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How Kids Be In Anime

Anime Based On Books That Are Totally Appropriate For Kids

How Kids Be In Anime

NOTE: Many of these are on YouTube. We highly recommend setting these playlists up on YouTube Kids rather than just starting it on your own YouTube account and walking away. You never know what the next suggested video might be.

Anne of Green Gables: Based on the novels, this anime is perfect for the whole family to enjoy together. Watch free on .

Kikiâs Delivery Service: A movie about a young girl that is a witch and uses her magic for good by starting her own delivery service. Get the Blu-Ray here, watch it on or rent it on .

Little Women: Based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott. Watch for free on .

Sherlock Hound: A smart adaptation of the famous detective novels Sherlock Holmes, in which all of the characters are different types of animals. Watch for free on .

Deltora Quest: This anime is based on the fantasy book series by Emily Rodda. Watch for free on .

Monkey Magic: An adaptation of the ancient Chinese folktale. Available on DVD here.

Moomin: Based on the kids books, this is a story about cute creatures called Moomins and the fantastic adventures they get into. Watch for free on .

Folktales from Japan: Traditional Japanese stories. Watch for free on .

Mottainai Grandma: A short educational multilingual . This is about a boy that learns virtues from his grandmother. Respect for elders and themes of teamwork and respect are prevalent in this anime. Watch for free on .

The Ancient Magus’ Bride

This animated series takes place in a magical version of modern England, where Celtic and Scandanavian monsters and fairies live unseen in the wilds, far beyond human civilization. It’s almost like a fairy tale out there.

Viewers can easily relate to the familiar critters of this series, from a church grim to dragons and the famed Titania and Oberon. That and the fascinating skull-headed Elias can make for a compelling watch, all in 24 episodes.

Educational But Also Fun

Not all anime is suitable for kids, just as not all cartoons, TV shows, or movies are, but there are plenty of anime that are perfectly suitable. Shounen anime and other anime made for younger audiences are perfect for giving a child an adventure that will stay with them for years to come. If you are thinking about showing anime to your kids or someone else’s, don’t just leave them to it, enjoy it along with them help them to understand it and learn while they watch.

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What Can You Do To Make Sure Your Child Consumes Good Content

In this article, I have mentioned the dangers and benefits of anime and constantly repeated the need to monitor and regulate the content consumed by children. However, what steps should the parent take towards doing so?

The best way to ensure that the child is watching healthy content is to read reviews, both positive and negative, to understand all sides. Reviews and ratings can be found on sites such as this one .

Researching beforehand can prepare the parent and the child however, oftentimes, the impact of some themes might seem trivial to an adult, but not for the young mind. In such cases, talking to the child and having a two-way discussion on the subject helps understand them and build a positive relationship.

Another way to ensure that the child consumes good content is to constantly check recommendation forums and screen the shows they want to watch. Last but not least, I would recommend parents to actually watch the show along with their kids at times, resulting in both being entertained and bonding at the same time!

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The Race To Become God

Children of the Whales

When the old god becomes bored and tired of his job, how does he decide his successor? What else but gather a few of the mortals that he for some reason talks with, give each of them a means of reading the future, and having them fight to the death? Future Diary is one of the most distinct and violent series out there.

Its characters create interesting scenarios when using their titular future diaries, and their means of advancing the game are only as violent and cunning as the players themselves. With some sad backstories, romance, and world breaking twists in the mix, this is a death game that guarantees its viewers won’t know what is going to happen next.

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Iv Encourages Children To Learn & Enhances Creativity

Picking up habits, interests, and hobbies from the media is a common form of imitation and source of influence. Certain anime like Haikyu!!, Free, Diamond No Ace introduce their audience to sports and the joy of playing. Children who watch these types of shows get passionate about sports and indulge in physical activities, which is always a plus point. Who said people who watch anime are lethargic?!

Picking interests from anime is not limited to only sports! There are instances where a child refuses to learn the piano like their parents wont, but after watching Nodame Cantabile, the urge to learn a musical instrument is overflowing. This is mainly because the main characters in the anime seem to enjoy and love what they are doing.

Furthermore, anime is vivid and aesthetic. Wanting to draw those beautiful landscapes and characters with wide purple eyes has motivated many, including me, to learn how to draw. Some people who got into anime as kids are now professional artists who draw for popular sites and apps like Webtoon and Naver.

