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Which Anime Villain Loves You

Who Is Your Anime Boyfriend

Anime Characters and What they Love

Do you want to know Who is your anime boyfriend? There is an endless list of great anime out there to suit your every taste and preference, and they all come with interesting male characters whom I’m sure you’ve wondered how compatible you are with in the past. Take the quiz to find out who would be your anime boyfriend.

  • What’s the most attractive part of a guy?
  • A.& nbsp

    His stupidness makes him adorable.

  • B.& nbsp

    His mysterious aura makes him more interesting.

  • C.& nbsp

    His puppy-eyes can melt my heart ~

  • D.& nbsp
  • The fact that he can surprise me.

  • 2.
  • What’s the perfect date for you?
  • A.& nbsp

    Amusement parks are definitely my type.

  • B.& nbsp

    Just an adventurous date is fine for me…

  • C.& nbsp

    Walk at the beach, holding hands, fireworks, and then for a milkshake .

  • D.& nbsp

    At the zoo, since I love animals.

  • E.& nbsp

    Sports competition! Yes, I want to beat him once in a while.

  • 5. How does a guy describe you?
  • A.& nbsp
  • What hair color do you prefer in an anime guy?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Which of the following sentences can a guy tell to make you fall for him?
  • A.& nbsp

    “You are attractive even if you don’t realize it!”

  • B.& nbsp
  • “I’ll make you fall for me as many times as needed!”

  • D.& nbsp

    “I think I might love you more than anyone.”

  • E.& nbsp

    “And… it would be a problem if I have fallen in love with you?”

  • 8. Is he popular with the girls?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Not at all!

  • 9. What kind of kiss do you prefer?
  • A.& nbsp
  • A kiss on the cheek is pretty cute, and I enjoy it most!

  • C.& nbsp
  • A.& nbsp
  • Which Anime Villain Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

    Though Japanese culture often associates blood type with personality, we’re here to discuss the zodiac signs of these 10 prominent anime villains.

    Most anime fans will find it easy to relate to one character or the other in a show, but rarely do they admit to feeling represented by a villain in the story. While we naturally prefer to look at ourselves in favorable lighting, villains are still representative of the worst aspects of humanity pushed into extreme examples.

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    Everyone has a bit of good and bad in them, though. As such, there is no shame in having flaws and less-than-positive characteristics like the many anime villains out thereso long as you don’t border on criminal. For the sake of embracing the darker side in all of us, here are some anime villains that you might share some traits with depending on your zodiac.

    Marco And Ai From Future Diary

    Future Diary is a show that features a lot of questionable relationships , but one couple stands out as being the perfect pair for each other. Marco and Ai have known each other since high school, where they fell in love, and later on, go as far as getting married.

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    These two are considered anti-villains, meaning they have heroic goals and personalities, but use nefarious methods of getting what they want. Marco is an incredible fighter from all the brawls he got in during high school, and the two are not afraid to kill to protect each other and win the Diary Game in the name of their perfect love.

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    Mars And Fana From Black Clover

    Mars and Fana from Black Clover have a long, complicated history. They both met as children in the Diamond Kingdom’s experiment lab to create the strongest soldiers. Although they are both deeply in love, the young Mars is forced to kill Fana. Mars then grows to be one of the strongest mages in the Diamond Kingdom and leads an attack against the Clover Kingdom.

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    However, Mars does’t remain a villain for long, and reunites with Fana, who apparently didn’t die way back then. It’s not actually Fana, though. It’s an evil elf possessing Fana who just happens to have the same name as her. Confusing, right? When they meet again, Mars frees his Fana from the control of elf Fana, and the two promise to travel the world together. At least they get a happy ending after all they went through.

    Legend Of Galactic Heroes Rudolf Von Goldenbaum Purified The Galactic Empire

    Unfathomable Writings: Say, I love you

    The Galactic Empire was a fascist regime fanatically devoted to keeping its people morally and physically “pure” so that it may give rise to a generation of heroes and perfection, and its founder, Rudolf von Goldenbaum, saw this through. Through legislations and brute force, Goldenbaum rid his empire of whoever he deemed “unfit.”

