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What Anime Is Junko From

Her Obsession With Dispair

Best Moments of Banana Girl! – Junko Anime

While it seems like its all random, every horrible thing Junko does is all in the name of her beloved despair. Her obsession with the concept was thanks to her high intelligence and the boredom it created. To her, the world and everyone in it was predictable and boring, but despair was chaotic and unpredictable and that excited her.

Junkos love of despair governs all her actions, she doesnt just want to simply feel despair, she wants to spread despair to everyone. Its what gives her no trouble killing people, even the ones she loves, and fill the world with anarchistic violence and misery. Its even the reason why she pulled the trigger on her own execution, she was so obsessed with even her own despair that shed willingly let herself be killed and with demented glee.

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Danganronpa : Goodbye Despair

Izuru, after being captured by the Future Foundation along with other Remnants of Despair, downloads AI Junko into the Neo World Program. Once in the game she started changing the programming surrounding the Graduation and also began the Field Trip of Mutual Killing. Her motives behind doing both things was so that she could obtain comatose bodies and also to lure the Future Foundation into the game.

Chapter 6 This is the End, Goodbye Academy of Despair

Once Hajime Hinata and the rest of the survivors reached the final trial and the choice to either graduate or live on the island forever, Junko pretended to be Makoto and force them to graduate. After the survivors realize they are being tricked, Junko reveals herself in the form of a giant body and communicates with them through the use of a giant cell phone which displays her. As the trial carries on, Makoto, Kyoko, and Byakuya Togami appear in the game and Junkos full plans are revealed to the cast.

Image Gallery

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Danganronpa: 10 Things You Need To Know About Junko Enoshima

Danganronpa is full of out-there characters with loads weird personality quirks, but none are as insane and terrifying as Junko Enoshima.

Danganronpa is full of out-there characters with loads of talent and weird personality quirks, but none are as insane and terrifying as Junko Enoshima. At first, Junko seems to fit in the Danganronpas wild cast of characters, not really standing out all too much, but if you look closer, youll see that underneath that innocence is a violent storm of chaos and despair.

As the series big antagonist, Junko stays one step ahead of everyone thanks to her unpredictability and her cunning. Shes absolutely crazy and yet, at the same time, theres strangely a level of complexity to all her madness.

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Danganronpa:Enoshima Junko Kawaii Render

She worked behind the scenes and controlled Monokuma in order to cause anxiety and paranoia among the students to make them kill each other. She also began to broadcast everything as a TV program for the public to enjoy and fall into despair.

Chapter 1 To Survive

Mukuro posed among the students as Junko herself and the original plan was to have her trapped in the dungeon in order to set an example for the students not to directly rebel against Monokuma. However, on a whim, Junko decided to kill her sister for real and she was brutally impaled by Monokuma with numerous spears, dubbed Spears of Gungnir. The reason Junko killed Mukuro was to bring her and her sister despair since beyond all appearances she truly did love Mukuro. Despite this, the survivors of the Killing School Life took it as plain murder.

All of the students then believed that Junko had died, not knowing that the Junko they knew was an impostor because at the time the students were not privy to the fact that there were actually sixteen students.

Chapter 3 A Next Generation Legend!

After the class trial, Kyoko told Makoto that she had found a hidden room containing secret documents about Hopes Peak Academy, accessed through the supply closet of the second-floor mens restroom. After Makoto entered this room, a masked Junko knocked him out from behind. When he woke up, all of the files were gone.

Chapter 5 100 Mile Dash Pain of a Junk Food Junkie

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Who Killed Junko In Danganronpa

Super High School Level Solider), and the real Junko Enoshima, the Ultimate Despair, was the Mastermind behind The Tragedy and the Killing School Life. Mukuro had entered the killing game in order to help Junko manipulate it from the inside, but was ultimately murdered by her own sister, who controlled Monokuma.

So Naturally The Anime Is Filled With Quotes And Life Lessons Taken From Each Characters Predicament

. Junko was the mastermind behind monokuma throughout the events of killing school life and killing school trip as she controls him and the creator of his concept and personality. Super high school level fashion girl. There will be major spoilers for the entire series so please do not take this quiz if you don t want to get spoiled.

Goodbye despair academyand aposthumousantagonist in new danganronpa v3. I m the narrator here. Her title is the ultimate fashionista lit.

Anyway junko is the ultimate despair. 1 description 1 1 contribution in spreading despair 1 2 the brainwashing of class 77 b 2. Hi i am junko enoshima also known as the ultimate despair hey hey.

Ryko otonashi or alter ego junko. For the alternate versions of junko enoshima see. People inducted into ultimate despair who remained after junko s execution are known as remnants of despair.

