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How To Dress Like An Anime Boy

Shuu Sakamaki From Diabolik Lovers

How to Look Like a Cute Anime Boy!
  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Sep. 2013 Dec. 2013

Diabolik Lovers features a lot of unique men’s clothes considering it has so many male main characters, who are all brothers and all share the fact that they are quite stylish. However, out of all of the Sakamaki brothers, Shuu’s outfit is the most stylish choice for real life as well. He wears the same clothes throughout most of the series. While most of his brothers’ outfits are variants on their school uniform, Shuu’s is much more unique and looks very different from the rest. He is still in high school as well, so the uniform element is still present – but Shuu is the oldest of all the brothers and master of their mansion, and he dresses more maturely to represent his role.

Drawing A Concerned Intellectual Male Anime Character

The concerned or thinking expression is one that the intellectual character is likely to make.

For the concerned expression draw the eyebrows lower down and closer together with some wrinkles in between them. Draw the irises slightly rolled up and slightly closer together.

Draw the mouth in an upside down curve but slightly higher up than the normal expression.

Drawing An Anime Skirt

To draw an anime school uniform skirt start once again by drawing its overall shape. Next draw some vertical lines to indicate the proportions of the folds. Its important to note that the folds in this particular design will be sort of like teeth that point in one direction but slowly curve around.

In this example the inner side of the folds because invisible as they progress from the left side of the picture to the right.

For more on drawing anime skirts and school clothes see:

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Drawing A Loner Anime Male Character

The male loner character can either be shy or socially awkward or may just plain dislike people. These types of characters can be both positive and negative depending on the story.

For the loners normal look draw the eyebrows with their ends slightly raised. Draw the top eyelids slightly lowered and draw the bottom eyelids with wider curves. Make the irises fairly small. Underneath the eyes add a few curved lines to show bags under the eyes .

Draw the mouth in an upside down curve.

Thee combined features will give the loner a somewhat uncaring and unfriendly look.

Drawing A Surprised Male Anime Character

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This is a lightly surprised face like them meeting their friend somewhere unexpectedly.

For the lightly surprised look draw the eyebrows raised with the eyes open a tiny bit wider than normal.

Draw the mouth open with the jaw position the chin slightly lower down and only the top row of teeth showing.

This will give the character a kind of a happy to bump into you expression.

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Creating A Boyish Look

  • 1Opt for skinny jeans or baggy pants with a man’s shirt for clothing. You can choose a t-shirt, polo, or button-up, depending on the style you prefer. If it’s cool outside, wearing a jacket can add an extra layer of disguise.
  • Accessorizing your look with a hat and sunglasses will make it harder for people to see through your disguise.
  • If you typically carry a purse, switch to a backpack or man’s wallet.
  • 2Wear a sports bra if you want to hide your chest. A sports bra is a safe way to minimize your chest without accidentally damaging your breast tissue. However, you may still have a visible chest, especially if you’re curvy. If this is the case, you might try wearing baggier clothing or a jacket to make your chest less visible.XResearch source
  • Don’t feel pressured to wear anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Some boys have bigger chests, so don’t worry if your breasts are noticeable.
  • 3Style your hair short or create a longer boyish hairstyle. Short hair is stereotypical for boys, so creating a shorter style will give people one less thing to question about your disguise. You could also wear a longer style, as many boys do. As another option, you can cover your hair with a hat, if you like.
  • As another option, wear a short wig to change up your hairstyle.
  • Use an eyebrow pencil that matches the color of your brows.
  • If you’re too young to have a beard and mustache, skip this step and avoid wearing makeup, instead.
  • Drawing A Friendly Male Anime Character

    The friendly guy is usually a positive supporting character such as the protagonists best friend.

    A short and messy hair can be a good fit for the friendly guy as it can reinforce a down to earth and slightly carefree personality type.

    For the friendly guys normal look draw the eyebrows in their natural state. Draw the eyes wider and make the irises and everything inside them larger than the base example at the start of the tutorial.

    Give the mouth a light smile.

    Larger eyes will make for a friendlier looking character and a light smile will further reinforce this look.

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    Drawing A Bullying Delinquent/thug Male Anime Character

    The bullying face is another expression the delinquent/thug is likely to make especially when they corner their target.

    For the delinquents/thugs bullying face draw one eyebrow lowered and one raised. The eye under the lowered eyebrow should be squinted and the one under the raised eyebrow opened slightly wider than normal.

    Draw the with a grin/smile tilted to one side and draw the top portion of the mouth in an upside down curve .

    Attack On Titan Female Titan

    Edgy Anime Boy Makeup Tutorial!

    Image credit:

    The Female Titan is a formidable character because of her unique anatomy which gives her speed, endurance, and control.


    The Female Titans human form is Annie Leonhart, who has short blond hair. When she transforms into the Female Titan, her hair doesnt change so youll need a blond bob wig.