    Goldenbaum’s most evil act was the Inferior Genes Exclusion Act, which condemned billions of people to forced sterilization and death. Even after his death and the New Galactic Empire’s usurping of the old regime, the IGEA’s effects were so severe that an estimated 4 billion people were murdered and mankind’s birth rate only recovered by about 12%.

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    Jessie And James From Pokmon

    No list of dynamic villain duos would be complete without mentioning this all-time classic pairing. Jessie and James from the Pokémon series have been working together to try and capture Ash’s pikachu for the 21 years since the show’s beginning.

    With such a long-term partnership, Jessie and James have stuck around for all of each other’s ups and downs, and their bond is unbreakable. While they’re never explicitly a romantic couple in the anime, the spinoff manga The Electric Tales of Pikachu shows the two Team Rocketers married and expecting a child.

    Anime Villains Who Are Obsessed With The Next Step In Human Evolution

    It’s surprising how many anime villains want humanity to achieve their “full potential.” This desire, however, is oftentimes born out of selfishness.

    Villains in anime do what they do for different reasons some want world domination, while others want revenge. And then there are those motivated by ideological and physical evolution… or at least a terrible misunderstanding of it.

    These villains think that only they hold the key to helping mankind reach its truest potential and surpass its limits. The price for this, of course, is countless dead and committing the worst atrocities imaginable.

    WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

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    Ever Wondered What Evil Doer You Are From Anime I’m Here To Tell You

    To Defeat All Who Stand In My Way

    To Take Over The World

    To Gain Power

    I Will Not Tell You

    Do you think you can get defeated?

    No I’m All Powerful!

    What power would you like to have?

    I Don’t Need Powers

    Anything to Defeat My Enemies


    What is your personality like?


    How powerful would you like to be?

    Semi Powerful

    Why did you become Evil?


    Only Road I Have Left

    I Wanted To

    Would You Die For Someone Else?

    What animal do you like the most?




    You are Orochimaru. You are known as twisted by other people. Some people think the reason for your “Twistedness” is because of a horror you experienced at a young age.



    You are Frieza! You are a very sadistic character, you cannot tolerate bad haircuts and cowardice. You are known for being very powerful and you can put up a fight.



    You are Father. You are witty and sharp tongued with a strong superiority complex. Even in scenarios where you are fighting someone who you know is more powerful than you, you still act like you have the upper hand.

    Zeref Dragneel

    Zeref Dragneel

    You are considered “The Evilest and Darkest Mage of all time!” But you are actually a pretty cool person. You are a calm and heartfelt person.

    Kayaba Akihiko

    Kayaba Akihiko

    Ever wondered what Evil Doer you are from Anime? I’m here to tell you

    Tokyo Ghoul Dr Akihiro Kanou Saw Ghouls As The Superior Beings

    Say I love you #1 scenes First kiss â?¤ï¸?( 好ã??ã?£ã?¦ã?ã?ã?ªãã, Suki-tte ii na yo.)

    Nobody really knows much about the Ghouls, but as far as Dr. Kanou is concerned, they’re the next stage in human evolution. The doctor hated humanity, who he saw as weak and trapped by the confines of nature and society. Ghouls, meanwhile, are everything people are not, and are more than capable of breaking out of man’s prisons.

    Hoping to push humanity to its Ghoul state, Dr. Kanou experimented on people and Ghouls by splicing their organs. His greatest experiment was Ken Kaneki, who he put a Ghoul’s organs into, accidentally created the most powerful human/Ghoul hybrid ever. Unfortunately for Dr. Kanou, Kaneki used his newfound abilities to crush his dreams.

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    Naruto Orochimaru Saw Immortality As Humanity’s Next Stage

    After his parents’ death, a young Orochimaru was comforted when he was told that he’d meet them in another life. However, Orochimaru took this parable of reincarnation too literally and sought immortality so that he’d live long enough to see his parents again. As the centuries went by, his original goals were warped into an endless desire for power.

