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How To Draw Anime Lips

How To Draw Anime Lips & Mouths With Manga Drawing Tutorials


Here is a fantastic Anime & Manga Mouths & Lips drawing tutorial for all of those Japanese illustration fanatics out there. Anime mouths are pretty easy to draw compared to real structured mouth illustrations so only a little bit of training is needed with impressive results. The previous Manga tutorials were for drawing Male Manga Eyes and Female Anime Eyes and How to Draw Anime Faces and How to Draw Anime / Manga Hair .

Print Of Anime Lips Drawing For Anime Makeup

Anime lips are defined by small cute lips which is what you should try to achieve if you are aiming to nail the basic anime makeup look. Once you have mastered that, we would invite you to venture beyond that and try out pop art and cartoon anime lips drawing.

Anime makeup will not be complete without the perfect anime lips. To get the true sense of anime beauty, there are a couple of points that you ought to remember for anime lips.

  • Exfoliation will enhance your anime lips beyond your imagination, buy or make a simple exfoliator specifically for your lips.
  • Always make sure that you use a foundation or concealer as a main step.
  • The trick is to bring attention to drawn in lines supported by the pop of color. The lines are what give the whole look depth and dimension.
  • Most anime makeup looks have washed out lips which is unappealing. Even if you want to stick true to the spirit of anime beauty, make sure to apply nude lipstick to make your lips noticeable.
  • Any animation makeup tutorial worth its while will tell you to avoid all glossy lipsticks. Stick to matte lipsticks and lipglosses.
  • A slightly contradictory tip that we will impart here is that you should never shy away from underemphasizing your lips. A minimalistic look for your anime lips can easily rival dark colored lips at any time.

Way To Draw A Mouth With Teeth

Step 1 Draw a half oval like shape with a vertical line in the middle. Draw two more curves just above the curve of the oval.

Step 2 Follow the outlines to draw the lips as shown in figure.

Step 3 First draw the front two tooth which are of egg shapes, one on the left side of the vertical line and one on the right. Continue drawing the tooth, size of each pair reduces little by little. Follow the same steps for the bottom lip.

Step 4 Remember that the outlines were subtle so that you can easily remove it. Now erase the outlines.

Step 5 Final step is to shade the lips and gums i.e. the empty spaces between the lip and the tooth. Give some additional touch-ups for your satisfaction.

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How To Draw An Open Anime & Manga Mouths On The Head

For an open mouth the jaw can be drawn lower down. Tough in some more stylized characters this is not always be the case.

When dividing the head with an open mouth into eight parts ignore the extra height added due to the jaw being lower down . Instead estimate where the bottom of the jaw would be if the mouth was closed .

How To Draw Lips For Manga Anime Youtube

Pin by Alanna Budris on References

Draw the mouth with a light smile. Anime lips are basically just 2 lines, one long one and another shorter one under it. Mechanical pencil 0.5 maped mechanical eraser blending stump sketch book video. If the mouth is open or the lips are moved from the normal state you can adjust the size and position accordingly. Drawn lips easy free clipart on dumielauxepices net. Drawing tutorials for anime manga . I think that the cause of this frustration simply stems from the first, we’ll draw the lines that make up the bottom of the top lip and the top of the bottom lip. Image result for male anime lips smirk drawing drawings mouth. How to draw anime and manga mouths by 100puro sponsored and produced by otakufuel a basic tutorial on how to draw mouths in the manga style featuring. And there you have it, a completed lesson on how to draw a smile, and how to draw an anime smile. In this how to draw lips tutorial we will cover hungry lips plump lush lips smiles and the basic building blocks of big lips and. Kissing lips drawing at paintingvalley com explore collection of. Tutorial how to draw lips there will be more about this topic when i come to the whole face tutorial.

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How To Draw Anime Lips Tutorial

This tutorial explains how to drawing anime and manga style lips in different variations from different views . It focuses on female lips but some examples can also be used for drawing male lips.

It is very common for mouths in anime and manga to be drawn without lips but some styles do show lips. Lips are also often drawn in close up scenes of anime and manga even in the styles where they are otherwise not shown.

How To Draw Anime Face Step By Step Tutorial

These step-by-step tutorials focus on the face, which, as it turns out, is pretty easy to do:

  • Draw a circle and add a cross in the middle this will keep the face symmetrical.
  • Start by shaping the face you can choose the shape you want.
  • Then draw the eyes, while using the cross as a balancing point.
  • Draw the ears and neck and dont forget to use the cross for symmetry.
  • Continue with the nose and mouth
  • Finish with the hair, which can be designs to your liking.
  • How to draw anime face

    Heres a video tutorial on how to draw a girl face

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    How To Draw An Upset Anime Mouth

    This type of a mouth can be used for an upset or very embarrassed expression.

    For this type of an expression you can make the mouth fairly wide and draw it as a series of waves. Unlike the sly mouth this one doesnt need to be symmetrical.

