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How To Draw Anime Eyes Female

Mapping The Face For Anime & Manga

How to Draw ANIME EYES: Female and Male in Pencil – Drawing Tutorial (step by step)

A very good art tutorial on how to draw the manga head and face from different angles. Also, what is good about this video is that you will more about the planes of the face, like the placement of eyebrows.

The video is roughly 20 minutes long or short, but in that time frame, you are able to see three different angles being drawn in detail by Mike. And what I like about the video is that you can follow the drawing process while drawing yourself making the learning process that much easier.

Beginners Mistake And How To Avoid Them

There are quite a few mistakes, that beginners make. Here are the Mistakes, that I see the most and my tips on how you can avoid these mistakes.

The eyes look deadWhen the eyes, you drew, are looking like they are dead, then you should add reflections in the eye. Reflections make an Eye look alive!

The eye looks flatIf your drawings look flat then you should check your shadows again. when you draw a shadow in the wrong place or when you draw your shadows too dark then the drawing will look flat. Also if you don´t draw the eyelids correctly then your eye may look flat as well.

Don´t hate your workI know, that it can be frustrating when you want to draw something and it doesn´t turn out as you imagined it. Then you will hate your drawing or you will think, that you can´t draw in in the worst case you may even stop drawing.

The truth is, you can´t expect to be good at drawing when you start out. It will take practice and you should look at your improvements and not at your failures. Just look at what you did wrong and make it better in the next drawing. Don´t get hung up on your mistakes.

Keep it light in the beginningDuring the sketching phase, you should keep your lines light. So don´t push the pencil down to hard. By keeping it light, you will be able to erase the lines easier.

So be very careful about selling your Anime fanart online or offline. You can read all about fanart and why it is illegal right here on my blog as well.

Realistic Vs Simplified Anime Eye

Heres a list of how parts of the eyes can be simplified in anime style

Tear ducts

Depends on how simplified the style is. In some styles, the tear ducts are not drawn at all while in some styles theres a slight indication of tear ducts.


Unlike the realistic style, the eyelashes can be a simple upward tip at the ends of the eyes or drawn in chunks, not individual strands.


Realistically, the iris should be quite round. In anime-style however, it can be all kinds of shapes, most commonly seen shapes are circles and ovals, some also have sharper edges instead of rounded ones.


Eyelids can be eliminated in some anime styles. A common style is to indicate then with 2 simple lines above the eyes.


Again, this is sometimes not drawn at all or slightly indecated.

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How To Draw A Manga Male Head

In the video, Sophie Chan explains the subtle differences between male and female faces, so this tutorial is especially nice if you want to learn those differences.

The video presents a bit different approach to drawing the head, as Sophie starts from the chin, after the drawing the usual circle. Many starts by drawing the horizontal and vertical lines, but not Sophie, in this video, which makes the process a bit more interesting.

So in a sense, this video shows you how to draw the head before drawing elements like eyes, nose, mouth, etc. In the end, you have a clear head and face structure to draw on further.

Finished Drawing Of Female / Girl Anime Eyes

How To Draw " Female"  Anime Eyes From 6 Different Anime ...

Add shading into the eye to finalize the drawing of the female eye.

Above you can see a different variety of female / girl anime eyes that follow the same drawing methods. Eye construction may vary bases on age and gender. In this example, wider eyes and larger iris usually can be associated with younger children and teens and narrower ones can be associated with adult females.

When drawing female / girl eyes in Anime / Manga style, always first define the style .

Good luck!

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How To Draw Eyes For Beginners

A very good tutorial on how to draw those beautiful anime and manga eyes, especially as the artist is showing you the guidelines to use when drawing those eyes.

Its not always clear to aspiring artists, how the proportions work, and how to actually start the process of drawing those eyes. So I think this video serves that purpose rather well.

The whole drawing process is nicely narrated, so its easy to follow through and get the same results by yourself.

How To Draw Anime Eyes For Beginners

Learning how to draw anime eyes is a pretty simple process. Start doing some drawings, and practice drawing as often as you can. It really only takes a few minutes a day to start seeing improvements.

Have fun and dont be afraid to experiment and try new things. Use artist trading cards to save time, even you dont want to participate in trades. And dont forget to grab your FREE guide to using markers.

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How To Draw Anime Face Female

Please if you want me to show you how to draw like these anime girl faces, tell me in comments.

In this post I will show you just how to draw anime girl heads, if you want to learn how to draw like these anime girl faces Ive created a post where I explain how to draw anime girl face similar to this. Lets start drawing.

