blood, thrills and more over you need to watch this one!

Peter Grill To Kenja No Jikan

Overall Score: 5.9/10

Peter Grill has worked hard to become strong and is now titles as the strongest fighter throughout the world. While he holds such a humongous title, nobody can tell that if he really adores it. The reason being that he is lousy and is constantly getting involved in girl troubles.

Also, he is a simple-minded guy who is after one girl who he thinks would be perfect, but whats a story without a twist. Now, here comes the surprise, while ignoring the ladies in the world for one, the world is plenty of babes trying to lure him into a relationship to have strong kids.

This sounds like a perfect male fantasy, but again! another twist awaits you. The show is not Hentai, but its right on edge to be one. Now, for those who want to indulge in some action-packed stuff, sorry mate, its not for you. If you like to laugh at the hilarious situation with almost hentai like content, Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan should be your pick.

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+ Good Anime Like High School Dxd

If you’re looking for anime like High School DxD, we’ve got you covered. This list ranks good shows that are similar to High School DxD, including similar genres, anime with similar characters and relationships, and more. It’s one of the most popular anime of all time, so you’re not alone in loving High School DxD. However once the show is over and you’ve consumed everything there is to offer, you’re going to start looking for good anime like High School DxD.

The Qwaser Of Stigmata

5 Anime Like High School DxD! (Comedy Harem) #1

Winter-Spring 2010 | Season 1: 24 EpisodesSpring 2011 | Season 2: 12 Episodes

A strange young man called Alexander is saved by Mafuyu Oribe and her adopted sister Tomo. Alexander is an Iron Qwaser, a warrior who can call upon the power of an element to fight against his enemies. His quest is to find mystical relics known as High Circuit. Mafuyu and Tomo learn that the source of power for Qwasers is something theyd never expected.

Seikon no Qwaser is an action-heavy story that doesnt shy away from fan-service, especially considering the unique nature of the Qwasers source of power.

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Highschool Of The Dead

Summer 201012 Episodes

I really cant believe its been 8 years since Highschool of the Dead, one of the most memorable ecchi action anime of the decade. Highschool of the Dead is about a group of high school students who find themselves in the middle of a deadly pandemic that turns people into zombies. Not a new concept in Hollywood and video games but the ecchi elements of this survival horror anime make it unique in its own peculiar way.

For Fans Of Boobs And Battle

Akame ga Kill

Tatsumi is a naive boy from a rural village that makes the trip to the city in order to join the military and help his hometown. However, after he is rejected, he ends up joining Night Raid, a group of assassins part of a revolutionary movement to overthrow the government. From there, he must fight a brutal and increasingly bloody shadow war.

While these two series are often seen as very different because of their tone, they actually have a lot in common. You have your standard normal boy who, through circumstance, is dragged into a war between two factions. Both of these factions just happen to have a lot of women that take interest in him. Of course, Akame ga Kill is notable for not being attached to its characters.

High School of the Dead

It happened suddenly. The dead rose and threw Japan into chaos. In the high school of Takashi Kimuro, the situation forced him to kill his bitten best friend and protect the mans girlfriend, Rei. As they narrowly escape the school with a few others, they find the real survival just beginning.

Both series feature your standard normal guy who goes from somewhat perverted to not completely useless like they are flipping a switch. They are put in a battle circumstance where the stakes seem pretty high, especially in High School of the Dead, but end up having the power of harem to protect all the good looking and amply stacked ladies.


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Anime Similar To Highschool Dxd

Being one of the most successful anime of all time Highschool DxD made a huge impression in the anime world. It is one of the most successful harem anime within the past few years. Due to the first season becoming such a huge hit, a second season was also made. Highschool DxD showed a very good plot along with excellent character development through the course of the anime.

Following the theme of a harem anime, you will be introduced to the main character of the series, IsseiHyodo, who is a horny high school student who only thinks about being surrounded by women. He is also enrolled with a to a high school which was previously all-girls and has a deep secret revolving around it. Later on the secret will be revealed and you will get to know that angels, fallen angels, and devils is a part of the student body of the school. The plot will have a lot of ups and downs regarding Isseis life, which was threatened by a fallen angel when he went out on a date with her. The comes Rias Gremory, one of the hottest female anime characters, and she revives Issei and then forces him to serve her devil family.

This anime has one of the best harem anime plots, and in the list below the names of the anime which has a similar plotline, or genre, to Highschool DxD has been mentioned.

Is This A Zombie

6 Anime Like High School DxD

Once a normal 16-year-old high school student, Ayumu Aikawa had his life brutally cut short when he was killed while investigating the suspicious house. Yet soon after awakening next to an armored girl called Eucliwood Hellscythe and discovering she is a necromancer who has revived him as her zombie servant, Ayumu learns that this may not be such a bad thing!

Ayumu is now immortal, and he sets out to hunt for his killer. One day, while in the cemetery, Ayumu encounters a boisterous young girl with her chainsaw who seems determined to fight off bears no matter what! When she kills one of them, she tries erasing all memories that would lead back to herself but ends up absorbing him instead! Stripped of her powers and knowing nothing about this encounter or even why it happened, Haruna gets ordered by Ayumu into becoming an apprentice hunter so they can go together as partners hunting strange creatures called Megalo, which roam through the human world terrorizing residents.

Is This a Zombie? Follows the daily antics of a newly-turned human whos now living as a zombie and begins his new, ludicrous life where the supernatural becomes the norm.


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