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How To Draw Anime Pants

Add The Facial Features

How to Draw Manga/Anime Clothes and Folds

Draw two circles on the center guideline but leave a small opening at the bottom of each; these will be your eyes. When youre drawing anime, the eyes are one of the most important features and are usually much bigger than the other facial features. Sketch in an arch over the top of each circle and a curved line around the far side of each to frame the eyes.;

From here you can also add in a small V shape on the center guideline for the nose, a slightly curved line for a smiling mouth, and a couple of short and light pencil strokes underneath the eyes for a blushing effect.

Adding the facial features starts to bring your character to life.

How To Draw An Anime Boy Full Body Step By Step

This step by step tutorial explains how to draw an anime boy with a detailed breakdown of the proportions of the body and general tips on achieving an anime look.

The boy in this tutorial can be anywhere from 10-15 years old. Depending on the artists style sometimes older anime characters can be drawn to still look fairly young. Generally the more stylized the characters the younger they tend to look .

Please keep in mind that the proportions below are just suggestions and can vary depending on character and style.

If you are going to be following along with pencil and paper be sure to draw light lines for the initial steps of the drawing as you will need to do some erasing later.

Different Types Of Trousers

There are many different types of pants with their respective trends.lets first look at them from their waist position.

Jeans are the most common pants, but they divide into low-rise jeans with a low opening and high-waist jeans with a high opening.Adjust the height of the trapezoid to draw them differently.

Draw the trapezoid lower for a low rise and higher for a high waist.Youll get a high waist pants If you make it close to the abdomen.Then choose between long pants and shorts by adjusting the tube length and connect it to the trapezoid.

The next part of pants that need to be illustrated is the silhouette.Lets draw one that is a skinny tights, and another one that has a military like loose silhouette.

These also have trapezoidal shapes, but the tight one should be drawn snugly along the body line, while the loose one should be drawn slightly away from the body line.

Then add a touch of detail when drawing the tubes of the legs.Draw the foot tube partially glued to the skin for the tighter one and widely spread out for the looser one.

Try to draw a few small bumps for the tights.Draw them on the joints of the feet!

Make the pencil brush line thicker and draw a zigzag down the legs for the loose pants as shown in below.Its okay if they pop out of the tube line!

When drawing, keep in mind the following: tight foot tube + small mountain, loose foot tube + zigzag line, respectively.

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How To Draw Anime And Manga Hands Step By Step

This tutorial illustrates how to draw anime and manga hands in various positions.

While Its difficult to have one clear guideline for how to draw hands as they can bend in so many different ways this tutorial provides some basic tips and examples.

For anime hands holding different kinds objects you can see 6 Ways to Draw Anime Hands Holding Something.

Hands a difficult body part to draw and the best way to learn is through a lot of practice.

Drawing anime hands can be a little easier then drawing realistic hands as a lot of the details are left out. But the overall structure and proportions are basically the same.

For drawing arms see:

Essential Tips For Drawing Drapery And Folds

Types of jeans

Fabric and folds can take all sorts of forms depending on the softness of the material and the shape of the body. This illustrated tutorial by comic artist miyuli covers basic concepts and approaches for drawing fabrics of all kinds.

Folds depend on the form they fall on. They are not universal. There are many different types and factors that influence them.

There is no single rule on how to draw foldsThe best way to understand drapery is to do as many studies of folds as you can. The more realistic you want to draw and paint folds, the more references you will need. Understanding some common principles will make it possible to draw them convincingly in a more stylized way.

Ive collected some pointers and commonalities here that Ive come across so far.

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How To Draw Manga / Anime Clothing With Drawing Lesson

Just like any other type of illustration, there are methods and strategies to drawing Manga / Anime clothes. Clothing is very important in Anime / Manga character drawing. You cannot deliver good character drawing without proper implementation of clothing. Manga / Anime illustration is rich in fashion so it is a great advantage to know how to draw clothing properly. Learn how to draw the Manga / Anime style of clothing below.

Take a look at even more Manga / Anime Emotions & Expressions Drawing Tutorials

How To Draw Formal Pant:

Step 1: Firstly, draw a straight line then draw 2 lines from both ends going down towards the bottom.

Step 2: To complete both legs of the pant, draw lower and inner edges for the pant.

Step 3: By following the below-given illustration draw your pant more realistic.

Step 4: Draw a waistband at the top of pants, for this draw a rectangular shape.

