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What Female Anime Character Are You

What Anime Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Top 5 Anime Female Characters Of All Time!

It’s not just to having a similar look or a habit when it comes down to find out your anime personality. It might be simply more deep than all of that Zodiac Signs.

If you really want to find your true connected anime character, you need to take find your true zodiac sign quiz as well, before getting into the ultimate anime character quiz.

Kyouka Izumi Bungo Stray Dogs

Kyouka is always on the verge of killing someone, which is what makes her a dangerous adversary. She doesnt care much for others all that matters to her is removing the scenes target.

Although she learns how to control her power, she still prefers murder as a top solution for solving any problem. Moreover, shes still in training.

Just imagine the havoc she could bring after mastering her training!

Teletha Testarossa Full Metal Panic

Like a car from Italy, Teletha is a smoking-hot babe who loves to step on the gas. She is one of the sexiest female anime characters and has been involved in several love triangles.

Although she is not very athletic, her body is quite appealing. She is certainly not someone you would like to miss out on a gathering!

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Quiz: Which Anime Character Are You

Many people are stereotyped and cut off Japanese animations in advance, so this quiz is not for them. “Which Anime Character Are You” is a quiz created for real Otaku who cannot imagine their life without Japanese productions. In the 90s, when Japanese pop culture started to creep into the West, American fans also started to be interested in this phenomenon. Today, many people cannot imagine their life without anime and treat it as sacred.

Many adults associate Japan with advanced technology, sushi, or samurais. However, when we ask young people about their first associations with Japan, the answer is more often: manga or anime. It is mostly young people who are delighted with the above-mentioned animations but not only. After all, millions of adults who already have children are still fascinated by the world of anime and everything related to it. No wonder Japanese animated films teach many values and are simply incredibly interesting they do not stand out in any way for full-length films.

Which Hot Anime Female Character Are You


Love anime? Its filled with many female characters who are both strong and sexy. If you want to know which hot female anime character you would be, then take this short quiz to find out!

  • Are you desperately willing to wear belly exposed tops?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Do people call you a bully?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Are you popular amongst your school/office?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Are you willing to protect/assist the one you love?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Do you like teasing others?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Do you like to be independant?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Yes if they’re a hot guy

  • 8. Do you focus on your grades ?
  • A.& nbsp
  • After I finish what’s more important 😀

    • Sample Question
    • Sample QuestionWho were you in school?Tomboy
    • Sample QuestionHow would you describe your work ethic? You may choose to consider:- Your approach to school tasks or job tasks on an everyday basis.- Your determination and diligence when carrying out these tasks.Select all that apply, but do NOT tick all or none boxes otherwise, you’ll get inaccurate results.You work when it benefits your loved ones, and take the job no matter what the opposition states.You prefer to get servants to carry out mundane tasks – carrying out high-risk tasks is more your style.You prefer to think that you’re in charge while bossing your friends to carry out the chores.

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    What Anime Character Do You Look Like

    There are many Anime Characters. Each Anime Character is genuinley uniqe and beautiful in their own way ……………………

    Have you ever wondered what Anime Character you look like? All the other quizzes judge on personality so you don’t get an actual look-alike. But this quiz judges on looks AND personality!

    Remember to rate this quiz on the next page! Rating helps us to know which quizzes are good and which are bad.

    Erza Scarlett Fairy Tail

    Ezra Scarlet! Where do we even begin?!

    She is an S-Class Mage from the brilliant magic guild Fairy Tail. Ezras initial personality and role in the manga series are as a lone wolf loyal to her rules. As the story progresses, Ezra transforms into a tough, loving, and independent mage.

    She is the best anime girl ever! She is sexy, strong, smart, and by far the most epic swordswoman ever seen on anime. When she is fighting, it makes her look like a tall fairy dancing in the battleground.

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    I Wonder Which Of These Ladies You Could Be

    What is your favorite food?

    Anything except mushrooms!

    Cake is good. I like sweet things

    I don’t really have a favorite. I’ll eat anything as long as it tastes good

    What anime genre would you like to live in?

    School Life

    What is your favorite thing to cosplay as?

    A witch

    Which quality do people notice about your appearance?

    My beauty

    I have large eyes

    I wouldn’t know

    People notice that I look like someone they know a lot. I guess I must have common features?

    My sweet smile

    My outfit, I always wear something eye-catching

    What is your relationship with your family like?

    My family doesn’t care about me but I wish we could be closer…

    We are very close

    My closest family members have passed on and I don’t really have any other relatives that I know of

    I don’t have a family

    My real family left me. I’m currently living with people who aren’t related to me by blood

    I have a strained relationship with my family

    What kind of hair accessory do you prefer?

    I use a plain clip to put my hair up in a professional way

    My hair looks nice without so I don’t bother unless it’s a special occasion

    I almost never wear accessories in my hair

    A cute hair ornament

    I like ribbons!

