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What Chapter Is Demon Slayer Anime On

How The Kimetsu No Yaiba Mangas Ending Affects The Animes Final Season

Last Words of Demon Slayer Characters | (Anime & Manga)

The story for the anime is based on the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba manga series by writer and illustrator Koyoharu Gotoge.

VIZ Media has licensed the official English translation of the Demon Slayer manga series. The first three chapters, as well as the three most recent chapters, can be read on the official website for free. The English online release is completely caught up with the Japanese magazine release.

Talking about the Demon Slayer Season 3 anime in September 2021 may seem like putting the cart before the horse, considering that the Demon Slayer Season 2 anime came out in Fall 2021.

But it is a timely discussion considering that the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba mangas ending was released in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine already back in May 2020.

Yep, thats right. If you missed the news, Demon Slayer Chapter 205 was the ending of the entire series.

Creator Gotouge capped off the story in a bittersweet way that doesnt leave much wiggle room for a direct Demon Slayer sequel but provided hints about what happened to the characters in the future .

Itll probably be debated for years whether Demon Slayers ending was rushed or not. After all, it seems like the series just began to peak in popularity.

The manga sold over 60 million copies in total in about four years. Then suddenly, its all over .

But anime-only fans probably want to know how the Demon Slayer ending could impact the animes ending without being spoiled.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Release Schedule: When Does Entertainment District Episode 6 Air

Demon Slayer season 2, episode 6 is next up as part of the show’s ongoing Entertainment District arc. You might be feeling very ‘flashy’ right now, but it pays to plan ahead so you can avoid any and all spoilers on social media once the new episode drops.

With that in mind, we’re here to give you the lowdown on the Demon Slayer season 2, episode 6 release date, its air time in the US and UK on Crunchyroll and Funimation, and a look ahead to how many episodes are potentially left in the season. Spoilers: it’s not a lot.

Do You Know Where Does Demon Slayer Anime End In Manga

The Demon Slayer anime ended in episode 26. In the anime, Tanjiro and Nezuko get busy in the secret society’s activities, known as the Demon Slayer Corps, which has been making a secret war against demons for centuries. The demons are humans who sold their humanity for powers. They feed on humans and possess supernatural powers such as strength, magic, and regeneration. The demons can be killed only with weapons that are crafted from an alloy called Sun Steel which is injected with poison extracted from wisteria flowers or if exposed to sunlight. In contrast, the Demon Slayers are humans who use special breathing techniques, known as “Breathing Styles”, which give them superhuman strength and increased resistance. Every Demon Slayer fan knows about the end of the series, but do you know Where Does Demon Slayer Anime End In Manga. The Demon Slayer anime ended in episode 26.

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What Will Demon Slayer Season 2 Be About

Demon Slayer Season 2 will pick up right after the events of The Mugen Train. We can expect to get a prelude to the main story in the second season, at the end of The Mugen Train miniseries. Also known as the Entertainment District arc, the series will change its location to Yoshiwara, Japans famed red-light district. Tanjiro, Inosuke, Nezuko and Zenitsu will join the Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui in hunting notorious demons in Yoshiwara. Daki, one of the Twelve Kizukis, will play one of the primary antagonists in the Entertainment District Arc of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

The protagonists will be seen dealing with the loss of Kyojuro Rengoku, the Flame Hashira, fighting with their own personal demons while also battling real ones, and strengthening the bonds between each other during the process. The official trailer for Demon Slayer season 2 was revealed on February 14, alongside an official announcement in Kimetsu-Sai Online: Anime 2nd Anniversary Festival.

Aniplex also shared a new teaser on July 13, that provides another look at Daki, one of Demon Slayer Season 2s primary antagonists.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Recap: The Story So Far

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba movie Infinite Train ...

All caught up? I hope so the Entertainment District arc goes big on spoilers for the Mugen Train movie. For more on that, check out our Demon Slayer movie ending explainer.

The Entertainment District arc premiere deals with the fallout of Rengokus death at the hands of the Upper Moon demon Akaza and his subsequent humiliating retreat.

Akaza is reprimanded by the head of the demons, Muzan, before heading off to lick his wounds. Muzan is now blending in as an orphan who has been taken in by a loving family.

Tanjiro, meanwhile, recuperates from his injuries and heads to Rengokus home to deliver his final messages to both his father and his brother. While his brother is ashamed of Rengokus defeat, his brother is more willing to co-operate and teaches Tanjiro about the origins of Sun Breathing.

After months of extra training, Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu all accompany the Sound Hashira Uzui Tengen to the Entertainment District in search of demons to slay.

Once they get there, however, Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu are embroiled in Tengen’s odd plan. His three have been planted in the district to help gather intel on any demons, but they haven’t checked in for a period of time. The three fledgling Demon Slayer Corps members are then tasked with disguising as women to infiltrate the brothels. The final moments of the second episode see Inosuke seemingly inching closer to discovering the truth, and fate, of one of Tengen’s wives.

