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How To Draw Anime Trees

Going Deep On The Trees Leaves

How To Draw An Anime Style Tree – A Quick Digital Art Tutorial On Ibispaint

So you wont want to leave the leaves in just one flat tone of green. You will want to shade where appropriate.

If you want to keep it more of a monotone underdrawing, just do it in green and apply more where you want it to be darker. I just used a darker green adding it toward the bottom groups of leaves.

Then for deeper tones, I added blue underneath the groupings for shading. The photo here shows how I did this.

Lastly, to brighten up some leaves, I added some yellow.

How To Draw Trees

Trees seem like one of the few things that are easy to draw. However, if you know nothing about drawing, you may either go too simple…

… or too literal:

Neither of these is what a real tree looks like. The first is a symbol of a tree, and the other represents a definition of a tree. Your job, as an artist, is to draw what we see, not what we know. Drawing trees may be a great exercise in developing this skill!

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how you can draw an oak tree, a pine tree, and a weeping willow in a realistic, yet simple manner.

That Wasnt So Bad Was It

Easy, peasy, right? Just kidding. I truly dont expect you to master this in one try. Drawing trees takes practice, lots of practice.

But you can do it! I know you can. Just like I never gave up and now am quite happy with my trees, you can be, too.

And remember, theres no pressure here. Just have fun trying.

Lowering your expectations and just having fun will take the stress right out of it. And who knows, you may just pleasantly surprise yourself!

Please let me know how you did drawing your tree by leaving a comment below. I promise your email will not be shared.

Thanks so much for reading and please, if this was helpful, by all means share!

Have an artful day!

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You Can Refer To The Simple Step

Step 1

Start by outlining the stems and roots. Use wavy curves for the trunk. Send out many different sized roots. For each stem, stretch a pair of curves and let them meet at one point.

Step 2

Start drawing the first branch. Use a long curve. At its head, use some curves to form a Y shaped section, with each branch ending with a pointed tip.

Step 3

Continue to draw branches and branches with bony bones. Allow each pair of lines to meet at a point.

Step 4

Draw another branch diverging from the first. Each set of curves must meet at a sharp point.

Step 5

Draw another branch diverging at an odd angle. Note the zigzag structure of the branch. Allows each set of lines to meet at sharp points.

Step 6

Fill in the blanks with more branches. Allows the curve pairs to meet at points.

Step 7

Draw the last branch of the tree. Notice how the part hangs down as if it were damaged.

Step 8

Use a long curve to surround an irregular shape in the trunk, indicating a hole. Then wrap another irregular shape inside the first one.

Step 9

The bark texture is made of curves of different lengths.

Step 10

Color your cartoon tree. Dead trees are usually brown, but sometimes black. Some trees, such as birch or gums in Australia, have white stems and branches.

Draw A Tree Step By Step


This is a standard type of a leaf tree. You can find similar trees in any forest or park around you.

Draw the ground line first. That will be the starting point from where the trunk is coming out from the ground.Keep in mind when you draw a tree that branches of leaf trees tend to grow more upward than to the sides, as it is with coniferous trees.Begin to draw from the trunk upward. Thickness of the trunk would determine the size of the tree.Observe carefully how the branches are growing upward and copy them into your sketchbook. This is the initial sketch, so please make only weak and gentle pencil lines.

Draw a contour of the tree crown. Use your creativity here and, decide what shape of crown your tree will have. It is basically round but not too even. Often branches are popping out from the crown.Mind the total balance and proportion with the trunk and branches.

Draw wavy irregular contours of the leaves on the branches. Here also, use your creativity.

You can copy my drawing and make it better.Lower part of crown is always slightly darker than the top which comes into direct contact with the sunlight. Remember that, when you draw a tree.

Darken the lower part of crown. Do it gradually, make only weak strokes first. Draw shade under the tree.

You can do some final touch now. Draw the trunk a bit darker. With the tip of your pencil draw sharper contour outline.

This tree is very similar to the previous. The crown expands more to the sides

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How To Draw A Dead Tree

Shawnte is an elementary school science educator and illustrator who studies various life cycles of animals.

Hi again folks! This is yet another simple drawing tutorial for all you beginner artists to try out. Today, I will be showing you how to draw a withered and dead tree. I do plan on posting another tutorial on how to draw a living tree with leaves as well. But for some reason, I thought I’d start out with this one first since there aren’t a lot of tutorials on it yet.

Be sure to have all of your drawing supplies ready before starting on this first step. I hope you guys have fun with this one!