    I don’t really use accessories, I just put my hair up with a hair band or leave it down

    What physical feature bothers you the most about yourself?

    I have a flat chest…

    My looks are average at best. I wish I was a little bit prettier

    I don’t worry about my appearance much

    I have stupid looking bangs

    I push people away

    Princess Mononoke Princess Mononoke

    Top 10 BEST Female Anime Characters

    Mononoke is a ferocious and vital predator in the series, Princess Mononoke. Because shes a princess, her loyalness to her subjects matters.

    Shes a passionate woman who could bring an entire army down with her fearless attitude and grace. As far as stout, emotionally stable, and fierce females go, princess Mononoke will always be on top!

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    Irina Jelavic Assassination Classroom

    Irina is more of a bad-bitch warrior among her classmates.

    Her convincing skills in manipulating and seducing men make her a viable asset to the team. Moreover, she possesses a lot of raw strength because sometimes, a vast amount of intelligence, charm, and a stable mind is all you need to fire a gun.

    Erina Nakiri Food Wars

    Erina is one of the female-saviors in the series known to brandish the worlds best palate. Everything about her is so intriguing and unique. She has lengthy honey-blonde hair and purple-pinkish eyes.

    When compared to other characters, Erina is the prettiest. As Erina belongs to a noble and wealthy family, she comes across as a pampered girl. With all the people running around her, trying to take care of her, she still manages to hold power over others due to her appearance and talents.

    What makes her an independent hottie is how she learned to do things independently without asking for help.

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    Riza Hawkeye Fullmetal Alchemist

    For anyone who has watched Fullmetal Alchemist, Riza has always been the center of attention!

    Riza belongs to the manga series: Fullmetal Alchemist. She is a total badass and a lieutenant in the military.

    Shes called the Hawks Eye for a reason! She will shoot the person down or bring a man to his knees if anyone lays a finger on those who she cares about.

    She may come off as a cold and unforgiving person, but shes a warm and caring person at heart. Her emotions are real, and she has dreams and goals, plus she can fight. She is genuinely a tremendous female anime icon!

    Akane Kowata Flying Witch

    Top 10 Shy Female Anime Characters

    Meet Akane, everyones best friend! She is the kind of person that you could spend hours with and never get bored.

    Akana is a loyal friend to both women and men. With her circular green eyes, she gives out a unique vibe!

    She takes on many amazing adventures in the Flying Witch and portrays a satisfying role to her spectators!

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    Irina Shidou Highschool Dxd

    Yes, another female hottie from Highschool DXD! The list is neverending when it comes to the gorgeous females of Highschool DXD!

    Irina Shidou is a stunning part of this list. Shes the Ace of Spades, a mesmerizing young woman with violet eyes.

    Her chestnut hair is always tied, which makes her look even more charismatic and pretty. Her very curvy and figure makes her appear more charismatic and attractive. Besides that, she has a curvy body that tends to hypnotize every person that stares at her.

    Which Fullmetal Alchemist Character Are You

    Fullmetal Alchemist is a beloved manga and anime series that tells the story of Edward and Alphonse Elric, brothers who experience a life-altering tragedy when they attempt to use alchemy to bring their deceased mother back to life. After embarking on a quest to find the mythical Philosopher’s Stone, which will allow them to circumvent the Law of Equivalent Exchange and revert the harsh consequences of their failed transmutation, the Elric Brothers encounter a cast of colorful characters with a wide range of personality types. So which Fullmetal Alchemist character does your personality most resemble? Are you bold and independent, with high ambitions, like the Flame Alchemist, Roy Mustang? Or are you caring and compassionate, devoted to those close to you, like Roy’s best friend, Maes Hughes? Answer the following questions honestly to find out which Fullmetal Alchemist character you are!

    Quiz WriterPeg

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    Which Female Anime Character Am I

    Anime is a style of Japanese film and television animation, typically aimed at adults as well as children. If you are a fan of anime, and what to know your personality. In this quiz, find out if you are a catgirl, puppygirl, or bunny girl.

    • What is your favourite drink?
    • A.& nbsp
    • Still water/ flavoured water, its good to stay hydrated 😀

    • C.& nbsp
    • Warm milk topped with a large spray of whipped cream please )

    • E.& nbsp

      Juice box

  • 2. A trolley is running out of control down a track. In its path is a family of 5 who has been tied to the track. Fortunately, you could flip a switch, which will lead the trolley down a different track to safety. Unfortunately, there is a single person tied to that track. Should you flip the switch or do nothing?
  • A.& nbsp

    Why do i have to choose?

  • B.& nbsp

    Kill the family, spare the single person, he has his whole life in front of him, and the family has already figured it out

  • C.& nbsp

    Kill them all then its fair, we shouldn’t have to choose, if I’m already playing god, then its merciful to kill them all rather than leave the living to deal with the trauma of being tied to fucking train tracks then watching the people next to them die.

