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How To Be A Voice Actor For Anime

Voice Acting Is Acting First Voice Second

Anime Voice Acting Basics – How To Be A Voice Actor

This seems to be something that plenty of people dont realize. Voice acting is ACTING. So before you can even think about auditioning, sign up for acting classes and learn to act. Acting is a tough artform, and learning how to convey what the production needs is essential. Voice acting is about much more than doing impressions or making funny voices. In fact, plenty of well-known voice actors dont alter their voices at all. They are simply good actors and get work repeatedly because of this. Thats not to say being a vocal chameleon wont help, but if you cant pull off the performance then its not worth much.

Voice Over Branding And Marketing

Put your best face forward. If you want to be treated like a pro, you have to show up like one. In todays competitive voice acting market, you need to convince clients that youre the best pick. And that starts with projecting a strong, distinctive, unified image across all your client touch points.

For example, many actors question why they need their own voice acting websites, when there are many platforms where they can advertise their services. But when you send potential customers to a talent platform, youre just inviting them to compare you with thousands of competitors. By investing in your own branded website, you signal to customers that youre not just dabbling youre serious about your profession.

Think like a business owner. Its true that voice acting is an art. But to succeed as a professional voice actor, you also need to treat it like a business. As a business owner, youll need to get involved in everything from accounting to marketing to customer service. And depending on your goals, you may need to file legal documents to incorporate your business. In order to thrive as a business owner, youll need to stay flexible and willing to learn new things.

The bottom line: Voice acting is a dynamic, rewarding profession with a solid employment outlook. To be a successful voice actor, youll need to adopt a business owners mindset, harness your passion through training, invest in quality equipment and project a professional image.

Anime Voice Over Jobs Jobs In Lubbock

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Put The Act In Voice Acting

Almost every voice actor has come from either a theatre or music background. Before you make a commitment to voice acting, its a good idea to investigate just how much you enjoy acting. Pretty much every town in America has local theatres and almost every college has a theatre program. I would recommend learning the basics either through classes or hands-on stagework. This way you can learn skills important to voice acting in a less pressured situation than LA.

Assistant Dubber Voice Actor Anime Kdrama Work Jobs

Animation Voice Acting Basics

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What Equipment Do I Need To Get Started

  • Treat your surrounding environment first, then upgrade as you go

Thurman used their Twitch streaming equipment when they first started voice acting from home, but it quickly became apparent that this setup wasn’t cutting it. The solution was a closet in their spare bedroom, padded out with blankets to form an improvised recording room. While Thurman has since moved onto a custom-built recording booth and upgraded their equipment multiple times, they encourage beginner voice actors to focus on treating their surrounding environment first.

“You can certainly start off with a USB microphone, pop filter attached, sitting under a blanket”

Aimee Smith

Smith started out by using her computer’s in-built microphone in an untreated space. She upgraded to a USB microphone a few months later and booked paid work such as Freedom Planet, but says: “If I did this today, I’m almost entirely certain I wouldn’t have been cast.” However, when you’re starting from scratch, the solution can be as simple as a duvet.

“You can certainly start off with a USB microphone, pop filter attached, sitting under a blanket and with any recording software, and reinvest your money into equipment as you go further — once you figure out if you even enjoy it, once you’ve had the time to and figure out your bookable vocal types through jobs and classes. It’s a marathon, not a sprint,” Smith says.

  • Learn basic sound engineering and sound editing

Ashe Thurman

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What Anime Voice Actors Do

Anime voice actors need a sense of presence and attitude in their voice. It is important to stress that their voices need not be beautiful in the classical sense. There is a need, of course, for that sort of voice but there is ample room in voice acting for people with voices that are unique. For example, there may be someone with a very hoarse and croaky voice. Well, that voice too is a great asset because it is unique to them. If such an asset is coupled with great technique in speaking, recitation and acting, therein may be a successful anime voice actor.

A voice actor is first and foremost, an actor. Their voice must have vocal range, sure. But, a voice actor must be a performer and will be served well by skills such as singing. Remember that anime involves a lot of screaming too! A full-body performance in the studio will often be the mark of a successful voice or dubbing.