Step 5: Depict the zipper by drawing a straight line from the middle of waistband.

Step 6: Add details to the pant, draw pockets on both sides, and stretch marks, shrinks.

Step 7: Draw 2 straight lines in the middle of both legs, depicting the crease line of pants.

Step 8: Remove all guidelines by erasing extra lines and dark all the outlines with a dark pencil or marker.

Step by step pant drawing:

Hope you come up well with your drawing.

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Lets Draw Complex Poses

From here Ill share on how to draw a variety of poses.For example, there are many people who are not sure how to draw a sitting pose.

When you are sitting in a relaxed position as shown in the diagram, picture the body bending backward from the waist up.This will cause the trapezoidal part of the hips to fall backward slightly as well.If you focus on the trapezoid alone, it looks like its looking up from below.

Think of each leg tube as a separate part, and draw it to cover the legs.Dont worry if they look detached from the trapezoid!

Now we need to connect the detached hips, and erase the lines we dont need.Add many wrinkles at the border between the waist and the legs.

Now draw the pants in the following pose.

The upper body in this pose is leaning forward, so the trapezoidal shape of the hips is also bent forward .Since the legs are bent to a near 90 degrees however, the waist that connect to the tube legs will be very tight.Therefore draw the trapezoid like a soft sponge, and only compress the abdomen of the waist.When youre done, draw the tubes for the legs and connect them to the hips in the same way as before.

How To Draw Anime Face Step By Step Tutorial

How to Draw Manga: Clothing Folds (request)

These step-by-step tutorials focus on the face, which, as it turns out, is pretty easy to do:

  • Draw a circle and add a cross in the middle this will keep the face symmetrical.
  • Start by shaping the face you can choose the shape you want.
  • Then draw the eyes, while using the cross as a balancing point.
  • Draw the ears and neck and dont forget to use the cross for symmetry.
  • Continue with the nose and mouth
  • Finish with the hair, which can be designs to your liking.
  • How to draw anime face

    Heres a video tutorial on how to draw a girl face

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    Drawing The Details & Finishing The Line Drawing

    Erase the parts of the head hidden by the hair and add the smaller details of the eyes such as the pupils and highlights. Afterwards you can also go over your drawing with darker lines and add black fill or pencil shading to parts of the eyes and eyebrows.

    For the full step by step breakdown of drawing male anime eyes see:

    After you finish this step you should have a clean line drawing of the face. You can leave it at this stage or move on to the next step if you want to add shading.

    Draw Realistic Looking Clothing

    When you start to draw people at a certain point you will want to understand how to dress them. Learning how to draw clothes is not that hard and if you check this tutorial you will understand the first steps you need to do as an artist. Even more, if you are into fashion this tutorial is going to be very helpful and you will be able to create better designs for your fashion work.

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    Add The Final Touches

    Your anime drawing is almost complete! Sketch two vertical lines directly under the face for the neck, making these as close together as youd like depending on how skinny or wide the neck should be.;

    Finish up the facial features before adding in the final touches.

    Anime hair will be the biggest difference in your drawing, depending on if youre working on an anime girl drawing or an anime boy drawing.

    For boy hair, draw a small dot about one inch from the top of the face circle. From here, youll draw curved lines down to create a floppy hairstyle thats common for male characters. Youll frame these out by looping the lines up on the other side of your first lines to create shapes that look like a palm tree.

    Hair on anime characters is typically messy so dont worry about it looking perfect.

    For girl characters, youll start with those same curved lines that you would on a boy character, but keep these to only one or two lines. Youll then draw bigger curved lines around the outside of the face to create longer hair. Shade the outer edges of the hair to make it stand out and add any additional lines youd like to give it some more shape.

    Once your drawing is complete, erase the guidelines before coloring or going over in ink.

    Once youve added in the hair, you can erase your original guidelines and your drawing is finished!

    Discover Online Classes In Drawing

    Manga Tutorials

    Character Illustration, sketching tips, ink drawing, pencil portraits, and more.

    Anime originated as both hand-drawn and computer animated characters in Japan around the 1960s, and now its cartoon and comic style is famous all over the world.;

    Learning how to draw anime is simple, whether youre looking to sketch by hand or draw using a computer or tablet. Even better? There are plenty of styles to choose from to get started.

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    Analyzing The Proportions Of The Hand

    Study the proportions of the fingers.

