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Who Is Your Anime Girlfriend

Gemini : Ayame Sarutobi

Who Is Your Five Nights in Anime Girlfriend? (2020 Edition)

It gets difficult for the multi-faceted Gemini to find a girlfriend capable of keeping up with their ever-changing personality and need for excitement – and just keeping up isn’t enough. In fact, the Air sign does best when they have a partner whose emotions and traits switch up as easily as theirs do.

Ayame Sarutobi, also known as Sacchan, is a diligent ninja who takes her missions extremely seriously. She’s also madly in love with Gintoki Sakata and doesn’t hesitate to display those feelings. Her partner may struggle to keep up with her, but a Gemini finds satisfaction in such a struggle.

The other upside is that Sacchan will likely overlook the Gemini tendency to flirt with other people – in fact, she might consider it a form of sadism, which she’d absolutely love as someone who is heavily into masochism.

Which Waifu Best Suits You

What outfit would you prefer your waifu wear?

Less is best!

What hair color are you more attracted to?


Why am I worried about hair?

What trait is best?

What conversation type best fits yours?

Sarcastic humor

More like the quiet type

Where would you and your waifu live?

Outdoors in seclusion

In a house with others

Which personality do you prefer?

Confident yet reserved

Where would you take your waifu on a first date?

Pizza Planet

Out hiking in the wilderness

On a tour of old castle ruins

Does size matter to you?

I prefer smol but fierce!

Size always matters

I’ll enjoy whatever I find


% Fun Waifu Quiz: Who Is Your Anime Waifu

This fun Waifu Quiz is going to reveal your fictional anime character with 20 simple personality questions. Lets find the waifu you are going to date with!!

This test is not for the faint-hearted because it is about one of the most powerful mystical beings. They make your jaw drop, and your eyes pop open. Their secret superpower is to make them fall in love with their twisted character. Yet, you cant have these irresistible muses in real life. Yes, we are talking about the cute Japanese anime characters that everybody has a crush on, your very mysterious waifus.

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Touka Kirishima From Tokyo Ghoul

Touka is a Ghoul that is both beautiful and wise. She possesses an Immense amount of power, but her most significant strength is her mind. She uses her wisdom to save ghouls from ghoul investigators. This trait persists early in the show, where she protects Kaneki from inflicting harm on himself and others. Touka or the rabbit is considerate and knows how to get her feelings under control. Although she doesnt mean to harm anyone, you dont want to mess with this girl, or youll get your heap chopped off.

Touka has short dark hair Shes pretty short and slender, yet her strong attitude makes up for her fragile body. Her clothes also signify a subtle style that reflects her intellectual persona more than anything else.

Best Girlfriends In Anime Ranked

Whos your boyfriend or girlfriend

Forget waifus and husbandos, today we’re going to be ranking the best girlfriends in all of anime. There’s plenty to discuss, so read on!

There have been husbando wars. There have been waifu wars. There’s even been best girl and best boy wars, ultimately dividing various fandoms about who deserves to take each crown. But we’re going to be doing something different by ranking the best girlfriends in anime.

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to take a look back at the virtual girls who captured our hearts as well as their love interests’ attention. Whether they’re a shy dandere, a prickly tsundere, or an obsessed yandere, these are the anime girlfriends who we deem the best out of the bunch for their beloved.

Romance and anime go hand-in-hand however, many romance anime don’t display characters dating at all. This is because most anime have 12 to 13 episodes that have the characters confess in the end, right before it can show the audience that they have begun to date. However, there is the rare instance where the two main characters start to date and some with better girlfriends than others. There is an abundance of best girls from all different genres, from doting girlfriends to ones that would ruthlessly defeat her partner in a swordfight.

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Belldandy Belldandy Is A Supportive Girlfriend Who Loves Keiichi

Ah, here is fans’ one and only goddess, Belldandy. Well, she’s one of the three goddesses that descend to Earth to live with Keiichi Morisato, but the only one who becomes his girlfriend. Since she’s a goddess, she’s perfect. Kindhearted, beautiful, and the owner of an angelic voice, Belldandy loves Keiichi because he’s honest and genuine.

