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Episode 2: Revival 90/10

Why Death Note Is The Best Starter Anime

Higuchi is apprehended on the highway, but the Kira case isnt closed yet. While confessing about how to use the Death Note, Chief Yagami touches the Death Note revealing Rem. L then touches the Death Note, followed by Light, so they all end up seeing the Shinigami. L contemplates that there must be two Death Notes, while Light gains his memories back.

We learn that Light had asked Rem to give Higuchi the Death Note before his memories disappear. This episode is huge as Light finally reveals his great plan to direct L’s investigation away from himself. Light remembers that he saved a piece of the Death Note in his watch along with a pin. In his own blood, he kills Higuchi transferring ownership back to himself. Misa takes instructions from Light and regains her memories from her Death Note. Inside is a note from Light.

Is Death Note The Best

Death Note is often held to be one of the greatest anime series of the past few decades, and were here to rank the 10 best episodes as per IMDb. Death Note is one of, if not the, most popular anime out there. Based on the manga of the same name, it is generally cited as one of the best animes ever created.

Best Death Note Characters

The old Greek saying goes like this,

Power has a tendency to corrupt. Little power tends to corrupt a little. Absolute power tends to absolutely corrupt.

One of the most famous beginner anime that deals with a lot of morality, the grey area, justice, law, violence and power.

This story of two geniuses standing shoulder to shoulder, one to uncover a secret and the other to keep it, fighting over the fate the world.

Sounds fancy, doesnt it?

Heres a list of 15 Death Note Characters that made us rethink certain things.

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Kuro No Keiyakusha: Darker Than Black

In this mysterious sci-fi, two gates suddenly appear in the sky. The first one appeared in South America followed by another in Japan ten years later. In South America, it is heavens gate, while in Japan it is hells gate.

These gates alter the sky, wreaking havoc on the environment, and serve as portals for contractors to emerge. These contractors are humans who have exchanged their humanity for special abilities and powers.

Governments then begin hiring these unemotional contractors for confidential tasks. This leads to war and bloodshed, which humans are ignorant of. Hei, also known as Black Reaper, is a contractor who partook in heavens war he searches for his sister while working for the Syndicate.

He also seeks to uncover the mysteries behind hells gate.

For lovers of thrill, suspense, and the paranormal, this is one anime you have got to watch. The secrets contained are darker than black.

Kimi No Na Wa Is The Highest

Best Profile Pictures: Death Note Anime Pictures

Most people do not watch anime films. But the anime movie Kimi No Na Wa stands out in terms of its unique storyline. It is one beautiful film. And the best part about this anime movie is that most of the places shown here are real and not fictional.

This anime has brought in over $355 million worldwide.

So these are some of the most amazing facts about anime. Now, without any further ado, lets move on to our actual point of interest, which is the top reason why you must watch the Death Note anime.

Disclaimer: Spoilers for the series might be ahead. So, read at your own risk.

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Where To Watch Death Note Anime

DEATH NOTE Light Yagami & L Lawliet Strap Keychain baby from cdn.shopify.com

If youre looking for a way to honor some of musics most memorable icons o. 47256077 this unique music video immediately caught our eye thanks to its originality and creativity. This taste of the serengeti will make you want to. Do animals mourn their dead? An elephant ripping a tree out of the ground. Nothing can prepare you for a safari in tanzania: With literally hundreds of anime series airing all around. Not sure if you should watch anime?

Spiral: The Bonds Of Reasoning

Spiral follows the story of Ayumu Narumi as she tries to piece together the disappearance of her older brother, a well-renowned detective and pianist.

Her only clue is the words ‘Blade Children’ and when they are connected to a string of murders two years after her brother’s disappearance, she and her school’s journalist try to figure out.

The Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning anime features 25 episodes and a different ending to the original manga series. The anime itself has been highly praised for its suspense and mystery.

