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What Is A Trap In Anime

Honjo Kamatari From Rurouni Kenshin

Trap Or Not? (Anime)

Honjo is one of the supporting characters in the samurai-shounen, Rurouni Kenshin. He is a crossdresser, that takes pride in his womanly status and fashion sense.

He has short brown hair and big cute brown eyes. He wears a long green kimono with yellow and purple in it. He has a very feminine voice and his personality is very flirtatious and upbeat.

Rui Ninomiya From Gatchaman Crowds

Rui, also known as LOAD in the Galax community in one of the mains on the show.

The concept of the anime is really interesting and its definitely a good watch but now getting to the topic at hand, Rui is a cross-dresser and disguises himself, very well I would say as a girl.

He has bright blue eyes and slender arms and fingers that make him a believable woman.

What Is A Trap Character In Anime

In anime, trap characters are those who appear to be female at first glance, but at a closer look, you find that they are in fact male.

In short, trap anime characters are transgendered characters.

There is another version of trap characters the Reverse Trap. A reverse trap is a character that appears to be male at first introduction, but they are in reality females.

The existence of trap characters has been around for centuries.

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Anime: My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong

Saika looks very feminine and cute he can charm anybody. Most girls in the school call him prince.

He does his best to be manly but a soft and kind demeanor confuses the series main character Hachiman.

On multiple occasions, he forgets Saika is a boy.

This confusion trap creates lots of comic situations, but also adds shock value.

Kuranosuke Koibuchi From Princess Jellyfish

Anime Trap Fanart

Kuranosuke is the main protagonist from Kuragehime who disguises himself under the name of Kurako and loves to crossdress.

While he is disguised as Kurako, he has long and wavy pink hair and big grey eyes. He wears a high collared white top and purple legging and black high boots.

That is just one of his womanly outfits, he has appeared with a varied fashion sense in the anime.

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Kurapika Hunter X Hunter

Brown eyes, blond hair, and one with intense emotions, he is Kurapika whose eyes glow with the beautiful coveted scarlet with his increased emotions.

He is always seen wearing the blue tabard along with the orange color decorative design, which in the 2011 series was red.

Apart from this, he is also seen wearing one white suit for full-body training, underneath all this.

This character falls completely within the list of anime traps who looks like the girl, and anyone can get confused seeing him and would realize later that its a he and not she.

Anime: The Land Of Water / Naruto

Naruto: No way?! Hes prettier than Sakura!

Narutos artist Masashi Kishimoto made Haku into a trap. Hakus genetic art design dictates a feminine appearance.

Naruto is in shock when he learns that Haku is actually a boy. His character is voiced by a female voice artist.

Some fans speculate that Kishimoto wanted Haku to seem pure.

And traditional female qualities are sometimes associated with pureness. He openly did it to kinda parody the stereotype.

Haku has a very beautiful, feminine appearance and likes to wear male clothing, but with low masculinity.

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Souta Takanashi From Working

Next up we have, Souta Takanashi one of the main characters on the show. He is a crossdresser. While he is not crossdressed he has short brown hair and wears a pair of glasses and his waiter uniform.

While in his cross-dressing persona, he has long and straight brown hair and light golden eyes. He wears a similar uniform but this time only with an off-white apron on top of the uniform.

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Aoi Futaba Youre Under Arrest

He is one transgender cop in the anime series, which stands next on the list of anime traps.

He starts working as a male in the police department, but he was seen to be cross-dressing as he was an operations part for catching one serial rapist.

Once the mission was completed, it was then he realizes that he was not a fit for the gender stereotype, and his feeling was that his spirit was that of the female.

Well, this was it.

It was from here when he started to dress like a female and thus became transgender.

Proposed Merge With Trapping

Only few of the entries on the Trapping article have target articles that only/primarily use the “…ing” conjugation or even specifically mention it at all, whereas many cases the root form is just conjugated in certain grammar contexts. I removed a few. But now looking more broadly, the root trap disambiguation page also includes items that are commonly used in the “…ing” form as well as root, including the WP:PRIMARY for “trapping” itself. Makes it hard for readers/DAB-resolvers to find what they want if they have to guess at alternate grammars rather than more one-stop shop. DMacks 10:40, 23 January 2017

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Top 20 Convincing Trap Characters In Anime

For those not in the know, a trap refers to a person of either gender that convincingly dresses as the opposite gender. Traps traditionally refer to boys dressed as girls while reverse traps are girls that dress as boys. As it comes from such a conservative society, it is often surprising that anime is such a trans-forward medium at times with traps not so much demonized, but embraced in many series. Although traps are often used as comedy, very rarely are they ever pushed aside for their particular predilections, and thats great. So who are our favorite traps and reverse traps that always leave you guessing what is really under those clothes?

