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Plot Of Wotakoi Until Now

Love is hard for Otaku {AMV} – Stick Together

The whole story of Wotakoi revolves around the story of an office working womans love for Otaku. She tries to hide her fujoshi lifestyle. But to her amazement, Hirotaka knows about her little secret. At the same time, Hirotaka is a game Otaku in the series.

The two seem meant for each other. But the web series shows how the love for Otaku is difficult for them. A gaming Hirotaka and Fujoshi Nirumi reunite for the very first time after their middle school at work. They slowly discovered their love for comics, entertainment, and other animations. They gradually began to date as soon as they felt connected by means of their similar interests. But their relationships face many ups and downs. To watch such a cute romantic love story of middle school acquaintances, you must be thinking about where to watch Wotakoi for the same, you can rely on the below-shared platforms.

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Plot Synopsis Via Amazon:

When Narumi, an office lady who hides the fact that she is a yaoi fangirl, changes jobs, she is reunited with Hirotaka, her childhood friend who is attractive and skilled but is a hardcore gaming otaku. They decide to start dating for now, but being otaku, both of them are awkward so a serious romantic relationship is rather difficult for them

The original manga source material for Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku is also available to read by publisher Kodansha Comics.

When Is The Release Date For Wotakoi Season 2

Unfortunately, there is no news concerning the anime’s second season. The series is available on and has an exceptional rating after 451 reviews, giving it a 4.8 out of 5. Many reviewers found comfort within the characters and their geeky lifestyles, particularly ones of similar age. In addition, the manga has proven to be extremely popular . According to Crunchyroll, over 10 million copies have been published both physically and digitally as of August 2020. If a second season does get announced, it won’t come as a surprise. However, given the pandemic and the time it takes to make anime, we might have to wait another year or two before seeing it on screen.

Right now, eager fans wanting to get their “Wotakoi” fill will have to read the source material, which currently has ten tankobon volumes, or rewatch the first season and imagine where their favorite characters will go.

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Kimi Ni Todoke: From Me To You

Sawako Kuronuma is a sweet girl whos often mistaken to be a jerk because of the way she looks. She struggles to make friends in her class, and shes also attracted to the most popular boy in class, Shouta Kazehaya.

One fine day when Shouta approaches Sawako out of the blue, her heart jumps for joy. She immediately starts dreaming of a romantic future with him. The anime outlines how her dream actually becomes a reality.

Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku

Anime Poster Wotakoi Love is Hard for Otaku Nifuji Hirotaka Wall Scroll ...
Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku
Cover of the first volume of manga as released in Japan by Ichijinsha, featuring Hirotaka Nifuji and Narumi Momose

Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku is a Japanese webmanga series written and illustrated by Fujita. It was first posted on Pixiv on April 17, 2014. It began serialization in Comic Pool on November 6, 2015. Ichijinsha began publishing the manga in print on April 30, 2015 and eleven volumes had been published, with over 10 million copies printed as of October 2021. An anime adaptation by A-1 Pictures aired from April to June 2018 on the Noitamina programming block, while a live-action film adaptation premiered in February 2020.

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The Plot & Cast Of Wotakoi

Wotakoi‘s four main characters are all good friends and co-workers, and some of them have known each other since their childhoods or high school days. The main couple consists of the introverted Hirotaka Nifuji and the outgoing Narumi Momose, who haven’t seen each other since their middle school days. Their friends Taro Kabakura and Hanako Koyanagi are quickly becoming an item too. On the surface, these four friends are simply polite and hard-working co-workers at the office — but they are all huge pop-culture geeks underneath, a secret they intend to keep.

Fans might be reminded of the Maid-Sama! franchise, whose heroine is desperate to hide her maid cafe job. Wotakoi has a little less drama and a lot more pop culture jokes and references, from the massive world of cosplay to the “kabe-don” wall slam move and MMORPG chat slang and emoticons. The light-hearted tension of hiding their geeky side easily balances with the touching and creative love scenes, most of which involve token but well-meaning gestures ranging from earring gifts to amusement park dates and even sharing an umbrella.

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Theres Also Romance For Gamers

Bruhhh, I also play different kinds of game

but why am I still single, these Otakus got to be

kidding me.

Narumi Momose an Otaku and

Fujoshi for making Doujinshi also a gamer, and

lover, were both childhood friends, and with

pure coincidence both of them met again in the

company theyre both working for.