Spiral is a gripping anime to watch and will have you quickly hooked . While it lacks the action of other popular animes, Death Note fans will feel at home with this intelligent anime.

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Episode 2: Silence 93/10

The best episode of all of Death Note, Misa has taken over killing criminals, although she is only following Light’s orders. Rem hears that Misa will die if shes caught and realizes that Light is using her to kill L.

Rems feelings for Misa prove too strong, prompting the Shinigami to first kill Watari and then L. L had told Watari to erase all the data if something had ever happened to him, resetting the Kira investigation back at square one. Because Rem used her own power to save Misa, Rem turns to a pile of sand.

Music Is Essential To The Conversation In Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Why Death Note is the Best Anime in the Universe

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a masterpiece that’s tremendously creative with the way in which it evolves its narrative into a sprawling generational story. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is distinctly itself, but it also has a deep passion for music, right down to character names.

Yugo Kanno is responsible for the majority of JoJo’s music since Stardust Crusaders and it creates an elegant and exciting environment for the series to exist in. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure also treats its opening and closing songs very seriously, and they often pull from famous American or Western music that fits the themes of the season.

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Things You Didnt Know About Misa

29.10.2020 · death note has a lot of great characters that fans have loved for years, with one of the most popular being l. Quotes that are thought provoking. Pepirium of ign describes l as the coolest, most well developed character in anime today. In an effort to amuse himself, he steals a second death note and drops it into the human world for someone to find. Moreover, ill be adding more and more anime quotes regularly so dont forget to check the article from time to time. And quotes that will make you curious about the show. Ryuk is a shinigami who indirectly gives light yagami a death note after becoming bored with the shinigami realm. This death note is discovered by light, who uses it in an attempt to cleanse the world of evil and injustice, Death note is world famous for its psychological elements, deep story, and interesting characters. From personal experience, anime s that are dark usually have great quotes. So here i am presenting to you 50+ best anime quotes of all time. Quotes that make you think. books can also provoke emotions. Being both kira and l as the story progressed and needing to maintain his casual identity, 13.7.2019 · every anime has something new to offer in terms of storyline and characters.

PET SYMPATHY CARD Pets are devoted companions and their from i.pinimg.com

Naomi Misoras Character Was Killed Off For The Sake Of Mangas Future

Former FBI agent Naomi Misora is the fiance of Ray Penber, a young man who was on the investigating team for Kira. Ray Penber dies during the investigation or, more specifically, is killed by Kira in the first half of the series.

So, soon Misora begins an investigation of her own as she has brilliant detective skills. She got close to cracking Kiras killing abilities. She was so good that her character had to be killed because the writer Tsugumi Ohba felt otherwise her character would have interfered with the dynamic duo of Light and L.

Well, you can say that for the sake of the mangas future, the character of Naomi Misora was killed. She was a little too smart.

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Anime Soundtracks That Are Worth Listening To On Repeat

Not all anime are renown for their scores, but these 15 series knocked it out of the park when it came to their soundtracks.

Soundtracks are the soul behind an anime. Take One Pieceand its Thriller Bark arc, for example. Once the anime gets comfortably knee-deep into the plot, “Bings Sake” cheers the audience on with intense passion. An anime wouldn’t work without its soundtrack, which can unlock elements behind the action and visuals that were previously never even considered. Sometimes even the characters in an anime series feel incomplete without the proper music to accompany their actions.

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It’s undeniable that music in an anime is just as important as the illustrations, plot, direction, and any other creative element. The soundtrack in any given anime is as varied as the depth of the plot and range of its characters, but it can frequently come across as more surprising.

Sometimes an anime truly doesn’t come alive until music is added to the package. It’s such a significant element that it’s not uncommon for an anime’s soundtrack to be viewed as its own character. Music can often go under-appreciated in anime series, but when it properly connects with the right material, it’s an absolutely transcendent experience.

