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Best Anime For Beginners

Whats the Best Anime of all Time?

List of Popular Anime for Beginners to Watch First

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Are you becoming interested in Anime and wondering what is a good starter anime for you?

Anime has increased in popularity worldwide lately as more anime series and movies with multilingual subtitles and dubs are distributed to all over the world through lots of video streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

Many international people watch anime for just enjoying the entertainment contents , learning Japanese and other various reasons.

It is a little difficult to find out what to watch for those who have not watched an anime or liked a few family anime including Pokemon, Doraemon and Sailor Moon when they are children.

Here, I picked out some of the very best anime for beginners, which are popular among both Japanese and international anime fans. Check the selected starter anime list!

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day , which is also called just Anohana, is one of the most heartwarming anime in Japan. Its story begins with this plot: Jinta Yadomi, whose nickname is Jintan, plays video games instead of attending high school.

One day in summer, his childhood friend Meiko Homma shows up before Jintan as a ghost though she died in an accident years before. The moving anime is brought to an end with just 11 episodes.

Air Dates: 2011

Massugu Ni Ikou 2nd Season

22 min. per ep.

Well, well. The dog anime is back yet again, boys! And this time around, it is even better than before.

Massugu ni Ikou. 2nd Season is a 5 episode TV anime that aired back in 2004.

It is an anime adaptation of a manga series. The manga was written and illustrated by Kira.

The series talks about Mametarou, a dog who can speak and loves his girlfriend and owner.

This is the projection of our real-world from his perspective and viewpoint. Our boy managed to prevail yet again.

No wonder he is loved so much by fans.

3 min. per ep.

Welcome to the realm of cute anime, weebs. Here you will find multiple amazing anime to watch and enjoy.

However, this time, we are focusing on Hakuouki: Otogisoushi. Hakuouki: Otogisoushi is a 12 episode TV anime that aired back in 2016.

It is an anime adaptation of a visual novel. The anime was directed by Shinohara Parako and animated by DLE.

The series talks about a bunch of characters and their daily life. However, their life is NOT normal.

Instead, their life is represented with the help of chibi avatars. That’s right, every character in the anime is presented in a chibi form and that is just so cute.

Filled with cuteness and beautiful use of their fantasy narrative, this anime is just a great Josei series.

39 sec. per ep.

Remember we have had one of these before? Oh yeah, it is back now. And this time, it is the parent story.

In other words, a polar bear. And this bear is in mad love with an earless seal.

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Natsume’s Book Of Friends

First aired: 2008 | Episodes: 74Where to watch: Crunchyroll

Growing up hasn’t been easy for Natsume, because he’s an orphan, and also because he can see yokai, or spirits, that no one else can. This makes him a bit of an outcast, but when he inherits a book from his late grandmother, his life suddenly makes a lot more sense. She could see spirits, too, and “bound” many of them to her in the Book of Friends, which is why they now hound poor Natsume.

The simple premise of the show is that Natsume seeks out these spirits in order to restore their names to them and unbind them. It’s a show that manages to be melancholy and heartwarming from episode to episode and even moment to moment. It’s a slice-of-life series with a touch of the supernatural, but what makes it great is how it uses those supernatural encounters to tell human stories. Getting to watch Natsume grow across many seasons keeps the formula from feeling rote.

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

Top 10 Best Shounen Anime of All Time
23 min. per ep.

We are in the Top 10 Ladies and Gentlemen! The best of the best are here.

And let’s just say that I have some amazing anime planned for all you homies here.

Starting with spectacular slime Isekai. Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken is a 24 episode TV anime that aired back in 2018.

It is an anime adaptation of a light novel. The light novel was written by Fuse and illustrated by Mitz Vah.

The series tells about a guy who died in the real world and got reincarnated in a new world as a slime.

Here, he got stronger by consuming more beings and gaining their skills. Soon he developed his own country and starts to trade and builds relations with other nations.

