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What Chapter Is Boruto Anime On


Iii Boruto Story Arcs


Boruto: Naruto Next Generation is currently running on its 22nd story arc. To better understand the series before viewing it without any spoiler, here is the list of the arcs and the episodes that the arcs preside on.

  • Academy Entrance Arc
  • Naruto Gaiden Arc
  • School Field Trip Arc
  • Graduation Exam Arc
  • Genin Mission Arc
  • Chunin Exam Arc
  • Chocho Arc
  • Boruto: The Naruto Movie
  • Boruto: Naruto Next Generation
  • Episode 52- 234

Boruto Manga Can I Read It Online

Luckily enough, you can pore over the Manga offering of Boruto online. One veritable source of Boruto Manga can be found here. This includes all chapters of the story so far.

Who All Died In Boruto

Boruto: 10 Important Characters Who Died At The Beginning Of The…

  • 1 Ao Was Smashed Beneath Koji Kashin’s Toad.
  • 2 Amado Disintegrated Deepa. …
  • 3 Koji Kashin Burned Fellow Kara Member Victor Alive. …
  • 4 Urashiki Got Obliterated By Naruto & Boruto’s Rasengan. …
  • 5 Onoki Gave His Own Life & Died Of Overexertion. …
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    What Manga Chapter Is Boruto Anime On

    Naruto is arguably one of the most famous anime shows of all time and was a cult favorite among millennials around the world. Now, Boruto has taken its place.

    Set in the same universe, Boruto: The Next Generation follows the adventures of Boruto, Narutos son, and his companions. The anime television series loosely follows the events in the manga graphic novel of the same name.

    As a result, some first-time viewers are wondering, What manga chapter is Boruto on?

    Currently, Boruto: The Next Generation is on Chapter 58 of the Boruto manga novel. During this chapter, Naruto explains to his son how Byakugan works and offers his son the chance the take the suppressant pills to suppress his ability and live a more normal life.

    One of the themes that really jumped out to me during this chapter and the ensuing anime episodes is Borutos development into a wiser, more mature individual. In todays post, Im going to do my best to explain some of the latest plot development in Boruto: The Next Generation and answer some of the most common questions Ive gotten about the popular series. Lets take a look!


    Boruto English Dub Cast

    What Manga Chapter Is Boruto Anime On?

    Current cast members have been involved in other popular productions. Amanda Celine Miller, Cherami Leigh, Robbie Daymond and Stephanie Sheh have all taken part in the Sailor Moon series along with Max Mittelman and Ray Chase in varying series of One Punch Man.

    The main cast members for the English dub are:

    • Amanda Celine Miller as Boruto
    • Cherami Leigh as Sarada

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    Boruto Chapter : Raw Scans Release Date Countdown Spoilers

    The previous chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation just aired and everyone is already waiting for the next chapter. In this article, lets examine everything you need to know about the Boruto Chapter 63 like some information about the raw scans, English release date, and spoilers.

    At the end of the previous chapter, everyone is exacted for the next chapter. Fans are getting more and more excited about the recent developments in the series. Before we get started lets do a breakdown of what happened in the previous chapter.

    First, lets breakdown what happened in chapter 62:-

    • When Momoshiki comments on his veil being damaged, hes depicted without his ponytail.
    • Momoshiki is seen creating the black sphere as his final attack for the second time, despite the fact that hed already created the sphere in the beginning of his assault.
    • Naruto and most of his clones are depicted with the same design of Six Paths Sage Mode as in the movie version of the events, but one of the clones is briefly seen with the design of Naruto Gaiden.


    When Is It Popping Out

    Boruto Naruto Next Generation Chapter 68 is anticipated to come back out on March 20, 2022. Boruto Naruto Next Generation is at present some of the trending sequence proper now with episodes being launched one after the opposite. The gripping plot of Boruto Naruto Next Generation could be attributed as one essential explanation for why this sequence has managed to realize such reputation scary followers to search for Boruto Naruto Next Generation Chapter 68 which weve got apprised within the part above.

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    Boruto Chapter 60 Recap

    In the previous chapter, we got an insight into how the intriguing power of Code works. With his dangerously sharp claws, he can easily slice peoples flesh and leave behind claw marks. Then, he uses these claw marks to travel from one claw mark to another instantaneously.

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    We can see Shikamaru, Ibiki, and Sai theorizing about this mysterious ability, with Shikamaru wondering whether its a unique form of Space-Time Ninjutsu. We are given greater insight into Codes ability when we see him showing a demo of his powers to Daemon.

    Code can travel rapidly across space via the different claw marks and carry only one person with him at a time. Weve got a peek into Daemons ability to deflect attacks by reflecting them back earlier in Boruto Chapter 59.

    However, when he was asked by Code to show it, Ada instructs him not to reveal everything. This points to some distrust between the two and Code, as they seem to be hiding something.

    Amado, the scientist, is working on a new invention, i.e a scary-looking silhouette in a body pod,, which arouses some suspicion. Therefore, he assures Sumere that he has no ulterior plans to turn against Konohagakure. There are hints that he blames himself for all the trouble Konohagakure is in right now.

