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Which Anime Boy Is Your Soulmate

What Is Your Name About

Who is your anime soulmate?

I think its very easy to get wrapped up in the logic of Your Names narrative. Naturally, you want to pick apart every story development and plot hole to find out if the storys foundation is sound. If a moment steps outside the movies logical structure? It triggers something in your brain. You start to focus on plot details, like how the Red String of Fate functions, or how Mitsuhas and Takis realities could possibly intersect when they live three years apart, or how drinking kuchikamizake connects the two teenagers.

Essentially, you could become so enraptured with what all those elements represent on a rational level that we ignore the emotional core. So while many people on the Internet have attempted to explain the coherence of the plot, I think its essential to also include the human elements of the story. Like, what does this movie say about you and me? About the experience of finding love?

And our key insight into what Your Name is about? That quote from the beginning of the movie. Right off the bat, were introduced to two people who feel a connection to someone elsebut dont know who that someone is. Theres an emptiness both Taki and Mitsuha feel. Theres something missing. They are incomplete. They are, in that quote, expressing their desire to find their better half.

To find love.

Who Will It Be

Did you know that 80% of people say they believe that they will find their soulmate? Of that 80% of people, more women than men believe in soulmates. Most younger people believe there’s one person out there for them and that they just have to find them. Do you believe in destiny? If you do, you are in one of the two camps of people. The first group believes they are destined to be with the one person out there meant for them. The second camp believes you can make a relationship grow into a mature love with hard work and focus. Destiny is romance, and romance is why you are here.

It Seems You Conquered A Crusader For Justice And An S

He assured you that he had been watching tutorials online and felt like trying out just for you. This quiz will tell you Which Anime Guy Is Your Boyfriend. Our internal matchmaker is a specialist in this field. They have a warm face and can light up any room when they walk in. Spiky Pink Hair Brown Eyes. You met him during a mission and since then you like to work together although you cant do without Saitama of course.

In this quiz well be picking your brain to genetically engineer the perfect guy for you based on your preferences personality and various decisions under all kinds of pressure. Now to the creator of this quiz Miss Silver Tail. Whos Your Anime Boyfriend. It seems you conquered a crusader for justice and an S-class superhero. Meok this is one of my first quizzes so dont be mad if I mess up.

Top Arts Animation Anime Adventure Naruto. You are also a lot like him ohhh yeah. Take this quiz about your life and goals to find out what kind of boyfriend will be the perfect match for you. Top Arts Animation Anime Adventure Naruto. There is an endless list of great anime out there to suit your every taste and preference and they all come with interesting male characters whom Im sure youve wondered how compatible you are with in the past.

This test is not based on any scientific study whatsoever. Which Anime Best Boy Are You. Its all about intimacy. You look so cute together. Whos Your Anime Boyfriend.

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What Is The Haikyuu Soulmate Quiz About

This anime quiz will determine the prefect Haikyuu character that you will be destined to be with. If you have ever asked yourself the question, What Haikyuu Character is My Soulmate? or Which Haikyuu Haikyuu is My Soulmate?, then this is the perfect quiz for you. In this quiz, there will be ten questions about various topics including your personality, interests as well as your likes/dislikes. After you have finished this quiz, you will be matched with the Haikyuu character that best matches yourself. If you do not like your result, you may retry this quiz as many times as you want.

Quiz: Which Anime Character Are You

Which Gay or Bi Anime Boy Is Your Soulmate?

Many people are stereotyped and cut off Japanese animations in advance, so this quiz is not for them. “Which Anime Character Are You” is a quiz created for real Otaku who cannot imagine their life without Japanese productions. In the 90s, when Japanese pop culture started to creep into the West, American fans also started to be interested in this phenomenon. Today, many people cannot imagine their life without anime and treat it as sacred.

Many adults associate Japan with advanced technology, sushi, or samurais. However, when we ask young people about their first associations with Japan, the answer is more often: manga or anime. It is mostly young people who are delighted with the above-mentioned animations but not only. After all, millions of adults who already have children are still fascinated by the world of anime and everything related to it. No wonder Japanese animated films teach many values and are simply incredibly interesting they do not stand out in any way for full-length films.

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What Male Harry Potter Character Is Your Soulmate

Take this What Male Harry Potter Character Is Your Soulmate quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and its the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Phelps, James, and Oliver

Oh, yes, women, we can put hot twins on our list as well! The Phelps brothers not only enchanted us as Fred and George Weasley, but theyve also matured into two dashing young gentlemen .

Ianevski, Stanislav

It appears that Viktor Krum will not be making a return in Part 1 as he did in the book, which is largely disappointing because it means we wont have another excuse to swoon over Stanislav Ianevski. Remember when we all believed he was more attractive than Robert Pattinson in Goblet of Fire?