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Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Season 2 Episode 5 Review

Other than the double-length first episode, which had the benefit of being the first new content from the series in a year, this was the best episode of the season so far. Granted, it has only been five episodes. However, the show was heading towards some really weird directions in the past couple of episodes, and it is nice to see it back on track. All it took was the show abandoning all the setup it had painstakingly done in the previous three episodes. Im glad to see that the writers agreed that it was a bad idea as well.

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The show has been really good with explaining and showcasing its battle scenes so that they are easy to follow and understand while still being visually spectacular. There were two battles in Demon Slayer Red Light District Arc Episode 5, and both of them were impressive. One of them featured the ending of last weeks episode, with Tanjiro coming face to face with Daki. However, the better of the two was the underground war between Inosuke and some waistcloths, if you can believe it.

Naruto Vs Demon Slayer: Which Anime Is Better

And now for the most important and interesting section of our article the analysis. Here, we are going to use what we have found out about these two characters and analyze how all these facts would help them in a fight against each other. Let us continue.

The numbers actually do speak for themselves but even without them, we dont think there was any doubt that Naruto is the superior series of the two. Namely, Demon Slayer definitely has better animation than both Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden its more fluid, the battles are better and, overall, its of a higher quality. Also, the plots are so very different that we couldnt really pick the better one both are great and it depends on a persons personal preferences.

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Anime: Kibutsuji Snaps His Fingers

While in Tokyo, Tanjiro encounters Muzan Kitbutsuji–the demon responsible for his family’s murder. Discovered, Kitbusuji causes a distraction by turning a citizen into a demon. Faced with the choice of dealing with the demon, or allowing Kitbutsuji to escape, Tanjiro decides to deal with the current threat. Moments later Kitbutsuji gets into a fight with a family in a nearby alley, and he deals with them all brutally!

One small detail that is different in the anime is the style of camera shot used when Kitbutsuji snaps his fingers, after disintegrating a woman, to summon a pair of his servants. The anime uses a behind the back type of shot while the manga utilizes a front perspective–so you can see the cold look on Kibutsuji’s face.

Manga: Yushiro Calls Nezuko A Hag

Tengen Uzui’s Introduction | Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc

After dealing with the distraction that Kibutsuji caused, Tanjiro meets with the demon Yushiro so he can take him to see doctor Tamayo . When Yushiro first sees Nezuko he notices that she is also a demon, and calls her a “hag”!

Naturally, Tanjiro won’t stand for it and defends his younger sister telling Yushiro that she was known as the town beauty. The animated version of this moment is nearly as harsh, but instead of being a hag, poor Nezuko is now an “eyesore” according to Yushiro.

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Demon Slayers Manga Sales In 2021

2021 is nearly over and that means its time for fans around the world to start to reflect on the years content.

This week, Oricon revealed the 10 best-selling manga series of the year as well as the 15 best-selling individual volumes from those franchises.

Demon Slayer dropped a single place from the 2020 rankings, ending as the second-most-popular manga of the year with 29.5 million copies sold worldwide.

The series was around 1.4 million copies behind Jujutsu Kaisen, which took home the gold medal, but 5 million more than the third-placed Tokyo Revengers.

However, volume 23 of the Demon Slayer manga was the best-selling individual release of 2021, with 5.1 million copies being acquired by fans.

The series also garnered second place as well, with Stories of Water and Flame selling 2.3 million copies.

You can read the full breakdown here.

Is Demon Slayer Manga Finished

The Demon Slayer manga is finished. The final chapter was released on May 17, 2020. Fans who have been looking to continue the Demon Slayer manga after the anime have to start manga at Chapter 51. Those who have watched the movie Demon Slayer: Infinity Train will be wanting to start the Demon Slayer manga at Chapter 66.

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Demon Slayer Season 2 Release Schedule

The Entertainment District Arc is set to air every Sunday for the foreseeable future. However, it might not be around for as long as we had hoped.

Fans have discovered a listing on the iQIYI streaming service that suggests the total episode count for Demon Slayer season 2 is 18 episodes. That would work out at seven episodes for the Mugen Train recaps and 11 for Entertainment District. That hasn’t been confirmed yet, but would mean Demon Slayer season 2 ends around mid-to-late February. Here’s what the current lay of the land looks like for anime’s biggest hit show.

  • Entertainment District Arc episode 1 : December 5 – available now
  • Entertainment District Arc episode 2 : December 12 – available now
  • Entertainment District Arc episode 3 : December 19 – available now
  • Entertainment District Arc episode 4 : December 26 – available now
  • Entertainment District Arc episode 5 : January 2 – available now
  • Entertainment District Arc episode 6 : January 9

How Many Arcs Are In The Demon Slayer Manga

Demon Slayer Chapter 189 Spoilers

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In total, Gotouges Demon Slayer manga has 11 story arcs, each containing anywhere from 10 to 30 chapters. The manga opens with the Final Selection Arc, which sees Tanjiro training for the Demon Slayer Corps after most of his family is killed by a demon. From there, he and his sister Nezuko embark on a journey to make her human again and prevent other people from falling prey to the creatures.

