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Me Me Me Anime Short

Note: The Following Content Is Nsfw

Why Me? (animated short film)

You are attacked and ravished by many girls

The few characters in the music video are voiced by:

  • Kouichi Yamadera
  • Megumi Hayashibara

The video itself is produced by Studio Khara. Here is a list of staff that work on anime includes:

  • Director and Storyboarder: Hibiki Yoshizaki Redo Designer)
  • Character Design and Animation Director: Shuichi Iseki
  • Colour Designer: Yuichi Furuichi
  • Art Director: Hiroshi Kato
  • CGI and Visual Effects: sankaku
  • Animation Studio: Studio Khara

The official website of the music video has released some images to showcase the animes production. First up are the character designs for the main characters in the video:

Here are some key frames and visuals:

And finally, some additional concept art and designs:

The 2014 Japan Animator Expo is project to promote a series of anime shorts produced by Studio Khara and Japanese production company Dwango to promote young animators, much like the Japanese governments Anime Mirai project. The project itself will be releasing new original anime shorts every week for the next couple months. The first production is The Dragon Dentist directed by Otaro Maijo, the second is Hill Climb Girldirected by Azuma Tani , the third being ME!ME!ME! and the fourth being Carnage by Hibiki Yoshizaki. All anime shorts will have Hideaki Anno as executive producer.

For more information about ME!ME!ME! and the 2014 Japan Animator Expo, visit the animes website:

Watamote: No Matter How I Look At It Its You Guys Fault Im Unpopular

Did this show cure my depression? Did this show give me depression?

I dont have the slightest clue. If youve seen the movie Eighth Grade you have a feel for whats coming. It shows the pure awkwardness of being a teen and trying to fit in, to a horrifying degree sometimes.

And it has a very edgy sense of humor. And by golly does the protagonist have a potty mouth.

I view it as a 12 episode, plus one OVA, cringe compilation. But the best of its kind.

I Cant Understand What My Husband Is Saying

Now dont hate me here, I know this technically has 2 seasons. But you can watch it in about an hour and a half because the episodes are 3 minutes long. I say that counts as a short anime!

The plot is simple what happens when an otaku marries a non-otaku? From the sound of it you would expect some corny tsundere-type show. But its quite the opposite.

The main couple are adorable together, and actually act like a damn couple.

They still bicker here and there so its realistic too. And they generally get into some hilarious situations, so if you feel like laughing for an hour give it a watch!

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As Fallen Hana Servants

When they were brainwashed by Fallen Hana, they became the secondary antagonists. When they turned the secondary villains, they helped Fallen Hana to show the reality that Syu lived, and slowly destroyed his sanity using his own life. During this time they acted as villains, they tried to kill Syu several times within his own mind.

Ping Pong The Animation


You know how I said Five Leaves art style was refreshing?

Well get prepared to crank that up by several notches. Just like in every sports anime, the sport itself is more like a tool to tell the story, rather than the main focus.

You dont have to have played ping pong in order to fall in love with the show, its message, or the characters. Its a very well-written show about passion, what it means to strive for the number one spot, as well as a coming of age story.

I strongly advise you not to turn the show away because of the unorthodox art style and animation. You get used to it rather quickly.

After all, the ratings dont lie, this show is an absolute gem.

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The Case Study Of Vanitas Part 2 Final Short Trailer Showcases Vanitas

Vanitas from The Case Study of Vanitas anime has received a character trailer ahead of part 2s premiere on January 14, 2022. The video is the sixth and final short PV among the series of character PVs for the animes sequel. The previous trailers featured Noé, Astolfo, Jeanne, Jean-Jacques Chastel Chloe, and the Beast of Gévaudan. Watch the new trailer below:

The Case Study of Vanitas

Studio Bones is animating part 2 of The Case Study of Vanitas, with Tomoyuki Itamura as the director. The same director and studio also worked on the first cour..

