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What Does Tsundere Mean In Anime

How Do You Become A Uwu Girl

What Does TSUNDERE Really Mean? | Anime Academy

For uwu, visualize an anime girl’s do what when she’s overjoyed or spots a cold-but-cute tsundere across the street. The two ‘u’s indicate closed eyes while the mouth is upturned into a bashful smile forming a’ w ‘. The emoticon essentially captures a warm and fuzzy feeling with a hint of blush to top it all off.

A Quick Guide To Dere Types

The term tsundere became so popular that soon fans started to use the formation of the term to describe other dating sim character archetypes . Almost all of them use the dere ending to describe the cute side you see, with something else put in front. In English, the term gap moe has been used as a catch-all term for this, signifying the nice surprise you get when a character who usually displays one emotion suddenly displays another, highly contrasting one. Examples of this include:Yandere: Certainly the most famous derivative, where a character appears cute on one side only to reveal shes a crazy person who will slice your head off with the nearest axe if you get in between her and her true love, which is where the yan, or love sickness, part comes from.Kuudere: A character who is usually all cool, or kuu , and composed, displaying little to no emotion, but then displays hints of their softer, more lovestruck side.Dandere: A Japanese homophone that has two different meanings. The most popular definition of the term comes from the abbreviation of danmari which means to be calm or quiet and dere. Then there is the more uncommon dandy + dere theory, since the Japanese have a weird love of this otherwise outdated English word. Anyway, the dandere usually refers to the shy one who will never speak up until you finally get her alone and talk to her, allowing her to spread her dere wings and soar into your arms.

What Does The Word Tsundere Mean

According to Dictionary, Definitions and Fandom, the word tsundere is a Japanese word that refers to a character who is outwardly violent, cold or hostile but gradually shows a warmer side over time. This type of character was originally used in Japanese bishjo games, but is now part of the otaku moe phenomenon and found in maid cafe, anime, manga, visual novels, and more mass media. Tsundere is written as the Japanese in Japanese hiragana. Someone who is a part of the tsundere archetype goes through the character development process. Often, females turn from being a jerk or rude to showing a warmer, friendlier side to a love interest. The female character might be embarrassed by this lovey dovey behavior. Sometimes a male character or main character of another gender can be tsundere, but it is less common. The pronunciation of tsundere is tsndee.

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Origin Of Tsundere Characters

The word tsundere comes from a combination of the Japanese words tsuntsun and deredere. The former roughly translates to irritable while the latter takes on the meaning of being love-struck. Tsundere characters have come to be known for their flippant personalities, switching between affection and aggression at the drop of a hat.

This personality trait often comes to light when interacting with a love interest, and so tsundere characters most frequently appear in romantic comedy and harem anime. These characters tend to play the role of comic relief, and usually add some levity to a given scene at the main characters expense.

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The exact origin of the tsundere archetype is something that is contested among contemporary critics, as various characters have displayed tsundere traits over the years. In The Otaku Encyclopedia: An Insider’s Guide to the Subculture of Cool Japan, author Patrick Galbraith notes that Urusei Yatsura’s Lum is considered by some to be the first character to fit the tsundere mold.

Do Tsunderes Work In Real Life

The Dere types

The answer is because tsunderes only work on anime or manga. Yes, I understand that there really are people who act like a tsundere because I know someone like that too but that don’t make them a tsundere. … Therefore, there are no such things as tsunderes in real life but there are people with qualities of a tsundere.

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What Does Tsundere Mean

Anime has its own vocabulary thats confusing for beginners. Tsundere is one such word. The word describes a type of character common to anime. When we meet these characters, they are initially harsh and even violent. Other times they are just cold and aloof on the outside, but either type eventually warms to be loving and warm. Tsundere is gender neutral, but most characters of this type are female .

While the archetype has been around in some form since the advent of manga and anime, the word tsundere is new. It first appeared online in 2002. The word comes from two different phrases: tsun-tsun and dere-dere. In visual novels, characters begin in the tsun phase with the dere being the romantic ending of the game. Eventually the two phrases, and character phases in visual novels, combined to create tsundere . The character is based on the idea that people dont readily show what they are feeling insidethey hide it under layers of aggression or coldness, depending on their personalities.

Tsundere and other character archetypes use a specific type of language called role language, or yakuwarigo in Japanese. Role language is a literary device that associates with a certain cultural group. Role language includes specific words, grammar, and other features that only the specific group uses. There are 6 categories :

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It commonly refers to the default Roblox skin which means that a player is new to the game. But many players, new and old, wear the Roblox noob skin with pride, and the classic combo of yellow head and arms, blue shirt, and green pants has embedded itself in Roblox culture, and even formed its own community.

