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Who Is The Most Powerful Anime Character

Beerus Dragon Ball Super

Top 20 Most Powerful Anime Characters of All Time

He may appear to us a humanoid cat, but Beerus is anything but. Being the God of Destruction of Universe 7, he is originally the main antagonist of the show, but later becomes a supporting member of the cast. Beerus is considered one of the strongest among the 12 Gods of Destruction, with a simple mission to maintain balance in the universe. Beerus, however, is known for his laziness, sleeping for up to decades at a time, but once awakened sets out to destroy a few planets at a time to allow room for new ones to grow, maintaining balance in the universe.

Which Of Your Favorite Anime Protagonists Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

There are plenty of anime protagonists with complex and diverse personalities. Which one better matches you, according to your zodiac sign?

From classics like Dragon Balland Naruto to newer series like My Hero Academia, anime offers some of the most compelling protagonists on television. What typically unites these leads is an unparalleled passion for whatever task they’ve set out to do and a lot of growth throughout the series — but there are plenty of traits that set them apart as well.

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While characters like My Hero‘s Midoyira or Demonslayer‘s Tanjiro use their wits to survive, protagonists like Dragon Balls Goku rely on brawn. It’s traits like these that were used to determine which zodiac signs these 12 anime leads would represent.

So many anime series have their own detailed mythologies that western astrology isn’t often a big part of their shows. That doesn’t mean fans interested in astrology won’t be able to connect their favorite anime characters to the personality traits associated with their own zodiac signs. Though many of the following anime protagonists are from series that involve special abilities, or even magic, the heroes are all very different from one another.

Hulk / Red Hulk / Skaar

Everyone should know the Hulk by now. He is what happens when Dr. Bruce Banner gets mad. Basically, he turns into a giant, green, unstoppable monster that destroys everything in his path. This characteristic took hold of the good doctor when he was exposed to an experimental gamma bomb detonation, causing him to absorb massive amounts of gamma radiation. Ever since, the Hulk has taken over Bruce Banners body when he sees red, turning him from a brilliant, but fragile scientist into a giant green rage monster with the intelligence of a toddler. The angrier the Hulk gets, the stronger he becomes. The Hulk has displayed on many occasions a nearly invincible exterior, and strength that can match almost the best the Marvel universe has to offer. Strength-wise, he is beyond class 100 strength . This dudes destroyed meteors the size of Earth with his fists. Hes got skills.

Now, we should talk about Skaar. Skaar is the son of the Hulk in an alternate reality. He hasnt appeared in enough material to fully analyze his stats, but it has been shown that his strength surpasses that of dear old dad. He also has a healing factor greater than Wolverines. His accolades include falling to earth from outer space and surviving and cracking the supposedly unbreakable armor of the Juggernaut with a single punch, sending him into orbit in the process. This dude is not to be messed with.

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Uchiha Itachi Is A Genius In The Naruto Series

Uchiha Itachi powers: Impressive speed and reflexes, possesses high IQ

Hes fast, hes relentless, and most importantly hes got the smarts were talking about Uchiha Itachi!

Even at such a young age, Itachi has already accomplished so much. Itachi was always ahead at the Academy. Itachi also became the captain of the villages assassination unit, Anbu, while he was still a teen. Itachi was also able to defeat Hatake Kakashi and Orochimaru throughout the series.

Sure, the protagonist Naruto is strong , but Itachi possesses the complete package, which makes him one of the strongest anime characters in the series.

Itachis love for his brother, Uchiha Sasuke, ultimately led to his demise despite showing a lot of promise and power.

Eucliwood Hellscythe Is This A Zombie

Most Powerful Anime Characters of All Time

Eucliwood Hellscythe, also known as Eu, is a necromancer from the underworld in the anime Koreha Zombie Desuka. After resurrecting the student Ayumu Aikawa, who was killed by an insidious serial killer, they live together. Ayumu is infinitely grateful to his savior Eu, who turned him into a zombie and thus gave him a second chance.

Eucliwood Hellscythe is the most powerful and influential magical being that has ever walked between this world and the next. As an immortal Necromancer, she can decide freely about life and death, but also her magical power exceeds every human imagination. Her spoken word alone can change reality according to her wishes, which can have far-reaching consequences. Thats why Eu never speaks but communicates with Ayumu only through a small paper pad on which she writes down her thoughts.

To protect herself and her surroundings from the effects of her power, Eu shows no emotions whatsoever but is always absolutely distant and restrained. Her feelings can cause insecurities in her person and can negatively influence her power. The armor that Eu wears on her body also serves this purpose, as it at least partially suppresses and limits Eus emotions and power.

Some of her powers:

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Mori Jin Is Number Two

The God of High School

This battle would undoubtedly generate a lot of interest.

The excitement stems from the fact that the battle would be tight and come down to sheer talent.

While All Might is knocking clouds out of the sky, Jin is decimating the group and crushing everything under it with his staff.