When all is said and done, however, we have to remember that anime voice acting is a job. This means several things you need to know if you are planning on becoming one:

Kill La Kill Takes Action Dialogue To 11

How to be an anime voice actor, with Your Name stars Stephanie Sheh and Michael Sinterniklaas | BFI

When Ryuuko Matoi calls out her nemesis, Satsuki Kiryuuin, in pure anger, it never gets old. Ami Koshimizu’s arrogant and confident line delivery is offset by a kinder voice towards her allies, and even convincing bashfulness when faced with her revealing attire or a newfound sibling. The gloriously loud voice of Tetsu Inada’s Ira Gamagoori and the commanding presence exuded by Ryouka Yuzuki’s Satsuki are also worth the price of admission. Combining these with the terror-inducing tones of Romi Park’s Ragyo Kiryuuin, and Kill La Kill becomes an audio experience every anime fan must experience.

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How Do You Get Started

For voice actors, a common entry point is freelance gigs they find online through websites such as, Voice123, Backstage or, for audiobooks, Amazons Audiobook Creation Exchange . But you cant expect to land a job just because you have a voice like James Earl Jones.

Most of the professionals The Times interviewed said its wise to invest in some classes on voice acting before leaping into the scrum of applicants.

Its a very tough field to succeed in, and connections are vital to getting started. Having a background in music and dance helps.

Copeland said he took a six-week course at a Burbank studio in voice acting for commercials that broke down how to understand a script, how to recognize what a client is looking for and other fundamental skills. A few days later, he said, he was hired for his first gig: recording an announcement for Disney Hall about what to do in case of an emergency.

McCormick studied theater in college and was aiming for a career in TV and film when she went to a seminar on audiobook narration hosted by the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists . Intrigued, she later took a five-day workshop with a veteran narrator to prepare her for the process of auditioning on Amazons ACX.

Zieja, a former military intelligence officer with no formal acting training, argued instead for the learn-by-doing approach.

Greatest Anime Voice Actors Hollywood Could Learn A Lot From

byAditya TalwarJanuary 18, 2022, 2:14 pm

Anime is immensely popular all across the world. When anime shows go to other countries, they are frequently dubbed in order for new audiences to comprehend them. Some English dub performers have contributed to the success of well-known anime series such as Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, My Hero Academia, and others in English-speaking nations.

Here are some of the top English-speaking anime voice performers on the market, Hollywood could learn a lot from.

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Setting Up Your Home Recording Studio

A voice over home studio is essential to enabling you to produce high-quality work for your clients. If youre interested in building a recording studio in your home, step one is to assess which rooms or locations would make the most suitable recording space.

This may not be as daunting as it sounds, because a recording studio only needs to be large enough for you to comfortably sit in. People can get quite creative with which spaces they convert into voice over studiosfrom garages to closets, youd be surprised what can work for you.

Additionally, creating a professional-grade studio doesnt have to break the bank. In this article, audio experts offer sound advice on where you should spend money and where you can save money when setting up a recording studio on a budget.

Tips for saving money on your home studio build:

  • Soundproofing and insulation dont have to be expensive. You can use really heavy blankets or comforters to absorb any unwanted sounds.
  • With recording equipment, more expensive doesnt always equal better. Plus, recording gear can also be purchased secondhand and/or upgraded as you go.
  • Your home studio space can be as simple as a closet. As long as it is quiet and allows you to give a professional quality read every time, it doesnt matter where your home studio is.

Tips To Find The Best Voice Over Microphone For Your Voice

How To Become a Voice Actor For Animation
  • Try many types and brands of microphones before you settle on one
  • Test out your mic in the space you will be using it
  • Choose one that highlights the great details of your voice
  • Stay away from handheld mics
  • You can also get advice from savvy audio experts who will be able to steer you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the right microphone.

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    Become A Part Of A Voice Acting Community

    All branches of acting are competitive and its difficult to find friends who are doing the same thing, and even more so for voice overs. Nevertheless, try to surround yourself with other voice actors who are actively pursuing this career.

    Being a voice actor can get lonesome, since youll do a lot of the work by yourself, either at your home studio, or at casting directors studios, or on the job. Becoming a part of a community of people who share the same goals can keep you grounded and focused.

    Just like any other branch of show business, voice over industry can be stressful, thus its good to share experiences and chat with other voice over actors about the work. Thats also the place where you go for tips, consultation or encouragement, since only another voice actor can understand what youre going through.

    Where to find these places? Try by looking online.

    Voice over acting blogs:

    What Advice Do Pros Always Hear That Is Wrong

    Like many voice actors, Copeland decided to look into the field because he was told he had a good voice. And a distinctive, appealing voice can definitely be an asset.