These positive experiences become something the children strive to attain constantly, and it motivates them to learn and work towards gaining a better quality of life.

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky Iv

Anime: Cowboy Bebop

Ed is such a chaotic character that its really hard not to fall in love with her.

The fact that shes always barefoot and hardly ever walks in a normal fashion gives her strong Jungle Book vibes. And since shes a genius on top of that, it just makes her boatloads of fun.

Her constant rhyming really nails her free spirit attitude. And sometimes she drops some real nuggets of wisdom! Like always following strangers, and that a hot dog bun is in fact not too young.

Man, what I would give to have her outlook on life.

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I Harmless Form Of Entertainment

As I explained at the start, there are various genres of anime, and its scope is not limited to any particular age or gender. Even we as adults want to get out of our mundane hectic schedules, so its obvious that kids need their own sort of entertainment as well anime being the best of them.

In front of forms of entertainment that might prove to be detrimental to the childs development in the future, such as drugs or alcohol, anime doesnt seem too bad. Some shows have rich and complex plots, while some are solely meant for momentary laughter. Theres something for the childs every mood, and it is perfect for them to spend some alone time.

Another plus point is with the internet these days its easier for the parent to be aware of what their kid is watching so that they can eliminate the threats of bad influence instantly and introduce shows that align with the values they wish to instill among their kids.

Furthermore, as I mentioned in the introduction, watching anime together can be a fun bonding time for the family. These moments will be fondly looked upon when the children grow up and will account for memorable conversations.

How To Introduce Kids To Anime

10 Anime Shows That Are Too Messed Up For Kids

By Kristine Cruz

Introducing kids to anime is easier said than done. Whether its your own child, your younger sibling, or your niece or nephew, you have to take a few things into consideration. You cant shove Death Note down a 6-year-olds throat no matter how mature they are for their age. Thats why we compiled a list of awesome anime for children ages 5-11.

Kids have their own interests too. Just because you have a girl doesnt mean shell want to get into Card Captor Sakura in the same way that not all boys are fans of Dragonball. Think about their current interests. If theyre fond of action movies and fight scenes, then recommending Bleach is much better than Fruits Basket. Know the intended audience!

Finding out if an anime is age-appropriate only needs a dash of common sense and familiarity with the anime. For those who struggle with this, you can check out Common Sense Media for general guidelines.

Now we get to the good stuff. Here are our recommendations to help introduce anime to kids!

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Anime May Surprise You

Not all anime is the loud, bright, bold, cartoon fare you might believe it is. Much of the anime suitable for kids is quite complicated, with meaningful storylines and sophisticated character development.

If your child shows an interest, take the opportunity to sit down and watch some with them. You might discover a love of anime for yourself. I know I did.

About the Author

Consider Dubbed Or Subbed

You need to remember to consider whether or not your children can read when planning anime viewing with your children. If your kids can and can do so at a quick pace, that may open the doors to a wider variety of shows. If they cannot, then dubbed anime may be the best way to go. Yes, I know, anime fans are always at war with sub versus dub, but when planning out anime viewing for your children you have to consider them first. A show that is dialogue driven entirely in Japanese is going to be difficult for children who cannot read. Just think about how much enjoyment they will get out of a show without being able to read.

Also know that if your children cannot read, you will be watching said show with them and reading all the dialogue out loud. This can be super fun, or super annoying depending on the show. For Bananya, that was a lot of fun for me and the kids as the only dialogue is the narrator. For other shows, it can be more of a challenge.

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Iv Is Anime Addictive And Influential

Anime is a form of entertainment in the end and is addictive. The responsibility to make sure that the kids consume it in average amounts falls upon the parents. Watching anime should not be alienated and instead be considered an interest just as any other.

However, when we talk about influence, the ideologies in anime might indeed prove to be detrimental to children to an extent. There have been cases where fans of death note carried a book around, noting down the names of people who wronged them. While obviously, that did not do any harm, it still gives us a glimpse into how convincing anime can be.

While most anime contain socially appropriate themes of justice and good vs. evil, there are times that the personal ideologies of the creators that are not always good show themselves.

