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Where To Start Reading Bleach After Anime


Bleach Anime Stopped Because It Was Catching Up With The Manga


Another group of Bleach fans believes that Bleach ended temporarily in episode 366 because it was catching up with the manga, so they had to stop making new episodes and take a break. This seems to be a bit further from the truth as this break has been going on for eight years and the anime still did not continue where it left off.

Considering that there was enough manga material that the Bleach anime had not covered, we would have expected it to have restarted sooner. But then again, if they did want to avoid filler episodes, waiting was a prudent choice – but it is the end of the line now as manga is already completed. We can safely say that this reasoning line holds no water at this point.

Thousand Year Blood Arc

Manga Chapters 480-686, Anime Episode 367-?This is the final arc of Bleach. You can only read it right now, but the anime version should be out in 2021, fingers crossed. This is a really insane battle arc, so I dont think there will be any filler episodes. Theres way too much to tell.

Thats the Bleach Watch & Read Guide! But what if you want more?

Watch the movies.Bleach has four standalone movies. Theyre all right, I guess. You can watch the first three anytime after the Arrancar arc starts, but the fourth movie, Hell Verse, takes place around the FoA arc. The only one I really liked was DiamondDust Rebellion, but I like Toshiro Hitsugaya and his Zanpakuto so Im biased.

Play Bleach Brave Souls.It might be a gacha game designed to suck up your money, but Brave Souls is pretty faithful to the series. It covers all of the manga up to the middle of the Thousand Year Blood Arc, and even has most of the anime filler as little side stories, Its quite useful if you stuck to reading the manga or watching non-filler anime episodes. Except for the Bount Arc. No one likes the Bount Arc.

If you enjoy action RPGs, youll like Brave Souls. Just try to avoid spending money on it

Read Cant Fear Your Own WorldCFYOW is a sequel story that takes place after Bleach, surrounding Lieutenant Shuhei Hisagi. It pads out the story and gives more lore and backstory to the Soul Society. You can also play through it on Bleach Brave Souls if you want a bit more action.

The Physical Manga Volumes Can Be Sold Later

It’s a fairly heavy investment to collect manga volumes, and a sizeable collection might represent hundreds or even a few thousand dollars. For collectors, this is certainly worth it, but if the collection needs trimming , it’s not too difficult to sell those volumes.

If someone enjoys manga more than anime, they can enjoy the Bleach series immensely, and years later, they may choose to sell their Bleach volumes. This can partially reimburse the collector and allow the buyer to begin their own Bleach journey at a discounted price. It’s a win-win.

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Is It Worth To Keep Reading Bleach After The Soul Society Arc

Joined: Nov 2015 Posts: 37 I finished the Soul Society arc about two months ago and I decided to drop Bleach because I heard it only gets worse from there. I’m kind of a completionist and it ticks me off that I read about one third of a series. Is it worth reading? I’m in it for the characters and the story.
Joined: Aug 2010 Posts: 2192 Did you enjoy the Soul Society arc? If so, then by all means continue. IMO, never drop anything just because the majority tell you to do so you should always see for yourself. Who knows? You could be one of the few who prefer future arcs.However, if you didn’t care for Soul Society arc, then yeah, may as well drop it.
Joined: Oct 2011 Posts: 11 I’d say it stays pretty good until you get to the Fullbring arc. After that It feels like nothing makes sense and he’s not even trying anymore. Random characters pop up that we’ve never heard hints of before but seem to become all important and pivotal to the story. The only reason I kept reading was because I had caught up to serialization long ago and thus decided to just keep up with it since one chapter a week isn’t much effort to put in to see how it ended. Though, reading all the way to the end somewhat soured a series that I really enjoyed for a time.

The Filler Episodes And Arcs

Manga vs Anime

For your very convenience, well provide a separate list of all the filler content here:

  • Individual episodes or groups of episodes: 33, 50, 128-137, 204, 205, 213, 214, 227-229, 287, 298, 299, 303-305, 311-316, 355
  • Arcs: The Bount , The Assault , The New Captain Shsuke Amagai , Zanpakut: The Alternate Tale , Gotei 13 Invading Army

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Whats The Best Way To Read And Watch Bleach

Obviously, youll need to choose how you want to experience Bleach. I like reading a lot, so I decided to go through the manga. The best way to read Bleach without breaking the bank is easily the Shonen Jump subscription model. Priced out at $2 USD per month, it lets you read all the chapters of hundreds of serialized manga, including all of Bleach. There is a 100 chapter limit for every 24 hours, which is a lot longer than you might think. Its also available in other countries which is a great bonus, especially for me in Canadaland.Watching Bleach is still pretty easy, although geo-restrictions might make it difficult. If youre in the United States, the anime is available in sub and dub form, depending on your taste. Outside of the USA, Crunchyroll has the entire series subbed, but finding the English dubbed version outside of the US is a lot tougher. Netflix does carry it, but only up to the Bount Arc unfortunately. Those are the best ways to watch or read Bleach without much hassle. So, without further ado, heres our guide to experiencing Bleach:

How To Watch Bleach Easy Watch Order Guide

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Bleach is an anime without a complicated timeline, but plenty of scenes leave the audience scratching their heads.

