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How To Draw Anime And Game Characters Vol 1

How To Draw Anime: Beginners Guide To Creating Anime Art

How to draw Anime & Game Characters Vol.1 Basics for Beginners and Beyond review

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Theres a lot to be said about learning how to draw from a stellar artist themselves, and thats the experience youll get in this step by step guide by Alex Kudi.

Youll learn how to start drawing anime characters right away and build on your drawings page by page in this in-depth guide.

How To Draw Japanese Anime By Julieta Mccaslin

Drawing anime is like taking a selfie. Even if everything else is perfect, a wonky face will throw your whole work off. Thats especially true for drawing females or highly stylized characters.

This guide explores how to nail those kawaii and often minimalistic faces to create a flawless character design.

Drawing Anime Faces And Feelings: 800 Facial Expressions From Joy To Terror Anger Surprise Sadness And More

This is an older guide with a lot of standing among anime artists. Its written by Tadashi Ozawa, an anime artist himself, and explores how to replicate character designs you might see in Bishoujo type games or visual novels.

If youre looking to replicate characters from your favorite high school animes, youll appreciate this guide.

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More How To Draw Manga

Another set of manga-know-how with only four volumes, based in character creation.

  • More How to Draw Manga Vol. 1: The Basics of Character Drawing
  • More How to Draw Manga Vol. 2: Penning Characters
  • More How to Draw Manga Vol. 3: Enhancing a Character’s Sense of Presence
  • More How to Draw Manga Vol. 4: Mastering Bishoujo Characters

Beginner Today Master Tomorrow

How to Draw Anime and Game Characters SC (2001

Any of these guides will provide a great starting point for beginners and give you the ability to start drawing anime right away!

The foolproof way to pick the guide that is right for you is to start by assessing your current skill level. How well are you able to draw today?

Try taking a blank canvas and draw a character, whether in the anime style or not. After ten minutes, take a second to assess your work. How satisfied are you with it?

Do you want to add more realism or perhaps a more refined appearance to your drawing? Maybe you can draw quite well, but you have some trouble nailing the famous anime expression.

Identifying what you want out of your work is the best way to pick the right guide for you. Its important to remember that learning to draw takes time, effort, and, most of all, exposure.

Your first few drawings wont be perfect, but putting the new techniques and skills you learn to use will concrete what youve learned and help you establish your skills as an anime artist!

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How To Draw Anime For Beginners Step By Step By Sophia Williams

This guide has to be one of my favorites, especially for the fact that everyone can benefit from it .

Tadashi Ozawa explores how to depict your characters doing regular, daily actions, but in highly expressive and engaging ways.

The tips and tricks Ozawa describes out of his own experience will bring a whimsical and unique edge to your art.

How To Draw Manga: Computones

Each volume in this set includes a CD-ROM for use with Windows only.

  • How to Draw Manga: Computones Vol. 1: Basic Tone Techniques
  • How to Draw Manga: Computones Vol. 2: Depicting Characters
  • How to Draw Manga: Computones Vol. 3: Mecha
  • How to Draw Manga: Computones Vol. 4: Portraying Couples
  • How to Draw Manga: Computones Vol. 5: Aiming For Action

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Basic Shapes Drawing Exercises

Practice drawing basic shapes such as squares, circles, triangles, ovals, rectangles, etc

Try and draw each shape with only one stroke per side. Draw the circle and ovals with one solid line from start to finish.

Dont worry if your shapes dont come out right, simply try and improve on the next shape.

Make Light Line Drawings First

Download – How to Draw Anime & Game Characters Vol. 1 – 3 – 4 – 5 (PDF)

Draw using light lines first and then trace over them with darker lines once you are sure that everything is in the right place. This be especially helpful for large or more complex drawings.

Light lines are easier to erase if you make a mistake and easier to make .

Even if drawing digitally its still a good idea to first make a sketch and go over it with cleaner lines afterwards.

Tracing your own lines will also work as another exercise to help steady your hand.

Try and draw with as few lines as possible. If you make a mistake with your first line its fine to add more lines until you land the correct one but dont scribble or draw extra lines just for the sake of it. If you make too many mistakes erase that part of your drawing start over.

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Plan Out Your Drawing & Draw Larger To Smaller

Estimate your proportions before you start drawing. You can see that in the above example the girl is 6 1/2 heads tall . By comparing the size of different parts or objects in your drawing to one another you will be less likely to make a mistake.

Regardless of what you are drawing start with the larger shapes first. You dont need to always start with the absolute largest shape but definitely dont start with the smaller details.

If you area drawing a person start with the head and work your way down through the rest of the body. Dont draw the smaller details like the facial features until you have the shape of the entire body.

Drawing this way will make it a lot easier to fix mistakes. For example if you fully draw out the head with all of the details of the facial features you may then find that the body doesnt actually fit on your drawing area. You will then have to start over and redraw the entire face again.

Some of these mistakes can be easier to fix if drawing digitally but that doesnt mean that you should not learn to draw in the correct order.

For more on drawing anime bodies you can see:

How To Draw Anime And Game Characters

This set is another Graphic-Sha publication that is shown alongside the main HTDM series on the dustjacks and in ads.

