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How To Draw Anime Breasts

Gather Your Drawing Supplies


If you love a good villain, Im sure youll appreciate this drawing of Dabi from My Hero Academia. Consider coloring in your drawing and adding some blue flames to background to give it the ultimate Dabi vibe.

Artist Credit: unknown

Senku is from the Dr. Stone manga series. Its also an anime that can be watched on Crunchyroll if youre interested. I think one of my favorite physical features about this character is his hair.

Artist Credit: suki.sketch

I love this drawing of Minato Namikaze. The Naruto/Naruto Shippuden anime is my all-time favorite anime. If you also enjoy the series, I know youll appreciate this drawing.

Artist Credit: arteyata

Is it just me, or does Itachi Uchiha not get enough credit as one of the coolest anime characters ever? This Itachi sketch is absolutely fantastic. Make sure you check out the artist for more anime drawings.

Artist Credit: arteyata

If youre a fan of the Haikyu!! anime, this drawing should be right up your alley. To complete your drawing, I definitely recommend adding color. No Shy Hinata drawing is complete without orange hair!

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How To Draw Anime Head & Face

The video doesnt have a voice-over which explains what is happening. However, writing and showing the process of drawing a face is clearly presented.

Beginning with the face structure and showing how to divide face helps you understand the construction required to draw anime face.

Just by learning the basic construction of the face already takes you far. Keep this if you are just starting out.

Drawing A Shy Anime Character With An Awkward Look

When dealing with other characters the shy characters often tend to avoid eye contact and look down. They may also have a bit of a nervous smile.

For the awkward expression draw the eye/eyes looking down as mentioned above with the bottom part of the iris slightly covered by the bottom eyelid. Leave a bit of space between the iris and the top eyelid.

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The Structure Of The Breasts And How They Attach

The breasts grow directly the armpit line.

There is a space between the breasts.

The nipples turn outward.

The breasts and nipples face outward at roughly a 90 angle to one another.

v \ Because breasts are soft and pliable.

Profile Views > y0U can achieve very different effects by how you dress the figure.

size and shape
under the breast should be drawn.

Breasts of Different

Animes Breast Obsession Explained

How To Draw Anime Girl Boobs

Boobs, headlights, breasts, jugs, chichi. Modern American culture worships the breast. But American culture isnt alone. Anime too has a special fixation on the breast. While Ive already addressed breast symbolism in anime, I havent discussed why anime obsesses over breasts. At first blush, this seems like a simple answer: guys. Guys like boobs, and anime targets men. However, this isnt entirely correct. Modern men like breasts, but for most of human history, the breast was associated with life, particularly that of a child, instead of sexuality . Lets first take a look at modern ideas of why men like breasts and then look into the traditional Japanese view.

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Drawing A Daydreaming Shy Anime Character

As the shy girl characters tend to be loners they may often be daydreaming by themselves.

For the daydreaming expression draw the eye/eyes to one side of the face with both the top and the bottom eyelids slightly raised. You can also draw slightly raised eyebrows

Draw the mouth smiling with the teeth showing and add some blush below the eyes.

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How To Draw Anime Characters

Many beginners choose anime/manga as their first drawing style, because it looks very simple and appealing. However, if you want to draw a manga character from scratch, you need to understand the proportions and structure of the body. And if you want to draw anime bodies from imagination, you even need to know human anatomy. So while drawing anime characters is easier than drawing realistically, it’s still not easy!

In this tutorial, I will show you the basics of drawing the bodies of anime characters. I’ll show you how to start a manga drawinghow to define a pose for your character and how to make sure the proportions are correct. Then I’ll show you how to turn this “skeleton” into a 3D structure and how to add muscles to it.

You’ll learn everything you need to know to draw an anime character from scratchthe gesture, proportions, forms, and anatomy. It’s all explained on a beginner level!

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Mapping The Face For Anime & Manga

This tutorial explains how you draw face and head from different angles. Might require some previous knowledge on how to draw an anime face. So if you didnt watch the previous video yet. Do start from there.

This video is more advanced and shows you how you can draw the face from any angle if you apply the knowledge creatively. The examples are easy to follow and shows you how to approach when drawing eyes and other features in different angles.

Though Mikey is using traditional methods, the results are just damn impressive. Easy to learn but may be hard to master.