Load Galax Gatchaman Crowds

I wish I looked like this lol

Well, he is one prodigy who is known to have created the GALAX and the X.

He was also seen to be used by Berg Katse as an elaborate one for destroying the earth.

He is also seen to be wearing over the white shirt, the light blue coat, and those black pants and complementing shoes.

He is known to work as LOAD in the GALAX community, and therein he cross-dresses whenever he is in public to create anime traps.

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Top 18 Unexpected Trap Anime Characters

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Do you love anime? Who doesnt? In the last few decades, anime has nurtured a global audience. In fact, the anime world seems to have developed its own language and terms. You might have heard of the term trap anime characters but might wonder what it means. In this article, we are going to look at some trap anime characters.

What is a trap anime character you might ask? Read along, and you will find answers to all your questions.

What Is The Actual Meaning Of Anime Traps

As said above, anime traps denote the characters dressed as a girl, but in actuality, they are not.

Here, these characters have both emotional and physical characteristics, which is totally opposite of their alternate gender.

They are totally entertaining and, amidst the series, the best of characters to look forward to.

Anime trap makes understanding a character tricky as it is very difficult to identify these as they do not follow any social customs considering the stereotypical gender norms that exist.

In case a female appears like a man, it is the reverse trap.

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Aoi Hyoudou From Class President Is A Maid

Aois androgynous features allow him to cross dress with ease, and his affection for cute things makes him love doing it. His female persona is actually a popular internet idol and he enjoys toying with the feelings of men. However, this trap is also kind of a tsundere when it comes to showing his true feelings.

Anime: High School Dxd

Why do Anime Fans Like Traps?

A half-human boy and half-vampire, who enjoys cross-dressing.

Gasper has what some may consider feminine looks a skinny body, straight blonde hair, and huge pink eyes.

He loves to wear the girls school uniform with thigh-high black stockings.

Probably that is why he confuses lots of people in the series who think that he is an anime girl.

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Saika Totsuka From Oregairu

Oregairu is such a well-written romantic-comedy in the school setting. It has amazing characters and in those characters is an outstanding trap.

Saika looks and acts so much like a young girl, if you dont know the truth there is no way youre doubting him.

Saika loves sports and has a great personality for a leader. He is the head of the Tennis Club. His short and cute grey hair and curly eyelashes give him feminine vibes.

Anime Game: Danganronpa: The Animation

Chihiro from Danganronpa started crossdressing to match his own feminine appearance as a means to stop being bullied.

Not because of self-identifying as another gender.

He was told that he was too weak for a man. To deal with his inferiority complex, he decides to dress up as a girl.

During the second chapter of the game, there is a trap shock she was a he?! as the rest of the characters find out about Chihiros secret.

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Haruhi Fujioka Ouran High School Host Club

Haruhi is a reverse trap, although she doesnt really see herself as one. Upon entering high school, an incident with a child and some gum forced her to cut her brown hair short, and she chose to wear a male uniform because it helps her focus on her studies.

A run-in with the male Host Club at school forces her to join the club. It takes some time for some members to realize her true gender, but they continue to present her as a boy to pay her debt.

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Anime Comic Series: Ranma

Anime Traps Art

The Genius female ninja that is born every 100 years

Konatsu was raised by his cruel stepmother and stepsisters. They raised him as a girl in order to keep up the Kunoichi family tradition.

He has no problem being feminine. Konatsu even hides paper bags on his chest.

Most characters on Ranma ½ dont know hes a Crossdresser.

In the U.S he is considered to be one of the first transgender characters.

But, when asked, creator Rumiko Takahashi, (The woman behind your favorite Manga and Anime said:

With Ranma ½, I had thought a lot of doing a series with a male/female like the protagonist, and since in the greater part of my previous stories the main character had been a woman. I therefore I decided on the character being half man and half woman.