How To Draw Four Different Manga Girl Eyes

How to Draw Manga Girl Eyes 3 Ways

This video shows you how to draw four different and beautiful looking eyes in only 8 minutes and some.

The video is narrated, and while it is a speed drawing video, you can still easily follow the artist as she draws the eyes. What I like the video the most is that the end results are amazing. The eyes really do look beautiful, and it shows that the artist wanted to create awesome looking eyes.

If you are interested in learning how to draw manga girl eyes, this tutorial is superb for just that.

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How To Make Eyes Look Unique

So here is a problem a lot of artists run in to after some time. I struggled with this as well, when I was starting out to draw. How can I make my characters all look unique? Or better yet, how can I make their eyes all look unique?

Well, the answer is probably way easier than you may think. Just change little but defining thinks of how you draw their eyes. For example, slightly tilt the eyes in a direction to make them look a little dimwitted or to make them look sharper. Make the eyes extremely round or insanely slim. Give them no reflections in their eyes to make them almost appear dead or evil. Or give them a lot of reflections to make them look innocent or happy.

Just play around with these little defining changes and you will be surprised how many different eyes you will be able to draw! Just take a look at these Sketches I did.

Thicker Lines On The Upper Eyelid Stylizing Eyelashes

Adoption rate: in most example in anime. This element highlights what a lot of anime drawings are like: an effective simplification of complex real life forms to their most basic visual representation.

Since we usually have more volume in eyelashes on the upper eyelid than the lower, in anime drawings, the upper eyelid lines representing the eyelashes are drawn thicker, with more visual weight.

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Female Anime Eye Specifics

Anime eyes are almost always drawn bigger and wider than real eyes. This is especially so for female characters who often have larger and wider eyes than their male counterparts.

One thing that really sets female anime eyes apart from male are more prominent eyelashes . This is not always the case but it does tend to be so.

For different styles of anime eyes you can check:

Be sure to make light lines for the line drawing part of the tutorial as you will need to do some erasing through the different steps. You can go over your drawing with a more solid line once you are done.

How To Draw Female Anime Eyes

How to Draw Female Eyes (Part 2)

Female eyes are generally bigger and rounder. They will also have bigger irises and bigger reflections in their eyes. The eyelashes will be longer and there will be more of them. The overall form of the Eyes should be softer and rounder, not angular!

As you can see in the Sketch below. These eyes look very feminine even though we did not change all that much.

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Here Is A Fantastic Anime Manga Eyes For Girls Female Anime Eyes That Is Very Easy To Draw With Very Impressive Results

Inside the iris draw the pupil tracing the shape of the iris but smaller. Draw anime eyes females. How to draw manga girl eyes step by step drawing tutorials. This video only shows how to draw the left eye but i guess there s no point in showing how to make the other one.

The exact shapes and sizes are different depending on whether you re drawing male or female eyes but the process is similar for both.

While the eyes in that example are slightly different all of the drawing steps can be applied to the example in this tutorial.

How To Draw Manga With Sonia Leong

While the art tutorial video isnt narrated, it still a good video as it shows you and explains to you how to divide features in the head. Drawing the head from a profile might be challenging for some of you, but the simple method shown to you in this video makes the whole process that much easier.

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How To Draw Anime Eyes Male For Beginners

Male manga and anime eyes look quite a bit different from female eyes. They are narrower, and lack the extra eyelashes. However, the process is very much the same.

Begin with a circle for the eyeball. Then add in the upper and lower eyelids. For the male anime eyes, draw the eyelids so they overlap your eyeball. This will make them more narrow.

Finish drawing your male anime eye using the same steps that you used for the female eye. Then use your black pen or marker to ink your drawing.

Add an eyebrow as well. And color your eye drawing the same way as described in the female eye drawing process.

Just like with the female anime eyes, the male eyes can be drawn in many different ways as well. Experiment with different ways to draw the male eyes, and see what style you like most.

Experiment with using different colors for your eyes as well. Dont feel like they always have to be blue or green. They can be purple, pink, brown, or any other color you want to use.

How To Draw Manga Girl Eyes 3 Ways


What I like about this video is the clear explanation that the artist offers to you. Starting from the shaped and then adding eyelashes, shading, and other features to the eye.

The artist is very clear, and even a written explanation is provided with the video. In the video, you will see three different techniques or eyes being drawn, and from each eye, you can learn something new.

While the process is always the same, there are still details and rules that apply in each different scenario.