How To Draw Eyes From An Angle In Anime & Manga


Mikey shows you how to draw eyes even though not explaining so much on the structure of the eye as REIQ does. However, you can clearly see the difference in style and also how to draw younger-looking anime eyes.

So if you want to draw eyes fast and get those anime eyes for your drawing. This video is excellent for that. Showing you another way of approaching to draw the eyes.

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How To Draw The Best Butt Ever

To complete your characters forms, you need to know how to draw a butt. As with everything, good knowledge of human anatomy is always something that is valued. It gives you opportunities to create your own looking forms. Proportions are the ones that matter. If you know the proportions, things get much easier.

How To Draw Manga Anime Clothed Boobs Poses Art Guide Book From Japan

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Fairy Tail Author Gives Advice On How To Draw Breasts

Japan has never ceased to shock the world with its quirky celebratory days. To those who didnt know, 08/01 was Oppai no Hi or Breast Day, and Hiro Mashima a good sport celebrated the auspicious day with detailed advice for how to draw breasts for the budding artists out there.

Hiro Mashima, a manga artist known for his popular manga EDENS ZERO, RAVE and FAIRY TAIL, updated his Twitter account on Sunday explaining the tidbits to draw the alluring bodies of his heroines with illustrations. Mashima sketched two of his favorite heroines from the series RAVE and FAIRY TAIL, to explain the perspectives when the direction of the poses change or how the shapes change with the type of clothes women wear.

Fans were overwhelmed by the sudden free advice from a popular mangaka like Mashima, and soon the post blew up on Twitter. They earnestly thanked him for the tips and agreed with him that usage of out of proportion boobs is not always in demand, except during fan service.

However, it is also true fan service is something authors keep in mind while drawing their characters to gain popularity over time. Apart from Hiro Mashima, another author who paid earnest attention to the way his heroines look is ONE PIECE author, Mr. Eichiiro Oda.

Incidentally, 08/02 is Pantsu Day. Reason is that 8/2 would be pronounced as 8 = pa and 2 as tsu from the English two =pantsu.

How To Draw Anime Eyes

Pin by Erica on estructura del cuerpo huma

When you have drawn the anime eyes, it would be awesome to color it. Colors and shades really do bring life to the eyes and Shachimus tutorial and awesome for that.

Very different from the previous videos as this video shows more about the coloring process of the eye rather than the drawing part.

The coloring is one thing that creates a personality for your anime eyes and this tutorial nicely shows you how to color the iris of the eye.

Drawing soft looking eyes are very anime-like and much seen in the anime art niche. Shachimu shows you how to achieve just that kind of eyes, and by the looks of it, it requires few rounds of coloring to get the results.

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How To Draw An Anime Body

This “skeleton”, though so simple, is actually half of the jobonce you have set the proportions the way you want, there’s not much you can do wrong! But a correctly drawn skeleton is just a skeleton, so let’s see how to fill it and create a body.

An anime body can be reduced to simple forms, like spheres and ellipsoids. They introduce another level of proportions, although they’re much looser and easier to keep right. It’s important to remember that although they look like circles and ellipses in your drawing, they’re actually 3D objects, and they are subject to perspective.

Let’s take a look at the body parts separately. The torso still looks very much like an hourglass. You just have to remember about the tilting of the chest and hips towards the waist in the back.

The limbs are a little more complex, but still easily understandable. Just imagine them as the limbs of a drawing dummy! Also, pay attention to the joints.

Anime Male Character Face Proportions

These are the default proportions that the characters in this tutorial will refer to. So when you read something like draw the eyebrows lower down or make the eyes narrower it will usually mean in relation to this example.

Please keep in mind that they are just a guideline for getting male anime style looking characters. As already mentioned there is a lot of variation in the anime/manga style so this drawing template may not always apply.

For a detailed guide on drawing a male anime face see:

If you just want a quick breakdown of the placement of the facial features and drawing steps you can read below:

  • Eyes make a horizontal line through the middle of the head and draw the eyes below that
  • Ears make another horizontal line between the first line and the bottom of the chin and draw the ears between these two lines
  • Nose position the nose with its bottom at the line used for the bottom of the ears
  • Mouth draw the mouth with the bottom lip between the bottom of the nose and the bottom of the chin and the mouth itself slightly above it

Draw the eyebrows slightly above the eyes.

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How To Draw Eyes From Realistic To Anime

REIQ shows in the video how you can draw eyes realistically and how to draw them in anime style.

