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What Is Slice Of Life Anime

Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai

What is Slice of Life Anime?

MAL: 7.30

Youre kind of funny looking. You have no friends. You have a thing for blondes and tsunderes. If this describes you, then I cannot recommend Haganai enough!

Haganai is a great love triangle anime, peppered with harem elements. Kodaka, a transfer student, struggles to make friends at his new school due to his abnormal hair color and intimidating stare. After forming a club with several classmates, he learns that in some cases having friends is a true blessing.

And in other cases, a serious headache.

At its core, this anime preaches the value of friendship. While the light novel delves into more of the romantic side of Kodakas life, the anime focuses more so on the casts time together as friends.

The gang go through the usual checklist of these kinds of shows.

Weve got the beach episode, the water park episode, the theme park episode, the church episode. This is a wholly Christian and sinless anime I can assure you, and the excessive fanservice is meant to be a strict message about profanity.

In all seriousness, Haganai is an anime that preaches the value of being yourself. The club formed by Kodaka and his friends is a haven for the eccentric or socially impaired. Ranging from a perverted inventor to a sister with chuunibyou, the cast is as wild as you can imagine a group of outcasts would be.


Good, now that youre listening, lets talk about Seitokai Yakuindomo.

Tanaka Kun Is Always Listless

Tanaka is a lazy student whos too reserved for his own good. In fact hes so chilled, youd think hes been smoking weed and getting high off it.

His friend Oota is a mature , thoughtful and practical character who Tanaka relies on.

There isnt much of a plot, but there doesnt need to be. Because its the kind of anime you watch for the characters, the relaxation, and occasional comedy thats in a league of its own.

Little Witch Academia is one of Studio Triggers best anime in their catalog.

You wont find fanservice here. Or anything that tries to sneakily throw in fanservice for fanservice sake.

The plot is about Atsuko Kagari, and her dream of becoming a witch that can make people smile.

This simple dream turns into a mad adventure thats fun, educational and makes you wish you could join her.

Its the kind of anime you wished you watched as a kid, except it never existed.

What Is Slice Of Life Anime Explained

Slice of life in anime and manga refers to stories that exhibit the everyday life of the ordinary

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if your life was a show or a movie? Some of you might think that it would be pretty boring or uneventfulcompletely lacking in anything remotely interesting and all that jazz. Yet with a genre called slice of life, that surely might not be the case.

Slice of life in anime and manga refers to stories that exhibit the everyday life of the ordinary. It’s not very plot-heavy and is rather focused on the charactersmaking the story quite character-driven. In terms of setting, a common one would be being in high school, as the characters navigate through the various everyday situations that they’re put in. We see them live out their lives as studentsstudying, going on a school trip, going to the beach, indulging in hobbies.

While this doesn’t sound very exciting, it’s how the characters are exhibited that make up for it. Considering how there is generally no heavy conflict in the story, a slice of life focuses on taking us on a journey through the ups and downs of human interactions and relationships. Each of the characters has its own distinct personality and behavior, which watchers can easily catch mixed feels for.

Personally, I would recommend watching slice-of-life animes in between binge-watching dark or action-packed ones, as a breather.

What’s your favorite slice of life anime or manga? Let us know in the comments!

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Natsumes Book Of Friends

The slice-of-life series Natsumes Book of Friends offers viewers an unconventional and supernatural look at life through the eyes of a young boy. Without parents or home, endlessly hunted by unforgiving youkai, all he wants is to find someone who truly cares about him for once in his lonely existence. He meets Madara: a selfless spirit that has her own reasons for sticking with the boy, as they embark on their adventure together to return the names of the spirits her grandmother once took.

Love Live School Idol Project

15 Slice Of Life Anime You Need To Watch

Love Live is a

Lucky Star is another all-girl anime series. But that doesnt matter if youre open-minded and want some GOOD comedy.

Konata Izumi is the laid back, sarcastic character who brightens up the show. And her friend Kagami is the opposite.

Expect to see gaming references, Otaku culture, NO plot, and random episodes that will make you wonder WTF youre even doing with yourself.

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What Is A Slice Of Life Anime

A Slice of Life Anime is an anime that seeks to replicate the interactions of everyday people and the world around them, as its name implies. While occasionally these anime will incorporate fantasy or otherworldly elements, at its core, a Slice of Life anime seeks to examine interpersonal relationships or society in general, as closely related to our reality as possible.

Sometimes your crush rejects you and sometimes your overtime work is positively relentless. Sometimeslife kind of sucks. However, amidst such turmoil, there are moments of true happiness, and it is by experiencing such negativity that you can truly learn to appreciate the good times.

History Of Slice Of Life Anime

Since the start of Slice of Life anime, nothing much has changed. The basics remain the same circling the life of the characters. About that, the plots are natural and feature the least of animes complexity. For once, you can rest without the complexes of plotting and conflict development.