  • D.& nbsp

    Why cant we save them all ?

  • E.& nbsp

    Kill the one guy its more logical to spare the family

  • 3. What is your ideal vacation spot?
  • A.& nbsp
  • When you die what do you want done with your body?
  • A.& nbsp

    Cremated, its better for the environment and i can be scattered into the wind, only in death will i finally be able to fly

  • Which Anime Character Do You Share A Personality With

    Top 10 BEST Female Anime Character (Decided by the WHOLE Anime Fandom)

    All the anime characters have certain distinct features, and they are portrayed with certain look that goes along with their character. The beauty of anime is the way it has focused on each character’s thoughts, and this helps you because you would have also gone through the same situations in life. So, in short the connection between you and the anime character will help you find solutions to many of your problems.

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    Raphtalia The Rising Of The Shield Hero

    Raphtalia was once a source for the most moe of moe scenes, but later she became a serious part of the story.

    She was initially a slave, which plays a vital role in making her a strong and fearless woman. Nothing you do could ever break her!

    She would go to the depths of hell to save her partner, all the while looking gorgeous doing it.

    Seraphim Zoreha Zombie Desuka

    If you like ponytail anime girls, then you are going to love Seraphim! She can quickly strike an arrow to your heart.

    She has long dark hair, green eyes and wraps her hair in a ponytail. She leaves a few locks of hair on the side to dangle, making her look more sexy and natural.

    Contrary to her sweet and gentle appearance, she is not your average good girl type! She knows that shes not the most excellent person on the block because she kills people .

    Being an assassin is definitely a turn-on!

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    How Does This Anime Quiz Work

    The tests premise is to answer the question of what anime character are you? It works based on the analysis of your responses to our 20 anime- and personality-related questions. The results of the quiz include a list of the most popular fictional personalities of the Japanese animations in 2021. So, the participants have the chance to find out which beloved character is similar to them.

    Which Red Flag Anime Character Do You Kin

    Bishoujo: The Most Beautiful Female Anime Characters Ever ...

    Various characters can be a part of you. By taking this quiz, you will understand what red flag anime character do you kin & kinnie and also the extra details below:

    • If the anime character you love has any connection with you
    • If you look like your favorite anime character
    • You will also know how to deal with difficult situations just like your favorite manga character does
    • Do you have any evil traits like the demonic or evil characters in the animes

    So, after taking the anime kin test, you will know all about the connection between you and your favorite anime characters in the series.

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    According To The Fans

    MyAnimeList is a famous website among Otakus. Fans share their playlists and top-10 lists on the platform and vote on related topics. The website also has a section to identify the most popular characters of all time. It is a good idea to check that list out before even digging into what anime character you are. That is because you might find the answer right away just by reading the descriptions of the fictional personalities on the list.

    Anyway, MyAnimeList votes show that the top anime characters of 2021 are:

    Lamperouge, Lelouch

    Shoto Todoroki

    What Anime Character You Are & Which Anime Character Do You Kin

    There are various types of characters in an anime series that can give you a wonderful feeling and the connection between you and the character can be something unique. There are also Red Flag anime characters which is another story. If you are truly an anime lover, then this anime character is the one that you surely have to go through to find out your anime kin and anime character. If you are looking for more quizzes, we have a anime quizzes category at your service!

    This way, you will know exactly where your connection lies and also find out which character is the perfect choice for you. The whole idea of taking the quiz is to get to know how a certain character can affect you and your real-life situations. So take this anime quiz and find the anime character you are connected to. Do not forget to share on comments Which anime character you are and who do you kin?

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    Shuru Kirigakure Blue Exorcist

    Although we have no time to discuss her badassery, she is a mesmerizing woman. Theres just something fascinating about a snake-controlling, blade-wielding, cocky babe that makes a man go beyond his belief.

    This woman has many guts, going head to head with the likes of the devil and taking it upon herself to train and mentor our lovable Rin.

    Moreover, she isnt afraid to beat the living hell out of her student to show them how much they have to learn.

    Neferpitou Hunter X Hunter


    Neferpitou is genuinely one of the best female antagonists of all time.

    She became an icon ever since Kite tried to defeat her. Among all the other characters in Hunter x Hunter , she is the only one that would make a person curse his existence every time something terrible happens!

    With the power to bounce hundreds of miles, senses so vivid and sharp that nothing can escape her, we can confidently say that shes a nightmare dressed as an angel

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    Shuka Karino Darwin’s Game

    This anime girl has an outrageous KDA so far that she was deemed as the undefeated leader.

    Besides being an undefeated queen, she is also the queen of thorns because, in battle, her two chains are almost everywhere. She is always ready to bite the head off of someone.

    She swats most of the players as if they are flies and even settles a good score with the shows big dogs. Only because of her relationship with Kaname she is not a demon.


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