Being one of the Big Three Shonen anime, alongside Naruto and One Piece, it is often considered to be cut from the same cloth as the other two.

Although there might be some similarities concerning having amazing animation and action, Bleach, without a doubt, has a unique storyline.

As of May 2020, Bleach has 16 seasons and a total of 366 episodes. The numerous episodes demand a lot of your time, but there wont be a single dull moment if you indulge in it.

An amazing thing about lengthy anime is that the characters get a plethora of quirky traits and backgrounds. The development of old characters and the introduction of new ones always keep us entertained.

With the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc on its way, you should quickly catch-up with Bleach if you havent already!


The recommended order to watch Bleach is its chronological order.

All Bleach movies are non-canon. However, most of them have a great storyline, so only skip the films if youre short on time.

Bleach anime has many fillers that you can easily skip. There could be some continuity errors, but that will not hinder the flow of the main storyline.

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Where To Read The One

The upcoming one-shot manga will be released in Shueishas Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine in a combined 36th/37th Issue with a colour page included.

The magazine can be found on some retailers websites as well as in-store in select stores. Shonens content has also been moved onto its parent company, Vizs website. Therefore, the one-shot, like the rest of the manga, is expected to be available on there.

To read Shonen Jumps content, fans will need to pay a subscription fee of $1.99USD/£1.44GBP a month.

Is Bleach Returning In 2021


There has been news that Bleach anime may be returning in 2021, although specific information regarding this is not yet available.

In an edition of Shonen Jump magazine dating from March 2020, it was indicated that “Thousand-Year Blood War,” an arc beginning in chapter 480 and spanning until the end of the manga will be serialized but there are no additional details as of now. It is quite possible that given the coronavirus pandemic, this may be delayed a bit further, but this is still good news!

Hopefully, we will get the conclusion to the anime that Bleach deserves!

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Bleach Season 17 Release Date

The makers have not officially announced the date except for the year of the premiere. Shonen Jump had tweeted a year ago about it. The pandemic has hit the production timelines, due to which there might be slight delays. The announcement did not speak anything about the global release of Bleach, or whether there will be sub, dub, or simul dub on any streaming partners.

In case you havent heard, the Bleach anime is coming back! Read the Thousand-Year Blood Arc before its animated! It starts from Chapter 480! Members can read all of Bleach and much more in the Shonen Jump Digital Vault!

Shonen Jump

The legendary anime aired its last episode in March 2012, leaving fans across the world with their jaws dropped to the floor. In the years coming forth, anime lovers all over the world have demanded to air the next season as soon as possible.

Finally, after 8 long years, their prayers have been heard by the makers. With the release of Burn the Witch anime, it is speculated that the premier of the final season is nearby. It is speculated to release somewhere in the Spring Anime calendar of 2021 or even later. The final season is said to start with Chapter 367.

Thus, this is going to be one huge season, comprising 20 volumes of content. Looking at the size of Bleach in 2021, it is sure worth the wait.

Main Arc : Fake Karakura Town Arc

  • Pick up at episodes 215-226
  • Skip episodes 227-229
  • Skip the complete Zanpakut: The Alternate Tale arc
  • Pick up at episodes 267-286
  • Skip episode 287
  • Pick up at episodes 288-297
  • Skip episodes 298-299
  • Pick up at episodes 300-302
  • Skip episodes 303-305
  • Pick up at episodes 306-310
  • Skip episodes 311-316
  • Skip the complete Gotei 13 Invading Army arc

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Can Bleach Anime Still Earn

Money is always a thing to consider in issues like show cancellations. For instance, it is pretty safe to say that the Bleach anime took a lot of money to make, but also earned quite a bit. Now, if the show was plummeting in popularity before the famous last episode 366, it would be logical to cut your losses and end it while you still can.

However, if the demand increases enough, and it is increasing substantially, there would be a good reason to return the show once the hype builds up enough. And when will the hype build? To be fair, it is hard to state anything with certainty, but the final anime arc IS coming soon.

Would it be logical to just leave it ended where it ended since the manga is done and miss out on a really good opportunity to earn more with the anime? Or a better question, when you think about it. Do people want the Bleach the anime to return? Yes. And there you have it – potential audience.

Bleach: Could A New Arc Extend Its Anime Return

Begin reading bleach 572 in this bleach manga blog. This ...

As the Bleach anime is finally returning to adapt the final arc, there are many reasons to believe that the story will continue beyond that point.