Both decided

to meet up after not seeing each other for so

long and talking about how both should

privatize their own hobbies, if thats what you

anyways, youll definitely want to see how these

hardcore otakus fall in love with each other.

This anime is a light romcom kind of genre

where anyone can enjoy!

Personally, I really love Narumi for being a fujoshi. (a Fujoshi is

where you tend to love Boys Love also known as Yaoi and Shounen

Ai .

Love is a Hard for Otaku became popular because of the Opening Song Fiction by Sumika, together with a Couple Hand dance. This became super popular on Tiktok and other Social Media Sites. Even now its still popular for many. You can watch this on Bili-Bili, this contains 11 episodes and 2 Ovas.

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Where To Watch Wotakoi

The story of Wotakoi is about love that is hard for Otaku. It is a Japanese web manga series. Wotakoi is directed by Yoshimasa Hiraike. He is a Japanese storyboard artist, director, and screenwriter. The story of Wotakoi revolves around love for Otaku. To watch the passion for Otaku, you must be wondering where to watch Wotakoi, keep scrolling to get the answer.

Otaku is a string of Japanese pop-culture, where people have a passion for Japanese manga, anime, video games, and girl idols. In Wotakoi, you will be able to watch an office working woman Narumis passion for Otaku. Moreover, in the series, you will find a handsome man named Hirotaka, a game Otaku. In Wotakoi, you can watch their mutual love for Otaku.

An amazing Japanese web manga series depicts the mutual love story of a handsome man and a beautiful woman for Otaku. Stay connected to the article and find out where to watch Wotakoi.

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Recovery Of An Mmo Junkie

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku – English Trailer (PV) ã?Fuji TV Officialã

Moriko Morioka is a 30-year-old unemployed woman. She doesnt let her unemployment get in her way and instantly focuses all her attention on online gaming. Her online avatar in the MMO Fruits de Mer is that of the hero Hayashi and she bonds instantly with the sweet character Lily.

With neither of them knowing the others identity, they bump into each other at a store one night. Neither gives the meeting much thought, but fate had something else in store for them.

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Is Wotakoi On Netflix

Yes, Wotakoi is available on Netflix. If you have a subscription to Netflix, then just start watching Woatkoi. If you do not have a subscription to Netflix, you can look below the offer that suits your budget.

  • For Basic subscriptions, $9.99 per month
  • For Standard subscriptions, $15.99 per month
  • For Premium subscriptions, $19.99 per month

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His And Her Circumstances

In His and Her Circumstances, a smart young man falls in love with a beautiful young woman. The storys ups and downs make it interesting to read. Its a romantic drama showing how things can turn around for a down-and-out lad.

In the upcoming romantic anime His and Her Circumstances, watching why and how her character grows will be fascinating. A brilliant student, he even outperforms the storys female protagonist, Yukino, in the classroom.

The tale moves at a good clip, and everything that happens is very high-school romantic. Even though tropes are present, the tale makes up for them. It develops into a lovely story about the bond between two people.

Is Wotakoi On Amazon Prime Video

Wotakoi Love Is Hard For Otaku Live Action Full Movie

Amazon Prime Video has Wotakoi on it. All those who love to watch romantic stories can watch Wotakoi on Amazon Prime Video. To subscribe to it, you can opt for any options below.

  • Prime subscriptions will vary from $13 per month to $15 per month.
  • Prime subscriptions will vary from $119 per year to $139 per year.
  • Prime subscriptions for students are $7.50 per month.
  • Prime subscriptions for students are $ 69 per year.

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Where To Read And Watch Wotakoi

Written and drawn by Fujita, Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku is currently ongoing and is available as a manga series, a short animated series and even a live-action movie. Manga readers in the West can find two-in-one paperback omnibus volumes of Wotakoi, with four volumes currently released — complete with bonus pages and comics. The fifth omnibus is slated to release on September 21st, 2021. These two-in-one omnibuses can be found at retailers such as Barnes & Noble’s online catalog, both as print volumes and as digital NOOK editions at a slightly discounted price. The Wotakoi manga is also available in print at Rightstufanime.com, while has the print and Kindle editions.

Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku has an 11-episode anime with two OVAs, which can be streamed in Japanese with English subtitles. There is also a live-action Wotakoi movie, but it was only released in Japanese movie theaters. Unfortunately, Wotakoi is not available on DVD or Blu-Ray in the West, meaning this rom-com is best experienced either in manga form or viewing on Amazon. There are relatively limited options for reading or watching Wotakoi, but rom-com anime fans looking for something fresh will find it worthwhile all the same.