    You can also draw a tiny upside down curve to give a hint of the bottom lip.

    Use A Color Picker Function

    Helping Artist: How To Draw Anime/Manga Lips

    Use the Color Picker function to select the original color of the referenced image.

    Where is the Color Picker function?

    If you think so, please refer to these images.

    One thing to keep in mind when you use this function is that the tapped area is not necessarily the color of your choice.

    When you use it, it will display the selected color.

    It disappears when you release the pen or finger, so hold down and select the color you want.

    When you paint, make sure you have selected the right layer for the skin.

    Occasionally, the layer of the reference image will be painted as it is, so be careful when you select the layer.

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    How To Draw Lips: Simplified Structures

    Lips are essential elements that connect to the mouth. To understand them, lets try to represent them separately from the mouth and in their simplest forms.

    In this image, we can see how to draw the lips step by step using rounded, curved, and elongated structures, starting from a straight line and without perspective. Also, keep in mind that the thickness, width, and length of the lips will depend a lot on the type of character we want to design.

    If it is difficult for us to imagine the mouth with rounded and curved structures, it is advisable to start by drawing flattened areas .

    In this way, we can better grasp which areas have the most volume.

    Cleaning Up And Finishing The Drawing

  • 1Erase the guidelines to clean up your drawing. Use either the eraser on your pencil or a block eraser to lift up any guide lines that arent a part of the characters face or head. Carefully work around any of the facial features youve drawn so you dont erase their lines too much. Continue erasing the rest of the guides on your drawing until all thats left is the face.XResearch source
  • If you drew your guide lines too dark, then they may not fully erase off of the paper.
  • Use a thin eraser to get in detailed areas, like the eyes or ears.
  • 2Give your character a fun hairstyle. Anime and manga characters can have a variety of hairstyles, so choose one that you think will look best on your character. Avoid drawing every single strand of hair and instead sketch the basic shape of the style onto your character. Work lightly in pencil so you can erase and make changes if you need to. Once you have a roughed-in shape for the hairstyle, erase any parts of the head that the hair covers so its not visible.XResearch source
  • Anime or manga hair is usually broken up into clumps that end in a point. Look at hairstyles of various characters to get ideas of how to style your characters hair.
  • Tip: Practice drawing different hairstyles on a piece of tracing paper over your drawing so you dont have to erase your character if you dont like the style you drew.

  • You dont have to add any additional details to your character if you dont want to.
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    How To Draw A Curious Anime Mouth

    This example can be used for a character that has sudden interest in something.

    In this case the mouth will be open with the top row of teeth slightly visible.

    As the mouth is open you will generally want to draw the jaw lower down .

    Draw it somewhat similar in shape to a rectangle with rounded corners but slightly narrower towards the top.

    You can shade the inside of the mouth to be fairly dark.

    Drawing Anime & Manga Lips From The Side

    Anime Drawing Lips

    Drawing anime lips is side view is fairly simple. You can think of drawing lips in side view as only drawing half the lips in front view that are horizontally slightly squeezed.

    You can see in the above example how with some tweaks you can use the front view of the lips to get the side view.

    You dont need to draw out all of the steps shown in the above example. They are there so that you can get a better understanding of how to get the side view of the lips based on the front view and what needs to be tweaked. You can simply draw the final example of the side view right away while using the front view as a reference.

    One other thing to be aware of when drawing is that the top lip will usually stick out slightly more than the bottom lip.

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    How To Draw The Mouth: Key Elements

    Now that we recognize that the mouth has volume, we must also take into account that it also has depth. It is a cavity, and thus it contains important elements that will help us draw the mouth: the teeth, the tongue, and even the gums. You can even go further into other elements such as the uvula, the palate, all the different teeth, the tonsils, etc. But let us focus on those three basic features.

    On the left is an example of how the outlined elements that make up the mouth can be represented and on the right, is a more detailed interpretation of them.

    How To Draw Anime & Manga Mouths On The Head

    To get the placement of an anime mouth on the head you can vertically divide the face up into eight parts and position it just a bit above the first division from the bottom. Of course you dont need to do this every time you draw as usually you can just estimate the placement.

    When drawing the whole face you can place the mouth just a bit above the halfway point between the lower part of the nose and the bottom of the chin.

    The position of the mouth can somewhat shift based on the expression but generally for a closed mouth it will be close to the example above.

    If you want to draw lips on an anime style mouth you can also check:

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    Draw Anime Lips From Scratch

    Anime lips drawing can be a childs play if you play your cards right with steps of animation makeup tutorial and the right anime makeup products. Here is a how-to-draw anime lips for all you queens and kings.