No Need For Subtitles It Has Got #amazing Dubbing

The Best Single

For hard-core anime fans, subtitles are never an issue because they do not even need them. They watch the series with the original audio, but those who are new will need some time to get the hang of a new language. So, they might need subtitles.

But not all like to keep mouthing the subtitles right, so for those, the Death Note anime is a blessing because it has got the best cast for English dub. So, newcomers can watch this anime with an English dub and no subtitles at all.

And the dub artists have done an amazing job. Every character has got the perfect voice to match their personality.

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New Anime Series On Netflix

November was a slower anime month, but that just means that Netflixs continued love of Mark Miller and his Dark Comics culminating in the debut of his first anime Super Crooks Thursday, November 25th, 2021 was right on time. You just cant go wrong with a heist crew set to take on a world-renown supervillain. And Decembers starting off with a bang because Shaman Kings finally slated to return December 9 with part two of season one that aired earlier this year. Set aside some time, Part two brings another 13 episodes following Yoh Asakura on his quest. Aggretsukos been on the best anime series list before and if upcoming season 4, dropping Dec 6, 2021offers more of the same rollercoaster ride that is Retsuko life and social circle, its like to reclaim its place in short order.

The Series Is Of The Right Length

If you are new to the anime world, you might not want to engage in something with over 700 episodes, right?! Well, if you have that superpower, then definitely go for it. Watch Naruto: Shippuden. But if you do not have that superpower, in that case, the Death Note anime is the best choice for you.

And you know why? Because it has the perfect length for any person to watch. It has just 37 episodes, and that isnt a tough hill to climb, right? Even first-timers would enjoy watching this length.

Moreover, every episode of the series has a hook deep into us. It has the perfect runtime for both beginners and re-watchers because when a series is too long, it can sometimes throw you off, especially when youre watching for the first time.

So, runtime matters a lot. Death Note anime has the perfect number of episodes, neither too long that would make you feel like the story is just being dragged unnecessarily, nor too short that you would feel like wish there was more. They ended it on the right note.

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Reasons Death Note Is The Best Manga Series Ever

On August 25, Netflix will be releasing a live-action version of Death Note set in the U.S., despite its . There have been several film/TV versions of the manga series already.

As each screen adaptation brings a new wave of fans, its a good time to sum up the reasons Death Note is the best manga series ever.

  • The premise is fascinating. If you stumbled across a notebook that allowed you to kill anyone just by writing down their name, would you use it? If so, would you use it for good, for evil, or for something more ambiguous? How would the murders be executed? Theres so much room for this plot to spin.
  • Its an intriguing take on the Japanese mythological figure of the shinigami, a god of death. Illustrator Takeshi Obata has made the barren shinigami realm vivid and memorable. This is also true of the shinigami characters, who all take different forms. The main shinigami in Death Note, Ryuk, is its most entertaining character. Ryuk is a towering, fearsome, Edward Scissorhands-looking creature whos fun-loving, gleefully uninterested in morality, and, um, obsessed with apples.
  • As the previous point hinted, Death Note doesnt take itself too seriously. One of the heroes, L, is a perpetually wired man-child. His main character trait is the odd way he sits on a chair.
  • The serial killers name is Kira, a play on Killer. This is endlessly amusing.
  • Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi

    Death Note | The BEST Anime I’ve Ever Seen!!!
    • Year: 2016
    • Episodes: 12
    • Studio: A-1 Pictures

    If you found the thrills in Death Note exciting, then Boku dake ga Inai Machi will leave you even more satisfied.

    Satoru has a mediocre life as a struggling manga artist and part-time delivery driver. However, he has the amazing ability to travel back in time to prevent disasters. A series of events leads to him going back to his childhood in 1988. He must now prevent the crimes of a serial killer who murdered children in his hometown.

    With this show, you wont be able to shake off the feeling of uneasiness that every episode gives you. It feels like something bad is going to happen every now and then. While this series has a strong sense of dread, its tightly-woven mystery will have you coming back for more.