    The fingers and the palm of the hand should be roughly the same length. The tip of the thumb if drawn at a 45 degree angle to the hand should reach to just slightly below the knuckle bone of the index finger.

    The fingers consist of 3 parts with the distance from the tip of the fingers to the top joint being the shortest and the distance from the knuckles to the bottom join being the longest.

    Drawing An Anime Leather Jacket

    To draw an anime style leather jacket on the body start by drawing its overall shape and major features such as where the zipper line and collar.

    Leather is fairly rigid and even a tight jacket will somewhat conceal the shape of the body. The shoulder areas where the sleeves are stitched to the jacket will stick out be pointy while the chest area will be squeezed in. Draw accordingly.

    In this example the major folds will be at the shoulder and on the inside of the elbow . There will also be some light folds at the level of the upper stomach area because the body is very slightly bent to one side.

    Draw the lighter folds and the smaller parts like the details of the zipper and the pockets after you draw the major features.

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    Shading & Finishing The Drawing

    For some basic anime style shading you can add shadows in the commonly shaded areas. In most common lighting conditions the light is coming from above so the shadows will be cast downwards. In this case the shadows will be on the neck from the head and on the arms and legs from the sleeves of the shirt and the shorts.

    On the face there will be some shadows as follows:

    • From the hair
    • The top part of the eyes
    • To one side of the nose

    How To Draw Cartoon Pants And A Simple Belt

    How to draw Clothes & Wrinkles | Beginner Tutorial | DrawlikeaSir

    This tutorial will show you how to draw cartoon pants! I know what you are gonna say! Pants are not really a body part! They are still a useful piece of clothing that you need to draw accurately in order to make your character look more believable! Just like the human body, pants should be drawn organically with style and… folds!

    Step 1

    First, draw a rectangle to create the top of the pants.

    Step 2

    Next, sketch two long rectangles to form the legs of the pants. The distance between both shape is important. If the two legs are too close, it might look like your character will have trouble moving. If the legs are too far from each other, then your piece of clothing won’t look realistic at all.

    Step 3

    Continue working on your illustration by drawing a nice and irregular outline. Notice how the bottom of the pants are slightly larger and rounder.

    Step 4

    Add some rectangles to form the belt loops and the belt itself.

    Step 5

    Now work on the outline of the belt loops and the belt to complete the sketching parts. Your pants should look great by now! Let’s add some details to make it look even better!

    Step 6

    Add some lines to represent the folds on the pants. One line will be used to create the fly. Two other lines are used to illustrate the pockets.

    Step 7

    Now let’s add some shadows! Since pants are loaded with folds, some shadows will be created on the pants! I usually add shadows below each fold since the source of the light will likely be above the pants.

    Step 8

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    Add Long Pants Or Jeans

    Long pants or jeans are the simplest addition to your character when it comes to anime clothes drawing. Along the lines you already have for the legs, draw some slightly curved lines on the outside edge to give a baggy appearance .

    From here, draw curved lines around the ankles for a pooling effect and a couple of light lines around the knees for the natural crease of the pants.

    Draw around the outside of the leg lines before erasing these to create a baggy pants look on your character.

    There are also tons of Skillshare classes for drawing anime and Manga characters using pencil or digital techniques. Youll be an expert in no time!

    Tips For Drawing Clothing

    • play around with colors when you are choosing the clothes for your character
    • be creative and see what you can come up to
    • start with more casual clothes when you do them, they are a bit easier to draw
    • dont focus on getting them perfect, relax and draw the shape from your imagination
    • dont a dark pencil because you will need to erase a lot in your first drawings
    • if you draw t-shirts or slacks, they have a smooth texture and in order to get it is by keeping the line quality consistent and smooth
    • sheer clothes can be colored easily if you dull the color underneath the sheer portion so you trick the eye
    • if you want to get a fuzzy look to create small flicks of a pen that follows a controlled shape
    • check what other artists do with their clothing drawings, you might get inspired by something and try to add it to your own style
    • draw using real models, this is helpful because you can even take pictures with yourself and start practicing

    In conclusion, creating your own characters for sure means that you will need to learn how to draw clothes that suit them. There is a lot of variety to choose from so probably the best way to do it is to decide at the start what type of clothes you want for your character and what vibe you want them to express. After that, you can check the tutorials that we prepared and start practicing.

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    How To Draw An Anime Character

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