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How To Color Anime Hair Digitally

Nine: Add Some Extra Oomph To Your Highlights

[TUTORIAL] How to Color Anime Hair!

Add a new layer above the layer you just worked on, but still beneath the line art. Set this layer as a clipping mask by tapping the layer, and selecting Clipping Mask.; Also, change the layer blend mode to Add.

Using the Soft Brush and lightest color from the palette provided, emphasize where the light would hit the midsection of the hair strand. You can lower the opacity on this layer if you want to change the intensity of this additional shine youve added to the hair.

Finalizing The Hair Shading

Check that the volume of the hair and strands are going in the right direction. Light source works, and the hair looks good even if the canvas is flipped. . If everything is looking good, share your work and be proud of what you have accomplished.

I hope this step-by-step post was educating or at least gave you some new perspective on shading hair.

Sorry for the video not showing the actual shading process, but I still wanted to show the drawing process to you.

Available resources for this artwork

  • PSD-file

Use Painter As Your Anime Drawing Software

  • Draw the front section of the hair. There are different ways to approach this step, depending on the hairstyle you want. For this tutorial, were going to go with swooping bangs.
  • To achieve this look, youll need to draw a few spiky sections. The sections should come down from the hairline and curve to one side.

  • Outline the top, sides, and ends of the hair. Sketch curved lines along both sides of the head, down to where you want the hair to end. The lines should start at the center, slightly above the head.
  • Start by following the curvature of the head, and then straighten each line once youre halfway down. Afterward, connect each end of the hair to the hairline using a line.

  • Add some details to the hair by drawing several lines from the roots to the ends of the hair.
  • Get rid of the lines that indicate the head and the hairline. These lines are usually not visible since theyre covered with hair.
  • Color or shade the hair, and youre done.
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    Draw The Top/back Of The Long Hair

    Draw the back/top section of the hair pretty much tracing the shape of the upper part of the head some distance away from it. It should then starting to fan out more from around the top of the ears.

    Inside the outline of the back/top shape draw a pair of lines going from the ears to the shoulders to help define the volume of that part of the hair.

    Start With A Hairline

    Hair Coloring Tutorial by Marimari999

    No matter the hairstyle youre drawing, whether its short, long, or somewhere in between, youll want a hairline. Hairlines will serve as guides to where the hair will grow from. Hair naturally grows from hairlines, parts and crowns, so marking where those go is key to creating hair with a natural flow.

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    How To Draw Anime Boy Hair

    The first few steps are similar to the ones we followed when drawing anime hair for girls.

  • Repeat steps one to three. Although for the bangs, you could choose to draw three.
  • Sketch the rest of the hair. Were going to draw short spiky hair, so you should sketch a few thick distinct spikes that extend away from the head. Start drawing them from one end of the hairline arch to the other.
  • Give the hair more depth by adding some detail inside the outline. Add some lines to break up the hair sections.
  • Remove the guidelines carefully.
  • Finish the drawing by coloring or shading the hair.
  • One: Import Your Coloring Page Into Procreate

    Tap the wrench icon to bring up the Actions panel and choose Insert a file if your coloring page is saved in an external location such as your iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive etc, or Insert a photo if your coloring page is saved to your camera roll.

    This will import your coloring page into the Procreate app ready for you to get to work!

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    How Anime Hair Is Shaded

    Generally anime and manga hair is shaded without gradients and has hard transition between its light and dark areas. This makes the shading process much faster but at the same time a little tricky as it can be difficult to figure out where the boundary between light and dark should be placed.

    Where the actual shading is placed depends on the lighting conditions the artist wishes to show.

    Anime characters are generally shaded in two ways:

  • Generalized shading where there character or object are well lit from most sides
  • Shading with strong one directional light source
  • This particular tutorial will focus on the more generic shading as its very common and can be used in most scenes. Please note however that even in the well lit lighting setup the strongest light will generally comes from somewhere above . This means that shadows will tend to form towards the bottom parts of the hair.

    Dont however confuse this with a one directional light source form above which would be more like shining a flashlight down on someone in a dark room.

    For examples of shading in one directional lighting see:

    Finally also keep in mind that anime/manga style shading does not need to be perfectly accurate or overly realistic. The goal is to have just enough basis in reality so that it looks believable.

    Eight: Add A New Layer For Your Highlights

    How to Color Hair Digitally for Beginners: Clip Studio Paint.

    Add a new layer above the layer you just worked on, but still beneath the line art. Set this layer as a clipping mask by tapping the layer, and selecting Clipping Mask.; Also, change the layer blend mode to Add.

    Using the Soft Airbrush and lightest color from the palette provided, add some highlights by painting lighter regions in the midsection of the hair strand. Remember to follow the directional flow of the hair, and consider where your light source is coming from.

    This step is optional, but you can soften the appearance of these highlights by using the smudge tool and the Short Hair brush to blend them out a little.