    Did Boruto Manga End

    Boruto Awakens NEW Karma Mode in Battle with Code

    ‘Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 59‘ will mark an end to the current manga volume. The writer took Boruto Volume 15’s plot and divided it between Chapters 58 and 59. … Kawaki feels they have no match for Code and his endeavors to become stronger which will be highlighted in Boruto Chapter 59.

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    When To Expect Boruto Naruto Next Generation Chapter 68 Release

    As said earlier, Boruto Naruto Next Generation Chapter 68 launch is anticipated to occur quickly. Fans of the sequence had been ready for the discharge of the Boruto Naruto Next Generation Chapter 68 for the reason that launch of the final chapter. The final chapter of Boruto Naruto Next Generation has put the followers on the sting of their seats with curiosity to know what occurs within the coming episodes. This might be the rationale why so many have been in quest of the Boruto Naruto Next Generation Chapter 68 launch date.


    How Much Time To Complete Boruto As Of Now

    Anime episodes typically have a run time of 23 to 25 minutes.

    In the case of the Boruto anime series, each episode has a run time of 23 minutes, and so for all the 234 episodes released so far, it is a total run time of 5382 minutes.

    Also, the run time of Boruto: The Naruto Movie is 95 minutes. So, if we further add it with the series, it is 5477 minutes, which is 91 hours and 17 minutes, roughly four days of non-stop watching.

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    Boruto Anime: The Latest Chapter

    Borutos success as both an anime series and a manga largely rides on the former success of Naruto. What made Naruto so popular was that it was a successful tv show around the world and expanded far beyond the small country of Japan.

    Boruto: The Next Generation contains many of fans favorite Naruto characters but focuses on the growth and development of Boruto . As the anime progresses, Boruto slowly develops from an energetic, headstrong, and overconfident teen into a wise, caring, and mature young man. This is a common theme seen in Japanese manga stories.

    List Of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapters

    Boruto Chapter 1

    Vol.113) and Masashi Kishimoto and illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto. It was launched in the 23rd issue of Shueisha’s manga magazine Weekly Shnen Jump on 9 May 2016. It ran in the magazine until the 28th issue published on 10 June 2019, and was then transferred to V Jump in the September issue released on 20 July. The original series’ creator, Masashi Kishimoto, currently supervises the manga, which is illustrated by his former chief assistant and written by the co-writer of the Boruto: Naruto the Movie screenplay. In order to keep the entire Naruto saga within a hundred volumes, Ikemoto hopes to complete the manga in fewer than 30 volumes. A spin-off manga titled Boruto: Saikyo Dash Generations is written by Kenji Taira and has been serialised in Saiky Jump since the March 2017 issue. Viz Media later released the first volume of the manga alongside the English dub of Boruto: Naruto the Movie.

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    Boruto Chapter 66 Spoilers: A Major Character Death

    In the previous chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Borushiki and Kawaki charge at each other, with Borushiki firing a fully-charged Chou Oodama Rasengan towards Naruto. Kawaki jumps in the way of the attack to protect Naruto, but he completely absorbs its power, shocking everyone.

    Surprisingly, Kawaki has activated a new Karma form, with his left eye now featuring a lightly-colored triangle as we see Isshiki’s horn and finger pattern appear. Code is thinking that’s impossible, and wonders how that happened.

    Update: Major spoilers have been leaked ahead of the new chapter’s release date. A reliable leaked known as Organic Dinosaur have shared details for Chapter 66, which is titled Kill or Be Killed.

    The chapter begins with Kawaki’s new Karma-activated arm. He has a flashback to a conversation with Amado about the “power” he wishes to control.

    Ada and Code are confused by Kawaki having this kind of power, discussing how the repairs to his arm and the subsequent fight might have been the conditions required to “awaken that power”. Daemon is seen still sleeping on Ada’s arms.

    Kawaki looks at his arm and then coldly stares at Borushiki, who begins to taunt Kawaki.

    Suddenly, nine black rods are manifested from Kawaki and are aimed straight at Borushiki, who’s able to evade the initial attack. Kawaki then transforms his arm into a scythe and attacks him again, which Borushiki is also able to dodge, but the attacks are getting closer.

    Boruto Chapter 6: Release Date And Time Where To Read And More

    As a manga and anime series set in the same universe as Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has a huge legacy to live up to. The story revolves around a Boruto, the son of the seventh Hokage and his struggles as he wades through life.

    Shonen Jump recently announced a break which delayed the release dates of various titles including Jujutsu Kaisen, One Piece and more. Thankfully for fans, this does not apply to Boruto: Naruto Next Generations since this series releases its chapters on a monthly basis. Therefore, the upcoming chapter 66 will be released in about a month from the time of writing. Here’s what to expect when it does release in January 2022.

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    Is Naruto Weak In Boruto

    Fans might naturally expect that Naruto’s power has grown during this time. Not only is he now the Hokage, but Naruto has had an extra 15 years to train, hone his techniques and become even stronger. … Sadly, this isn’t the case, and Naruto actually becomes weaker during the interim before Boruto begins.