Despite the popularity of the Slice of Life genre today, it used to have a few following among the anime fandom at the onset. When the genre started in the early 18th to mid 19th, it was dull and uninspiring. Worse, the series was almost the bane that threatened to end the adaptation of mangas and their stories. How so?

For a start, the term slice of life is a negative slang reviewers use when describing baseless pieces of literature. Another reason for the slow start of the Slice of Life genre is the lack of creativity of its early writers. And because of the lack of action, fans could hardly follow the series.

Fast forward to today, and the outlook on Slice Of Life has changed. The writers are better than they were. As such, even when the characters havent spoken, you can tell at a glance what they represent.

More importantly, the genre now combines other backgrounds beyond the typical romance and high school stereotypes. In other words, the undefined plots no longer serve as a bane but as a way to relax and watch with keen interest how the events will unfold.

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Natsume’s Book Of Friends

Capable of seeing Yokai, Natsume inherits a book from his grandmother containing the names of various spirits. This grants the book’s owner control over the Yokai, making it a highly desirable commodity in the spirit world.

On the surface, Natsume’s Book of Friends has all the trappings of an action series, just with one significant difference: Natsume decides to free the Yokai by returning their names. With the exception of an occasional dramatic burst courtesy of a flashback or an especially violent Yokai, Natsume’s Book of Friends moves at a slow and calm pace. This anime is tranquil, touching, and elegant.

Udon No Kuni No Kiniro Kemari

Top 10 Slice of Life Anime

Sweetness & Lightning and Pocos Udon World often get compared to each other because they feature a guy who takes care of a child.

But here, the kid can transform into a tanuki or the Japanese raccoon dog.

If you often get nostalgic or think back of your childhood, give this a try.

As much as Poko is a cute tanuki boy, the real value comes from Souta.

As he goes back to his hometown, he begins to see his relationship with his father and the townspeople in a whole different light.

Pocos Udon World is a peaceful show that teaches viewers to appreciate what they have and once had.

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Why Is Slice Of Life Anime So Popular

For starters, a break from deviation always stirs attention. That is the first clue why Slice Of Life anime has taken us all like a storm.

Imagine the typical anime you love! All that plot and violence! Plus, there is hardly time to process anytime the events all happen simultaneously, leaving you no choice but to rewatch a scene.


Well, Slice Of Life anime changed the scene for most anime lovers. It follows real-life scenarios. Even when the characters are not talking, their faces, alarm clocks, and rooms speak volumes.

As such, for the first time, what unfolds on your screen beneath the cute anime faces and chiseled body is your reality. Beautifully, the events dont even task your brain. You can watch Slice Of Life anime regardless of being drowsy or all active.

Lastly, and most importantly, Slice Of Life anime has open endings. Just like life itself, there is no predictability. Indeed, you can make guesses, but nothing is certain. You only follow the characters as their story unfolds even before their own eyes. And we can tell you that there is nothing as addictive as that.

Understandably, you might not know where to start if this is your first time hearing about Slice Of Lifes name. And if this is not your first, you might want to spice up your collections. Either way, we have a list for you check it out below:

Slice Of Life Anime Recommendations

Awesome! Now that you know what slice of life anime is all about, its time to get started and pick out a good series to watch. We have five recommendations for you. We have binge watched and greatly enjoyed these series ourselves so you can trust and pick out the one that seems most appealing to you personally.

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Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid

This is another fairly recent show thats really raised the bar for the genre in my opinion. The title of the show pretty much says it all. It revolves around Miss Kobayashi, an almost middle-aged programmer who lives by herself and occasionally goes out to drink with her co-worker. Kobayashi is basically a female version of the geek slacker, but with better personal hygiene.

One night she accidentally runs into a dragon and manages to help her out of a tough spot. Soon after, the dragon shows up at her front door offering to be her live-in maid as a way to thank her for her help. Tohru, as shes called, is however a very lively and rowdy room mate, quickly proving a little too much for the chronically tired and occasionally hung-over Kobayashi. To make matters worse, Tohrus dragon acquaintances soon start popping up, curious about what Tohrus doing in the human world. The run of episodes deals with how Kobayashi adjusts to this new normal in her life and reflects on everything shes missed out on.

On top of this, Tohru seems very much in love with Kobayashi something which the series has only begun to explore in the first season. Kobayashis Dragon Maid is a lovingly made, beautiful, and heartwarming show that older viewers will really love.