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Indicate Dark Area At Top Of Iris

Make a line towards the upper half of the eye that will indicate the darker area partially created by the shadow and the eyelashes reflecting in the eyes.

You can erase the line overlapping the pupil in the next step. The reason for drawing it all the way though like that is to make sure that both sides match up and that you have a nice and smooth curve.

How To Draw Manga Eyes In Your Own Style

If you are interested in developing your own anime and manga eye style, this tutorial sheds some light on how to do just that. In this tutorial, you can see how to use the eyeball as a basis, before drawing the eyelids.

While the tutorial is not so extensive, there are things to learn, such as how to draw eyebrows to give a certain mood for your character.

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How To Draw Anime Eyes Female Cute Step By Step

How To Draw Anime Eyes Female Cute Step By Step. This amazing image selections about How To Draw Anime Eyes Female Cute Step By Step is accessible to download. We collect this amazing picture from online and choose the best for you. How To Draw Anime Eyes Female Cute Step By Step pics and pictures selection that uploaded here was properly selected and published by desktop wallpaper hd after selecting the ones which are best among the others.So, finally we make it and here these list ofwonderful photo for your ideas and informational reason regarding the How To Draw Anime Eyes Female Cute Step By Step as part of hd wallpaper gallery exclusive updates collection. So, take your time and find the best How To Draw Anime Eyes Female Cute Step By Step images and pictures posted here that suitable with your needs and use it for your own collection and personal use.Regarding Image information : Pic has been submitted by hd wallpaper gallery. You are able to give your opinion as feed-back to our blog value. Did you know How To Draw Anime Eyes Female Cute Step By Step is most likely the hottest topics in this category? Thats why were presenting this topic at the moment. We had taken this picture from the net that we consider would be one of the most representative pictures for How To Draw Anime Eyes Female Cute Step By Step.

Image Source From

How To Draw Anime Basic Head

Easy Anime Eyes To Draw Girl Anime Hair

This video has a pretty nice take on the different angles of head and face, with a written explanation on what you should draw next and how its easy to follow along with the video while you practice drawing anime and manga head.

The artist also shows you how to draw anime and manga head from the side. So you will not only learn how to draw it from the front view but also from the side and from different angles.

The video is nicely paced and is slow enough to see how the hand moves along with the drawing.

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How To Draw Male Anime Eyes

The Eye we dre above looked more like a Female eye, but why? And how can you draw a Male Anime Eye?

What makes an eye look male? The answer is pretty easy. It is slimmer, more angular, doesn´t have big light reflections and the iris is smaller.

Here is the sketch of an Eye, I made, keeping the differences from above in mind.

Not let´s add some details but we are keeping the eyelashes to a minimum and the reflections are very small. The lines are also way more angular.

Only these very subtle differences made a huge difference. You can obviously push the differences more by making the eye even slimmer and the iris rounder and smaller. Or you could also make the eyebrow bushier.

Drawing Different Anime Eye Expressions

The factors that determine the expression of the eyes are:

  • The position and shape of the eyebrows
  • The position of the pupils
  • The position of the eyelids

One major difference between drawing realistic eye expressions is that in anime and manga the size of the pupil can be changed to create a more dramatic expression .

Below is a breakdown of each expression.

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More Easy Anime Eye Drawings To Try

Here are some more anime eye drawings to try out of different genders and styles.

You can interchange the male and female eye drawings as you please by making slight adjustments.

It all just depends on the character youre drawing.


Here is a collective image of the final anime eye drawings, along with other ones to try out.

All of these images were drawn on my 2-in-1 laptop, but you can create digital drawings on even $30 drawing tablets these days.

I first started digital drawing on a Wacom tablet . If you are an avid drawer, I highly recommend trying out digital drawing: Its a great skill to start mastering if you are interested in pursuing art in the future, or just as a fun hobby or side-hustle!

As for programs, I have used Paint Tool Sai in the past and its free, so its great for beginners. Now, I use to create these digital drawings.

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How To Draw And Color Anime Eyes Tutorial

How to Draw Anime Female Eyes Part 1: Large Eyes

I like this tutorial, even though it might look a bit messy as the camera is moving where the artist moves the pen. Which creates a bit of difficulty to follow along.

Sometimes the drawing is way too zoomed in, but then again, that is the way the artist prefers to draw, so we do have to appreciate and understand that.

Its also nice to see a tutorial from someone using the Procreate app. The thing that I like the most about this tutorial is the way the artist shows the different layer techniques for coloring and rendering the manga eye.

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