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How Old Is One Piece Anime

Oda Started As An Artist To Avoid Getting A Real Job


Many comic book and manga artists started their careers because of their passion for drawing and storytelling. Though their careers may not start in their preferred field, they eventually find their way to the occupation that they love. For author Eiichiro Oda, however, being a manga artist was his only choice in life.

According to an interview in the One Piece Blue: Grand Data File, Oda claimed to have wanted to become a manga artist at the age of 4 to avoid having to get a “real job”. Thats what we call excellent life goals!

Sticking to his dream, Oda developed his skills over the years and created various series in his late teens. His first series, Wanted!, garnered several awards and placed second in the semi-annual Tezuka Award for manga. Following this recognition, Oda landed his first job at Weekly Shnen Jump.

One Piece: How Old Is Luffy Birth And Biography

People in love with Manga and anime are in love with Anime characters as well. Manga series are not like the Marvel series at all. These are a lifetime of characters in Anime Saga from birth to growth and all phases of life. People with anime knowledge have a better idea about it.;

He is the leader of Pirates and having properties of rubber that make him strong and proficient. With a unique fighting style and flexible entire body Luffy is the best leader.

You can see him always in his trademark straw hat that remains there all the time.;

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Dragon Ball Was A Major Inspiration For One Piece

Growing up, Oda found inspiration in many of his childhood cartoons and manga. Among his favorites was Vicky the Viking, a 1970s animated television series that piqued his interest in pirate stories. However, in terms of manga, Oda was a big fan of author Akira Toriyama and his work including Dr. Slump and the hugely popular series Dragon Ball.

Often cited as an influence for many well-known manga writers including Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto and Bleach creator Tite Kubo, Toriyamas Dragon Ball character Goku became an inspiration for Oda as well.;Since debuting One Piece back in 1997, Oda became good friends with his idol Toriyama and even collaborated on projects together. The 2007 manga Cross Epoch became the first crossover for One Piece and portrayed the characters from its world combined with the Dragon Ball universe.

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What Does The Author Say About The Ending Of One Piece

According to a recent interview, Eiichiro Oda , when speaking about the prospect of ending One Piece said that he has not expected One Piece to last this long, but that he plans to wrap up each part of the story thoroughly, leaving no loose end. This will take considerably more time, but fans of One Piece appreciate Odas methodical way of finishing every arc. One Piece definitely has some of the best character development we have seen, and the main plot that has a wide range of tones from light and entertaining, to dark and dramatic.

Oda says that he knows exactly how One Piece will end and that the ending of One Piece will be interesting and exciting. This is why it is important to build up slowly and meticulously towards it. Eiichiro Oda says that he is not in the least worried about how the story will turn out to be because he is convinced that it will be very interesting, but he has expressed concern about his health, as he wishes to see it through until the end.

What Do The Fans Say About The One Piece Ending

Matheus no Twitter: "Luffy, 60 anos " .

Among the fans, the opinions are different and there are several standpoints as to when the story of One Piece will end. Most fans expect it to last for at least 10 to 15 years more and they also state that they will keep following it until its ending, whenever it comes. Others are skeptical and believe that the One Piece manga and anime will never end because it has a plot that can be stretched infinitely. While this is true, it would be impossible for the author to stretch it out forever and there would come a point where he would just have to stop drawing One Piece. Most fans are afraid of this scenario.

Another group believes that since One Piece has entered its second half of the plot that the author will try to wrap it up a bit faster than it took him to build it up to its half. There is a widespread idea that the One Piece anime will have 1000 episodes, setting a record for the longest anime ever and possibly the anime with the biggest base of loyal fans.

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Originally Supposed To Last Only 5 Years

The journey of the Straw Hat Pirates has been author Eiichiro Odas lifework. His commitment to creating most of the art himself has led to a very demanding schedule. According to Kotaku, Oda stated that “Mornings… I get up at 5am, and I work until 2am. It’s normal for me to sleep from 2am to 5am.” He also does not take off for holidays or vacations. That is insane!

Its quite a change from Odas initial plans for the manga. In the past, he had stated that the manga was going to conclude after five years in 2002. He even has an ending already planned out! However, as he continued to develop more characters, battles, and adventures, the story has taken on a life of his own. In fact, this year marks the 20th anniversary of the One Piece manga. Moreover, with Oda stating the current story was around maybe 70% completed back in 2015, we definitely have a long way to go to the end.

What Is Luffys Age

Luffy and Usopp were both;17 years old;pre-time skip and;19 years old;post-time skip. Zoro and Sanji were;19 years old;pre-time skip and 21 years old post-time skip. Naomi was 18 years old pre-time skip and;20 years old;post-time skip. Chopper was 15 years old pre-time skip and;17 years old;post-time skip.

