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How To Draw Anime Face

Male And Female Anime Faces

How to Draw Faces for Beginners | Anime Manga Drawing Tutorial

Although manga style faces are pretty feminine to begin with, there are certain ways to make the face look more masculine:

  • The eyebrows are placed low above the eyes.
  • The eyebrows may be thicker and less curved.
  • The eyes are narrower.
  • The eyelashes are minimal and less prominent.
  • The pupil is small and circular.
  • The lips are even less pronounced.
  • The jawline is more pronounced.
  • The neck is thicker.
  • The nose is more pronounced.

Of course, not all of these methods must be applied. Sometimes, the sex difference is shown only by the clothes and the hairstyle!

Drawing A Concerned Intellectual Male Anime Character

The concerned or thinking expression is one that the intellectual character is likely to make.

For the concerned expression draw the eyebrows lower down and closer together with some wrinkles in between them. Draw the irises slightly rolled up and slightly closer together.

Draw the mouth in an upside down curve but slightly higher up than the normal expression.

Chibi Style Side View Head Guidelines

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Pick An Iris Colour Based On Your Composition

Finally, I return to detailing the iris. Ill take a look at the overall picture and colours that Ive used and then decide what colour the iris of the character should be. Because the painting features predominantly red colours, I decide to go with a green colour for the eyes. I also save my white value for the very end, applying a little highlight to the eyes.

Drawing An Intellectual Male Anime Character

Anime anatomy basic drawing tutorial

The intellectual character type in anime and manga does not necessarily mean a shy or weak male character. On the contrary quite often these characters can be both physically though and intelligent. Often these tend to be the school council president or some type of leader.

For the intellectuals normal look draw the eyebrows in their natural state with the eyes slightly narrower than the default character example at the start of the tutorial. Make the irises slightly smaller as well. Smaller/narrower eyes will both make the character look more serious and hint that they may have impaired vision.

Draw the mouth in a light upside down curve to again make the character look more serious.

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Drawing The Smaller Details Of The Face & Finishing The Line Drawing

At this stage you can erase the parts of the face that are covered by the hair and add the smaller details o the eyes such as the eyelashes, pupils, and highlights. You can also shade in the eyelashes and add some more details to the hair.

When drawing the eyes you can lightly outline the highlights with a very light lines so that if you shade the eyes you dont accidentally shade them in also.

Once you are done you should have a finished line drawing of an anime girls head and face.

This is technically a finished drawing and you can leave it as is but if you want to go a little bit further you can move on to the next step for the shading.

You can see the finished line drawing of the facial features without the hair in the way in the illustration above.

Draw The Small Details Of The Facial Features

At this stage erase the parts of the head hidden by the hair and add the inner details of the eyes and ears.

The areas that you will want to define inside/around the eyes are:

  • The pupils same or similar shape as the irises but smaller
  • The highlights in this case a large and a small one in each eye
  • The darker/shaded top areas upper halves of the irises
  • Eyelids just a hint with a pair of lines slightly above the eyes

For a step by step breakdown of the various parts of the eyes see:

You can also add the inner details of the ear as shown the example above.

For more on drawing ears see:

Once finished with this stage of the drawing you can darken your lines by tracing over them. However leave the lines defining the eye highlights and shadows light as you want those to blend into the color/shading.

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Drawing An Average Guy Anime Male Character

The average guy character is usually meant to be someone the viewer can relate to or cheer for. These are often the protagonists of anime shows and manga or the lead male character if the protagonist is a female.

Somewhat messy medium length hair is very common for these types of characters.

To draw a male protagonist character with their normal expressions draw the eyebrows in their natural position and draw the eyes with fairly large pupils/irises.

If you want a friendly looking character draw the mouth with a light smile.

Mapping A Cute Easy Anime Face In Real Time


A very in-depth video on how features a placed in the head. This art tutorial is a bit lengthy, but it does explain rather nicely how to draw manga face and head.

In the video, you will learn how to draw a nose, for example, from different angles and how the nose curve smooths out when the face is looking more forward than to the side.

When you are starting out, do use guidelines to help you place the facial features in the right places.