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Hime Arikawa From Himegoto

Hime is the protagonist of Himegoto, an ecchi-comedy anime. Hime is a young man who dresses up as girls so that he can pay off some debt.

He has bright pink colored hair which he ties in twin tails and the rest flows down till his waist and blue eyes. He is very slender, which makes him look even more like a young girl.

Hotaru Tachibana From Aoharu X Kikanjuu

I do hope that this is enough to please your daily trap needs because Im about to collapse from exhaustion with the revelations of the traps true gender, so lets move on before I break down and start questioning my life existence.

As you can tell, the sole purpose of a trap is to provide fanservice or in some rare cases when the character is meant to be androgynous and their gender not mattering to the story. While I am guilty of liking traps just because their personalities are the quirkiest and most interesting of the cast of characters, in fact, my friend had even stated that she had a tendency to root for the trap despite knowing that there was no hope for them in the plot as they were just a mere side character.

While it is pretty clear for the majority of traps that their true gender will always be there, characters like Seiko and Ruka are outright said to be transgender as they have literally changed their genders in which their genders would permanently be changed to that of a GIRL.

However, looking past those characters and focusing on pure fanservice traps, like their name suggests, they are meant to trap the viewers and while otakus have their waifus, they are more hesitant on liking traps if it is considered to be gay which is still, a delicate subject since it reflects your gender preference.

Viewer discretion advised:

So to finally summerise and answer the long awaited question, ARE TRAPS GAY?

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Does Liking Traps Make You Gay

No. You’re only gay if you call yourself gay, and you only call yourself gay if you think you’re gay. If you don’t think you’re gay, you aren’t, and who would have the right to tell you otherwise?

The idea that men who’re attracted to women are straight and those who are attracted to men are gay fails to account for the fact that no man is attracted to every single last woman on earth just because they’re all women.

If you have gay men who are attracted to manly men, and wouldn’t be attracted to unmanly traps, how does it make sense to think that liking traps is gay when there are gay men that don’t like traps?

More accurate terms to describe the situation would be:

  • Gynephilia.
  • Both a straight man and a lesbian women would be gynephiliac.
  • Androphilia.
  • Both a straight woman and a gay man would be androphiliac.
  • Ambiphilia.Attraction to both.
  • Androgynophilia.Sometimes used with the same meaning as above, but could also mean attraction to androgynous persons.
  • Given the above, when someone says “I’m not gay but I like traps,” what they actually mean is “I’m not androphiliac.”

    Anime: Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

    Reverse TRAPS in Anime

    A long, light-brown hair-trained assassin man. Lin wears womens clothing so he can feel closer to his sister Qiaomei, from whom he has been separated for nine years.

    He also enjoys wearing makeup.

    Lin doesnt care for social norms and gender stereotypes. He doesnt understand what is wrong with men wearing skirts if women could wear pants.

    He is quite vain cant get enough of how beautiful he is.

    Still, when an LGBT character sees Lin, who is a crossdresser, using a computer, and asks if he wants to be introduced to some adult sites. He doesnt.

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    Kurapika From Hunter X Hunter

    Am I the only one who thinks he isnt a trap! When I first saw Kurapika, he did not come off as a girl, maybe his voice is kinda girly but really I did not think he was a girl.

    Though according to public opinion he is a trap. His short blonde hair and big eyes make him more feminine and his voice adds to this by making it more convincing.

    Kurapika has beautiful brown eyes which turn bright scarlet in color when experiencing intense emotions as a virtue of his ancestry. He belongs to the Kurta clan who are famous for their scarlet eyes.

    Chihiro Fujisaki From Danganronpa

    This trap is kinda convoluted. It is actually not revealed till the second chapter of the manga that the very feminine-looking, highschool girl vibing Chihiro is in fact a dude.

    He has very short brown hair and big yellow eyes. He has those slender hands with long fingers and a very feminine body that set the lure of the trap.

    And on top of these obvious lures, he wears a girls winter school uniform!

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    Shidou Mariya Maria Holic

    Oh well, herein a character named Kanako finds Shidou Mariya, falls in love instantly and without a realization, that he wasnt a girl .

    In order to keep himself out of the trap, Mariya also joins the room with Kanako to keep a complete eye on her.

    What can we say about ? She is not just carrying her charm, but she also her beauty, and he was one feminine looking man.

    Every bit of him seems like a girl , but he has his own reasons to act as such, which one would know, why he is what he is.

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