However, there are some nations that don’t like his presence here. And let’s just say that these nations might end up with a war with him sooner or later.

The Slime Isekai is one of the best in its theme. The storytelling, the world-building, the animation, everything is spectacular.

Without a doubt, a gem in the coal mine.

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Card Captor Sakura/kadokyaputa Sakura

Sakura stumbles upon the mysterious book of Clow Cards and unintentionally scatters the cards all over the world. She also unleashes the mystical creature Keroberos/Kero-chan from the book who tells her that she must collect all the cards because they are no ordinary playthings.

Each of the cards has their unique traits and can act independently and cause chaos, which is why the sorcerer Clow Reed trapped them inside the book. With the guidance of Kero-chan and with the help of her best friend Tomoyo, Sakura embarks on a magical adventure to capture the cards while juggling problems that come with being a ten-year-old involving family, school, and love.

Cardcaptor Sakura is a series that anyone can enjoy regardless of age and gender. Its more than a classic mahout shoujo anime since the plot also has romance, drama, and comedy.

Its episodic in nature and follows the basic formula of introducing and capturing a new card every time and Sakura uses said card for her next mission. This may seem repetitive and boring, which is not what the show is.

Instead, the series seamlessly uses each episode to develop the characters so you learn something new every time. Every episode builds upon the last so theres always something interesting to look forward to.

Likewise, you see how the characters slowly develop relationships with one another as the story progresses. Card Captor Sakura has a lot of enjoyment to offer that you forget youre watching a series about capturing cards.

No Game No Life: Zero

1 hr. 46 min.

The next anime on our list is a movie of a very popular series. Let’s talk about, No Game No Life movie.

No Game, No Life Zero is a 1 hour 50 mins anime movie that aired back in 2017.

It is an anime adaptation of a light novel. The light novel was written and illustrated by Yuu Kamiya.

The movie is set in the past of Disboard where Sora and Shiro are nowhere to be found.

The current Disboard is in utmost chaos with a continuous war going on everywhere. Amidst this war, a guy named Riku shows up who takes immanity in the right direction.

And on his journey, he meets a robot who wishes to know what it feels like to have a human heart.

No Game No Life is a lot more diverse than its predecessor in terms of emotions and sentiments.

With interesting battles and games on the line, this anime will entertain you to the core.

24 min. per ep.

For those who cherish their amazing action, the next anime is a treat. Let’s take a look at the amazing anime we know by the name of Dororo.

Dororo is a 24 episode TV anime that aired back in 2019. It is an anime adaptation of a manga.

The manga was written and illustrated by Osamu Tezuka. The series talks about a boy who lost all his body parts against a demon.

And now, he must travel and battle all those demons who took his body away from him.

However, with an insane amount of handicap in his current state, how will he be able to defeat even one demon?

MAPPA pulled off an amazing feat with this one.

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Whats Your Favorite Anime

This top 20 list may not be something that everyone can agree with, considering its missing fan favorites like Naruto, Bleach, Ghost in the Shell, .hack// and Vision of Escaflowne that revitalized the anime industry.

Popularity and quality dont always go hand in hand but I assure you, each anime in this list is in a league of its own. Some will pump you up some will make you cry some will make you smile and see the world with wonder and awe.

Whats your top 20? Which anime do you think we missed, or shouldnt be on this list?

Let us know in the comments below!

See you later, space cowboys!

Q: Why Is There So Much Nudity Even In Kids Shows

Top 10 Most Censored Anime Of All Time

First of all, Japanese attitudes about nudity are far less strict than those in the US, and it is even legal to show some nudity on TV in Japan. Since attitudes toward nudity are less strict in Japan, its also not entirely uncommon to see nudity in anime, including shows targeted at children, though the context is rarely erotic in those situations. There is also, of course, a significant market for anime specifically targeted at young-adult males, which feature everything from a great deal of skin to outright you-know-what. Dont take the existence of this sort of anime to mean that everything with some adult themes is low-brow, because youd be missing some very impressive cinema.