But that doesn t mean she completely despises hope. Junko enoshima enoshima junko is a student in hope s peak academy s class 78th and a participant of the killing school life featured in danganronpa. Killing harmony and the posthumous overarching antagonist of the danganronpa.

Despair is such a powerful negative word and can cause and spread like a disease an extremely negative ways. Trigger happy havoc a recurring antagonist insuper danganronpa 2. Super high school level despair is a terrorist organization in the danganronpa series founded by junko enoshima.

Pin On Quotes

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Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls

Alter Ego Junko manipulates both the Warriors of Hope and the adults of the Towa City in the form of Shirokuma and Kurokuma. In the end, both robots are destroyed by Izuru to salvage their hard-drives for their AI.

After she failed to make Makotos little sister, Komaru Naegi as the Successor of Junko Enoshima, Monaca decides to become Junkos Successor herself.

Cul Es El Anime De Junko Enoshima

I love you Senpai!!! – Junko Anime

En la era anterior a la desesperación, Junko era una chica que ganó popularidad nacional por su irónico atractivo fashionista debido a su aura real. Lo que Junko escondió hábilmente de todos fue una enfermedad mental y una propensión a la inestabilidad aguda. Su motivo para cometer un crimen está relacionado con su obsesión por la desesperación, que considera la única emoción que merece experimentar. Sus motivos giran en torno a causar desesperación para ella y los demás. Por lo tanto, Junko está lista para hacer todo lo posible para lograr sus deseos mórbidos.

Parece emocionalmente carente al principio, pero en realidad puede sentir algo parecido al amor. Yuzuru Otonashi, su alter ego, se enamoró de su amigo de la infancia, Yassuke Matsuda, y ejemplifica esto. Yassuke Matsuda se extendió hacia el esqueleto de su hermana y sus compañeros de clase. Pero su máxima prioridad es traer desesperación. Entonces, después de exponer a su hermana a un terrible abuso, finalmente la mató y expuso a sus compañeros de clase a los horribles juegos de Killing School Life.

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Does Junko Love Makoto

However its pretty clear that Junko feels stronger emotions from killing those who she feels emotionally attached to so whether she genuinely loved Makoto for some reason or just forced/lied to herself to love him, the result is that Junko obviously does care for Makoto by the time DR1 is over because thats what she

Shes A Terrifying Mastermind

Junko orchestrated the Tragedy of Hopes Peak Academy which was a means to an end to start a riot and create a brainwashing video. Her complex plans would eventually reach their height when everything coalesced into mass chaos and despair swept through humanity to the point where pure anarchy took over the world and it was practically the end of the world, just as Junko wanted.

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Her Attitude Is Constantly Changing

Among her multiple personalities was the one she used to play the part of Monokuma, a more somber intellectual one, a wild and crazy one, a cutesy one, and even a sad one, just to name a few. This is part of what makes her so hard to read and unpredictable since Junko changes her attitude and body language like putting on a new shirt. At the end of the day though, all of these personalities are still Junko herself.

Danganronpa V: Killing Harmony

Enoshima Junko
Shuichi Saihara
Voiced by :
The main protagonist of Danganronpa V3 whose title is “Ultimate Detective” , the same as that of Kyoko Kirigiri. A soft spoken, unsure boy, Shuichi lacks the self-confidence to strive to his full potential. Though well known in the police department for solving numerous murder cases as an apprentice to his uncle, he believes he doesn’t deserve his Ultimate title due to him solving cases by chance. However, after developing a close bond with Kaede, she motivates him and helps raise his self-esteem, which results in Shuichi quickly becoming a central figure during the class trials. Following Kaede’s death, Shuichi becomes close with his fellow students, Kaito and Maki. Prior to entering the game, Shuichi is revealed to have been an ordinary, but sociopathic, high-school student who desired to play the role of an evil detective during the game, having concocted what he believed to be the perfect murder after watching every season of the killing game. He later survives the game alongside Maki and Himiko and resolves to discover whatever reality awaits him in the real world.

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Acerca De La Serie Danganronpa: Sinopsis Y Gua De Relojes

Danganronpa es una serie animada basada en la franquicia de videojuegos del mismo nombre de Spike Chunsoft. Danganronpa: una animación basada en el juego Trigger Happy Havoc fue lanzada el 4 de julio de 2013 con un total de 13 episodios. Aparte de esto, Danganronpa 3: End of Hope Peak Future Arc, Danganronpa 3: End of Hope Peak Despair Arc, Danganronpa 3: End of Hope Peak Hope Arc, Super Danganronpa 2.5: Nagito Komaeda a Komaeda Rin en el mundo, que debe verse en cada pedido.

