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Why Do People Buy Anime Body Pillows


What Are Anime Body Pillow Covers

The ULTIMATE Anime Body Pillow Guide!

Anime body pillows are the same as other pillows. But it has a little difference. So, focusing on its variation. However, one thing to be clear in mind that. Body pillow covers anime medically obsessed to make you feel at ease. Anime body pillows have an anime picture on them.

This picture could be 3D. Or can be 2D. The main purpose of the dakimakura cover. To make our mind not to have a sense of loneliness. So, from the successful fan base of animations. Whether animated characters are on T.V or in movies. They are the love for every anime lover across the world.

This makes anime body pillows have a separate demand. Along with a separate fan base. And these anime pillows are the reason, however, they are the need also.

Dakimakura Pillow Buying Sites

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to buying a Dakimakura pillow online. Some things you should be on the lookout for when looking at any site are:

  • Shipping Support: It is best to look for a site that supports shipping to your address. There is no point in going through the many options and selecting the one you want only to realize that they do not ship to your zip code. So, before you start selecting, make sure they support shipping to your location.
  • Payment: When you are looking to buy objects that have a strong adult theme, it is best to pay through channels that are safe and secure. Choose PayPal, especially with offshore sites. This way, your financials are protected, and you will not have divulged important personal information to some fraud site.
  • Design and Variety: Look for an authentic site that offers original designs. This way, you will not be cheated and disappointed with the final result. It is best to look at sites that promote authentic Japanese artists since they are your best bet at a replica.
  • Custom Style Service: Many Dakimakura pillow sites offer custom design services for those looking for a personal touch on their pillows.
  • Money-Back Options: It is always best to go with sites that offer a trial period. Since you have no way of knowing if the quality will be as promised, it is a good idea to have a money-back guarantee. It also gives you confidence in the site.

Why Are Body Pillows Stigmatized

Joined: May 2019 Posts: 3579 Why is ownership of a body pillows viewed often in negative light and is stigmatized in anime community and especial outside of anime community?Some anime fans view them as just another merch and collectables that are used to show dedication and support to their favorite show and characters.Do you think that stigma associated with body pillow ownership is correct and justified or is it just another unfair stereotype based on misunderstanding?;
They tried to make a body pillow of me once… ;
Joined: Sep 2018 Posts: 2592 The stereotype is that they are for losers who can’t get a 3d girl. There’s a bit of a double standard as girls sleep with plushies.I have 2 plain ones to rest my legs on rather to hug, no way would I ever have an anime one.;
Joined: Jul 2018 Posts: 0 I think the issue may lie in the fact that most people see them for the first time in memes or in real life when people do something awkward publicly.I mean feeding their pillows or swimming with them.;
Joined: Nov 2008 Posts: 26768 Blame the people who get filmed going out and about with them. Good thing there aren’t that many who do this.;
Joined: Mar 2015 Posts: 5736 Pretty much everything has a stigma associated with it, because people care too much about what other people do with their lives.It’s just a pillow with a picture on it, even if it’s lewd I don’t see the big deal. Not much different from having calendars with naked women on them .;

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How To Take Care Of An Anime Body Pillow

Due to its size, it may be difficult to take care of your Anime body pillow and your Anime body pillow case. Since it is large, it cannot be washed daily. Other measures should be taken to keep your Anime body pillows clean. Some are discussed below:

Keep yourself clean! Yes, if you stay clean then ultimately so will your pillow case. Every time you wash, bacteria and dead skin cells detach from your body so you sleep comfortably on your bed with your Anime body pillow around you. This way, the bacteria are not spread on your pillow or your mattress.

Keep your Anime Body pillow cover away from sharp materials. Some pillow covers are made of delicate fabric. Sharp objects such as a knife, scissors, or even your nails can tear the material which will ultimately affect the whole Anime body pillow case.

Wash the Anime body pillow cover often so that the dirt is removed. In case of any stains, thoroughly wash the Anime body pillow case instantly so that the stain does not stay long.

Avoid extra sunlight contact. This would fade away from your Anime body pillow case and you wouldnt feel the same as you did before with your pillow. Do let your pillow in the sunlight but for a limited time. This practice should not be done regularly.

Store your Anime body pillows if youre not using them. This way they would stay away from the pollution and dust in the environment. Take them out whenever you have to use them.

There Are Gay Rumors About Hisoka Also The Pedophile Memes

Why does being a otaku cost so much!!! by ValGravel on ...

There are plenty memes on the internet making the connection of Hisoka as a pedophile.

Hisoka is a colorful character with a lot of flaws and quirks. Some consider the character to be gay, but there is no firm plot point we can point to and explain if he is gay. The manga does not dive into the characters classification, but some fans have their opinion of the way Hisoka presents himself.