Grint, Rupert

Who would have guessed that the hilarious Rupert Grint would grow up to be so awkward/adorable? Sure, not everyone out there is into gingers , but its difficult to deny that Rupert has an undeniable charm that we want to see more of in the future. Also, you must try to play this What Male Harry Potter Character Is Your Soulmate quiz.

Which Stranger Things Character Is Your Soulmate

Take this Which Stranger Things Character Is Your Soulmate quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and its the most accurate among the other quizzes.


Joyce Byers is Jonathan and Wills mother. Joyce, a single mother, does not get to spend much time with her boys since she spends so much of her time working to make ends meet. Though she isnt always physically present, she adores her sons and would go to any length to keep them safe.

Joyces motherly instincts are tested in the first season when she finds Will is talking with her through the lights in their home. Her capacity to remain positive and protective of her children makes her a fan favorite.


Dustin Henderson is the uncomplicated fan favorite of the Stranger Things cast. Hes the friend groups peacekeeper, even abandoning his chase of Max because he doesnt want a girl to come between his and Lucas friendship.

Dustin has a significant part in the second and third seasons. In the second season, he is in charge of nurturing a baby Demogorgon, which aids the party in locating the Mind Flayer. Then, in the third season, he assists the group in discovering that Russian agents are stationed in their little town. Also, you must try to play this Which Stranger Things Character Is Your Soulmate quiz.

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What Exactly Is Haikyuu

Haikyuu tells of the story of a high school student named Shoyo Hinata who becomes obsessed with volleyball after watching a game of volleyball on a television as he was walking by a store. Most specifically, Haikyuu learns about a key player, the Little Giant, who resembles himself. After watching the volleyball game, Hinata becomes motivated to become a pro volleyball player and starts his journey down this path. Later on, Hinata joins Karusuno High School, the high school that the Little Giant also attended and joins the volleyball team there. In the volleyball, Hinata meets a wide variety of characters.

Explaining The Logic Of Mitsuha And Takis Body Switching

In Which Anime Is Your SOULMATE From?

While performing the kuchikamizake ceremony, Mitsuhas classmates make fun of her. Embarrassed, Mitsuha runs away from the ceremony and screams, Please make me a handsome Tokyo boy in my next life!

Remember: the kuchikamizake represents half of Mitsuha, and the red yarn carries with it Mitsuhas connection with Itomori. The ceremony then triggers the connection between Mitsuha and Taki. Because Taki is three years in the future when Mitsuha is dead, the body switching then becomes Mitsuhas next life.

SIDE NOTE: A lot of questions have been raised about how Mitsuha never realized she was three years in the future, or how Taki never realized he was three years in the past. Of course its never explained in the movie, but I think there are plenty of simple explanations for why this happens:

  • First and foremost, please remember: THEY ARE SWITCHING BODIES. That would make any normal person go insanewhich makes me think you probably wouldnt notice that the day you think it is isnt the day it actually is .
  • To repeat a point from above: I dont think its super unreasonable to never check what year it is? 2013 looks like 2016, if you ask me. I mean, how often do you see the current year printed somewhere, or have to write down the year? Maybe if youre writing a check or something. But I dont think its that crazy for neither Mitsuha or Takiwho are, once again, VERY DISTRACTED BY THE FACT THEYRE IN ANOTHER PERSONS BODYto not really worry about if its the same year.
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    Which Haikyuu Character Is Your Soulmate Find Out Who To Date Here

    Youll be hard-pressed to find a better group of best boys than the ones that make up Haikyuus Karasuno High School volleyball team. This roster of goofball athletes is brimming with personality, meaning you cant really go wrong with any of them. To narrow down which one of these husbandos may be best for you to date, weve made up a personality test below.

    So lace up your sneakers and get ready, as it is time to find out which Haikyuu character is your soulmate.

    Serves up!

    Which Anime Boy Is Your Boyfriend Quiz Home Screen Wallpaper

    Your Which anime boy is your boyfriend quiz images are ready. Which anime boy is your boyfriend quiz are a topic that is being searched for and liked by netizens now. You can Download the Which anime boy is your boyfriend quiz files here. Get all royalty-free photos.

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    Which Anime Boy Is Your Boyfriend Quiz. Therefore do not hesitate any longer because someone will take your chosen. You ever wanted to know who your perfect guy would be in the show Naruto. Who Is Your Anime Boyfriend Females Only Ever wonder who your dream anime boyfriend is. We will analyze your answers in depth and match you with the perfect candidate for a boyfriend.

    For 33 you are. Our internal matchmaker is a specialist in this field. Serious strong and silent. Whos Your Anime Boyfriend. What Kind of Anime You Like. Take the quiz to find out who would be your anime boyfriend.

