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How To Draw Anime Boy With Hoodie

How To Draw Anime Fedora Hat Step By Step

How To Draw Anime Boy With Hoodie Step By Step | Real Time Drawing Tutorial

This type of hat is usually worn by male characters especially gangsters. It can also sometimes be worn by female characters as well though this is usually as part of a costume.

Start by drawing a basic outline of the head/hair.

Draw the top portion of the head wider towards the bottom with slightly curved in sides. Afterwards add medium sized brim around it.

Erase the parts of the head/hair covered by the hat once you are done drawing its main shape.

Finish the drawing by adding a stripe between the brim and the top part of the hat as a design element that fedoras often have. You can also add the details of the hair.

You can see a larger shaded drawing of the fedora hat above.

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Drawing Hair With A Hat On

Something to note before drawing hats is that when wearing a hat the hair will usually get compressed. This means that when drawing the hair with a hat on you may want to give it slightly less volume. Also keep in mind that generally anime hair tends to be drawn a lot puffier then real hair so even when compressed you can still draw it a good distance away from the head.

Please note that as the focus of this tutorial is on drawing hats it will not go into the details of drawing the hair. For a tutorial on drawing female anime hair see:

You can of course also experiment by drawing different hairstyles than the one used in the examples.

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Sketching The Female Body

  • 1Draw a head at the top of your paper. Place a circle near the top center of the page so theres enough room to add hair later on. Put the point of the chin slightly outside the bottom edge of the circle since the jaw will come lower down. Sketch in curved jaw lines from either side of the circle toward the mark you just made to make a pointed chin for your anime girl.XResearch source
  • Work lightly in pencil so you can erase and make changes if you need to.
  • If you have trouble drawing a circle, use a compass to help you draw one.
  • Dont add any facial features yet since you may need to make adjustments to the size of the head later on.
  • Warning: Be careful not to draw the head too large or else you wont be able to fit the rest of the body on the sheet of paper.

  • 2Make a vertical line thats 6 ½ times taller than the head down the middle of the paper. Measure the height of the head from the top of the circle to the point of the chin. Start your line at the top of your characters head and draw it straight down so its 6 ½ taller than the head. Space horizontal marks down the vertical line so theyre the same distance apart as the head height to use as guides.XResearch source
  • Measure your proportions each time or else your anime character wont look natural.
  • The guide line will also help keep your drawing symmetrical.
  • When youre finished, the head and torso together will be about 3 heads tall.
  • Your anime girls shoulders should be about 1 ½ times wider than the head.
  • How To Draw Anime Beret Step By Step

    Anime Boy in Hoodie by xxthaixx101 on DeviantArt

    The beret is sometimes worn by anime characters as a fashion item or as part of a uniform.

    Start by drawing an outline of the head and hair. Similar to the hood you can leave the volume of the hair uncompressed .

    First draw the very top part of the beret somewhat wrapping around the top part of the head but a good distance away from it . Afterwards add the small strip at the bottom wrapping about halfway around the head. Draw one side of this strip covered by a fold from the top part of the beret which will be hanging down to one side of the head. You can show the fold with just one angled curved line as in the above example.

    Finish the drawing by adding the detail of the hair.

    You can see the beret drawing above with some basic hair shading to make it stand out a little bit more.

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    Anime Boy Clothes Drawing

    Youre still going to go through some of the steps we covered when drawing anime clothes for female characters.