She also values his life and safety above her own, making her one of the most selfless girlfriends in anime. She always boosts him up, encourages him whenever he belittles himself and stays devoted to him throughout the series.

Sakura Adachi Sakura Is Wholly Devoted To Hougetsu

Adachi & Shimamura follows two girls, Sakura Adachi and Hougetsu Shimamura, as they grow closer after constantly skipping class together. Although her class thinks she is a delinquent, Adachi is shy and not good at interacting with others.

That isn’t until she meets Hougetsu and becomes attached to her to the point of falling in love. Sakura’s feelings for her are shown realistically, as she slowly realizes she is falling in love with her and even the thought of holding her hand makes her blush.

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Misa Amane Misa Is A Loyal Yet Dangerous Lover To Light

Although Misa Amane from Death Note looks like a cute girl with a fashion sense for all things goth, fans would be sorely mistaken. Misa is in love with the notorious Kira, the alias of Light Yagami, because he inadvertently killed the man who murdered her family. He didn’t do this for herhe did it for his plan.

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Misa would do anything for Light, whether it’s an accomplice to murder or acting as a decoy to allow him to escape. She went as far as shortening her lifespan multiple times to gain Shinigami Eyes, the ability to learn a person’s name by looking at them, to aid him.

Iroha Igarashi Iroha Loves Hikari Despite His Faults

Who’s Your Anime Girlfriend/Boyfriend??

Iroha Igarashi from 3D Kanojo: Real Girl is one of the most overlooked girlfriends in anime. After meeting Hikari Tsuitsui while cleaning the pool and agreeing to go out with him, she brings out the best in him despite him thinking of himself as nothing but a creepy otaku.

Iroha always stands up for Hikari when others make fun of him. She’s kindhearted, takes their relationship seriously, and wholeheartedly loves him for who he is as a person. Even though their relationship has a contingency of 6 months, Iroha’s love for Hikari doesn’t change at all, making her one of the most loyal girlfriends in anime.

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Touka Nanami Touka Is Full Of Surprises As She Learns To Love Yuu

Touka Nanami is the dependable and outgoing Student Council President, but in truth, this is all a facade. She dislikes showing any signs of weaknesses and hides her insecurities, so she doesn’t truly form a bond with anyone.

That’s until she falls in love with Yuu Koito after she joins the student council. Touka can act like herself around Yuu and not worry about what mask she should wear. Sometimes childlike, sometimes mischievous. Touka is a wildcard for her actions toward Yuu, which makes her the perfect girlfriend to surprise her beloved.

Asuna Yuuki Asuna Is The Devoted Gamer Girlfriend To Kirito

Asuna from Sword Art Online is so popular that she ranks as one of the highest characters to cosplay. Throughout the series, she becomes one of the strongest swordswomen under the name “Lighting Flash” because of her rapier skills.

She is even equal with Kirito, or even stronger, than him in real-life in the movie, Ordinal Scale. Besides her fighting skills, she is a devoted girlfriend to Kirito in reality, despite the harem surrounding him. Her patience devotion to him as he was in his coma during Alicization truly shows how much she loves him.

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Utena Tenjou Utena Is The Perfect Prince To Anthy

Utena Tenjou from Revolutionary Girl Utena wishes to be a prince, and there’s no doubt she is to Anthy Himemiya. After winning Anthy as a prize in a series of sword duels, Utena realizes how wrong it is to objectify her and decides to find a way to free her from the role of Rose Bride.

Utena is a courageous and upright girl who protects Anthy throughout the anime. If fans are looking for a girlfriend who will faithfully protect them and be on their side no matter what, Utena is a no-brainer choice to be a courageous girlfriend who will come to their rescue.

Best Waifu In The History Of Japan


Lets take a look at the best “waifu/fujoshi” or “hazu” materials

Asuna Yuuki

In the anime Sword Art Online, we got to know about one of the best female characters because she eventually wins everyones hearts with her style, pretty face , and personality. No doubt why Kirito loves her this much! She is intelligent and courageous, never stepping back from her decisions.