    Put all your hair into a hairnet to keep it in place. Put on the wig and ensure that it covers all your hair. Make sure that a section of the fringe slightly covers one of your eyes.


    As the Female Titan body consists of exposed muscle tissue, you will have to use face paint to recreate the details.

  • Outline the eyes, mouth, and muscle linings using a brush and white face paint. Put on a pair of blue contact lenses.
  • Apply a layer of foundation to your face, avoiding the parts that youve outlined above. Set it with translucent powder.
  • Use a brown contour shade to create definition around the chin and cheekbones.
  • With red face paint, fill in the eyes. Alternatively, use a wet brush and pigmented red eyeshadow.
  • Add the details under the eyebags using a thin brush and black and white face paint.
  • Contour around your nose and lips, then blend it out. Apply light pink or nude lipstick.
  • Fill in the muscle linings using red face paint and make them more defined with black and brown shadows.
  • For the finishing touch, add a few streaks of brown eyeshadow around the cheeks, forehead, and chin.
  • Image credit: Attack on Titan


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    Faye Valentine’s Femme Fatale Fashion

    Faye Valentine is one female character that comes to mind before anyone when it comes to the most fashionable women of anime. Her outfit is the epitome of femme fatale, and it makes her look just as beautiful as it does fierce.

    One look at Faye may have anyone head over heels, but her style elicits fear of what she could do as an enemy on the battlefield. Not to mention this outfit works just in about any occasion as seen during her time in Cowboy Bebop.

    Katsuki Bakugo Aka Kacchan

    Bakugo has red eyes and spiky blonde hair. And, I find spiky hair one of the hottest hairstyles. Because of that and his appearance overall, he is one of the hottest anime guys. Although he has shown us his egoistic, violent, and arrogant attitude, he is also very strong, intelligent, and persistent. And even though he is one of the most unpopular anime characters, we cant deny the fact that he looks good.

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    Is Real Japanese School Life Similar To That In Anime

  • Anime, which derives from the English word animation, is a Japanese cartoon typically in an easily recognizable style that differs from western cartoons. Popular anime shows are subtitled or dubbed into other languages soe examples of world-famous anime would be Sailor Moon and Pokemon. Although anime comes in a huge variety of genres from drama to science-fiction to horror to fantasy, many ideas are inspired from the real world. Even in worlds that are not meant to be realistic, we see examples of real-life features, as these of course provided the inspiration. One example of real life that you can see in anime is high school. Many protagonists in anime shows are high school students and therefore some scenes take place in their place of education with fellow students.

    Anime shows about schools showcase events such as having fun and chatting in the classroom, attending school clubs several times a year, doing daily chores, and spending time with friends in quiet parts of the school. Many anime shows feature high school students with scenes taking place inside their school. But how does high school life in anime reflect real life Japanese education?

    Safety is one of the most important factors in Japanese schools and it is taken very seriously. This starts before the students even arrive at the school grounds. It is forbidden to drive a car to school, and students cannot even be dropped off by their parents, friends, or guardians.

    Drawing An Anime Leather Jacket

    Download 2480x3508 Handsome Anime Boy, Zhiyu Moke ...

    To draw an anime style leather jacket on the body start by drawing its overall shape and major features such as where the zipper line and collar.

    Leather is fairly rigid and even a tight jacket will somewhat conceal the shape of the body. The shoulder areas where the sleeves are stitched to the jacket will stick out be pointy while the chest area will be squeezed in. Draw accordingly.

    In this example the major folds will be at the shoulder and on the inside of the elbow . There will also be some light folds at the level of the upper stomach area because the body is very slightly bent to one side.

    Draw the lighter folds and the smaller parts like the details of the zipper and the pockets after you draw the major features.

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    Drawing An Alarmed Henchman Male Anime Character

    The alarmed look is one that the henchman type characters are especially likely to get when they are guarding something and notices a break in.

    For an alarmed looking face draw the eyebrows low down on the head and closer together but with one slightly higher than the other. You can also draw some wrinkles between the eyebrow to show that they are squeezed together. Draw the eyes looking slightly to one side with one eye squinted and one opened wider.

    Draw the mouth with even more of an upside down curve than normal.

    Drawing An Average Guy Anime Male Character

    The average guy character is usually meant to be someone the viewer can relate to or cheer for. These are often the protagonists of anime shows and manga or the lead male character if the protagonist is a female.

    Somewhat messy medium length hair is very common for these types of characters.

    To draw a male protagonist character with their normal expressions draw the eyebrows in their natural position and draw the eyes with fairly large pupils/irises.

    If you want a friendly looking character draw the mouth with a light smile.

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    Drawing A Content Friendly Male Anime Character

    A content smile is something that a friendly character is likely to have, often after they help someone.

    For a content/happy look draw the friendly guy with the eyebrows raised and the eye closed. Draw the closed eyes as pretty much just a hair of dark curves similar to the eyebrows.