As one of the most popular and iconic franchises of the early 2000s, Bleach making a comeback after all this time is an important moment for many anime fans. However, while plenty are eagerly awaiting the adaptation of the series’ final arc, The Thousand-Year Blood War, there have also been many hints that the series might continue past the manga’s original ending.

Recently, a Bleach one-shot was released in celebration of its anniversary. Curiously though, instead of just giving readers a story that celebrates the series as a whole like most anniversary one-shots tend to do, this issue was more like a teaser for something larger. With this one-shot as well as other hints, it’s becoming apparent that this recent focus on Bleach could mean much more than first thought.

Starting with the most obvious sign, the Bleach: Special One-Shot felt like a setup to the series’ most important storyline yet. For most fans, especially those that read The Thousand-Year Blood War, this might sound impossible. With past arcs revolving around saving multiple worlds from the threats of would-be gods and at one point having to try and save “God” , this would be no easy feat.

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The Manga Volumes Are Convenient To Carry Around

It’s true that streaming services are available on portable electronics, such as smartphones and small tablets. But these items require electricity, and the viewer might not have headphones on hand for the audio. And expensive electronics are choice targets for theft. But manga volumes are a different story.

Some authors are known for always carrying books around for downtime, such as at airports or aboard buses, or even in a checkout line. A manga fan can do this too, and carry around one or two Bleach volumes to catch up on this series while taking the bus home or while in a long checkout line at the store.

Origin & Soul Society Arc

  • Start back at episodes 51-63
  • Skip episodes 64-109
  • Start back up at episodes 110-127
  • Skip over episodes 128-137
  • Pick up from episodes 138-167
  • Pass over episodes 168-189
  • Main Arc 3: Fake Karakura Town arc
  • Start at episodes 215-226
  • Pick up at episodes 267-286
  • Skip over episode 287
  • Don’t bother with episodes 298-299
  • Return for episodes 300-302
  • Start back with episodes 342-354
  • Skip episode 355
  • Complete anime from episode 356-366

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Bleach Season 17 Trailer

On the 20th anniversary of the release of the anime, the artists and Bleach studio have released a trailer of Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War Arc. The trailer is set to feature the final arc of the series. The new season is set to release from where the makers have paused in 2012.

In the meantime, grab a look at the Burn the Witch Anime trailer available in Theaters in Japan and on Crunchyroll from October 2nd, 2020.

Where And How Does The Bleach Anime Diverge From The Manga


I’ve seen almost all of the Bleach anime , and I’m now interested in reading the manga. However, when the manga closely follows the anime I’ve already seen, I tend to get bored quickly. Thus, I’d want to pick up the manga at a point right before the anime began to diverge.

At what point in the manga is this?

  • 1You should edit your question to include the description of the episode where you left off. Be sure to put it inside a spoiler block quote .

Bleach anime ended in March 2012, with the episode 366. It ends after

Ginjo dies in his battle vs Ichigo

In manga, that arc ends with chapter 479, “Goodbye to our Xcution!!”. The anime is not airing now, but the manga goes on, with the new arc starting with chapter 480 called “Final Arc – The Thousand Year Blood War”.

I only watched the anime, but I know it stopped in March 2012, when they caught up with the manga. It was the ‘Lost Agent arc’.

So I suppose you best bet is to start reading the manga that was written from around that time. Volume 49 of the manga is also called ‘The Lost Agent’, so that seems where they left off.

But again, I did not read the manga, so this is only a guess. I also cannot tell you how much the anime diverged from the manga.

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Should I Start Reading The Bleach Manga

Joined: Sep 2016 Posts: 18 So i had this thought since the last Episode of the Anime but somehow i just waited for the Anime to continue… and 5 Years have passed since then and there is still no continuation or even any rumors about a sequel. What do you guys think about the Manga, is it any good or should i nonetheless wait for the Anime to come out?
Joined: Jul 2014 Posts: 866 The manga is okay. For a while it is pretty good but then it starts to recycle ideas and after a while there comes a point where you wish it would just end. Yet it still keeps on going.
Joined: Mar 2017 Posts: 853 The manga was decent, but later it gets dragged on and provides nothing but action. I would say the manga is far worse than the anime adaptation, but it’s up to you to choose whether to continue reading the manga or not.After all, i’ve got an example of a friend who collected the manga of over 40 volumes and he decides to drop it since it becomes too boring and bland. It’s time to play the Game folks!
Joined: May 2010 Posts: 6515 I’d say that chances for sequel for anime are almost non-existent, so reading the last arc in manga might be better than waiting. For me it was a lot worse compared to the previous arcs, but I still think that it’s better than having no conclusion at all…
Joined: Feb 2016 Posts: 1261 Tbh the manga became a trainwreck after the arrancar’s arc, but if you are curious go ahead and read it, because i don’t think they’ll continue with the anime.