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    What Is Your Favourite Anime Similar To Death Note Can You Recommend Other Animes

    yes on October 16, 2019:

    I absolutely love Death Note.. Still easily my favorite anime to date and I’ve seen a **** ton of shows since then.

    I kinda agree Monster feels similar but psychological anime are easily the best when the protagonist is a twisted but highly intelligent megalomanic like Light in Death Note or Lelouche in Code Geass. Kinda hard to find other anime like that though, the recommendations as to what’s similar are pretty much the same everywhere you look and nothing I found so far, except those two, really have that characteristic.

    Potato on September 08, 2017:

    Not a single one can be close to death note

    Eshaan Arekar on July 08, 2017:

    Not even a single anime is close to a death note

    no on May 24, 2017:

    What? Umineko No Koro Ni instead of Higurashi?!

    lel on March 22, 2017:

    i agree in here with:

    koko and Gitonga Mwaniki

    and for this page, there is no anime that even comes close to death other than code geass. Dont get me wrong it is almost not to compare because death note really is unique but if you take away the bad art style and voice acting stuppid happyness and mind that makes no sense in code geass you have both main characters that are rlly similair to each other.

    I have a seen quite alot of animes and here is my top

    Death note 9/10

    hunter x hunter 6/10

    Fullmetal alchemist 5,5/10

    I know alot of ppl will disagree with me on code geass getting 8/10 but idm the bad artistic and voice and dumbness + the ending is really well made compared to death note

    Best Anime Series To Watch On Netflix

    Netflix has evolved over the past few years to become one of the best places for audiences to get their fix of anime goodness. The streaming platform has plenty of content both old and new that will be perfect to binge through over the summer.

    In this article, well be sharing our choices for which anime series you should check out on Netflix this month. On top of these, there are plenty of other shows both produced by notorious anime studios and Netflix themselves that you can browse through. Here are our picks!

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    Bombastic Music Powers Up Gundam Build Fighters For Combat

    Gundam Build Fighters comes from Yûki Hayashi, a Japanese composer who has gained an immense reputation with some of his latest work most prominently My Hero Academia: Two Heroes. Hayashi’s soundtrack for GundamBuild Fighters might possibly be the finest contribution of his career.

    The soundtrack picks an exciting pace with a combination of synthesized sounds and traditional instruments. The soundtrack includes 55 tracks, all of which make for some of the best anime music. Right from the opening theme, “Nibun no Ichi” to “Imagination > Reality” to “Chase Me,” Gundam Build Fighters’ soundtrack steals the show.

    Bunch Of Interesting Characters

    Best 10 Anime Series of All Time

    The Death Note anime introduces a bunch of extremely interesting & mysterious characters to the human world, to us. This show gave us two of the greatest characters in the history of anime, and they are none other than:

    Light Yagami & Ryuzaki aka L.

    Both of these characters are equally intelligent, dark, and mysterious. Light Yagami, a studious high-school student turned serial killer with a god-like complex, is one highly interesting character. Light decides to bring justice into this world, make this world evil-free on his own.

    Light considers killing criminals using the death notebook and establishes his idea of the world. In the beginning, he feels like he is the single mastermind of this whole good vs. evil thing.

    On the other hand, Ryuzaki or L, as he goes by, is one of the best detectives this world can have. His eccentric personality and decoding skills are what makes Death Note anime more interesting. His anti-social personality, childhood background as an orphan, and weird sense of things around him add more to his character.

    Support Characters

    The other characters who do a remarkable job in the series are Ryuk, Rem, Misa Amane, Soichiro Yagami, Near, Mello, Naomi Misora, Teru Mikami, and Touta Matsuda.

    Let us know a bit about these characters as well, shall we?


    He helps Light through everything but waits until the worst possible moment so that he can get a laugh out of it. And watching these two work together is great.


    Misa Amane

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