  • Apply concealer on your lips to create a blank canvas.
  • Grab a pink lipstick and take some of it on to your lip brush.
  • Apply the lip shade on the inner parts of your lips. Make sure to keep the brush strokes focused on the inner circle only.
  • To achieve a natural anime lips look, blot out the lipstick with your finger in the targeted region.
  • To draw the lines, apply the gel liner with your lip brush. Concentrate on the natural lines of your lips. Along a diagonal line from the top points of your cupid bow, draw two shaded lines from the center of your upper lip down to the end of the lip.
  • On your bottom lip, draw a shaded line in the center, following your natural lip line.
  • With your lips closed, start at the corners of your mouth and draw lines tracing them inwards, creating a shaded line.
  • Take your liquid liner and draw a defined line in the center of the areas where you drew shaded lines.
  • To give color to your lips, apply the pink lipstick to the plump areas of your lips with the help of your lip brush. Concentrate on the areas around the shaded parts of your lips specifically.
  • Take a small amount of red lip gloss on your lip brush and apply it to the areas around the shaded zones.
  • How To Draw Anime Or Manga Faces

    How to draw anime lips تعÙ٠رس٠شÙ?ا٠سÙÙ

    This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. wikiHow’s Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards.There are 14 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 1,267,646 times.Learn more…

    Anime and manga are popular Japanese forms of animation and comics that have a very distinctive art style. If you want to draw your favorite character or design one on your own, start by designing their head and face so you can sketch what they look like. When you first start the head, draw the outline and the basic shapes so you can properly place the features. Once you add the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth, you can erase your guidelines and sketch in a hairstyle. With a bit of practice and patience, youll be able to design anime faces in no time!

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    How To Draw Three

    Step 1:

    Create the guidelines for the lips. Draw an intersecting horizontal and vertical line.

    Step 2:

    Create a curve above the intersection of the guideline.

    Step 3:

    On one side of the curve, you just added, draw a slanted line to connect the cupids bow to the middle mouth line. End the line with a teardrop shape.

    Step 4:

    On the other side of the cupids bow curve, add two connecting curve lines.

    Step 5:

    Finish the shape of the lip by connecting the lower lip to the middle mouth line with another curve.

    Step 6:

    Draw the middle mouth line.

    Step 7:

    Add shading and highlight to the lips to create depth.

    Step 8:

    Finish the lips and add color if desired.

    To Draw Lips From The Side

    Step 1 The first stroke determines the position of the lip. Draw a straight line which shows normal bite i.e. the line passes through the edges of the upper and lower lip.

    Step 2 The second stroke is drawn almost perpendicular to the first line whose angle tells us about the thickness of the upper and lower lip.

    Step 3 Now draw a line using the lines. Height of the triangle is directly proportional to the width of the lip.

    Step 4 We then give a small dot at the end of the triangle to show the corner of the mouth.

    Step 5 Draw curve starting from the top left corner of the triangle within the half triangle to form the top lip.

    Step 6 Continue the line in curved manner along the middle line top divide the upper and lower lip.

    Step 7 Similarly now start from bottom left corner to form the lower lip.

    Step 8 Now we draw the upper and lower lip by extending the lines in curvy shape but not too far.

    Step 9 Draw the rims of the lip by following the sides of the triangle till you reach the corner of the mouth. Erase the outlines.

    Step 10 Draw faint vertical lines within both the lips and shade them to complete your lips. Remember to soften the edges.

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    By Step Tutorial Draw Anime Lips Or Manga Faces

    Anime lips allude to hand-drawn or digitalized activity. It has become famous recently as an always expanding number of fans are drawn to its remarkable imaginative style and storylines. Anime characters are known for having huge sentiments and verbalizations and, appropriately, people across the globe are getting dynamically enthused about sorting out some way to draw anime lips.

    To help in your own anime lips drawing endeavors, weve brought a rundown of classes and tutorials to help you including how to draw anime lips step by step to how to take your strength modernized and encourage your own stand-out characters.

    How To Draw Anime Mouths Final Thoughts

    Pin by Rommy Rodriguez on Art

    We went over many drawings of many anime lips and mouths. We also discussed how understanding the expression you want to draw is important to drawing anime mouths. We also talked about understanding perspective, angles at which you are drawing, and also understanding the different planes of the lips you have to know the shape of something before you can draw it convincingly.

    Drawing facial features, especially the mouth is difficult. My advice is to draw many from good reference. Draw many, then take a pause and try to analyze various repeating elements from one drawing to another, similar to how we analyzed elements of each drawing in this tutorial.

    After you complete a round of reflecting on what you have drawn already, get back to drawing more samples from reference with new found knowledge.

    Repeating this practice will vastly improve your drawings of anime lips and mouths over time. It will also help significantly if you continue the practice of drawing daily. Something like drawing anime mouths and lips is best learned by producing a large volume of drawing. Make hundreds of drawings and you will see improvement.

    This tutorial is part of an ongoing series of anime tutorials on, for more tutorials of the anime and manga sort, follow this link.

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