Gay rumors are not the only thing popular about the character in the fan community; there are also pedophile memes. One of the biggest proponents of fans thinking there is something wrong with the character stems from the memes showing Hisoka with leery eyes, looking at young boys.

There are a plethora of pedophile memes along with gay rumors surrounding the character, which is why some fans feel guilty about liking the character. Now, imagine how they would feel about buying dakimakura featuring the character.

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Great Reasons To Buy Dakimakura

In recent years, a very interesting pillow has begun to enter the lives of many young people, that is custom body pillow. The emergence of anime pillows provides soul comfort to many lonely young people, while also creating some romantic atmosphere, and the customized anime body pillow has many functions that other pillows do not have.

he most attractive part of the anime body pillow is that you can customize pictures of various anime characters according to the customers preference. There are square body pillows about the size of ordinary pillows, life-size body pillows with a height of 1 to 2 meters, and even Customized anime adult body pillow . Boys generally like to print their favorite type of girl, girls will print their favorite boy, of course, you can also customize other patterns to meet your special preferences. In short, everything depends on you.

So, why buy anime dakimakura ? Here are 9 great reasons why I have prepared dakimakura for everyone.

I believe that one day, if your anime body pillow at home is taken away by someone, you may feel inexplicably depressed.

The above is the reason why I prepared for everyone to buy Dakimakura .

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Anime Body Pillow Covers:

Everybody thinks that buying anime body pillow covers is easy. But its a bit more complicated. The body pillows arent a one size fits all Universal option. There are several different shapes and sizes for an anime girl body pillow. When you think of a custom anime body pillow cover. Only rectangular shape pillow covers come in your mind. But there is a lot more Body pillow anime girl than that.

So before buying an anime girl body pillow you should know its correct size. Its very important to get the right size. Otherwise, it will not fit your pillow. So the typical size of a standard anime girl body pillow is going to be 160cm x 50cm. But you have seen pillow covers in size of 150cm x 50cm. Why is that? Well from here things become complicated.

There are two types of anime girl body pillow cover available in the market. One is of less size. The ones with less size that I mentioned earlier are not legit. They are unlicensed. The ones with a size of 160cm x 50cm are legit and licensed. So before buying check the legit size. Also, its going to help you find the original custom anime body pillow case covers.

The Origin Of An Anime Body Pillow Anime:

Cospa is a Japanese clothing company. It makes special products for fans. Custom Anime Body Pillows were first made to provide to lonely peoples. The people who cannot sleep alone. The anime body pillowcase provides you the feeling of having someone with you. The sole purpose of these pillows is to provide you comfort.

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How To Wash Anime Body Pillow Cases

Now that you have read several ways of keeping your Anime body pillows clean, heres how you can wash your Anime body pillow case super easily:

If you use your Anime body pillow cover regularly, then you should at least wash it 2 times a week. You should also wash the pillow that is enclosed by the cover at least twice a year and instantly when a stain gets in too deep.

To avoid any fading to your Anime body pillows, always wash them with cold water! Take off the Anime body pillow case and place it in cold water. If youre washing with hands then gently add a high-quality washing powder to wash the pillow case quickly and perfectly. Do not constantly rub the material as the Anime character would fade away.

If you want to wash it in a washer then gently spin the Anime body pillow cover in the soap water and then rinse it with clean water. You can then gently dry the cover or leave it in front of sunlight for 15 minutes. Most preferably, you can air dry it. Nevertheless, we suggest you wash your pillow case by hand to avoid any fading or tearing.

Is Hisoka A Pedophile Should You Buy His Dakimakura For Your Kids

I’m Addicted To My Anime Body Pillow | My Strange Addiction

Hunter x Hunter is a beloved anime series, which has been around for over two decades now. Following an 11-year-old kid, the manga and anime are critically acclaimed. But the antagonist of the manga and anime Hisokaalso has a problematic history, leading people to ask, Is Hisoka a Pedophile?

The manga and anime series follows Gon Freecss, an 11-year-old kid who thinks his father left him. Only to later realize he is a hunter and himself decides to become a hunter so he can find his father. Along the way, he finds friends and makes enemies while letting his good but impulsive nature get himself in trouble.

One of the enemies he comes across is Hisoka Morow, who is presented as an antagonist at the beginning. But later, he lands, sometimes, in shades of grey helping Gon. Hisoka has a murderous tendency who likes challenges and is sexually aroused by them. The question, Is Hisoka a Pedophile? was born from his leery looks and sometimes scary actions towards young kids.


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Even If Lewd Isnt For You

Due to the inherently lewd nature of waifu pillows, people often associate them with sex, thus, creating this oddly uncomfortable social stigma that follows dakimakura fans around everywhere. While there are more than their fair share of X-rated dakis, there are plenty of G-rated designs out there for the casual anime fan to snag. So dont let all of the NSFW designs of your favorite anime character deter you away from getting in on the hobby!