Both personalities have a great deal of destructive potential.

But, more significantly, they are both skilled in hand-to-hand fighting.

Jin is objectively squishier than All Might, but his staff gives him a lot more flexibility.

Jin, on the other hand, I believe, would win in the end thanks to a combination of god-tier martial arts and some cunning surprise strikes with his staff.

Kojou Akatsuki Strike The Blood

Kojou Akatasuki is the protagonist in the anime Strike the Blood. Although he seems to be a normal high school student, he is the fourth Alpha: the strongest vampire in the world, an immortal demon who only exists in legends. He became a vampire only three months before the beginning of the anime. Kojou cant remember much of that time when he became a vampire and gets an intense headache when he tries to remember.

Regardless of his relaxed nature, he has shown repeatedly that he is very intelligent, smart, and quick to learn. Although these qualities are not usually shown because he tends to act irresponsibly without thinking. However, Kojou can also be impressively logical, observant, reasoning, and tactical. These qualities make him an excellent leader.

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Mighty Guy Is Number Six

Naruto: Shippuden is a Japanese anime series.

Might Guy is back on the melee fighting side of things.

To put it bluntly, he has to unlock at least the 8th barrier to enter the ring and perhaps the 9th to ensure victory.

The major disparity in movement speed will be the deciding element in this battle.

All Might has accomplished several amazing accomplishments, such as avoiding an explosion at point blank range. However, theyre much too inconsistent to call him a fast kid.

Guy, on the other hand, has shown such constant accomplishments, zipping about so fast that simply keeping up with him is remarkable. Theres no doubt hed blitz the majority of his opponents.

All Mights feats of strength are a little more remarkable.

However, considering the likelihood that he wont be able to land even one, its a moot point.

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Oh, you just have one power? says another character. It sucks to suck.

Its no surprise they were able to resolve the problem with Deku.

Sinbad has an uncanny ability to accomplish too much.

He has the ability to slow down your response time to the point where you have no idea where the opponent is. Or he may shout at you until youre dizzy and brainwashed, then blast you to heaven with one of his numerous elemental abilities.

Even if the previous two stages fail, and hes limited to just one Djinn weapon, he can still provide enough constant long-range AoE damage for All Might to devote all of his energy to defense.

Satoru Gojou Is Number Four On The List

Who Is The Most Powerful Anime Character Of ALL TIME?

Jujutsu Kaisen is a Japanese anime series.

When it comes to 1v1s, Gojou is borderline unjust.

He simply instinctively counters all of his foes.

All Might would have a hard time dealing with his Limitless ability, since it prevents any punch from really striking Gojou. At all times, there is an endless area surrounding Gojou and even the United States of Smash cant get beyond it.

Furthermore, Gojou has shown speed feats that greatly outclass All Might, thus reducing the odds of a direct strike.

True, Gojou wasnt able to one-shot All Might. His destructive ability is limited to approximately hill level, although he may chip away at him steadily while staying unscratched.

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Levi Ackerman From Attack On Titan

A young individual with black straight hair with sharp blue eyes that look may look intimidating. His body is short, but it’s lean and well-trained. His face tells a different story about him that he’s not interested in anything, but he keeps track of all things in his mind. He is admired by many and considered a hero by the people. Levi treats his opponents in a very brutal and merciless way. His rage turns him into a monster whenever someone he cares for is harmed.

Edward Newgate Aka Whitebeard

Is it any surprise that Whitebeard’s name is on this list? Well, I’m pretty sure that anyone who’s seen One Piece can attest to the fact that Edward Newgate is the most powerful character in the entire series, and will certainly give anyone in the show a run for their money.

The Battle of Maniford is one of the most epic moments in One Piece, and it’s easy to say that Whitebeard is one of the major reasons why this arc was all the more special.

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Eren Yeager Attack On Titan

Eren is the main protagonist of Attack on Titan and a former member of the Survey Corps. His abilities include being able to transform into a 15m-tall Titan, who in addition to having extreme powers, possesses great regenerative powers. Over and above this is Erens ability to command hordes of Titans to follow his instruction with the power of the Founding Titan living inside him. This can easily enable him to bring about the destruction of entire cities while being able to summon 50m-tall Titans to do his bidding if he so chooses. This ability alone is what allows him to appear on the list of the most powerful anime characters to date.

Zeref Dragneel Fairy Tail

Top 5 Most Powerful Characters in Anime

Zeref is known as the strongest and most evil magician of all time in Fairy Tail. He uses immensely strong and dangerous magic, black arts. He is the founder and ruler of the Alvarez Empire and is known as Emperor Spriggan. He is the older brother of Natsu and is the father of August.

Zeref was already able to master all forms of black magic at a young age and even started creating many demons. However, his magic is so powerful that he cannot control it himself. Zeref himself explained that the more he values life, the more uncontrollable the black arts become. This usually results in him killing everything around him unintentionally. But as soon as he becomes cold-hearted again, he has complete control over his powers.