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    In his quest for eternal life, Orochimaru tested countless techniques on himself and others, killing many and driving himself mad. It’s been theorized by characters and fans that Orochimaru was so broken by his parents’ death that he resented mankind’s fragility, hence his desperate search for the species’ only logical evolutionary point: immortality.

    Anime Villains Who Had A Point

    Anime does a lot of things right, and that includes writing complex villains. Here, we take a look at the villains who actually had valid reasons.

    Anime has some of the best-written villains of all fiction. The freedom of animation medium can give rise to the most memorable characters. Ranging from Goku to Freeza, there is no shortage of colorful characters in anime. And amidst them are the villains that everyone loves to hate.

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    Everybody loves when a hero stands up and end the evil doings of a villain. But in the world of anime, everything is not always black and white. There are a lot of villains that have become a fan favorite due to their 2 sided personalities and relatable characteristics. Here are 10 anime villains who had a point.

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    What Anime Villain Are You


    16/11/2015 ·You are Father. You are witty and sharp tongued with a strong superiority complex. Even in scenarios where you are fighting someone who you know is more powerful than you, you still act like you have the upper hand. Zeref Dragneel. Zeref Dragneel.

  • Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins
  • Choose a quirk! Decay. Blood Curdle. Cremation. Shapeshifting. Magnetism. Warp Gate.
  • You have been waiting for a while now to join the League, now is your time! How will you get them
  • Shigaraki has accepted you into the league, everyone thinks little of you except…
  • Shigaraki has Dabi off on a mission elsewhere, he has instructed you to lead The Vanguard Action
  • The mission was a success! Everyone is chilling but you cant help but Dabi, Shigaraki and Kurogiri
  • You have come across a U.A Student, Who are they? Deku. Todoroki. Bakugou. Uraraka. Iida.
  • With your dangerously powerful quirk, it looks like you have a big advantage how do you win? I
  • How powerful would you say your quirk is? Quirkless_ I could probably destroy a city without
  • What’s your favorite Season? Winter. Spring. Summer. Autumn.
  • Your Villain costume has to be something good, pick now! All black, mysterious and strange!
  • The Best 10 Anime Where The Hero Fall In Love With Villain

    Aiko Muto

    Hey everyone, welcome, Today we will be looking at various Romeo and Juliet stories of anime,then if you are here, you already know whats coming!

    Romance, Drama, Couple Fights, all mixed together so to bring us amazing animated series for the pleasure of our eyes.

    so without further delay, lets jump right into the top 10 anime where the hero falls in love with the villain.

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    Even Evil Has Loved Ones

    Batman: Year One

    Being evil doesn’t always mean hatred and negativity 24/7. Even evil characters can find someone to love. Often, that love is twisted, a cause for villainy or an act but sometimes a work can show an evil character’s love is genuine and deep. This serves to humanize the character, to give the hero doubts about fighting him/her, or to provide a weakness for the hero to exploit. At an extreme end, can provoke Mama Bear or Papa Wolf reactions if they are threatened , or prompt the loved ones to Avenging the Villain. It also marks the villain as hypocritical and shows his twisted worldview by treating everyone else as insects but excluding the few ones he has feelings of affection for.

    Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas, Villainous Parental Instinct, and Unholy Matrimony are subtropes.

    For the reciprocal situation, where an evil character has someone who loves them, see Even Evil Can Be Loved.

    Villains who are Complete Monsters can never qualify as this trope, as they are incapable of feeling love for anyone but themselves. Sometimes, if they show a sort of love that seems genuine, it’s revealed to be for pragmatic or self-serving reasons. Even if it was genuine at some point, that love is twisted into something vile and selfish to the point where it’s no longer genuine love but rather possessive obsession.

  • Nautilus Pompilius: In the song “Wheels of Love”, it is mentioned that even Hitler and Genghis Khan had loved ones.
  • RWBY:
  • Tails Series:
  • Reo And Mabu From Sarazanmai

    Sarazanmai is a wild show from start to finish, so it’s no wonder why the main antagonists have such an interesting history. Disguised as local police officers, Reo and Mabu are actually working for the Otter Empire by creating zombies out of people’s innermost desires. Throughout the series, Reo is spiteful towards Mabu, saying that the emotionless version of his past lover is not “his Mabu”.