Note: This is a guest post by Tony from waifupillows.com. If you want to get some cool waifu body pillows, be sure to check out his store!

What Are The Medical Benefits Of Anime Body Pillows

There are a lot of benefits to body pillows. The best and most important benefit is comfort. The main reason behind. Is the creating Body pillows is comfort. Surely which it dose provides. When sleeping having a full body pillow feels comfortable. It gives you a cozy feeling. The second most important benefit is sleep quality.

According to many kinds of research. Sleep quality increases due to body pillows. The sleep quality of a person increases. When he is relaxing. And by using body pillows you can easily relax.Its the best thing for people who work hard. The people who have to wake up. Fresh in the morning. If you are coming from the office. You are frustrated due to work. Then Buy one of these body pillows. It will increase the quality of your sleep. Also, make you feel relax.

There are a lot more medical benefits. Using body pillows results in relieving joint pressure. Put the pillow between your both leg. You are good to go. Also, it increases blood circulation.If you work in an office sitting all day on a chair. Then you defiantly going to have spinal problems. But due to this body pillow, you dont need to worry. It promotes proper spinal alignment for side and stomach sleepers.

Sleeping Comfortness:

For this reason, they have designed this. this is not designed. As it is mentioned earlier that this is the culture. So this culture has some benefits. So everyone should enjoy body pillow cover anime

Right Alignment Of Your Back:

Reducing Joints Pressure:

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What Does A Dakimakura Look Like

These days, the printed characters are still predominantly from anime and manga, but can also be from video games and even photos of real people. There are also consistent variations in the designs features.

Note that there are dakimakura designs that are adult and NSFW! Not all anime and manga are for children; in fact, most arent.

Also;worth considering that for a large number of dakimakura, the featured art may not be officially connected to the actual brand. In fact, when dakimakura were first associated with otaku culture, the usage of fan art was widespread! It still is today, with many services and artists offering ways to create custom dakimakura.

The most common dakimakura prints are double features. This means that paired designs;appear on both sides of the pillow.;Characters are also usually drawn as if they were lying down in bed. Its part of the gimmick, although not strictly necessary.

Here are some usual pairings:

  • A character in the same pose, but from front and back perspectives
  • A character in two outfits, particularly if they transform or change into a costume
  • Two characters from the same story

Body Pillow Cover And Case

Tomura Shigaraki MY HERO ACADEMIA Body pillow dakimakura ...

Every body pillow has a cover, and some include a pillowcase, as well. Both of these can be made from several different fabrics.

These are the most common fabrics youll encounter:

  • Cotton is very breathable, easy to wash, comfortable, and durable.

  • Polyester and other synthetics are durable and washable, but can be hot.

  • Cotton/poly blends are generally fairly inexpensive, easy to care for, and hold up well to use.

  • Bamboo is very breathable, soft, and naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, but can be expensive.

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Ways To Keep Your Anime Body Pillow Looking Fresh

Due to the cost and the collectible nature of a dakimakura, youre going to want to take a few precautions to make sure it isnt damaged.

1. Wash yourself regularly If you dont keep yourself cleaned, then body oils, dirt, and smells will be rubbed into the pillowcase while you are using it to sleep.2. Protect her from your pets This one speaks for itself, if a pet sinks their teeth or claws into your dakimakura it will have become a very expensive chew toy!3. Keep your nails trimmed If your nails are long or jagged they can snag the delicate fabric causing it to tear.4. Avoid direct Sunlight Too much direct sunlight can cause fading. However, unless you are one of those people that are going to be parading your waifu pillow around town, direct sunlight can be avoided simply by using curtains in your bedroom or by placing your pillow under your blanket during the day.5. Wash your dakimakura regularly You do this to keep the daki cover clean, but also, even if you wash yourself regularly the pillowcase will still house oils and dirt that can stain the cover so its important to be proactive when it comes to cleaning.6. Wash the inner pillow Its recommended to wash your pillows at least two times a year.

Difference Between Body Pillows And Dutch Wives

There is a misconception between both of them. Anime girl body pillow is also called Dutch wives. And both are the same. Just the change of names. Dutch wives are a special name. But in common they are having the same meaning.

What are Anime Dakimakura pillow medical pros?

They are very useful from a medical perspective. Because they are the way for the human body. To correct his body in the right posture. The medical pros of the dakimakura body pillow are great. Having these pillows while sleeping.

Cause relief for various parts of the body. However, there is not only the benefit of these pillows. Some of the people side sleepers. Side sleeping may have some minus effects on the body. But the anime dakimakura body pillow designed in that way. That it can make you free yourself from various pains.

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