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Translation And Dub Issues

For story changes to individual arcs and sagas, see their respective articles.

It should be noted that discrepancies and debates exist over many of the above names, as Eiichiro Oda rarely if ever gives “official” names to different sections of the storyline. During the early years of the manga and anime, names often referenced the Straw Hats’ introductions and/or major antagonists ; location-based names became the norm after the Straw Hats entered the Grand Line, and the story increased emphasis on exploration.

Similar debates exist over what qualifies as a “saga”particularly post-timeskip, where the Straw Hats have entered nearly every new island with at least two carryover plot-lines from a prior one.

Relatedly, the distinction between “arcs” and “sagas” is largely original to the English-speaking fanbase; Japanese fans and promotional materials almost exclusively use the term hen , e.g. “East Blue-hen” for the East Blue Saga, “Impel Down-hen” for the Impel Down Arc, and even “Super Rookies-hen” for the entire pre-timeskip story. This simpler convention is not without its own ambiguities and conflations”Arabasta-hen“, for instance, is commonly used for the storyline taking place in Arabasta properand for all of the lead-up storylines featuring Nefertari Vivi aboard the Going Merry.

How Old Is Luffy One Piece At 40 And 60 Years Old 2021

BADASS ANIME OLD DUDE DEATHMATCH (One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Hunter x Hunter, FMA, Tokyo Ghoul)

How Old Is Luffy One Piece at 40 and 60 years old 2021

When we first see him and he is eventually saved by Shanks, Luffys age is only 7 years old. Afterward, when Ace started his journey to the sea, Luffys age is 14 years old. When he finally started his own journey as the infamous pirate from East Blue Sea to Grand Line, Monkey D Luffy age is 17 years old.

One Piece Story is the detailed journey of Monkey D. Luffy from the start. The Ultimate goal for Luffy is to be the King of Pirates. The Captain of Straw Hat pirates started his journey from a small island called Foosha Island. He was an orphan not knowing his parents and brought up by his grandfather, Garp. Now, he is at the Wano Country taking down a Yonko.; The One Piece Timeline is confusing when trying to explain the ages but let us break it down to different periods.

  • Luffy-17 before the timeskip, 19 after the timeskip
  • Zoro-19 before the timeskip, 21 after the timeskip
  • Nami-18 before the timeskip, 20 after the timeskip
  • Ussop-17 before the timeskip,19 after the timeskip
  • Sanji-19 before the timeskip, 21 after the timeskip
  • Chopper-15 before the timeskip, 17 after the timeskip
  • Robin-28 before the timeskip, 30 after the timeskip
  • Franky-34 before the timeskip, 36 after the timeskip
  • Brook-88 before the timeskip, 90 after the timeskip
  • Jinbei-44 before the timeskip, 46 after the timeskip
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    Monkey D Straw Hat Luffy

    • Age: 19
    • Birthday: May 5
    • Height: 5′ 8.5″

    Monkey D. Luffy, better known as “Straw Hat Luffy”, is the captain and founder of the infamous Straw Hat Pirates. He remains one of its top fighters . Serving as the primary protagonist of One Piece, Luffy’s lifelong dream is to one day become the Pirate King.

    He aims to complete this lofty goal by hunting down the treasure left behind by the legendary pirate Gol D. Roger.;To Luffy, becoming Pirate King represents ultimate freedom, as he believes the Pirate King would have the most freedom in the world.

    How Many One Piece Anime Episodes Are There

    Based on the ever longer-running manga by Eiichiro Oda, the One Piece anime first began airing in October 1999, making the show over 20 years old. Throughout the years, it has amassed just as many seasons, with a current total of 990 episodes.;Unlike many anime, the One Piece movies are also part of the ongoing story, with the 895th and 896th episodes that encompass the “Carbonic Acid King” arc tying in to the most recent movie,;One Piece: Stampede.;Even with this extensive episode list, committed viewers should be able to watch the entire series so far… eventually.

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    What Does The Future Bring

    While it would be farfetched to state that One Piece will end in the same amount of time it took it to reach the time skip, it seems to be a possibility. Thus far, it has been building up rather slowly, but the pace of One Piece goes with the light and humorous tone the series has. Some estimations of its ending suggest that it will last for another 15 to 16 years, though most fans seem to believe that it will last for 10 more years.

    One rumor that has been circulating suggests that One Piece the anime series will have exactly 1000 episodes, which would be a nice number to wrap up the story. However, there is no statement by the author regarding this matter. If it indeed were the case, then we could expect One Piece to end in about 10 years, so it makes some sense. This would make both fan rumors true and One Piece would end at episode 1000 about 10 years from now.