Wotaku Ni Koi Wa Muzukashii Ova

5 Things You Never See In Slice Of Life Anime (&  5 Things ...

Tarou Kabakura, a third-year high school student and captain of the boys’ volleyball team, is constantly being harassed by his underclassman Hanako Koyanagi, who is in charge of the girls’ team. Koyanagi insists that since the girls have a match coming up, Kabakura should give up the courts to let them practice. When he refuses, she pulls out photographic evidence exposing his secret hobby.With the danger of his entire team finding out about his otaku interests looming over him, Kabakura agrees to hand over the volleyball courts to Koyanagi, giving her some private coaching as well. As the two grow closer, they begin to forge an everlasting bond.The first OVA, titled “Sore wa, ikinari otozureta=koi” was released on March 29, 2019.The second OVA “Tomodachi no Kyori” was released on February 26, 2021.The third OVA Shain Ryokou to Negaigoto will be released on October 14, 2021.

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A Classroom Of The Elite Is Far From The Utopia It Appears To Be

On the surface, Classroom of the Elite looks like a typical slice-of-life series but set at an elite school called Koudo Ikusei Senior High School. It is a utopia, and students get an unimaginable about of freedom. It’s just that everything is determined by one’s rank. Four classes, A through D, are ranked in order of merit, and the top students get even more privileges and better treatment. Students are forced to compete with each other to survive and make money as part of the schools system and harsh rules.

The Girl That Leapt Through Time

One of those movies that I tend to re-watch a lot. The main character is just like you and me, someone with a perfectly ordinary life but who one day is thrown into a streak of bad luck where she accidentally acquires powers. This is an ability she acquires in a world that is not in a situation that requires her crucial help.

Makoto, the first half of the film, spends what most of us have wished even once. Using time travel as a way to turn everything in our favor. Repeating things like the night, your mom cooked your favorite dinner, or you embarrassed yourself in front of a lot of people to keep it from happening. But it makes you feel bad that you had fun with the main character afterwards. The movie makes you remember what most tend to forget everything has consequences.

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The Ancient Magus Bride

The Ancient Magus Bride is a beautiful slice of life, comparable to Violet Evergarden for its animation quality.

Its about Hatori Chise, an orphan with special powers whos been denied and rejected all her life because of what she is.

The first wave of this series starts out strong, but depending on your perspective, the last half falls off a bit.

But Its still worth recommending

Daily Lives Of Highschool Boys

The “Best” Slice of Life Anime

With “daily lives” right in the title, it’s easy to see how this is a slice of life anime. This show is basically the stories imagined up by its three main characters Hidenori, Yoshitake, and Tadakuni.

The scenarios can range from an epic RPG fight to anything else high school boys might think up of. It’s a lot of wacky fun and shows what life is like for those that let go now and then.

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Havent You Heard Im Sakamoto

Have you ever heard of a Mary Sue character? Its a fictional character that seems to be perfect in every way. They are skilled at everything they try and always have all the answers. Often you find them in fanfiction, where the author wants to put him- or her- self into the story.

You see, although Sakamoto is a perfect genius who can solve any problem, the actual problems he faces are so surreal that his solutions have to match their bizarreness. The point of the show is not the fact that Sakamoto is so cool and perfect at everything he does. Its that it doesnt matter, in the context of his worlds stupidity. Sakamoto is a comedy more along the lines of surreal slapstick comedies like National Lampoons films. Its not for everyone, but if you get the humor, this popular slice of life show could be for you.

Karakai Jouzu No Takagi

MAL: 7.79

Did you ever have a best friend that knew you so well that you could finish each others

Where this may seem like a benefit to most, in the case of Nishikata, this proves to be nothing more than a burden.

Nishikata is tormented on a daily basis by his classmate Takagi, who knows his personality inside and out. Due to this, she can often predict his actions and thought processes, using them to enact comical punishments. Nishikata vows to one day counter her teasing, and make her blush from embarrassment.

Due to the age of the cast being much younger in this slice of life anime, the anime itself has a much more light-hearted tone, leaning more so on its jokes than heavy plot development. That isnt to say however that the protagonists we have been given are not great characters. Takagi and her conniving ways are a joy to watch for anyone that has ever spent their time tormenting a younger sibling or underclassmen.

As for Nishikata, its easy to relate to someone constantly under the thumb of someone more powerful. Anyone who has been the subject of bullying will find themselves rooting for Nishikata to one day get his long sought after revenge.

Takagi-san is a wonderfully comical and well thought out anime about and intense rivalry.

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Asobi Asobase Features Different Pastimes

Asobi Asobase looks like a normal slice-of-life series about three middle school girls doing cutesy things and enjoying their favorite pastimes. However, once again, it’s the complete opposite. It centers around 3 girls, Oliva, Hanako, and Kasumi.

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The show first introduces Olivia and Hanko playing an intense game of rock-paper-scissors. Kasumi is distracted by this but ends up playing anyway. Soon, this peculiar trio decides to create the “Pastime Club” where they are free to enjoy their strange and questionable pastimes.


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