  • If we were to draw formal or office wear, the first thing youll need to do is create a rough sketch of the clothes. Use light lines to sketch the shirt and the trousers.
  • Add noticeable details to the sketch using light lines. At this stage, youre going to draw the collar, necktie, and add a belt to the outfit.
  • Afterward, use dark lines to trace the sketch while adding other important details. You can add the cuffs, seams, pockets, and pleats. Remember to add some folds as well.
  • If you opted to use guidelines during the first stage, make sure you get rid of them before you add some shadows to the clothing. However, you can proceed to the next step if you didnt use any guidelines.
  • Now that youve cleaned up the drawing, youll need to outline the contours inside the collar, the shirt, the inner part of the sleeves, a little around the pockets, and slightly around the middle area of the pants.
  • In this final stage, youre going to use uniform hatching to fill in the contours and add shadows to the outfit.
  • Always keep these two things in mind when drawing anime clothing:

    • Male bodies are straight and angular, while female bodies have an hourglass type of shape.
    • The clothes you draw will have different folds and wrinkles depending on the body shape of the character.

    How To Draw Anime Cat Ear Hat Step By Step

    The cat ear hat is very common in anime and manga. Its also quite easy to draw.

    First outline the head and hair.

    Draw the top portion of the hat with the cat ears sticking out to the sides with just a few curved lines as shown in the example above.

    The bottom portion of these types of hats usually has a thick rim around either as part of the design or because the hat is folded up over itself at that point. Draw this part as sort of ring that wraps around the head/hair.

    Erse the parts of the head and hair that should be hidden after you draw the hat.

    You can finish the drawing by adding the rest of the hair sticking out from under the hat.

    You can see a larger version of the cat ear hat drawing with some basic hair shading above.

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    How To Draw Manga Boys

    Easy drawing | how to draw a boy with a hoodie

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 12 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 118,041 times.Learn more…

    Many manga artists have an easier time drawing one gender over the other. They usually have a harder time with males — but drawing manga boys is easy once you get the hang of it. First you draw the outline of the body. Then you fill in the head, body, and facial features. Then you add some hair and clothes, and you’ll soon see that you’ve drawn a realistic manga boy. Keep reading for detailed instructions after the jump.

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    How To Draw Anime Hoodie Step By Step

    The hoodie or hoods in general are very common in anime and manga. They can be worn by a wide variety of characters for many reasons.

    Start by drawing an outline of the head, hair and the top part of the shoulders. As a hood generally will not press much on the head you can draw the hair volume the same as when no head ware is being worn.

    Draw the hood itself in two parts, the outline of the fabric and the hole in it for the face. The outer shape of the hood should first pretty much trace the shape of the hair and then get wider as it goes down towards the neck. Around the neck area it should curve back inwards towards the head.

    Draw the inner shape of the hood similar to the outer shape shape but start from around the forehead and end around the upper chest area with a sort of pointy downwards tip .

    Erase the parts of the head/hair covered by the hood.

    Add another line around the inner part of hood that first traces its shape almost exactly and then moves away from it around the shoulders and goes towards the bottom tip of the inner shape of the hood.

    Around the area where this line starts to split away from the main inner outline of the hood draw a second pair of lines.

    To finish the drawing you can add a zipper as well as the details of the hair .

    You can see a large drawing of the hoodie with some basic shading above. Generally you will want to shade the inner part of a hood darker then the rest as that area almost always tends to be in shadow.

    How To Draw Anime Sun Hat Step By Step

    The sun hat is a very commonly worn by female anime characters during during the summer.

    To start draw the outline of the head/hair.

    Draw the top portion of the hat a slight distance away from the hair on the sides with more distance between it and the hair at the top.

    Draw the brim of the hat with a twist and afterwards add a curve on top of it as shown in the above example.

    Finish the drawing by adding the hair.

    You can see the fully drawn out hat with some basic shading above. In this case only the underside of the brim is shaded as that part will usually be in shadow.

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    Drawing An Anime Skirt

    To draw an anime school uniform skirt start once again by drawing its overall shape. Next draw some vertical lines to indicate the proportions of the folds. Its important to note that the folds in this particular design will be sort of like teeth that point in one direction but slowly curve around.

    In this example the inner side of the folds because invisible as they progress from the left side of the picture to the right.

    For more on drawing anime skirts and school clothes see:

    How To Draw Anime Wizard Hat Step By Step

    Anime boy, cool, hoodie, jacket  Anime Guys

    The wizard hat is very common to fantasy anime and usually tends to be worn by female characters.