Whisper Of The Hearts

A young woman named Shizuku, who adores literature and the art of storytelling, is the protagonist of Whisper Of The Hearts, a fantastic romance animation.

Presently, she notices one day in the library that a kid named Seiji Amasawa borrows the same books she does, piquing her interest in him. She eventually meets her prince of books and develops feelings for him during the movie.

The plot thickens when Shizuku, prompted by Seijis questions, considers her life goals and discovers that she has not set a specific path to get there.

After some thought, she settles on penning a fictional account, confident that her greatest asset is her drive to understand better the gifts she already possesses.

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What Will Happen In Wotakoi Season 2

It is highly likely a second season will start right where the previous one left off. In one of the OVAs, Nao finally learns that Kou is a girl, and though the realization comes with embarrassment on both sides, the two are able to reconcile and even go on a date that leaves them reflecting on their relationship.

The first season covered the manga’s first four volumes, and assuming the next season will have the same amount of episodes and OVAs, it is possible that volumes five through eight will be adapted. This means fans will get a hot springs episode, Narumi’s first attempt at cosplay, Nao and Kou’s blossoming relationship, and of course, the sweet moment when Kabakura proposes to Hanako after she misplaces her most cherished possession: the matching necklace he gave her back in high school. There is sure to be lots of nerdiness, plenty of misunderstandings, and most of all, love.

My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu

She falls inlove in himð?/Wotakoi: Love is hard for otaku youth OVA

Hachiman Hikigaya is a narcissistic and apathetic schoolboy who is disliked by everyone who comes in contact with him. His nihilistic ideologies prevent him from making any genuine connections in life. As part of a school punishment, Hachiman is made to join the Volunteer Service Club, whose only aim is to help people.

Hachiman’s worst fears come true as he realizes hes always in the middle of other peoples problems, and this anime does hilarious takes on the awkward situations he keeps finding himself in.

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Best Romantic Anime Series To Watch Right Now

There will always be a place in the hearts of Romantic anime Series storylines, as the genre itself is as evergreen as the pairing of romance and animation. Many people enjoy reading love stories because they can help them feel all of their feelings.

Fans can find whatever type of relationship dynamic theyre looking for in anime, from the simple will-they-wont-they to the more complex love triangle or emotional storyline.

There are plenty of cute things for couples to do together, and whats even better? Movies like these have the power to inspire even the most obstinate of people to take action beyond their normal sphere. Below, youll find recommendations for the best Romantic anime Series to watch whenever you want to feel better.


Lovers Of The Red Sky

Kim Yoo Jung plays the titular character, Hong Cheon Gi, who is a young but extremely talented painter. She is admitted to the palaces royal academy as Joseons first female painter and meets Ha Ram, a government official who is in charge of reading the constellations. He lost his sight due to a mysterious accident when he was younger. Despite Ha Rams calm and thoughtful exterior, there is a darker side to him and a dual personality to look out for. Although Hong Cheon Gi finds herself attracted to Ha Ram, life in the palace will not be an easy one. Alongside the cruel and power-hungry Prince Suyang and the cute and free-spirited Prince Anpyeong , romantic entanglements and royal politics await the budding couple at every turn.

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Watamote: No Matter How I Look At It It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Unpopular

Tomoko Kuroki is a socially awkward otaku who would rather die than talk to new people. Despite dating over 100 boys via otome games, she still has no clue how to interact with real boys. As she prepares to go to her first year of high school, she has no idea how underprepared she really is to face the real world.

Tomoko’s brother Tomoki and her best friend Yuu Naruse are her emotional rocks. The two of them encourage Tomoko to come out of her shell. WataMote chronicles the daily struggles of Tomoko as she tries to become a part of society again.

The Anthem Of The Heart

Wotakoi Love is Hard for Otaku Anime Guide Book Wotaku ni Koi wa ...

The Anthem Of The Heart, released in 2015, is a moving musical journey. The films major message is that its crucial to watch what you say in social situations.

Its message, though tragically universal, is romantic, moving, and wholly original. Jun, a chatty guy, is the films main character. Even though evil frequently occurs in the film, it all feels real. As a result, its easy to believe and understand.

Juns family is torn apart at the beginning of the romance anime The Anthem Of The Heart. Because of their distance from one another, Jun begins to detest herself for how her words have harmed others.

She finally succumbs to her early-life trauma and begins to be afraid of her own words. Jun will eventually become silent in everyones presence since she has decided this is the best course of action.

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