    Regardless of the many years this manga and anime are coming out, its fandom seems to be growing, which is amazing as most long animes lose fan interest to some degree. One Piece is an exception to that rule, we can freely state that there will be many people who watched One Piece from childhood to middle age, and that is pretty cool. Lets just hope that Oda-sensei stays in good health so that he can finish One Piece exactly the way he had it planned from the beginning.

    Countries And Dependent Territories

    One Piece: How Old Is Luffy?
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    What Flower Would Suit Nami The Flower Said To Reflect Nami’s Personality The Most Is The Sunflower

    During an interview in the manga, Robin’s voice actress, Yuriko Yamaguchi, was asked which flowers would best suit each of the Straw Hat Pirates.

    The flower said to reflect Nami’s personality the most;is the sunflower. Eiichiro Oda later gave slightly different answers in the manga. Interestingly, Oda also said that the sunflower also best suited Luffy, too.

    Conflicts With The Naruto Manga Early On

    After the release of “Romance Dawn”, Oda worked to fully develop the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew. While he did retain some elements of the original story, Oda also developed new characters.

    One such character was the cook known as Black Leg” Sanji – well, that is what he was eventually named. When he was created, Sanji was actually called Naruto. However, Odas rival, Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto, had just developed his series of the same name and published it in 1997. Having heard of its development, Oda decided to change his characters name to avoid confusion.

    Even with this alleged rivalry, the two artists greatly respected one another. When Kishimoto published his final Naruto volume, he included the Straw Hat Pirates symbol on Narutos headband on Hokage Rock in the “Chapter 700” artwork. As a response and final goodbye, Oda added tons of Naruto references in the cover of “Chapter 766” of One Piece.

    These references included the symbols for Konohagakure, the Uzumaki clan. Luffy was eating ramen – Narutos favorite – with a Naruto figure. His final message to his rival: Both my friend and rival, thank you for 15 years of heartfelt serialization!! Kishimoto-san, Otsukaresama!!

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    Nico Devil Child Robin

    • Age: 30
    • Birthday: February 6
    • Height: 6′ 2″

    Nico “Devil Child” Robin acts as the archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates, and was the sixth crewmember to join. As a child, Robin ate the Hana Hana no Mi, a Devil Fruit that allowed her to manifest;parts of her body on any surface. In addition, she is currently the only person alive with the ability to decipher Poneglyphs, a skill forbidden by the World Government.

    Robin was initially opposed to the Straw Hat Pirates in her role as the vice president of Baroque Works, before eventually joining the crew. Her dream is to uncover the Rio Poneglyph. This artifact is rumored to reveal the true history of the world, as much of history had been erased by the World Government.

    How Old Is Monkey D Luffy And How Powerful Is Monkey D Luffy

    Old Graves | One Piece (Official Clip)

    Coming to the age of Monkey D. Luffy, then in One Piece, there are three different age limits shows of the character. The beloved Anime was born in the first seasons first episode, and it was all his cute little existence. Later, he showed at the age of 7 years when his body was into rubber.

    He accidentally consumed the supernatural Gum-Gum Fruit that gave him the power of rubber. The devil fruit power made him an exceptional Straw Hat Luffy among the Straw Hats Pirates.

    This power triggered Luffy to form the Straw Hat Pirates and became their leader at the same time. When it comes to the power of Monkey D. Luffy, then it is exceptional.

    With a trademark, straw hat Luffy was able to flaunt his extreme fighting skills. Due to rubber flexibility, Luffy can manipulate the electric and compression attacks. He has ultimate elasticity and electric manipulation that works on another level.

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    Festival Films And Ova

    One Piece: Defeat Him! The Pirate Ganzack! was produced by Production I.G for the 1998 Jump Super Anime Tour and was directed by Gor Taniguchi. Luffy, Nami, and Zoro are attacked by a sea monster that destroys their boat and separates them. Luffy is found on an island beach, where he saves a little girl, Medaka, from two pirates. All the villagers, including Medaka’s father have been abducted by Ganzack and his crew and forced into labor. After hearing that Ganzack also stole all the food, Luffy and Zoro rush out to retrieve it. As they fight the pirates, one of them kidnaps Medaka. A fight starts between Luffy and Ganzack, ending with Luffy’s capture. Meanwhile, Zoro is forced to give up after a threat is made to kill all the villagers. They rise up against Ganzack, and while the islanders and pirates fight, Nami unlocks the three captives. Ganzack defeats the rebellion and reveals his armored battleship. The Straw Hat Pirates are forced to fight Ganzack once more to prevent him from destroying the island.

    The One Piece Film Strong World: Episode 0original video animation adapts the manga’s special “Chapter 0”, which shows how things were before and after the death of Roger. It received a limited release of three thousand DVDs as a collaboration with the House Foods brand.


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