    Start by drawing an outline of the head/hair and draw the hat over top of this.

    The entire hat should be somewhat similar in shape to an upside down ice cream cone but with the top part hanging to one side.

    To show that the hat is tilted slightly upwards show some of its underside by drawing a pair of lines going from the bottom left and right tips of the hat towards the ears. These lines will define the inner/background part of the at.

    Erase the parts of the head and hair that are covered by the hat after you are done drawing its outer shape.

    To finish the drawing you can add a little band around the area where wizard hat transitions from the brim to the top. You can also draw the details of the hair.

    You can see a larger finished drawing of the wizard hat above with some basic shading.

    You may noticed that the background/inner portion of the hat is shaded slightly darker then the rest as usually less light will reach there.

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    Draw The Overall Shape Of The Female Body

    One of the most important thing to keep in mind when drawing the full figure is the proportions or the relation of one body part to another. Everything has to be the right size or your character will look odd.

    Certain styles may deliberately exaggerate certain proportions there are still rules to follow when drawing.

    For the front view of the girl you should start by drawing a vertical line. This will help you make both sides of the figure more even. If you are drawing two views at once you can add the horizontal lines to make sure that the different body parts match up in both views.

    Drawing both views at once is a good exercise. If you are good at drawing one particular body part in one view but not so much in another this can help you.

    How To Draw An Anime Girl Body Step By Step Tutorial

    In this tutorial you will find very detailed step by step illustrations and instructions on how to draw a female character in the anime and manga style.

    Below is an explanation of how to draw an anime girl from the front and side views.

    For drawing a female anime character in three quarter view you can see:

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    How To Draw Anime Winter Hat Step By Step

    Somewhat similar to the previous example is the winter hat with the pom pom. This is another very common item for female anime characters to ware during winter.

    Draw the head with the outline of the hair.

    Add the top part of the hat as one big curve that is farther away form the head on top and closer to it on the sides. Next draw the bottom part of the hat wrapping around the hair/head. Finally add the pom pom as pretty much a circle that is partially hidden behind the the hat.

    Once done erase the parts of the head and hair covered by the hat.

    Around the circle of the pom pom draw the fluff in small pointy clumps of slightly different size similar to the example above. Erase the circle line once done.

    To make the hat look a little more interesting you can add some lines along its bottom as a small design element. Draw the lines farther apart towards the middle of the head and closer together as they move to the sides. This will help show that the hat is actually wrapping around the head.

    You can finish the drawing by adding the details of the hair.

    Above you can see the finished drawing of the winter pom pom hat with some basic shading.

    Drawing An Anime Leather Jacket

    How to draw a hoodie anime boy | Easy Drawings

    To draw an anime style leather jacket on the body start by drawing its overall shape and major features such as where the zipper line and collar.

    Leather is fairly rigid and even a tight jacket will somewhat conceal the shape of the body. The shoulder areas where the sleeves are stitched to the jacket will stick out be pointy while the chest area will be squeezed in. Draw accordingly.

    In this example the major folds will be at the shoulder and on the inside of the elbow . There will also be some light folds at the level of the upper stomach area because the body is very slightly bent to one side.

    Draw the lighter folds and the smaller parts like the details of the zipper and the pockets after you draw the major features.

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    How To Draw Anime Hats & Head Ware

    This tutorial shows how to draw different kinds of anime hats and head ware. It includes a total of twelve examples with step by step drawing instructions for each.

    The types of hats and head ware included in this tutorial are:

  • Baseball Cap
  • Winter Hat
  • Fedora Hat
  • Explorer Hat
  • Newsboy Cap
  • If you are going to be drawing any of the hats in this tutorial using pencil and paper be sure to make very light lines until you are nearly finished. You will need to erase some parts of the drawing when moving between the different steps. The lines in the example have been made dark simply so that they are easier to see.


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