Sinopsis: La serie sigue a Makoto Naegi, un estudiante de secundaria ordinario que ganó una lotería nacional, inscribiéndose en la élite Hopes Peak High School para jóvenes con excelentes habilidades con un título único. Después de conocer al extraño oso Monokuma, Makoto y sus compañeros de clase se dieron cuenta de que estarían atrapados en esta escuela por el resto de sus vidas a menos que cumplieran con la petición de Monokuma de matar a otros compañeros sin descubrir

en este punto, Danganronpa: Animación Puedes transmitirlo en Hulu.

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Cul Es El Anime De Junko Enoshimatodos Los Adversarios Definitivos

¿Quién es Junk Enoshima? ¿Cuál es el anime de Junko Enoshima? ¿Es ella responsable del crimen? ¿Qué convierte a Junko en el adversario definitivo, no solo en su propia serie de anime, sino quizás en el mundo del anime mismo? Junko Enoshima puede ser conocido como uno de los villanos más psicóticos. No te culpamos porque el comportamiento de Junko no es más que una locura. Pero la pregunta que me viene a la mente es por qué Junko, una estudiante de secundaria ordinaria y un genio con un futuro brillante, ha planeado un crimen que busca aniquilar a su familia y a todos sus compañeros de clase. Si esto le sorprende, debe recordarle que este fue el comienzo de su maldad y, finalmente, el mundo entero se sumió en la desesperación.

Si no estaba interesado antes, definitivamente lo está ahora. Pero tenemos las respuestas a todas sus misiones, por lo que no hay trastes.

Este artículo proporciona información sobre a qué anime pertenece Junko y descifra toda su personalidad desagradable. Al final de este artículo, no haría más preguntas sobre el espíritu engañoso de Junko Enoshima, el máximo adversario. Entonces, ¿de qué anime vino Junko Enoshima?

Advertencia: spoilers a continuación

Days Of Hell The Murder Story Of Junko Furuta

“As Thanks, ill let you see my!!!” Aho Girl –

On November 25, 1988, she was kidnapped by four teenage boys, one of them was Hiroshi Miyano. The boys took Junko Furuta to the house owned by one of the kidnappers parents in the Ayase district of Adachi, Tokyo.

While in captivity, the kidnappers forced Junko Furuta to call her parents and tell them that shed run away and is going to stay with a friend, but insist that shes not in danger. Not able to realize what was coming and too scared to remain non-compliant, Junko did exactly as she was told, ultimately forestalling a manhunt that would have otherwise followed her disappearance.

Parents of Nobuharu Minato in whose house Junko Furuta was kept visited their son on a few occasions. Still, under a threat of increased violence against her, Junko was requested to pretend that she was a girlfriend of one of the boys. However, even when it became apparent that she was a captive in the house, the parents did nothing for fear of retaliation from Hiroshi Miyano, who was known to have the Yakuza connections.

During 44 days following her kidnapping, Junko Furuta was forced to withstand unspeakable suffering. What she went through before murder included:

At one point, when the attackers were resting after drinking, she tried to call the police but was caught and punished by having her feet set on fire with burning lighter fluid. Large bottles the perpetrators forced up her anus caused internal injuries and ugly bleeding.

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Days Of Torture Junko Furuta

You have a good future ahead of you. Youre attractive and receive a lot of attention, sometimes making others jealous. You dont smoke or do drugs. Youre doing well in school, in fact, youre in your third-year at Yashio-Minami High School. But you made one mistake. Normally, turning down a boy who likes you, results in some hurt feelings and maybe a little intimidation or harmless retaliation especially when the boy you turned down is part of a gang. Little did she know, Junko Furuta had made the biggest mistake of her life.

WARNING: The following content may be considered graphic or shocking. Read at your own risk.

On November 25, 1988, after school was over for the day, 17 year old Junko Furuta started on her way home. Along the way, she was abducted by 4 boys, one of them the boy she had just turned down.

She was taken to the home of their leader, 17 year old, Jo Kamisaku. Kamisaku was a member of the Yakuza, also known as gokud, a transnational organized crime syndicate originating in Japan. Familiar with crime, and covering it up, Kamisaku knew they would need plenty of time to achieve their goal. He and the other boys, forced Furuta to call her parents and tell them she would be staying at a friends house for a while, and that she was safe. She complied, doing as she was told, hoping for a positive ending.

Within the next couple of hours, her body finally gave up, and she died, ultimately succumbing to her injuries.

All 4 boys are free at this time.

She’s The One Controlling Monokuma

The mascot of the Danganronpa series and the original game master behind the “Mutual Killing Game”, the crazy and wild teddy bear called Monokuma is as insane as Junko herself. There’s a good reason for that too, Junko is the one controlling this robot bear.

As a part of her masterplan, Junko set up Monokuma to be the Headmaster of Hope’s Peak Academy and killed Mukuro to keep her cover while she controlled all the bear’s actions. In truth Monokuma’s personality is just another side of Junko’s.

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