    Where To Watch Boruto With Subtitles Or Dubbed

    Boruto’s Slow Death Begins – Naruto & Sasuke’s Most PAINFUL Decision – Boruto Chapter 57

    With most anime series or movies originating in Japan, you will have your preference of watching it with subtitles or dubbed in almost all of the online streaming platforms.

    The options for Boruto are not limited.

    • Crunchyroll â English subtitles
    • Hulu â English dubbed
    • Funimation â English Subbed and Dubbed

    Unfortunately, having a Netflix subscription will not be enough for viewers in the USA and Canada as it is not streaming Boruto.

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    Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

    Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
    Cover of the first manga volume featuring Sarada Uchiha, Boruto Uzumaki and Mitsuki

    Anime and mangaportal

    Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a Japanese manga series written by Uky Kodachi and Masashi Kishimoto, and illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto. It began monthly serialization with Kodachi as writer and Kishimoto as editorial supervisor in Shueisha‘s shnen manga magazine, Weekly Shnen Jump, in May 2016 and was transferred to Shueisha’s monthly magazine, V Jump, in July 2019. In November 2020 Kodachi stepped down, with Kishimoto taking over as writer. Boruto is a spin-off and a sequel to Kishimoto’s Naruto, which follows the exploits of Naruto Uzumaki‘s son, Boruto Uzumaki, and his ninja team.

    Boruto originated from Shueisha’s proposal to Kishimoto on making a sequel to Naruto. However, Kishimoto rejected this offer and proposed his former assistant Mikio Ikemoto to draw it the writer of the film Boruto: Naruto the Movie, Uky Kodachi, created the plot. While both Kodachi and Ikemoto are in charge of the manga. An anime television series adaptation started airing on TV Tokyo on 5 April 2017. Unlike the manga, which began as a retelling of the Boruto film, the anime begins as a prequel set before Boruto and his friends become ninjas in a later story arc. A series of light novels have also been written.

    What Chapter Is Boruto Anime On

    The arc that the anime is featuring at the moment is the Kawaki Arc. Episode 20 based on the events of the chapter Surprise Attack!! and showcases a little from United Front!!. If you are planning to read the manga, you should begin with the United Front!! chapter. This is the 37th chapter of the Boruto manga.

    The Boruto anime is currently in the 36th chapter of the manga. To be exact, the Boruto manga has covered the events up to the beginning of chapter 37. You can read the manga on Viz Media or Shueishas Manga Plus app. We recommend the use of legal websites and app to access manga to support the creators.

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    About Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Manga

    Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is written by Uky Kodachi and Masashi Kishimoto and illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto. It was launched in the 23rd issue of Shueishas manga magazine Weekly Shnen Jump on 9 May 2016.

    It ran in the magazine until the 28th issue published on 10 June 2019 and was then transferred to V Jump in the September issue released on 20 July. The original series creator, Masashi Kishimoto, currently supervises the manga, which is illustrated by his former chief assistant and written by the co-writer of the Boruto: Naruto the Movie screenplay.

    To keep the entire Naruto saga within a hundred volumes, Ikemoto hopes to complete the manga in fewer than 30 volumes. A spin-off manga titled Boruto: Saikyo Dash Generations is written by Kenji Taira and has been serialized in Saiky Jump since the March 2017 issue.

    Thats it for this article, you can also check out our article on Horimiya Season 2 and Manga Like Solo Leveling.

    Where To Read Boruto Manga Online

    What Manga Chapter Is Boruto Anime On?

    All the latest and previous chapters of My Hero Academia can be read online through VIZs website or else you can Shueishas English manga portal Mangaplus.

    You can also download Vizs ShonenJump App or Mangapluss official app on your Android and IOS smartphones. The last option available is to wait for the physical release of its volume by VIZ or your local licensor.

    We insist that you read the latest chapters through official sources instead of unofficial and illegal sites if you truly wish to support its creators for their continuous hard work and efforts.

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    Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 203

    Episode 203 of the anime is titled Surprise Attack!


    Kawaki mends the vase but feels frustrated that it still has a missing piece. Naruto calmly tells him that its no use finding it since Hinata cleans every day and deems it unnecessary. Kawaki replies that there is no use of a leaky vase and says that this is the reason why Boruto often gets annoyed by him. At this, Naruto tells him that he has got another strict son but Kawaki retorts that he is not his son.

    After losing to Shikadai, team 5 treats team 10 to a meal. On the way, they discuss about Kawaki and wonder if he can be trusted. At the same time, Koji continues to spy on Kawaki but notices his inactivity since Deltas attack. He also tries to analyse why Jigen had not attacked yet since he too knows about Borutos Kama.

    Jigen Arrives

    During the training, Boruto involuntarily activates his Karma when his feet slip and Mitsuki notices it. Sarada is seen buying flowers and Hinata and Himawari go to buy groceries. Amidst this, Kawakis karma forms a portal through which Jigen comes out. Koji, who had been surveilling all this time is shocked as well and anticipates his next move. Jigen notices his toad but ignores it. Borutos Karma spreads as he runs with Mitsuki towards his house scared that something is happening to Kawaki.

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