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    Color Theory In Action

    So far weve looked at the basic color theory. Now lets see it in action by painting this character.

    In this example, well use the same lighting conditions as our gray ball, with warm light coming from the Sun, warm shadows from earthy tones, and some reflected light from the blue sky.

    For the skin and the hair, I choose the shadow color by darkening the local color and moving it towards red to make it warmer. For the highlights, I make the local color brighter and more yellow.

    Adding warm light to cool local colors

    Its simple when working with warm colors and making them warmer for shadows and highlights. The difficulty starts with more drastic colors like the bluish blouse.

    We start with blue on the color wheel. If we draw a straight line through from blue to orange, the line goes through grey.;This means that for blue, we need to desaturate it to make it warmer.

    When I did not understand colors at all, I would take the local color and slide it down and increase the saturation for this color.

    But as you can see, the shadow is much bluer and cooler than the local color even though the other elements in the piece have warm shadows. It feels wrong because it has a different color shadow.

    Heres the appropriate shadow color for the shadow on the blue blouse. All the colors are unified by the same lighting conditions, with warm light and have warm shadows.

    Then, I blend the colors together.

    How To Draw Hair

    Learn techniques for drawing all types of hairstyles for your characters by thinking three-dimensionally and considering the volume and shape of the hair form in this tutorial by illustrator Eridey!

    Hair is very important for our characters, lending a personality of its own, so drawing hair exactly as we imagine it can be a real challenge.

    But there are many different approaches we can take! For me, the most important rule is to understand what I am drawing, so that I dont get lost halfway through.

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    Alternative Male Anime Hair

  • 1Draw a sketch for a man’s head to provide framework for the hair.
  • 2Draw the hair using simple curves or strokes which extend reaching the shoulders.
  • 3Draw the details for the hair using short straight lines and also curve lines.
  • 4Trace with a pen and erase unnecessary lines. Add details for the face.
  • 5
  • How Anime Hair Is Draw

    shading black hair by ...

    Anime hair is generally drawn in large clumps with a lot of it based on real hairstyles.

    When drawing hair it can be helpful to break it down into the front, sides, and back/top sections as shown in the red, green and blue above. This is also how to hair will be broken down in this tutorial.

    For examples like the one above of all of the hairstyle used in this tutorial as well as general instructions on drawing anime hair see:

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    Adding The Next Shade For The Hair

    This process is very similar to the one you already did. One thing to keep in mind is that the shadows should be smaller and more defined. By this, I mean that, think through at what areas you would like to emphasize.

    Not every area should be emphasized or highlighted. Only the ones which get affected by the light source the lightest . Darker shadows mean that light doesnt get there so easily. Logical, Right? You can use the same shading color you used previously.

    Draw The Top/back Of The Combed Hair

    Add the back/top portion of the hair in pretty much two main curves going from one side of the top of the head. Its overall shape should somewhat hug the head/face getting closer to it the more it goes down. You can also add a few small clumps at the very bottom and slightly above the ears.

    Again these clumps will take away just a little bit from the neat look but will make the hair appear slightly more natural.

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    Coloring The Line Art Layer

    Once youve added all your highlights, youre ready to start coloring the line art layer. This will give your painting a much more subtle and realistic feel. To do this, go to your line art layer and click the padlock symbol to unlock it so you can work on it. Next, click the button near to the padlock symbol that says Lock transparent pixels if you have an earlier version of Photoshop, this might be called Preserve transparency. Then, grab your Pencil Tool, zoom in on your painting and start thinking about the various colors you want to use to color your line art. Basically, you want to be using shades that are slightly darker than the areas youre working on. For example, the line art for the hair would look good if you used a slightly darker shade of yellow.

    How To Draw And Color Anime Hair

    [Medibang Paint Pro desktop version how to] Easy Cel Shading Hair color tutorial

    Artist Hyanna Natsu shows how to draw anime inspired, colorful hair in this text and video tutorial! Learn what “makes” an anime style haircut and how you can give them a beautiful shine!

    Hair is one of my top 5 favorite things to draw and color, and this was also a very requested tutorial. I tried to add as much information as possible while keeping the video fun to watch and full of tips!

    Nothing here is a hard rule, and its mostly to show how I do things, so I hope you enjoy it

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    Create Highlights And Shadows

    Let’s try adding highlights and shadow to hair we have drawn. “Add” blend mode can be used to express light. Similarly, “Multiply” blend mode can be used to express shadow.

    Open the Layer window and on top of the base hair gradation tap New Layer. Finally add a layer for highlights.

    Tap to make the layer you added the Current Layer. Next, tap “Add” to open the Blending Mode menu. Finally select Add from the Blending menu.

    Next, tap the Clipping button and turn on clipping.

    Set color to white and select Airbrush brush and set thickness to 70 pixel.

    Paint with a fat airbrush.

