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Why Do People Like Anime So Much


Learn How To Write Produce And Draw Anime With An Expert

“Why do you like anime so much?”

In conclusion, Japan and anime have a great relationship that goes way back in history. Therefore, the art knows no age and isn’t bound by cultural or societal norms.

This is why everyone becomes a fan of anime, no matter at which age they start watching it.

Most kids in Japan and worldwide started watching anime in childhood and stuck with it through adulthood.

And if you’re one of them, your love for consuming anime has probably turned into a desire to create it.

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Japanese Pop Culture Is Dominated By Anime

Unlike in the West where anime is a sub-culture, in Japan it dominates pop culture. Japans pop culture is wide. It includes Cinema, TV, local Japanese cuisine, music, and video games. However, manga and anime go toe to toe with these entertainment genres. This is something you will only see in Japan and nowhere else in the world. Most elements of Japans pop culture can also trace their origins to traditional Japanese art.

However, during the Occupation of Japan by Allied forces after the Second War, Japans pop culture was significantly influenced by the west. But manga and anime still retain influences from traditional Japanese arts, especially Kabuki. This is a classical form of Japanese drama characterized by detailed make-up, often worn by performers to create colorful characters. This concept is still alive in modern-day anime.

It is believed that this authentic connection to Japanese cultural arts makes anime a huge part of the local pop culture. This is especially interesting when you consider the visible western influence we see today. In most western cultures, anime is associated with social misfits. But in Japan, it is mainstream entertainment beloved by many.;;

Iv Encourages Children To Learn & Enhances Creativity

Picking up habits, interests, and hobbies from the media is a common form of imitation and source of influence. Certain anime like Haikyu!!, Free, Diamond No Ace introduce their audience to sports and the joy of playing. Children who watch these types of shows get passionate about sports and indulge in physical activities, which is always a plus point. Who said people who watch anime are lethargic?!

Picking interests from anime is not limited to only sports! There are instances where a child refuses to learn the piano like their parents wont, but after watching Nodame Cantabile, the urge to learn a musical instrument is overflowing. This is mainly because the main characters in the anime seem to enjoy and love what they are doing.

Furthermore, anime is vivid and aesthetic. Wanting to draw those beautiful landscapes and characters with wide purple eyes has motivated many, including me, to learn how to draw. Some people who got into anime as kids are now professional artists who draw for popular sites and apps like Webtoon and Naver.

These positive experiences become something the children strive to attain constantly, and it motivates them to learn and work towards gaining a better quality of life.

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Anime: Why Is It So Important To Japanese Culture

In 2016, the Japanese anime industry made a handsome $17.7 billion in revenue. This incredible amount resulted from seven years of consecutive growth but only signaled a 10% increase.

Meanwhile, if we look at the domestic box office earnings, we would see a 14% increase in revenue. Moreover, the total overseas sales experienced an increase of almost one-third over the previous year.

All of this clearly shows that the anime industry is hugely popular in Japan and across the world. So now the question is, what factors make anime so significant in Japan’s culture?

For starters, popular anime characters have been strongly associated with Japanese culture. This is highlighted by the fact that Japan’s government-sanctioned mascot for water day is a Pokemon named Vaporeon!

Additionally, anime has been around for decades, and considering its ever-growing popularity, it is not going anywhere soon.

Over the years, despite massive technological advancements in media and entertainment, anime and manga have stood their ground.

As a result, despite its Nippon origins, anime has found massive audiences in the US, Europe, and the rest of the world.

Are Sad Characters Worth Watching

Why Do People Like Anime and Manga So Much?

In the pilot of Sword Art Online, Kirito meets a guy named Klein. Klein is a typical shonen side character. The trouble starts when theres very little involvement of the secondary characters in the show.

We see Klein 5 times in the entire first season. Basically, if all the secondary characters from Sword Art Online are removed, it wont change the storyline at all. The secondary characters have no development and are basically of no consequence throughout the anime.