The Case Study of Vanitas is a Japanese manga series by Jun Mozuchi. Square Enix is serializing the manga since December 2015, which currently has 9 volumes with 55 chapters available. Yen Press is also publishing The Case Study of Vanitas manga series in English and part 2 will start on volume 5:

The Beast of Gévaudan, which once plunged France into terror, has risen again in the nineteenth century. As Vanitas and the others investigate the relationship between the Beast and the vampires, they find their way barred by the paladin Astolfo and Jeanne, the Hellfire Witch. Who is it that laughs in a world blanketed white?

News3rd Animator Expo Short Is Mememe Teddyloid Music Video

posted on

is currently streaming a preview for the work.

The staff for the short includes:

Planning, Original Work, Director:

Animator Expo’s brief overview of the music video reads, “You are attacked and ravished by many girls. Animation music video by Teddyloid

Anno himself is serving as executive producer of the initiative with DwangoToshio Suzuki colored it.

One new short will stream every week for a planned total of 30 shorts, ranging from original projects and spinoffs to promotional videos and music videos. Each episode will be streamed for free via a dedicated iOS/Android app and on the web. There are no plans for a commercial release at this stage.

The project is holding a contest for opening animation sequences.

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Director Hibiki Yoshizaki and rapper DAOKO, the collaborators on the famous “Me!Me!Me!” short, are back together on the 31st work presented by the Japan Animator Expo showcase of shorts from Dwango and Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno’s Studio Khara. “GIRL” went online September 11th, and to celebrate the introduction of this follow-up, the earlier “Me!Me!Me!” is being streamed again for one week.

“Me!Me!Me!” went offline earlier this year along with the other entries in the first season of shorts.

#31 “GIRL” is now released! 2nd music video from Hibiki Yoshizaki x DAOKO Project . Enjoy! #animatorexpo

To celebrate the release of “GIRL” we redistribute ME!ME!ME! for one week. Enjoy! #animatorexpo

The live broadcasting program to review GIRL on Sep 14th at Niconico welcoming DAOKO as a special guest.

About the episode 31 “GIRL”

StaffOriginal Work · Storyboard · Director: Hibiki YoshizakiCharacter Design · Animation Director: Shuichi IsekiImage Board: Hiroki ShinagawaMusic:: Lyrics: DAOKO Music: Hideya Kojima , DAOKO Arrange: Hideya Kojima Animation Production: Studio Khara

Japanese Animator Expo Vol 3 Me Me Me Reveals An Extreme Anime Music Video

Carve you carve me – Pencilanimation | Animated Short Films

Me! Me! Me!, the third piece of Dwango and Kharas joint short project series, the Japan Anima Expo, was released on Nov. 21. This is the first music video in the series, and it features TeddyLoids music along the video. The viewers can enjoy an erotic, psychedelic world thats unlike any of the previous parts, showing the wide range of the Japan Anima Expo.

Me! Me! Me! tells a story about protagonist Shu-chan, who is lying in his room when a series of girls appear to assault him. The world featured in the video is a mixture of reality and dreams, which, combined with the free animation in perfect synch with the song Me! Me! Me! feat. daoko, and the liberal amount of nude scenes from the heroines make it a very exciting piece. Another impressive part is that although its an erotic video, it has somewhat of a dark atmosphere. We can say without a doubt that this is a piece worthy of the Japan Anima Expo, which provides a place for free creation unbound by the rules of expression.

This video was designed, planned, and directed by Hibiki Yoshizaki, the same person who designed Evangelion: 3.0 You Can Redo. The music was authored by music producer and composer TeddyLoid, who is known from the insert songs of Mekaku City Actors and Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, while Shuichi Iseki, who drew the original pictures of Kill la Kill, took part as character designer and animation director.

Japan Anima Expo Vol. 3 Me! Me! Me!

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The Comic Artist And His Assistants

I mean, the name kind of gives it away doesnt it.

This show is all about a mangaka and the plethora of women around him.

Its your usual harem comedy with a lovable and pervy protagonist, comprised of short skits.

The end goal? I dont know, something about womens panties Im guessing.

But the story doesnt really matter, as it only has twelve 13-minute episodes. And because its all about just getting a good old laugh.

I cant say its my favorite comedy of the bunch. But it is entertaining to say the least!


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