    Since we are separating the layers, we can also change the intensity of the highlights. We can weaken by decreasing the Layer Opacity slider. Here we have lowered it to 70%.

    Similarly, tap the button in the Layer window, add a layer for shadow, make it the Current Layer, and set the Blending Mode to “Multiply” and finally turn Clipping on. Also, change the brush color to black.

    We will now add some shadow. We can adjust the darkness of the shadows by adjusting the shadowing layer’s opacity. Here the layer’s opacity is set to 30%.

    The above figure shows the highlight and shadow using the “Add” and “Multiply” blending mode.

    Draw The Front Of The Buzz Cut

    The front off the buzz cut will be part of the hairline. Draw it with with just two large curves that create a bottom pointing tip slightly below the top of the head.

    Please note that this is just a basic example as to how to draw the hairline. It can vary in shape and position in both real people and anime characters.

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    Tied/braided Hair Should Be Pulled Back

    When drawing tied or braided hair, All the hair starting from your hairline should be pulled back towards where its tied. You dont need to draw every strand, but a few lines to indicate the direction its being pulled towards is enough.

    Heres a tip: A braid can be drawn as a bunch of hearts going down a vertical line, with added detail afterwards!

    How To Draw Anime Girl Hair

    ART In G ì?ë£ ë´ on
  • First, youll need to sketch the head, since you cant have hair without a head. in the shape of an inverted egg because it needs to be narrow at the bottom. You can add some ears as well.
  • Next, youll need to draw the hairline. The hairline will guide you when youre drawing the front and side sections of the hair.
  • Measure 1/5th of the height of the head and draw an arch from one side of the head to the other. Make sure you follow the curvature of the head as you draw.

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    Focus Detail Mainly Around The Hairlines/part

    You usually dont want detail to be absolutely everywhere when drawing hair. This can make it feel very busy. Instead, focus most of the detail around where the hair is growing from, and feel free to leave the larger areas without any drawn strands.

    Heres a tip: When working digitally, you can check if something you draw is skewed by flipping the canvas horizontally! With traditional work, you can hold your page up to a mirror to get the same effect!

    Different Ways To Draw Anime Hair Highlights

    This short tutorial shows several common ways to draw anime hair highlights. The examples include simple, gradient and realistic highlights.

    Hair highlights are basically just light reflecting from the hair. Their color can change depending on the color of the light source but generally they tend to be white.

    Anime and manga style hair highlights are often very simplified and fairly easy to draw though the way you draw them can depend on weather you are drawing using traditional or digital medium.

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    Draw The Front Of The Combed Hair

    The front portion of the hair will be the section that shows that it has been combed. Position it some distance below the hairline as the hair will need some length to be combed like this. Draw the front hair in medium sized clumps that are all sort of swept to one side. At the same time try and draw each individual clump pointing in a slightly different direction so that the hair looks more natural.

    Alternative Female Anime Hair

    ã?Tutorialã How to draw and color hair (Hyan Tricks and Tips #3)
  • 1Draw a sketch for a woman’s head to provide framework for the hair.
  • 2Draw the hair using rounded curves which extend along the framework to the neck.
  • 3Refine the hair using simple curves and strokes around the hair.
  • 4Draw details for the face especially the eyes.
  • 5Trace with a pen and erase unnecessary lines.
  • 6
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    Color The Hair Anime Long Hair Coloring

    How to colour anime hair. How to edit on capcut4. Hair tutorial BIOtifulArt 151 3 Hair Tutorial AkiraAlion 241 20 Simple skin and hair tutorial VanileCream 150 5 Hair Tutorial Part Two mynti 105 13 Hair Tutorial Part One mynti 95 6 Tutorial Golden hair Velsinte 619 14 HAIR TUTORIAL ICSanimangalovers 13 6 Hair colouring step by step QUARTETxNIGHT 31 10 Blondes. If you are drawing digitally or are going to add the highlights using a correction pen or white paint as suggested earlier you can fill the entire area of the hair with one solid color.

    3 Ways to Shade Hair. Take your next color the middle one and shade in over the darker one. If you dont have those options available then simply leave the highlights area white and color around it.

    Anime Hair Color Change Tutorial Capcut Edit TutorialYour search words1Anime Hair Color Change Tutorial2. How to color anime hair Hello everyone. Start by taking your darkest of the three colors and outlining the edges of her hair.

    This is the first episode to my tutorial series. In this Anime coloring tutorial video Ill be sharing some tips for coloring Anime hairFollow my g. See more ideas about coloring tutorial digital art tutorial digital painting tutorials.

    Coloring Tutorial By Maocchi On Deviantart Drawing Hair Tutorial Anime Art Tutorial Deviantart Drawings

    You Can Experience Drawing Ideas Pencil With These Tips Drawingideaspencil Drawing Hair Tutorial How To Draw Hair Anime Hair Color

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