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Why Do People Still Watch This Anime

Joined: Oct 2020 Posts: 56 This anime is so mediocre but it still gets new seasons which are absolute trash. It’s gonna get another new season Why tf do people still watch this slow boring ass anime?;
And why do you think it’s mediocre and absolute trash?;Those who pick Plot over Execution don’t even know what they’re talking about. A masterpiece plot with trash execution doesn’t mean shitScordolo’s Recent Reviews
Because people like it. What a stupid question.;
Because i never drop an anime, and also it’s a little bit enjoyable to watch.;
LolBecause people love Mid ShitJust look at the number of members Fire Force got within only 2 yearsHype is not bad it’s GoodBecause it helps Overrated Anime reveal their true colours aka Decrease in Scores like how Demon Slayer went from 8.9 to 8.5;Berserk and Steel Ball Run are objectively better than every Anime and Manga in existence, if you think it’s Overrated I respect your Opinion. Don’t try to be Oversmart and argue with me if you wish to get humiliated, just because I stated a fact.
FourVerse46 said:This anime is so mediocre but it still gets new seasons which are absolute trash. It’s gonna get another new season Why tf do people still watch this slow boring ass anime?why do YOU care if people watch this anime? If you want some attention try some other ways.;
Why you care so much. If people still enjoy it, let them;
Because people like basic shounen?;
It amuses me how dumb can people get in this site lol;

Is Watching Anime Bad For The Children Breaking The Myths

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Anime has been a constant in many peoples lives since their childhood. However, parents are now concerned that watching anime might have a negative or dangerous impact on their kids.

Like most parents, my mother used to forbid me from watching Shin-Chan as a child. According to her, it promoted naughtiness within kids. At the same time, we used to sit down together during lunch to watch episodes of Doraemon together, marvelling at the new inventions.

While I outgrew those shows, Naruto and Dragon Ball Z soon took their place. I remember sitting down at night to watch them with my brother after we finished our homework. Those nightly TV sessions are something we still look fondly upon. In fact, to an extent, I attribute our positive relationship to them.

Any type of media has its pros and cons, and so does anime. But should we go as far as to say that it is dangerous for children? Lets break the myths and stereotypes!

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People Watch Anime For The Storytelling

Even though you might associate cartoons with children, in anime, there can be blood and gore. Characters die. Weapons are used. Disturbing scenes take place.

There are a lot of deep, adult themes in anime. Most anime shows and movies revolve around death, acceptance, morality, or even war.

Grave of the Fireflies is about two children who lost their mother during aerial attacks on Japan in World War II and are left to fend for themselves.

In Blood-C the main character fights against brutally violent creatures with a taste for human flesh.

Anime is filled with storylines that will draw you in and keep you guessing. There are some scenes that will disturb you as much as any horror movie you have ever seen and there are other scenes that will make you weep for hours.

Even though you arent watching real people, you will experience real emotions.

Distracting Yourself With Other Things

Why Do People Like Toga From The My Hero Academia Anime So Much?? || Waifu Over- Analysis
  • 1Consider finding another hobbies. You don’t have to spend all your time totally invested in one thing, even if you love it. Explore other interests and hobbies that you might have once enjoyed, but lost over time, as you became more and more into anime. Here are some things you can try:
  • Playing a musical instrument such as the guitar or piano.
  • Jogging, hiking, and biking can not only keep you fit and healthy, but they can also help you relax and enjoy the natural world around you. Take a trip to the gym might be nice.XResearch source
  • Knitting and crochet will keep your hands moving and busy; you won’t have time to think about Anime.
  • 2Find another fandom to take part in. Sometimes, you can overcome your anime addiction by giving yourself another, non-anime fandom to focus on; this includes books, movies, and television shows. You may find yourself spending less time on anime and more time on the new fandom. If you don’t know where to look, consider asking friends or classmates for suggestions; tell them the sorts of things you like, such as horror, medieval fantasy, or vampire drama.
  • If you like to roleplay, then consider branching out to other, non-anime related fandoms, such as ones based on books and movies.
  • 3Spend some time with your friends. It will help you keep your mind off of anime; it will also remind your friends that you still care about them. This way, the next time you really need someone to talk to, they will be more likely to be there to support you.
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    Why Anime Is So Popular In Japan: The Top 5 Reasons Japanese Like Anime So Much

    Anime is an extremely popular form of art in Japan. Millions of people watch anime and read manga in their pastime. Japan is also the global capital of anime. Its local original titles have achieved global success in recent decades. But why do Japanese love anime so much? Well, here are five of the top reasons.

  • People in Japan Watch Anime at a Very Early Age
  • Anime in Japan often comes in colorful and vibrant graphics. There are so many genres too and richness of characters. Anime and manga sometimes refer to the larger animation industry in Japan. However, there is a small difference. Anime simply refers to Japanese animation series and shows. Manga on the other hand is the Japanese version of comic books or graphic novels. Nonetheless, both are very popular in the country. So, lets get to the reasons why below.