Krita Nature Brushes Trees Leaves And Grass Brushes

Krita has made being an artist easier and enjoyable. Apart from the numerous options available to make your drawings stand out, there are tons of brushes for different effects. While some are entirely free, others are available for a little extra fee. All in all, we have put together a great selection of Krita brushes, and you can check them out here.

Before we start let me remind you that we have a full article on the best free brush packs for Krita. You can find the article clicking here.

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Your Tree Drawings Are Done

As you can see, trees are pretty easy, as long as you draw their look, not their definition. But this was just the beginning. Do you want to become a real master of tree illustrations? Take a sketchbook and go for a walk around trees. Observe the ones you pass and try to make tree sketches of them quickly. This way it will become intuitive for you.

If you prefer to stay at home, you can use photo references, like these on Envato Elements. You’ll be able to elevate your simple tree drawings without braving the elements.

If you want to upload your drawings to the Internet, make sure they’re properly digitized. These tutorials will help you with this:

Painting The Sunshine Through The Trees

5 Ways to Draw Stylized Trees!

Once the reflected light is added, we will add the light from the sunlight through the trees at the end.

First, create a new layer at the top, and use the same procedure as for the lightest part, letting the light coming from between the leaves enter the trunk area.

At the same time, we add a little more light to the higher, uneven area of the trunk to adjust it.

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How To Draw Palm Trees

How to draw palm trees must be an intriguing topic for you, if you love tropical beaches. Why do I know it?…because I love tropical beaches too.Can you picture a tropical beach without palm trees? In our modern realm, palm trees, especially coconut palms symbolize luxury, tropical paradise, sea, beaches and sun.Palm branches were also the symbol of triumph and victory in the past. People of Jerusalem celebrated Jesus with palm tree branches when he entered the town.

No Actual Leaf Shapes Please

I learned how to draw leaves from a fellow student in a drawing class many years ago. I was amazed at how real her tree foliage looked, like leaves farther in the distance.

In other words, they didnt look like actual leaf shapes at all, yet it was convincing.

So I asked her how she did it specifically, what stroke, how to apply it, etc. Her answer? Well, you just kind of do this, she said as she demonstrated moving her pencil about in a wiggly, very random and scribbly way.

Ergo, I coined the term the squiggles. Thats the only term I can use to describe the motion.

Having been doing it for years now, I find its second nature to me. Yet, I have found it is as difficult for my students to do as it is for me to explain how to do it. But here goes.

First, hold your pencil underhand like I am pictured here. This allows you to place the side of the lead against the paper which you will be using to create the leaves.

Next, you just start squiggling below the lowest branch then continue to squiggle above them, in between them, and well beyond where you ended the limbs.

Continuing, you simply move the pencil back and forth, forward and back, all around, randomly as you travel the pencil. Keep in mind to shape your foliage to look like a treeno green cotton balls on the tree lol.3.

Also, it helps to look at a few tree references. Its best if you dont think of leaf shapes but rather how foliage looks in the distance.

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How To Draw A Tree: Tree # 1

I start with a line and the general shape that I would like the crown to be.

Then I add a few lines to indicate the main branches.

Make the trunk thicker. It is thick towards the bottom and the roots, and narrows closer to a point toward the top.

The same thing with the branches. They are thicker toward the base and narrower towards the tip. Easy-peasy.

Now each one of the main branches gets a few branches of their own, but smaller and added a squiggle on the bottom to indicate a bit of grass.

Even more smaller branches splitting off from the bigger ones. I also pick an spot where the sunshine is coming from. I also shade the trunk a bit, using long straight lines.

Putting my pencil sideways, I shade in the area in the crown where the leaves are. I am going in a sort of irregular pattern of peaks and troughs.

I finish shading the crown area.

I keep working on the crown, now by adding some layers, and outlines. I also erased the line that was giving me the initial crown shape idea. When shading, keep in mind where the sun is coming from: areas facing the sun should be lighter then the areas facing away from it.

And keep working on the crown. Just doodling away until you feel your tree crown is complete.

I decided that the tree shouldnt just hang in the air, so I gave it more grass, and shaded in the background.

Even more shadows in and around the tree.

Then I went all out and decided I am going to use my eraser and add some sun rays coming out of the corner.

How To Draw Trees Bark Twigs Leaves And Foliage Drawing Tutorial

Pin on Painting Techniques

Page : 12

Nature is beautiful take some time to just stare at its beauty. All of natures beautiful items, such as trees, mountains, hills, leaves, flowers, etc, can be broken down into simpler shapes. Try not to upset yourself with the huge amount of details that you see in a tree, but try to instead, break trees down into simpler shapes that you see.such as ovals, lines, and cylinders. After reading this article, you will feel a lot more confident in drawing trees.