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Absolutely Hilarious Anime Memes

Others may not see the appeal of anime, but here are 10 memes which prove that some of these series get us more than anyone else will.

Anime has no doubt made an impact on entertainment. It’s reserved for a niche audience, but that niche audience is comprised of dedicated, die-hard fans that follow all the anime they can get. Anime typically follows Japanese-style aspects such as those memorable facial expressions for anime characters and vibrant colors. Dedicated fans have created memes over the years to make us laugh or to otherwise apply anime to everyday life. Your fellow fans will get it, and the naysayers won’t. Anime is life in one way or another . That said, here are 10 absolutely hilarious anime memes!

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When Somebody Mentions Cake

Anime has its fair share of violence. In this case, this meme is called for and ultra-relatable. Who wants to miss out on cake? You’ll take out anyone that stands in your way to ensure you get a good piece. Nobody can joke when it comes to sugar the seriousness of the facial expression used in this meme emphasizes that. Some might come out with bruises and broken bones, but you’ll come out with your slice of cake. And if you’re lucky , you’ll get seconds. Bring on the cake!

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Whis Dragon Ball Super

Although he may look quite the oddball, let it not fool you into thinking Whis isnt an incredibly powerful angel. Whis is the martial arts teacher to Beerus, as well as the strongest being in Universe 7. Beerus himself has claimed that Whis is far superior to him, highlighting just how powerful he is. Another showcase of his power is indicated by means of Whis having knocked out Beerus with a single hit to the neck. In earlier fights with Goku and Vegeta, he easily fends off their dual attacks with his hands behind his back. Over and above his power, Whis also has lightning speed, stating that each of his arms act as its own organism. This means that the movements of his arms arent dependent on thoughts from his brain to travel to his muscles, granting him super-fast reactions. He also carries around a powerful staff, allowing him to make objects vanish and reappear, as well as to materialise new objects from nothing.

Weve Spent Some Time Researching The Which Anime Characters Are Considered The Most Powerful And Strongest

Top 10 Most Powerful Anime Characters Of All Time

Its worth noting that the following list is compiled from popular opinions across the internet, with a fair amount of personal opinion thrown into the mix. Youre more than welcome to comment below with your favourite anime characters who may not have made the list, although it may not change the overall list below.

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Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald

Imagine having a near infinite amount of money at your disposal. Now, while that might be great enough as is, there’s also one more thing that will compel you to spend more with each penny that you let go of, your power also increases.

This is essentially what Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald’s power is in a nutshell. His backstory is also quite tragic and kinda makes viewers empathize with an evil character who happens to be the leader of the American organization known as The Guild.

Kurapika Is Number Thirteen

Hunter x Hunter is a Japanese anime series

If we imagine Kurapika is bloodthirsty and has sworn to use his Nen exclusively on All Might, Im sure hell be able to defeat him.

We can see this by looking at Uvogin.

Uvogin is the shows backbone. And he has a lot in common with All Might.

His speed is very explosive, and a single punch may destroy the ground and create a huge crater. He also has a tremendous amount of HP and is quite durable.

Kurapika was so far ahead of Uvogin that he carried a shovel to the fight in order to bury his opponents corpse.

This is due to his specialized character and the fact that his chains fully oppose melee fighters.

He possesses the fortitude to take powerful blows, the quickness and strength to return them, and the ability to fully bind you and one-shot you.

Uvogin was not grazed by a bazooka, but a chain passed right through him.

And I believe All Might would suffer the same fate, although with a far greater degree of difficulty.

Black Clover is a Japanese anime series.

Finally, Gods method of pitting one muscular guy against another.

When it comes to what his kit can provide, I believe Yami barely edges over All Might.

All Might can just strike hard and absorb a pounding, while Yamis talents provide him with a variety of weapons with which to surprise his opponent.

Yami can always anticipate an attack because to his ki awareness and Mana Zone, and his Dark Energy grants him numerous long-range strikes.

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Edward Newgate One Piece

TOP 10 Powerful Anime Characters!

Edward Newgate is the captain of the Whitebeard pirates and is widely known as Whitebeard . He is considered one of Gold Rogers greatest rivals and the only person who could compete with him. For several years after Rogers death, Newgate was one of the four pirate captains known as Yonk. During the Great Pirate Age, Newgate was one of the most powerful pirate captains.

Whitebeard ate the Gura Gura no Mi with which he could dissolve all materials and shatter them into pieces, even air. With this force, he was able to cause earth and seaquakes . Whitebeard also owned the Murakumogiri, which is one of the 12 Saijo O Wazamono . But with this power, one wonders how strong he must have been in Gold Rogers time. It was noticeable that Newgate had lost some of his strength over time. On Moby Dick, he was connected to several medical apparatuses and was treated by nurses. Furthermore, he would have never been so easily attacked in the past as he was by Squardo, even by allies.

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