Per, these are all the arcs covered in the manga:

  • Final Selection Arc

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Coming in at 205 chapters, the Demon Slayer manga is on the shorter side when it comes to popular manga series. It certainly takes less time to get through than the likes of Naturo and One Piece.

Given its shorter nature, Demon Slayer wastes no time on filler chapters or filler arcs, plowing straight through Tanjiro and Nezukos story. The anime promises to do the same, mostly remaining true to the source material thus far. While the recent Mugen Train Arc featured an original episode, the adaptation mostly sticks to the main storyline from episode to episode.

So, how many Demon Slayer arcs has the anime tackled so far?

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How Can I Watch Demon Slayer Season 2

The entirety of Season 2, The Mugen Train arc and The Entertainment District arc, will broadcast on 30 domestic television channels in Japan, including major networks such as Fuji TV and Tokyo MX. Aniplex, the company behind the anime adaptation, made the announcement on July 13 in a special post titled Kimetsu TV News Announcement Special.

Demon Slayer Season 2 will be simulcast on Funimation for the territories of the United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Funimation, Hulu, and Crunchyroll will also broadcast the seven-episode Mugen Train miniseries that precedes the Entertainment District arc that kicked off on October 10.

Several other streaming services also licensed the show for viewers in the rest of the world, including Netflix, which brought the first season of the anime series to an even larger global audience back in January 2020. The Mugen Train movie was an even bigger hit, thanks to its simultaneous release on digital platforms that included Apple TV, Google Play and Amazon.

Hopefully, Season 2 of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba will be available on your preferred streaming service or television network before anyone spoils the story for you. Until then, lets relive Flame Hashira Rengokus glory in the Mugen Train miniseries currently airing on Funimation every Sunday at 11:15 pm .

Ufotable Tax Fraud Court Case Finally Ends In December 2021

Besides ufotables scheduling, there was the slowly brewing tax evasion scandal. Supporters of ufotable were concerned about how this court decision might impact the future of the anime company.

The short version is that the Ufotable president and Demon Slayer producer Hikaru Kondo hid about 30 percent of the income from their Tokyo anime restaurants altered the companys accounting ledgers to hide about 446 million yen . This meant they avoided 138 million yen in corporate and consumption taxes.

During a hearing at the Tokyo District Court in September 2021, Kondo directly admitted to the crime but claimed that he thought his tax evasion would not bring trouble to ufotable. Kondos wife is actually the companys accountant and the court noted that she had shown reluctance in manipulating the tax filing.

In December 2021, the Tokyo District Court determined that Kondo had show strong intent to commit tax fraud, he was sentenced to 20 months in prison. While that sounds bad, the sentence was suspended for three years so if he remains on good behavior he will never step foot in a jail cell.

The prosecution stated that ufotable and Kondo hid the income as a safeguard against future downturns in the anime industry. ufotable has apologized for its actions on its website and Kondo said he will shift the company toward more sustainable production levels while staying within legal boundaries.

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Wait For The Anime: Better Pacing

Now people who have read the manga and watched Season 1 both, feel that the anime adaptation is better paced than the manga, specifically with Tanjiro’s two years of struggle to become a Demon Slayer. The episode 4 montage is particularly loved by fans for a paced and on-point representation.

Readers have criticized the manga for unnecessarily dragging with Tanjiro’s story, however, the anime showed his story swiftly. Season 1 progressed at a pretty good pace, therefore same should be expected of season 2.

Demon Slayer: Anime Vs Manga

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc | TENGEN UZUI WIVES TRAILER

Demon Slayer had a lot to add to the anime conversation, but just where did it stray from the source material?

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu noYaiba, features the adventures of Tanjiro Kamado and his younger sister Nezuko. Despite their poverty, Tanjiro and his family live a happy life within their mountain community. But things take a terrible turn for the worst when Tanjiro returns home to find his family slain, and that the only survivor–Nezuko–has become a demon!

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Following a faithful encounter with the demon slayer, Giyu Tomioka, Tanjiro gets the chance to become a demon slayer, avenge his family, and find a cure for his sister. Yet, before he can begin his quest, the young man must travel to meet the old master Sakonji Urokodai and complete his harsh training. Depending on whether you follow the manga or anime version of the series, there are some changes read on to discover 10 differences between the two.

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Gyutaro And Daki Former Co

These two demons were assigned to the position of Upper Rank 6, as they were siblings. While they were weak on their own, the two together proved to be a good combo, especially due to their poisonous attacks.

We met them at the Entertainment District Arc, where TengenUzui and the boys were preparing a raid on the demons. After a fierce battle, the Upper Ranks were killed by the humans for the first time in centuries!


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