  • How to Draw Anime and Game Characters Vol. 1: Basics for Beginners and Beyond
  • How to Draw Anime and Game Characters Vol. 2: Expressing Emotions
  • How to Draw Anime and Game Characters Vol. 3: Bringing Daily Actions to Life
  • How to Draw Anime and Game Characters Vol. 4: Mastering Battle and Action Moves
  • How to Draw Anime and Game Characters Vol. 5: Bishoujo Game Characters

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How To Draw Manga

Jump to navigationJump to searchHow to Draw Manga: Bodies & Anatomy

How to Draw Manga is a series of instructional books on drawing manga published by Graphic-sha, by a variety of authors. Originally in Japanese for the Japanese market, many volumes have been translated into English and published in the United States. The English-language volumes in the series were co-produced by Graphic-sha and two other Japanese companies, Japanime Co. Ltd. and Japan Publications Trading Co.

Beginner Guide To Drawing Anime & Manga

How To Draw Manga, Anime, and Game Characters Vol 1 &  2 ...

This guide is an introduction to the basics of drawing with a focus on the anime and manga style. It provides tips on approaching the drawing process in the right way and suggests some beginner friendly exercises to help you get started.

For a list of other things you can learn that will help you draw anime and manga you can check:

This guide covers the first part of that list .

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Draw Things That Are Hidden

Its sometimes a good idea to draw things that are hidden by something else.

In the above example some parts of the head and face will be hidden by the hair in the final drawing but you may still want to draw their basic shapes and erase them later. The reason for this is to insure the correct placement of the parts that are visible. For example by doing a light drawing of the second eye you will be able to check the spacing between the eyes which will help you insure that the visible eye is correctly placed. You can also draw the outer shape of the ears to estimate the volume the hair needs in order cover them.

For drawing anime style faces see:

How To Draw Anime And Game Characters Vol 1 English Edition

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This exciting new series, which is a perfect companion to the How to Draw Manga book, is a dream come true for all aspiring Japanese anime artists, video game designers, as well as fans. This first volume introduces the step-by-step techniques involved in drawing various types of male and female characters, young and old, in the unique & quot anime& quot style. Moreover, it provides detailed explanations on how to bring out certain personality traits through facial features, anatomy, wardrobe, and accessories. The author, Tadashi Ozawa, is a freelance animator who has worked for Studio Ghibli and Mad House.

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How To Draw Anime: Beginners Guide To Creating Anime Art Learn To Draw And Design Characters Everything You Need To Start Drawing Right Away

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This is another great guide by Alex Kudi, and like their previous one, it aims to give you the techniques and tools needed to start drawing authentic anime characters right away.

It also includes tips on how to draw chibi characters, so its a great guide for those just starting out!

How To Draw Manga: Sketching Manga

How To Draw Manga Vol. 1 Compiling Characters [Preview Only]
  • How to Draw Manga: Sketching Manga-Style Vol. 1: Sketching to Plan
  • How to Draw Manga: Sketching Manga-Style Vol. 2: Logical Proportions
  • How to Draw Manga: Sketching Manga-Style Vol. 3: Unforgettable Characters
  • How to Draw Manga: Sketching Manga-Style Vol. 4: All About Perspective
  • How to Draw Manga: Sketching Manga-Style Vol. 5: Sketching Props

These books are no longer in print and the series has been canceled.

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Keep Different Parts Of Your Drawing In The Same Stages Of Completion

Try and keep the various objects in your drawing in roughly the same state of completion. If for example you are drawing eyes than draw the outer shape of each eye and then draw the shape of each iris. By doing so you will be more likely to notice if the first one is out of place and you will only need to do a little back tracking if you make a mistake .

For more on drawing anime eyes see:

Study The Anime Style

To make art that looks like anime and manga you have to understand their defining characteristics. Fortunately there are plenty of tutorials here on AnimeOutline to help you study these styles. Simply see the Anime & Manga Drawing Tutorials section and pick whatever it is you are interested in drawing.

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How To Draw Manga: Ultimate Manga Lessons

This set was printed in a smaller format of 15 cm x 21 cm.

  • How to Draw Manga: Ultimate Manga Lessons Vol. 1: Drawing Made Easy
  • How to Draw Manga: Ultimate Manga Lessons Vol. 2: The Basics of Characters and Materials
  • How to Draw Manga: Ultimate Manga Lessons Vol. 3: Drawing Sensational Characters
  • How to Draw Manga: Ultimate Manga Lessons Vol. 4: Making the Characters Come Alive
  • How to Draw Manga: Ultimate Manga Lessons Vol. 5: A Touch of Dynamism
  • How to Draw Manga: Ultimate Manga Lessons Vol. 6: Striking the Right Note

The Master Guide To Drawing Anime: How To Draw Original Characters From Simple Templates


We love anime for how expressive it is and its ability to tell an incredible story, whether through animation or still pictures.

Romance is a huge part of that, although youll find that this book will teach you how to draw a variety of different archetypes in addition to romance.

If posing isnt your strong suit, this guide in The Master Guide series will really be beneficial.

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