However, as I have repeatedly mentioned, no danger present in anime is particular to it. These issues are present in all forms of media, be it movies, books, or video games. Till the children turn a certain age, the content they consume should be regulated by the parents strictly.

But the question that now arises is that if anime is similar to other forms of media, why should the children watch it?

Iii Is Anime Actually Just Glitter

Read Tsurezure Children Manga Online [All Chapters ...

As I mentioned above, anime technically means any content originating from Japan. This means that everything from cartoons for kids to porn for adults can be considered anime. Unfortunately, whenever most think of anime, the image that comes to their minds is of hentai shows.

Due to this, many parents think of anime to be porn disguised as aesthetic glitter-covered cartoons. This is absolutely untrue.

Once again, regulating and monitoring the content children consume is of utmost importance here. Just like one would make sure not to let their kids watch Fifty Shades of Grey, they need to do the same with hentai or any anime meant for adults. With a quick google search, the list of genres the show falls under is visible, and it is effortless to find articles and blogs listing anime meant for children. I will be providing some titles under the 4th section of this article.

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Children’s Anime And Manga

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Children’s manga and children’s anime refer to manga and anime directed towards children 10 years and under. These series are usually moralistic, often educating children about staying in the right path in life. Each chapter is usually a self-contained story.

Killua Zoldyck Is Both Fearless And Fearsome

Killua Zoldyck of Hunter x Hunter seems cute and unassuming on the outside. However, his looks can be deceiving, as he is truly a force to be reckoned with. Coming from a family of famous assassins, Killua is trained to be a killer from a young age. He is one of the strongest of the cast, and his techniques passed down from his family make him a deadly adversary. Killua is protagonist Gon’s partner, and together, they face some of the toughest enemies. Despite their young age, both take on each threat fearlessly, matching up to the strength of the adults they face.

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Understand What Your Kids Are Watching

Like any other form of media, parents should monitor the anime their kids watch and make sure they dont get exposed to adult content.

The best way to make sure your kids are watching healthy content is that you have to find out by yourself. For example, read reviews, both positive and negative, on forums to understand all the aspects that the genre or movie has to offer or may affect your kids.

Doing research first helps you have a more objective view of what anime content your child should watch. However, some topics you think are not interesting enough but your child really wants to watch. In such cases, talk to the child and have a two-way discussion about them.

This theme helps to understand children better and build a positive relationship with parents.

Finally, you should really watch the show with your child to better understand what he or she is watching, teach them what is appropriate and what is inappropriate, and make sure what they watch is suitable for their age as well. Watching with your kids can also be a fun way to strengthen family relationships.

Consider What Is Age Appropriate

10 Anime Shows That Kids Should NEVER Watch

My four children are elementary school aged and younger. They range from my oldest whos almost 8 to my youngest which are twin 2-year-olds turning 3 in July. At those ages, I have to be aware of what I am introducing to them. While some shows may be inappropriate for my younger children, it may be perfectly fine to show your 12-year-old. Perhaps there is language I do not want my children to hear, read, or repeat! What I show my kids may not be the same as what you may show an older child.

When it is possible, I like to watch at least a few episodes of a new series Im considering showing my children first, to ensure the content will be appropriate and also see if there are Japanese cultural items which may be confusing to them. I will give a few examples. I tried introducing my children to the adorable and silly short form series Poyopoyo. The problem? Eventually, the series includes on-screen images of cats having sex which would be inappropriate for my younger children. It also includes occasional swearing and sight gags such as cakes shaped like breasts. Another series Ive watched with my children is Shonen Ashibe GO! GO! Goma-chan. Shonen Ashibe is specifically aimed at children, so does not seem inappropriate.

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Emma’s Love For Others Pushes Her To Find An Escape With Everyone

Emma is the female protagonist of The Promised Neverlandand one of the orphans at Grace Field House. When the truth of the “orphanage” comes to light, Emma is determined to escape with all of the other orphans. Though she is only a child, she takes up leadership among the kids and stops at nothing to find a way out. She has a deep love and compassion for the kids around her, considering them all her family. This love overrides any fear she may have of what may happen to them all if they try to leave Grace Field. Her greatest wish is nothing more than to find a way to live peacefully and safely, away from the reign of the demons.


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