How Did Chitoge And Yui Make A Promise

What is Tsundere?

As Chitoge and her friends summer vacation comes to a close, Yui suggested that she and the rest of them make a promise to meet each other again in the future like the promise made between the prince and princess within the picture book. A set of 4 keys and a lock are made for all five of them.


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Tsunderes Are Quick To Defensively Call People Stupid

A tsundere may act aggressive and tease other characters to look tough, but in reality, they are highly defensive since they don’t want their amorous feelings exposed too easily. When other characters pry into this, the tsundere will get defensive and deny their feelings by calling the other party stupid or dense, often tailoring their language to the characters and situation at hand. Stereotypically, a tsundere might say “It’s not like I like you… st-stupid!” Characters such as Chitoge Kirisaki from Nisekoiand Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basketare known to act like this.

Sadodere Want To Manipulate & Tease Others

Sadodere characters love to manipulate others in sadistic ways. Just as the “kuu” in kuudere comes from an English word, the “sado” in sadodere refers to the Japanese pronunciation of the English word “sadomasochism.” Sadodere characters get pleasure from putting their love interest in tough situations that cause either pain or humiliation, whether it be physical or emotional. Sadodere characters lack empathy for others and only take interest in those they value.

An example of a sadodere is Kurumi Tokisaki from Date A Live. Kurumi often manipulates Shidou Itsuka throughout the series and feels that she is the only person who’s allowed to do so. Kurumi saves Shidou in different situations, but usually with the intention of hurting him later.

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Similar Types + Difference From Kuudere

The dandere type is often confused with the similar kuudere type. Kuudere meaning “cold” + “dere”. The difference is that, similar to the tsundere, the kuudere uses coldness to mask their feelings for their love interest. While a tsundere uses harsh complaining, angry stares, and so on to hide their feelings, a kuudere simply uses the ‘cold shoulder’ method, avoidance, to where you might even call a kuudere a sub-type of tsundere.

A dandere, by contrast, does not do harsh or tsundere-like things to their love interest. A dandere is usually a nice character, who is painfully shy and socially awkward, until their love interest brings out their inner warmth.

A good way to think about it: dandere = fearful, kuudere = aloof.

The ‘Rei Ayanami expy’ character is often likely to be mistaken for a dandere. Rei Ayanami originally embodied some of the traits of both the kuudere and dandere, but her true feelings about Shinji seemed a bit ambiguous. In Evangelion, there isn’t really true romance, so while some of the characters seem a bit like certain ‘dere’ types, I don’t see them as such, because to be a ‘dere’ type presumes the presence of strong romantic feelings.

Similarly, a lot of people seem to think any ‘shy blue-haired girl‘ is a dandere, when really not all of them fit the exact definition of such.

Why Are There So Many Tsundere In Anime

What Is Your Favorite Type Of Dere?

The list goes on and on, male and female, young and old. Any harem or reverse harem anime that doesn’t have a tsundere will get kicked back out of the editor’s office and told they don’t know what they’re doing if they don’t have a tsundere. Their popularity seemed to be at an extreme high point back during the late ’00s when voice actress Rie Kugimiya voiced a succession of tsundere in a row with the aforementioned Taiga. At the time it seemed like it might be a fad, but here we are in 2016 and the tsundere is still going strong.

Why the near ubiquitous presence of the tsundere then? Normally with anime tropes, my default reaction is that it’s a low effort way to be close to a member of the opposite sex. It’s why younger sisters, childhood friends and yanderes are popular. But that can’t be the case with the tsundere as they start out automatically hating you, or at least acting like they hate you. The anime shorts Comical Psychosomatic Medicine had an episode where they suggested the tsundere was appealing because otaku, being more recluse, have low opinions of themselves and psychologically they feel more trusting towards a character who tells them they’re trash. I have a personal theory that it’s appealing to think that all the pretty men and women who acted as though they didn’t like us in the past did so because they were secretly madly in love with us.

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Ranking Ridley Scott/russell Crowe Films 1

A girl with glasses or an interest in reading is often a dandere, but not always. Sometimes, anime will subvert this norm by having a bookworm character who’s actually energetic and confident, like in Fullmetal Alchemist or Read or Die.

The dandere type is usually called a ‘shrinking violet’ outside of anime/manga. However, a dandere is a shrinking violet, with the specific added component of gradually warming up to their particular love interest.

Art Of Tsundere Types Of Male Characters In Anime

Those who are interested in modern Japanese pop culture, at first, have to deal with a large number of new terms, including when describing characters – tsundere, yandere, kudera, dandere, genki, moe. This article will help you understand the main archetypes of manga, games. The above classification concerns more, therefore, we will talk mainly about girls. You will be able to understand what tsundere means and how it differs from others.