    But professionals agree that the quality of your voice is not the be-all and end-all. Its not about, Do you have a pretty voice? Its Can you act? McCormick said. This really is an acting job … even if its nonfiction.

    At the same time, Copeland said, Just because youre an actor doesnt mean youre gonna be good at voiceover. They are very different in some ways. I would say, dont go in overconfidently thinking you can do voiceover because youve been an actor for a certain amount of time.

    One other myth: I think actors feel like you need to make a demo tape right away, Rudin said, but spending thousands of dollars on a demo when youre just starting out is definitely not a way to be prudent in your spending. It takes practice.

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    Choosing The Best Headphones

    You want to spend a bit of your studio setup budget on a good set of headphones. Recording with headphones will allow you to hear if you are making unwanted sounds with your mouth, or if there is any other interference being picked up by your mic.

    You will want to get a good pair of over the ear headphones that are comfortable and allow you to hear yourself at a comfortable audio level. A decent pair of headphones will cost anywhere from $100 and up.

    Two great examples are:

    The Sony MDR-7560

    The Sennheiser HD-200 Pro

    You should also be aware of the difference between closed-back headphones versus open-backed headphones to know which ones will work best for your needs.

    Here is a list of other reputable headphones that voice actors recommend:

    • GarageBand

    Owning Your Niche Without Pigeonholing Yourself

    Animation Voice Acting Basics – How To Be a Voice Actor

    In todays voice acting industry, specializing in one kind of voice over doesnt mean only knowing one thing. According to voice actor and coach Shelly Shenoy, in order to succeed in the area of voice over that youre most drawn toin this case, animationyou need to expose yourself to the 3 main buckets of voice over:

    • Long-form narration that hones the skill of stamina reading and clean character splits
    • Commercial reads that hone the art of the sale
    • Animation projects that hone the development of special character work

    Think of each of the above as the posts of a three-legged stool. Only when youve exposed yourself to all three and dedicated time to developing skills from each, will you find exactly what you enjoy and where you flourish as an animation voice actor.

    Our Beginners Guide to Voice Acting provides a great primer on taking the plunge and developing your career in the voice over business.

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    Moving To Los Angeles California To Become A Voice Actor

    If you want to become a voice actor for anime and cartoons then eventually you will have to move to Los Angeles that is if you are going to take it seriously.

    The top cities for voice acting are

    • New York City of course
    • Chicago
    • Texas
    • Los Angeles

    Mainly New York City and Los Angeles but really for any kind of acting, Los Angeles is the place to go. Los Angeles California has every major entertainment company you can think of. Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney, Anime News Network. As a matter of fact, when something is imported to America, guess what, it goes through California first.

    Now some of you might be wondering, but California is too expensive. Yes but so is New York. However, it is something you will have to do if you are serious about your career.

    Honestly speaking, I went to California twice in 2017 and I did not like it. However, if I was striving to be an actor then I would just move there and most likely share an apartment with room mates.

    Take Voice And Voice Over Classes

    There are plenty of voice over books and other resources that are available to aspiring voice over actors, but nothing beats real life training.

    Voice over classes are widely available in major cities, but if youre struggling to find one close to home then you can opt for online voice training. Since most of it will be focused on your sitting and doing voice exercises, online training can work well .

    Needless to say, if being a voice actor is your long-term career goal, continue improving yourself and your voice in any way possible. On top of voice-over classes, you can take general voice lessons where youll be taught proper breathing, warm-ups, voice control, elocution and tons of other methods that will improve your voice over skills.

    You can even take singing lessons, if you can afford them.

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    Great Voice Over Demos Are Essential To Getting Into Voice Acting

    Your voice over demo is your calling card. It validates your description of your voice by showing potential clients that you can do exactly what youre saying you can.

    Say you can speak five languages. Do you have a demo in each? If not, then you should. Showing, rather than telling, is incredibly powerful.

    How to Produce an Incredible Voice Over Demo:

  • Plan to have a demo for each style of voice over you provide , as well as each language, accent, or dialect.
  • Dont waste valuable time slating or adding long intros. You only have a few seconds to hook the listener hit them with your best voice over read instead.
  • Use your real voice leave stereotypes behind. Provide an authentic performance.
  • Make sure that your recording levels are properly set. The last reason why anyone should pass you over is because they cant hear you!
  • Ask previous clients if you can use samples from their work for your demo.
  • When creating a demo from scratch, make sure you choose the right script.
  • In this video, Voices Talent Manager Evan Wiebe breaks down everything you need to know about demos:


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