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    How Did Y’all End Up As A Couple

    Scroll down to answer

    • One of us helped the other through a dark and scary time
    • I dont know, it just seemed like fate, ya know? Kinda like we already knew each other.
    • The more we worked together the more our for one another became something more.
    • Idk man, one of us was yelling then the other was yelling and before we knew it we were makin out.
    • One of us asked the other and that was that.
    • Hmm just kinda naturally I guess? We didnt need words to tell us we were a thing.

    Which Lyric Is Your Favorite

    Which Gay or Bi Anime Boy Is Your Soulmate?
  • âA real girl isnât perfect and a perfect girl isnât real.ââThe worst thing a boy can do to a girl is ignore her while she is loving you with all her heart.â
  • “I can fall in love with any girl because I love with my heart, not my eyes.ââIf you want to do something, go for it, youâve got nothing to lose.â
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    Genshin Impact Male Characters

    There are many different characters in Genshin Impact. Even though the game features a staggering amount of female characters with lots of waifu potential, the games men are still some real hotties!

    Take this quiz now and find out which male Genshin Impact character would make your ideal soulmate and future boyfriend!

    Find Out Who Is The Best Anime Boy For You

    What do like to do in your free time?

    Watch tv

    What is you favorite thing to drink?


    Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

    Don’t know

    What do you like best in a man?


    hard Tim expressing his feelings


    What do you like to do when in a relationship?

    Have a picnic


    Play games

    What would you do if you saw someone who had fallen down and dropped all of their things?

    Laugh at them

    Star for a little while then leave

    Are you an optimist, pressimist, or realist?


    Who is your favorite anime character?




    You’re impatient and like thing done as soon as possible. You enjoy an nice cup of tea over anything else. You would rather sit down and play chess then play outside. Even though you are more of an introvert you still like a little adventure in your life. Ceil is the perfect anime boy for you.

    Death the kid

    Death the kid

    Just like kid you are a CDO freak . You like everything just perfect. You are adventurous and are willing to put yourself out there to let people know you. You support your friends when they need help and you love a good story every now and then.



    You have the great God yato as your #1 fan. You like guys who are protective and sweet. Yato will do just about anything for a girl like you. You are adventurous and daring and you are never afriad to pay the price to get want you need.




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    Which Kpop Male Idol Is Your Soulmate

    Take this Which Kpop Male Idol Is Your Soulmate quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and its the most accurate among the other quizzes.

    Korean fashion and Kpop culture are spreading like wildfire over the world. Back in the day, Kpop was only appropriate for a select group of people who enjoyed seeing multilingual films. Viewing a film in a different language piqued no ones interest. However, people gradually became aware of South Korean culture. It is now widely used. This post will show you some of the most popular male Kpop stars .

    Speaking for every fangirl who had no idea that Korean culture exists in their globe. However, there was a time when they admired an actor or idol and became a part of Korean culture. Some celebrities are popular in South Korea and around the world.

    He is a member of the Boy Band known as BTS and also an actor. V is well-known throughout the world for his soothing voice and endearing appearance. He is also known for being silent and doing charming things in a variety of programs called Run Bts. In addition, he has been named the most gorgeous guy in the world in 2019 and the most handsome face in the world . Also, you must try to play this Which Kpop Male Idol Is Your Soulmate quiz.

    A Quick Plot Summary Of Your Name

    Which Anime Boy would be a good soulmate for me? ( READ DESCRIPTION AFTER YOU WATCH THE VIDEO )

    Part of the confusion people have with Your Name is its structure. Because Mitsuha exists three years behind Taki, and because the movie randomly jumps between those time periods, the story doesnt flow in chronological order. Many times it can feel like Your Name is purposely leaving out information to trip you up.

    But I PROMISE: all of the details are there. And I think the movies plot can be much better understood if we lay out all of its main components in chronological order.

    Below is a timeline of the movies event in jpg form. You can use this for a bare-bones explanation of Your Names plot. Ill also list all of this out in text form below the image if youd rather read it that way.

    The rest of the article will go into much more detail on each part of the timeline.

    1. The First Comet Strikes

    Hundreds of years ago, a comet struck Earth and created the lake that Itomori now rests upon.

    2. Mitsuhas Mother Passes Away

    After the passing of Mitsuha and Yotsuhas mother, their father becomes detached from them and engrossed with politics. Their grandmother takes over parenting.

    3. Mitsuha Performs the Kuchikamizake Ritual

    Mitsuha and Yotsuha perform a ritual and create kuchikamizake, which they offer to their god at a shrine. She wishes to be a handsome Tokyo boy.

    4. Mitsuhas Body Switch

    Mitsuha randomly wakes up as Taki, who lives three years in the future. This switch continues on random days for several weeks.

    5. Mitsuha Finds Taki

    6. The Comet Strikes Again

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