    Draw the mouth in a wider smile than the previous example.

    For drawing anime eyes in different states see:

    Anime Male Character Step By Step Drawing

    How to Get Anime Eyes (According to wikiHow)
  • Draw the basic shape of the head starting with a vertical line to help you make sure both halves are even
  • Position the facial features as described earlier
  • Draw the hair after placing all of the facial features
  • Erase the parts of the face and head hidden by the hair and apply some shading
  • For more details on drawing anime male facial features also see:

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    One Piece Tony Tony Chopper

    Image adapted from: sasakiasahi

    Tony Tony Chopper is the youngest member of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is an adorable toddler-sized character.


    Choppers hair is hidden under his big fuzzy top hat. Tie your hair into a firm bun or secure it in a hair net before tucking it under the hat. The hat can be purchased on or Wish.


  • Using a thin eyebrow pencil, outline the shape of Choppers nose and big round eyes.
  • Fill in the eyes with black face paint and set it with black eyeshadow powder. Then, create a white border around the black eyes.
  • Use blue face paint and blue eyeshadow to fill in your nose.
  • Apply some concealer on the upper lip, then draw the mouth using a thin eyebrow pencil.
  • Go over the outline of the eyes with an eyeliner.
  • Extend 2 brown lines from the nose to make the nose look more 3D.
  • Apply bright pink blusher on the apples of the cheeks.
  • Apply lip gloss to the bottom lip and the adorable look is complete.
  • Image credit:


    Chopper is commonly seen wearing a pair of maroon or orange shorts. You might already have something similar in your wardrobe. Alternatively, you can purchase one on . Pair it with a beige or a yellow striped top. To look even more like Chopper, carry a blue backpack as your prop.

    Drawing An Intellectual Male Anime Character

    The intellectual character type in anime and manga does not necessarily mean a shy or weak male character. On the contrary quite often these characters can be both physically though and intelligent. Often these tend to be the school council president or some type of leader.

    For the intellectuals normal look draw the eyebrows in their natural state with the eyes slightly narrower than the default character example at the start of the tutorial. Make the irises slightly smaller as well. Smaller/narrower eyes will both make the character look more serious and hint that they may have impaired vision.

    Draw the mouth in a light upside down curve to again make the character look more serious.

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    How To Draw The Face

    There are different approaches you can take when drawing male anime faces. The position of the eyes, nose, and mouth in male characters are often near the bottom of the face. So thats where you should place these features.

    We could have positioned the facial characteristics at the center of the face if we were drawing an anime girl.

  • Draw a horizontal line across the face. It will help you position the facial features correctly.
  • We want our character to look attractive, so were going to draw narrow, slanted eyes. Try not to make the eyes too narrow because the character will look older.
  • Slant the eyes towards the middle of the face and heavily outline the upper lids.

    You should take your time when sketching the size of the eyes. The vertical and horizontal lines you drew earlier should help you with the placement.

  • Sketch the ears, mouth, and nose tip. You could make your character smile or play around with other expressions.
  • Clean up the drawing by erasing the unnecessary lines.
  • Add some hair based on the look you want. The hair could be long, short, groomed, or messy.
  • If you dont have a specific style in mind, you could give your character short, shaggy hair with long strands at the base of the neck.

    Kikis Delivery Service Kiki The Witch

    Pin by Selena Dominguez on Anime

    Image credit:


    Kiki has short black hair tied back with a red bow. Use a curling iron to create slight C-shaped curls at the ends of your bob and use your own red bow or ared headband. You can get a short black wig on if your actual hairstyle and length is different from Kikis.


  • Apply a thin layer of foundation all over your face.
  • Using light brown eyeshadow, add more definition to your eyes in the crease. Use the same shade to line your eyes and smudge it.
  • Fill in your brows and make them straight.
  • Apply blusher in the centre of your cheeks. Make it look obvious and anime-like.
  • Image credit:


    Kiki wears a medium-sleeved black dress and red flats. The black dress is available on and eBay. Bring along a broom as your prop and your Kiki look is complete.

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    Sailor Moon Usagi Tsukino/sailor Moon

    Image credit:


    Sailor Moon has iconic long blonde hair that she wears in 2 odango buns. You can find the wig on and Wish.


    Image credit:


    Ash wears a red and white cap in all his outfits. The most common outfit is a blue shirt with a white collar and white sleeves, a black undershirt, blue jeans, red sneakers and green fingerless gloves. You can get the blue shirt with a white collar and white sleeves together with the cap and gloves on and eBay.

    Drawing A Surprised Intellectual Male Anime Character

    The intellectual may make a surprised face like the one in the example when they make some sort of a discovery.

    To draw the surprised look for the intellectual character draw the eyebrows raised and draw the eyes wide open with small pupils. Draw the mouth open in an O type shape. Since the mouth is open you can also optionally draw the jaw slightly lower down.

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