The basis for drawing realistic eyes is always to follow specific rules when possible or when aiming to draw more mature eyes rather than lets say chibi version of eyes.

The video covers different emotions that can be expressed with eyelids and eyebrows. All the while keeping the details to a minimum and showing the structure of the eye.

This video basically has everything you need to know about anime eyes. But if requiring more heres some.

How Do You Draw Anime Hair


When you learn how to draw anime hair, you will begin by creating the basic outline and shape of your desired hairstyle. After this, you will start adding some layers to create more realistic hair. Just like the eyes, anime hair can be any color at all! But, do not forget to add elements of shadow and light, as shading is always needed when you draw hair.

Well done! You have now finished your manga drawing! We hope that this manga drawing tutorial has everything you need to be well on your way to creating many more awesome anime characters! Be creative and think out of the box, and most importantly, have fun!

Hanna Kirchner | «Hanapen»

From a very young age, Hanna Kirchner has loved to draw, where she would always be found in the art corner of her Kindergarten class. Since, she has graduated as a graphic designer. Hanna resides in the Karlsruhe area of Baden-Württemberg. Also from a very young age, Hanna enjoyed watching anime shows on TV. Among her childhood favorites were Yugi-Oh, Beyblade, and of course, the ever-popular ! Hannas love for the Japanese artform was certainly encouraged by her older sister, who also adored manga. She recalls seeing one of her sisters German manga magazines, Daisuki, and knowing exactly what she wanted to do as a career. Now, Hanna is an accomplished graphic designer who still enjoys drawing anime part-time.

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How To Draw Manga Faces Step By Step

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Struggling to get your Manga charactersâ faces looking how you want them to? Well, look no further. Manga faces are a fun and challenging way to showcase your talent. Not just that, theyre a great way to develop basic skills needed for more advanced pieces too. This post will outline everything you need to know and about how to draw Manga faces step by step. To make sure they were easy to follow, weâve included step by step images of what your Manga drawings should look like at each stage. Have a go yourselfâ¦

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Now Brush Up On Your Technique

Manga can be a great art form to really help you develop new skills and brush up on your weaker ones. But it doesnt stop there. So, why not download our free all in one Chameleon Pen technique guide? Whether its learning something new or improving your color blending and shading techniques, its all in there to help you color like no other.

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Drawing A Loner Anime Male Character

The male loner character can either be shy or socially awkward or may just plain dislike people. These types of characters can be both positive and negative depending on the story.

For the loners normal look draw the eyebrows with their ends slightly raised. Draw the top eyelids slightly lowered and draw the bottom eyelids with wider curves. Make the irises fairly small. Underneath the eyes add a few curved lines to show bags under the eyes .

Draw the mouth in an upside down curve.

Thee combined features will give the loner a somewhat uncaring and unfriendly look.

The Three Different Ways To Draw Clothing Over Anime Breasts And What To Call Them

How To Draw Anime Girl Boobs

Japanese artist shares illustrated field guide to busty anime visuals such as the boob bag.

As with many things in anime, anime breasts are different from real-life breasts. Most obviously, theyre often larger and more bulbous than their real-world counterparts, while ironically being far perkier, as though busty characters torsos are constantly in the center of a localized anti-gravitational field.

The unique properties of anime breasts also affect anime fashion. With chests being so large and protruding, artists have to put a lot a lot of thought into how clothing will fit over a busty characters upper body, and for reference illustrator and Twitter user Moyugen has prepared a visual comparison of the three most tried-and-true aesthetics, as well as a name for each.

Starting on the left, we have what Moyugen calls the chichibukuro, orboob bag. Far more common in anime than in real-life apparel, the chichibukuro snugly cups each breast individually, even wrapping around underneath the bust.

Next, in the middle, is the chichi tent , in which the expanse of fabric needed to cover the chest also results in more material throughout the torso, with the shirt being tucked into the waistband to create a single peak thats less pronounced than with the chichibukuro.

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Draw The Face Outline

Down the middle, faintly draw a downwards line from the top of the circle and ending below it by about half another circles length. This will act as the guideline for your characters chin.

NOTE: Older characters tend to have longer chins and more slender faces, and younger characters have rounded faces with shorter chins. From the bottom of the line, draw two curved lines that join it to the edge of the circle to create a rounder or longer chin, depending on the characterâs age.

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