Asuna is a wealthy and decent girl with zero pride and innocence in her eyes however, she is a pathetic cook but she is not coming out in reality and you can love your beautiful waifu as much as you want!

Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa belongs to the anime series Attack on Titan and is notorious not only due to how she looks but her strong character as well. After facing so much since her childhood, Mikasa turned out to be a sophisticated and caring girl who can sacrifice anything to protect the ones she loves. Her compassionate eyes, kind nature, and sweet voice cant be forgotten, ever! Mikasa would make a good anime wife according to us.

Mai Sakurajima

Mai is an interesting character from Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Senpai. She is sweet and salty her personality can be determined this way. She is cheerful but a little bossy and likes to rule the place but is so much compassionate and helps out people whom she doesnt even know. Mai cooks well, looks hot, and enjoys her life in full swing. Though Mai isnt a traditional kind of waifu but is the love of many hearts.

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I Hope You Can Find At Least Some Outfits That You Likeanime

Who is your anime girlfriend playbuzz. Hey Kakashi-sensei its not shallow its just for funKakashi. When Is The New Berserk Anime Coming Out. Well if you say so.

Think about how you feel around them do you get any different kind of feelings around them. You are great at making friends and you believe that all animals have a purpose even if you dont like them. Your strength lies in your heart and your heart needs to be strong to handle the ball of raging fire that is your.

Full Metal Alchemist Oc In this story you are in a world where pokemon have human female forms so in this world crime is high so since there is so many pokemon people started to fear them than that fear turned into hate so the military placed laws that protected the pokemon but. What Does Ntr Stand For In Anime. Diabolik Lovers Uta no prince sama Clannad and The game Tales of Xilla.

Do you want to know who is your anime boyfriend. Do you like the result. A remarkable intellect which will repeatedly rescue characters from a scrape or arrange it – hides behind your plain appearance.

There is an endless list of great anime out there to suit your every taste and preference and they all come with interesting male characters whom Im sure youve wondered how compatible you are with in the past. Your secret crush isyour best friend. Anime Manga Just For Fun Pokemon Girlfriend Romance Game.

Someone who is earnest and straightforward. A girl or something else you can take this quiz. Which waifu best suits you.

Comparison To Greek Archetypes

We can say that Lucy is the anime version of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and lust. These girls are both the hottest in their reign and will eliminate their rivals in any beauty contest. They can lure men into deadly traps and never reveal their true intentions. Despite their viciousness, they are fun companions to have and great lovers.

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Ruri Gouko & Kyousuke Kousaka Ruri Puts Up With Kyousuke’s Siscon Ways

Oreimo has many layers to the series, with one of them being Kyousuke and Ruri’s more well-known by her nickname Kuroneko relationship. They begin to date after Ruri confesses to him, and they have a fulfilling relationship.

Despite being a few years younger than Kyousuke, she is a mature older sister and an otaku who hides behind her cosplay to express her true feelings. She even puts up with her frenemy and younger sister’s verbal abuse towards Kyousuke, Kirino although their relationship ended because he Kirino over Ruri.

Lucy Heartfilia From Fairytale Guild

Who’s My Anime Girlfriend? Quiz Time

Lucy Heartfilia is a mage from the Fairytale Guild. Beauty is her secret power as she changes clothes in a jaw-dropping fashion, according to fans. Shes an adventure seeker who is not afraid of challenges and enjoys a bit of show-off now and then.

Lucy Heartfilia is a tall blond Waifu whose witchcraft extends spells and mystic powers, as she is undeniably hot. Her confidence in her sex appeal is persistent in the show.

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Kouko Kaga Kouko Learns How To Love Together With Banri

Kouko Kaga from Golden Time will surely take anyone who dates her on a whirlwind trip. Her first entrance was quite memorable as she followed her former crush Mitsuo Yanagisawa to college and assaulted him with a bouquet of roses. She acts haughty and proud at first, but after falling in love with Banri Tada she becomes more honest and kind.