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Why Is A Dandere Appealing

Shyness is cute, and seeing a character overcome her shyness because of strong feelings for the main character is also very cute. Shyness adds tension to romantic situations, and drama, heightening the intensity of scenes, because you know the outcome will have a great emotional impact on the characters.

And hey, unlike the yandere and tsundere, the dandere is not violent. It’s getting to that sweet core underneath their shyness and lack of confidence that’s appealing. And it’s also cool to watch a character start out painfully shy and build their self-esteem and self-confidence over time.

Bakadere Are Clumsily Affectionate Toward Their Love Interests

Tsundere Characters in Anime

Bakadere is a more rare archetype that refers to a character that is clumsy and often doesn’t make smart decisions due to a lack of common sense. “Baka” is a Japanese word for “stupid” or “idiot.” Bakadere characters commonly overlap with other dere types, but there are some pure bakadere characters out there. Bakadere characters are most commonly seen in slice-of-life anime.

Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket is a classic bakadere character . Her affection for Kyo is expressed with pure joy and charming clumsiness.

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Tsundere Is A Cold Type Types Of Anime Characters

Those who are interested in modern Japanese pop culture, at first, have to deal with a large number of new terms, including when describing characters – tsundere, yandere, kudera, dandere, genki, moe. This article will help you understand the main archetypes of manga, games. The above classification concerns more, therefore we will talk mainly about girls. You will be able to understand what tsundere means and how it differs from others.

Yandere Are Dangerously Obsessed With Their Love Interests

Yandere characters are obsessed with their love interest and will relentlessly pursue them regardless of whether the feelings are returned. “Yan” refers to the Japanese word “yanderu,” meaning mentally or emotionally ill. On the outside, yandere characters are kind and sweet, blending in with others very well. This sweet surface belies the dangerous obsession for their love interest roiling within their hearts.

Yandere characters are masters of deception until anything involving their love interest comes into play. At these moments, the façade drops, and their willingness to do literally anything to be with their love interest takes over. They’re known for sociopathic violence including kidnapping and murder and have even been known to kill their love interests to prevent them from getting close to anyone else. Yuno Gasai from Future Diary is an especially famous female yandere.

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Shundere Are Melancholy & Depressed By Default

Shundere characters suffer from depression and are sad throughout the series. “Shun” refers to the Japanese onomatopoeia “shun…,” which denotes a sense of melancholy and sadness. Shundere characters don’t always need a reason to be sad, as being gloomy is typically enough to earn a character the shundere moniker.

An example of a shundere is Tomoko Kuroki from WataMote: No Matter How I Look at It, It’s Your Guys’ Fault I’m Unpopular! Tomoko is an introvert who feels out of her element in social situations. She tries to fit in several times over the series and fails spectacularly, usually due to her own naivete and hubris… and usually feels depressed as a result.

Other Types Of Deredere

What does a Tsundere Mean

Kamidere – A person who likes to be treated as a deity, who wants to be above everything, above everyone. You tend to believe that you are the most perfect and infallible, and that you should receive special attention and priority.

Himedere – Refers to girls who likes to command and govern others. Most of the times she is the daughter of rich people, and has a little tsundere personality.

Undere – – A friendly person who agrees with everything, answers most of the times Un – or sometimes with sodayone – .

Coo-dere – – It refers to a person with a friendly personality and at the same time cold. Example: Suzumiya Haruhi is an energetic and friendly person and at the same time cold.

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How To Act Tsundere

Now that youve learned how effective tsundere behavior can be, why not try it yourself? Because it could potentially leave you alone and friendless, thats why. Hot-and-cold behavior may work in the short term, but over time it can push people away if you dont become dere dere and stay that way.

But if you want to try it anyway, you need to properly mix the mean with the sweet. Its a tough balance to strike. Luckily, weve got a few things you can try when crafting your new tsundere personality.

Segnity Tsundere Mobile Tv

Have you ever wished Siri treated you like crap? Or do you want the voice on your GPS to criticize your mistakes? Then youre in luck! Defunct Japanese tech company e-Revolution has a product for you.

In 2006, a mobile audio/video broadcasting service called 1seg began transmissions in Japan. They sent out a special kind of television broadcast that could only be picked up by special mobile receivers. e-Revolution made one such mobile TV called the SEGNITY. But something set it apart from other TVs on the market. This was a tsundere TV. When you start using it, the voice speaks with tsun tsun arrogance. Of course, over time, it slowly changes to dere dere.

For example, if you turn on the SEGNITY TV, the voice will get upset and say, You arent thinking of watching TV, are you? or Its so noisy! But the more you use the TV, the friendlier the voice becomes. Eventually, it will become cute and say, Why dont we watch TV together? Congratulations! Youre dating a portable television.

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