    Why Is Anime So Popular In America

    Anime was unlike anything most Americans had seen at the time. It had a unique art style, it was violent, it was insane because people were flying around shooting laser beams and blowing up mountains, and it was a power fantasy. Anime opened up a world that Americans never experienced in any film or book. It inspires people to be more childish and says its okay to be, even as an adult. In America anime makes us feel like were learning something about another culture, despite it being only a small pocket of knowledge about a foreign country.

    4. How Popular Is Anime In The World?

    Its been watched globally since the 2000s. Not only the US, other Western countries like France and Germany are also big fans of anime. Commercially, it contributed $17.7 billion of revenue to the Japanese film industry in 2016, in which Asia market accounts for 40%, North America 12%, and Europe contributes the rest of the 26%.

    Whats most striking is how animes impact is coming full circle. Some recent American cartoon productions, like Avatar: The last airbender are openly inspired by anime itself, and live-action English-language versions of anime titles are starting to come into production more frequently. Every year there are a couple of shows that pull in a large audience from the non-anime community because of all the hype, celebrities talking about it, and the memes.

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    People Watch Anime For The Music

    Anime will give you an escape from the real world. Instead of worrying about your problems, you can forget about them while you watch characters you love dealing with;their;problems.

    When you need a little escapism, shows like Cowboy Bebop, Attack on Titan, Ghost in the Shell, and Samurai Champloo have soundtracks you will want to listen to again and again.

    The right music can capture the heart of the scene. It can make a death scene even more depressing. It can make a battle scene ever more intense. It can make a love making scene even more romantic.

    Even if you dont have the time to watch anything new, you can download the soundtracks to episodes you have already seen and listen to the soothing background music while you are driving in your car or studying for a test.

    Overall, the best thing about anime is how many shows and movies you can find on the internet for free. So the next time youre bored, you might as well see what all the fuss is about. Then you can discover firsthand why people really love anime.

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    V Introduction To New Cultures

    Why do some people like anime and manga so much? What ...

    Anime is a central form of entertainment in Japan, and it introduces the international population to an entirely different culture. While it starts with the children wanting to learn Japanese to watch anime without subtitles, it soon transforms into a genuine love for the language.

    Not only does it connect the children to a world across seas, but they also grow up with a more open mindset and acceptance of others and themselves. It helps them learn about new things and see life from a fresh perspective.

    Anime also introduces people to so many different forms of entertainment, not limited to Japan. The OSTs present in anime have allowed people to discover Korean bands and dramas, and simply put, broadened their view of the world.

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    Ii Does Watching Anime Really Affect Childrens Mental Health

    Many parents are concerned about the effect of watching anime on their kids mental health; however, there isnt much to worry about if the content is being consumed in moderation. Overindulging in any form of media is not suitable for anyones mental health, let alone children.

    Obsessing over anime is normal and not something to be worried about. It should be treated as the childs interest, similar to how others obsess over Disney movies or Marvel.

    It only becomes an issue if the kid uses anime as escapism, i.e., watching anime for an unhealthy amount of hours. However, this danger is once again present in all forms of media. Parents should be present to regulate the time they spend on anime and teach them how to separate fiction from reality.

    Emphasis On Friendships And Relationships

    Perhaps this is a Japanese cultural particularity, because they focus more on groups and group dynamics than on individuals. But a strength of anime is that it often focuses on the relationships between characters. Characters are often faced with dilemmas about their duties, their desires, and what society thinks about them.

    Love, friendship, and team cooperation are often involved heavily in anime. There is a major difference between the way these things are portrayed in western fiction vs. in anime. Western storytelling tends to focus more on a single character, and what that person does alone. Friends, family, and romantic interests play little active role in the story, since all the hero stuff is reserved for, well, the hero. Singular. I think this convention is wired into western storytelling from the days of Greek mythology.

    In anime, however, the focus is often spread throughout the perspectives of multiple characters, and retelling the same story from different perspectives is also common. Anime writers realize that everyone is the hero of their own story, the world is rarely changed or saved by the efforts of one person acting alone, and events that are important impact more than just one person.

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    Anime Vs Cartoon Animation Techniques

    Anime and cartoons both use traditional animation production processes of storyboarding, voice acting, character design and cel production.

    Anime is often considered a form of limited animation i.e. common parts are re-used between frames instead of drawing each frame. This fools the eye into thinking there is more movement than there is, and lowers production costs becase fewer frames need to be drawn.

    Anime scenes place an emphasis on achieving three-dimensional views. Backgrounds depict the scenes’ atmosphere. For example, anime often puts emphasis on changing seasons, as can be seen in numerous anime, such as Tenchi Muyo!.