    Later, he finds out that Otter replaced Mabu’s heart with a mechanical one. Mabu had to give up his emotional connection to be with Reo, or else his heart would literally explode. These two antagonists have a tragic but poignant ending that will leave you wishing you never disliked the characters to begin with.

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    Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress Biba Amatori Thought A Zombie Invasion Would Strengthen Society

    Ideally, the warriors who operate the armored trains in the obvious Attack On Titan clone Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress keep the kabane out of the walled nation-states. The Hunters’ leader, Biba, has other plans, as he wants to bring the zombie apocalypse to the last bastions of civilization because he believes the survivors would bring forth a stronger mankind, with the weak being left to die.

    Biba’s twisted ideals were born from his fathers’ attempts to assassinate him and being the sole survivor of an anti-kabane operation gone terribly wrong. Now, he’s intent on making everyone else see the world through his eyes. He actually got what he wanted in the end, but Biba was left empty and unfulfilled after the capital fell to the undead.

    Charioce Xvii And Nina From Rage Of Bahamut: Virgin Soul

    Top 10 Anime Characters Betrayed by the One They Love (ft. Todd Haberkorn)

    Nina is a cheerful girl who strives to stand for what’s right and originally detests King Chaioce for how cruel he could be. However, after discovering that her dance partner Chris was actually Charioce, Nina tries to understand his point of view.

    One appeal to their relationship is that their first kiss allowed Nina to gain control over her awkward habit of transforming into a chaotic dragon whenever she sees a cute guy. One downside is that Charioce orders her to death. Even that is not enough to convince Nina to stop loving the king, however, because she knows that he still loves her deep down in his blackened heart.

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    Toga And Twice From My Hero Academia

    The League of Villains has been around for a while now in the world of My Hero Academia, but we are just starting to see the relationships between its members develop as season 4 continues. One surprising relationship to be hinted at is between the blood-thirsty Toga and the double-personality Twice.

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    Twice is undoubtedly attracted to Toga, and the typically sociopathic girl shows a surprisingly gentle side as she helps Twice hide the part of his face that his ripped mask exposed. This deep caring between members of the League of Villains is especially powerful because it adds a new level of humanity to the otherwise irrevocably evil team.

    Which Movie Villain Are You Quiz

    The best movie villains are the ones that overshadow the protagonists, the deciding factor on what makes a movie a classic. Let’s delve into your dark side and find out which movie villain you have the most in common with. Think you’re the worst of the bad? Got a score to settle with the world? Let’s find out together.

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    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann The Anti

    While the Anti-Spiral from the eternally quotable Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is obsessed with human evolution, its goal isn’t to usher it in by force but to prevent it no matter what. Mankind and other sentient beings are known as Spiral Races, and if they multiply and evolve beyond a certain point, their inherent Spiral Powers will expand at such a galactic scale that they’ll end reality itself.

    This cataclysm is known as the Spiral Nemesis, and the Anti-Spiral did everything in its power to stop it from happening. In Earth’s case, the Anti-Spiral broke Lordgenome’s resolve and got him to brutally keep mankind underground. As a result, the human population’s numbers were always in check, and its evolutionary progress was kept at a limit.

    Villainous Anime Couples We Couldn’t Help But Root For

    Megumi Kitagawa from Say " I Love You" .

    Often times it’s the heroic couples that stick out in the minds of fans, but these 10 villainous anime pairings are awesome enough to stand out too.

    No action-packed anime would be complete without a strong antagonist, and in some cases, no antagonist is complete without their villainous soulmate. Love can transcend good, evil, and all the grey space in between.

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    Often, showing an affectionate relationship between two morally malign characters adds an intriguing level of depth to an anime’s story, since we see that even the most devious personality can have a soft spot for someone else. Whether you love them or love to hate them, there’s no doubt that these 10 villainous anime couples all have something going for them that we just can’t help but root for.

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