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Add Smaller Details On The Face

At this step you can clean up the drawing and remove the guidance frame lines created in the previous steps, adding smaller details such as eyelashes, pupils and highlights. After that, you can also focus on thicker lines, add black or shaded with a pencil on the eyes and eyebrows. You can also create lashes for eyelashes and add some details to the hair.

After completing these steps, you have a complete drawing of the face of the male anime character. You can leave it as it is, but if you want the image to be a bit deeper, move on to the next step to shade the face.

How To Draw Anime Basic Head

This video has a pretty nice take on the different angles of head and face, with a written explanation on what you should draw next and how its easy to follow along with the video while you practice drawing anime and manga head.

The artist also shows you how to draw anime and manga head from the side. So you will not only learn how to draw it from the front view but also from the side and from different angles.

The video is nicely paced and is slow enough to see how the hand moves along with the drawing.

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Draw The Character’s Eye

The younger the character, the bigger the eyes. In this case, the character is a young man so his eyes will be smaller than a boy’s.

Based on the horizontal baseline, split the first part drawn above and draw the eye under this line, the distance between the eyes depends on your estimation, depending on the style and character type.

Note, the eye is in this position when the character is in a normal state, if the opening is larger , the eye will override the base line, if the eye is in a closed state then it will lie under.

Draw eyebrows above the eyes. The eyebrows of male anime characters and manga are often drawn thicker than that of females, especially with older characters. However it also depends on style.

In this step, you only need to outline the eye shape, giving simple strokes. Go through every detail, then follow the steps below.

Drawing The Mouth & Lips

Lets Draw Something: Drawing Anime Face: Step By Step

Anime mouths are usually drawn without lips but you can add them if you want a more realistic looking mouth.

Position the mouth with the bottom lip halfway between the bottom of the nose and the bottom of the chin.

Draw the mouth itself as a curve with a break in the middle where the lines curve slightly downwards. You can also draw it wider than more traditional anime mouths.

For a very detailed explanation of drawing the lips you can see the tutorial below:

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How To Draw A Realistic Anime Face Step By Step

This step by step tutorial shows how to draw a semi-realistic looking female anime face that differs from the more traditional anime styles.

Drawing a realistic looking anime face is a little more challenging than drawing a standard anime or manga style face. While the actual drawing process itself is not much more difficult the challenge comes in balancing between semi-realistic facial features and maintaining an anime look.

To help with that challenge this tutorial provides a detailed breakdown of the drawing process. It includes an explanation of how to draw the head and each of the major facial features to achieve a more realistic look.

Be sure to make light lines for the initial stages of the drawing so that you can easily erase parts of them later. The lines in the examples are dark simply so that you can see them. You can go over your drawing with darker lines after you are sure everything is in the right place and after you erase all o the guide lines and parts of the face that will be hidden by the hair.

Anime Male Character Face Proportions

These are the default proportions that the characters in this tutorial will refer to. So when you read something like draw the eyebrows lower down or make the eyes narrower it will usually mean in relation to this example.

Please keep in mind that they are just a guideline for getting male anime style looking characters. As already mentioned there is a lot of variation in the anime/manga style so this drawing template may not always apply.

For a detailed guide on drawing a male anime face see:

If you just want a quick breakdown of the placement of the facial features and drawing steps you can read below:

  • Eyes make a horizontal line through the middle of the head and draw the eyes below that
  • Ears make another horizontal line between the first line and the bottom of the chin and draw the ears between these two lines
  • Nose position the nose with its bottom at the line used for the bottom of the ears
  • Mouth draw the mouth with the bottom lip between the bottom of the nose and the bottom of the chin and the mouth itself slightly above it

Draw the eyebrows slightly above the eyes.

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How To Draw Anime Faces Tutorial

The video focuses on drawing feminine anime face and head, and what I like about this video is that the artist is pretty thorough with explaining how things work.

Explaining things like which eye draw first and how to draw eyes, etc. makes the video feel complete and entertaining.

If you struggle drawing anime and manga head from an angle, this is one of those videos that covers just that.

How To Draw Anime Boy Face


A very simple and straightforward video on how to draw boys face in anime style starting by drawing the circle and adding the needed lines for the jaw and eyes.