An artist must discipline himself to be observant. Through experience, he learns to see in objects which are unfamiliar to him, related shapes which are familiar to him. Through this interrelating and comparison of forms, drawing problems become more simplified. Observe, in the above illustration, the comparison of the various tree shapes to that of geometric solids. Note that in the upper right-hand panel is shown the silhouettes of a number of trees. The character of a tree may be determined by itssilhouette.

When sketching outdoors, a student will at first find it easier to draw a tree which is at a distance, rather than one which is near. This procedure simplifies many of the problems of detail, lighting, etc Before starting to draw, analyze the shape and proportions of the tree. Determine the light source and its shadow areas. Study carefully the contour and character of the subject.

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How To Draw A Tree

How to draw a tree? is a question that I get asked often, online an offline, so I decided to make this tutorial here. I made 7 drawings of various trees with step by step instructions. I hope you all find it helpful!

***This post contains affiliate links.***

For me drawing trees is all about branches and the crown, and fining a balance that you are happy with. There are many amazing artists, books and tutorials out there all about drawing trees. For example, THIS BOOK is very good, and my kids and I enjoyed it in the past.

This tutorial is my take on drawing trees. For these drawings I used a regular sketching pencil, though the same principal applies to other mediums as well. I also adjusted all the sketches in Gimp 2 so that they are more visible, so there will be a slight variation between the photos.

Alright, here is tree number one. I call this one Tree # 1.

Paint The Brightest Color

Next, lets add the lightest color to the left side.

Here, Im creating a new layer at the top, painting the white with the airbrush and then reducing the transparency a bit.There will be a shadow where there is a branch on the left side, so once the white is painted on, Ill use the airbrushs transparency color to shave off a little bit of the area next to the branch.

Pen Tools > Select the brush of your choice > Click on the plaid square above the color chart.

The width of the third darkest part that I drew in was a little too wide, so I shaved off a little bit at this point to adjust it.

Now I was able to draw the shadows of the trees.

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Tree # : The Bushy Tree:

This tree is more of a bush. All the branches are coming out from the bottom, and growing to about the same size. I start with five main branches.

Make the branches thicker, and add some more small branches.

Even more small branches, making the bush thicker and thicker.

With the side of my pencil I added some shadow to where the leaves are going to be.

I added some more detailed leaves, but they could also be berries, or flowers, or what ever else you would like.

Paint The Darkest Part

[How I Draw] How to Draw Tree in Manga or Comic

The first step is to paint the darkest part of the shadow.When it comes to the color of the trunk, its tempting to choose a light brown color, but the actual tree is almost a gray color.Therefore, I will choose a color close to gray to paint it here.

Creating a new layer on top of the primer and clipping it makes it easier to paint cleanly because it wont stick out of the primer.

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Tree # : Umbrella Tree

This tree was especially fun to draw. I started to draw it by drawing the ovals for the leaf parts. I decided on four, but if you want more, that would be quite awesome too! Then I added some squiggly lines coming down to the same area for the tree trunk.

I added more lines to create thicker trunk branches, added more branches going out to the umbrellas and added a few empty branches as well.

I added more details to the trunk, made more squiggly branches, and added some shading to the umbrella portions.

A bit of grass, and some textures on the umbrellas, also make the umbrella textures thicker on the bottom and thinner on top.

Draw Palm Trees Step By Step

Now, lets have a closer look on this palm tree and observe a couple of important points:

  • the stem : it is curved
  • ground: a slight slope
  • branches: especially directions they are growing out of single trunk

Palm trees are great objects for drawing. I would say, to draw palm trees requires almost no skill. They are very simple in shapes if you are comparing them to other trees.Think of a palm tree as only a giant piece of grass a kind of prehistoric. I made this palm tree drawing as detailed as possible. However, you can draw a palm tree much quicker and have it finished in less than 5 minutes.

I would suggest starting to draw with a standard HB pencil. Begin from the ground. Sketch the stem . Hold your pencil tilted or loose grip. Always remember, in the beginning draw only weak and gentle pencil lines so that you can erase them anytime later during the process.First pencil lines are always only the guidelines. These basic rules or techniques apply not only when you draw palm trees but virtually for anything.

When you have the trunk ready outline the branches. Try to sketch the branches possibly by one single pencil line each if you can. Itll be a great exercise.Observe carefully how each branch grows out from the top of the stem. This is a wild palm growing somewhere on a beach – not a palm in arboretum.

Notice that I made the stem slightly curved right under the top. Now, the coloring.I used 3 different green color pencils, each with different color tone:

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