She doesn’t hesitate to tell him how she’s feeling. Before they began dating Kouko was adamant in her pursuit of him, and when they finally did become a couple, she’s devoted to him. Kouko is one of the best examples of a loyal girlfriend.

Which Vampire Diaries Character Would Date You

The thing Love isnt easy at all but the characters in Vampire Diaries have really inspired us with their new dimensions of love. The one that is par lust and any other impurity. It wasnt easy for any of the couples to face the challenges but their love kept them strong. Now its time to unveil who is your perfect vampire diaries boyfriend? Or who is your perfect vampire diaries girlfriend?

The Vampire Diaries – The CW

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Mai Sakurajima Mai Is A Realistic Yet Doting Girlfriend

Mai Sakurajima from Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai appears as a typical tsundere and kuudere at first, but her character has a surprising amount of depth. After Sakuta resolves her appearing invisible to others, they begin to date after he confesses to her.

What ensues are some of the most normal, yet endearing, moments between them. Mai is a no-nonsense type of person, but she still shows glimpses of affection towards him. As the story progresses, it’s also shown that she is both indebted to him for accepting her for who she is and vice-versa.

Which Anime Girl Is Your Waifu

Whos Your Anime Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Lets be honest: Havent we all had a little crush on some anime or manga girl once in our lifetime? If you stumbled upon this quiz, Im sure you have! Often, anime girls are near perfect with a little twist. Some may look like an angel but go mad in a matter of seconds, for example. Thats what makes them charming to us. And there are girls of every description: Cute girls, young girls, mature girls, feral girls, you name it! So if you want to find out which anime chick is right for you, dont hesitate any longer and take this quiz!

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Quiz: Which Anime Girl Is Perfect To Be Your Waifu

Anime means Animation and it should not be mistaken with cartoons. It is originated from Japan and is mostly influenced by Japanese culture. The Anime industry comprises of about 400 production studios. This personality quiz will test your knowledge on which Anime Girl you think should be your Waifu .

  • Which of the following is your favorite Anime girl?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • A.& nbsp
  • I don’t want to talk about it

  • D.& nbsp
  • What is the most important thing to you in a relationship?
  • A.& nbsp
  • How often do you think about your crush?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Which of these anime characters do you have a crush on?
  • A.& nbsp
  • What do you think about Nami?
  • A.& nbsp
  • I do not know her

  • 7. What do you think about love letters?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Which of these female anime characters is your favorite?
  • A.& nbsp
  • How often do you see your girlfriend?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Which of these female anime characters will you choose as your girlfriend?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Which Female Celebrity Is Your Perfect Match

    Not all celebrity power couples are celebrity pairings. Matt Damon met his wife Luciana when she was bartending, and George Clooney met human rights lawyer Amal through mutual friends. The “Breaking Bad” star met Parsekian, an activist and co-founder of Kind Campaign, at the Coachella music festival and the two married in 2013.

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    Whos Your Celebrity Girlfriend

    • step
    • step

    You’re getting ready to take your girl out for the perfect date. What are you two lovebirds doing?

    • We’re spending a whole day hiking.
    • We’re hitting up the club.
    • We’re going to an open mic night at a local cafe.

    Which of the following could be a deal-breaker for you?

    • A girl whos not into fitness.
    • A girl who doesnt like to travel.
    • A girl whos not spontaneous.
    • A girl who loves constant partying.

    Sometimes little quirks can make a girl even cuter. Which of the following quirks would you appreciate the most?

    • Being excessively sweet to everyone, even strangers!
    • Getting lost in her work/art.
    • Getting a little jealous over silly things.
    • Taking ridiculous selfies at all opportunities.

    Your girl is dressing to impress, which means you can expect to see her in…

    • A bikini

    A talented singer and an amazing performer, Jennifer Lopez is also quite the chameleon of an actress. Do you know which Jennifer Lopez character is most like you? Take the More > >


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