As you might have seen, the basics are always the same. Draw a circle and then add lines. Its that simple, yet it isnt when you want to draw a beautiful face. Its all about proportions and how things are placed in the head.

The video has a narration that makes it easy to follow through and learn at the same time. Its also nice to see the hand movements from the artist and the thought process behind the lines.

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Now Anime Face Drawing Has Been Made

So friends, now this drawing has been made completely, in this we just have to draw its hair. Hope you understand everything here.

I believe every one of you would have adored this article. In this, we simply expected to pull in its eye the last, which will make you draw with no issue. Need you completely delighted in this article. You can comment on this by what means may you like this article. In case you have not yet told the censures of our web diaries, by then get the latest take-up you first and you can welcome it first. Thankful for the going with a post in the going with post-bye.

Drawing A Friendly Male Anime Character

The friendly guy is usually a positive supporting character such as the protagonists best friend.

A short and messy hair can be a good fit for the friendly guy as it can reinforce a down to earth and slightly carefree personality type.

For the friendly guys normal look draw the eyebrows in their natural state. Draw the eyes wider and make the irises and everything inside them larger than the base example at the start of the tutorial.

Give the mouth a light smile.

Larger eyes will make for a friendlier looking character and a light smile will further reinforce this look.

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How To Draw An Anime Face

Lets work with the basic technique of sketching anime. The main feature of the anime are the faces of the persons. They are always very expressive despite the visual lack of difficult details. We created an art lesson in which we show you how to draw an anime face to learn how to depict any anime persons. The principles we will talk about can be used in any artwork in anime style.

Drawing A Grinning Delinquent/thug Male Anime Character

Learn Manga: emotions by *Naschi. How to draw manga face ...

A grin is one expression that the delinquent/thug is likely to make when they spot someone they want to pick on.

For grinning expression for the delinquent character draw the eyebrows with their inner ends lowered, draw the eyes slightly squinted but still leave some space between the bottom eyelids and the irises.

Draw the mouth smiling but with a hint of the teeth .

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Start With A Flat Colour When Painting Eyes

When sketching and drawing the eyes, paint the whole iris as a flat colour. It can be the same colour as your sketch brush. Painting the whole iris during the sketch phase will help make the sizes of both irises consistent with each other. It also makes it easier to compare and check whether both irises are the same size or not.

How To Draw A Simple Anime Face From 3 Sides Front/side/profile With Guidelines

Okay, I think Mikey Mega Mega is one of those teachers that are just plain good. I mean, the teaching style is very clear, consistent, and you can easily follow his guidance.

This video shows you how to draw the anime head from the front, side, and profile. As you can notice from the video, drawing the head and face is not about being super perfect. Its about getting the elements around the right place. The better you can place nose, ear, eye in the head. The better the results.

But its not about being perfect. Its about being close enough.

At the end of the video, there is a speed up process on finalizing the head and face to completion.

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Structure & Draw The Head

For a middle aged female anime characters head draw it taller than you would for a younger person. Kids generally have rounder faces than adults therefor a longer face will automatically make a character look older and more mature.

For the front view you can first draw a shape close to a circle. Draw two lines going down from that and two more lines going down form those meeting in the middle to form the chin.

For the side view you can draw the top of the head as an oval and then add the bottom section onto that. This can get a little tricky as you will want to indicate the nose right away. As suggested earlier you can do a rough drawing with light lines first and estimate where the nose should be and correct your drawing later if needed. For placing the nose see step four of this tutorial.

For now draw the area between the tip of the nose and the chin as a single line. The details of the mouth and bottom portion of the nose will be added in later stages.

For more on anime heads and faces see:

Add Shading To Finish The Drawing

How To Draw Anime Girl Face [Slow Narrated Tutorial] [No Timelapse]

To finish the drawing you can add some more basic shading to several areas of the face. As in many other tutorials here on AnimeOutline the shading will be done in a fairly generic way. Meaning that the shadows will be added in places where they are likely to occur in common lighting conditions such as a well lit room or daytime outside.

For this type of shading add shadows in the following places:

  • Bottom tips of the hair clumps
  • On the head
  • Around the eyelids

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