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Ping Pong The Animation

First aired: 2014 | Episodes: 11Where to watch it: Funimation

Most sports anime are comfortable, trope-y hang-out shows with a fun cast of characters that are content to trundle along for a couple hundred episodes. Ping Pong the Animation, despite telling a conventional story about a pair of friends trying to become champion ping pong players, is nothing like that. And it probably looks like no anime you’ve ever seen. Director Masaaki Yuasa retained the art style of the manga, by acclaimed artist Taiy Matsumoto, characters rough and exaggerated, scenes cut up into panels just like a comic.

At first it may even come off as ugly, but stick with it to see the animation blossom in expressive, surreal ping pong matches that reflect the psychology of the characters as much as the real action of the sport. It has style to spare, but it’s ultimately the relationship of friends Smile and Peco that makes Ping Pong an all-timer.

The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya

The slice-of-life anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is one of the best anime after 2000s. It is initially published as a light novel in 2003, which was adapted into anime in 2006. Before releasing the anime, there had been already a large number of fans of the light novel. The first season of the anime never bored them by broadcasting the stories out of order, which were not chronological.

The anime represent the daily life of SOS Brigade which is the school club established by the main heroine Haruhi Suzumiya. But, she is not just a human

Air Dates: 2006-2009Genre: Sekaikei, Slice of life, Comedy, Science Fiction, Time loopRecommended for Beginners/Anime Fans

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Top 50 Best War & Military Anime Of All Time

Kay-Posted Oct 18, 2021

War is a common occurrence in the medium of anime and manga.

Clashes between two people or groups that lead to mass destruction are something that all of us have witnessed at least once while entertaining ourselves.

However, many times, we wish to enjoy this war theme to its best potential. You know, who doesn’t love insane action, drama, and psychological expression that takes place due to wars?

And so, to satisfy the needs of the needy, I have created the Top 50 Best War Anime list.

These are the anime that you should watch if you want to enjoy some hardcore action.

So grab your sword, sit down on your couch and prepare yourself for an all-out war!

I hope you enjoy it.

1 hr. 53 min.

Let’s start our list with an amazing movie, shall we? The war is about to begin, with Psycho-Pass.

PSYCHO-PASS: The Movie is a 1 hour 55 min anime movie that aired back in 2015.

It is an anime original directed by Shiotani Naoyoshi. The story is the continuation of the original psycho pass series and deals with developing problems within nations regarding the Sibyl system.

A war might break out between these countries as they try to get a hold of this technology.

Psycho-Pass is known within the community for its excellent execution. And the movie stands on the benchmark very easily.

Orenchi No Furo Jijou

The 20 Best

Yet another anime with handsome boys making their way to our list for our Jousei’s!

This time, in the form of a merman! Orenchi no Furo Jijou is a 13 episode TV anime that aired back in 2014.

It is an anime adaptation of a manga series. The manga was written and illustrated by Itokichi.

The series talks about Tatsumi who helped a faint man near the lake. He takes him to his home in order to help him out.

However, they soon realize the problem here. Turns out that the man is a Merman and now he will be visiting Tatsumi regularly.

Moreover, he would bring friends at times, and soon, Tatsumi starts to appreciate their presence.

Filled with fun and wet boys, this anime is one of the finest works if you were to look for some good merman series.

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Q: Whats With The Huge Eyes In Anime

No, its not some inferiority complex, and not quite all anime has the big eye style. But, most of it does, and the fact of the matter is that no one is 100% sure why. However, the first person to use that style is usually credited as Osamu Tezuka, the creator of the old Astro Boy TV series among various other very popular TV shows that became the foundation for Japans entire animation and comic industry. As to where Tezuka got the idea, Fred Ladd, who worked with him, has said that he said he was emulating Betty Boop, who was popular in Japan at the time. Other early US-produced animated characters that predate the anime style also have very large eyes.

Most Popular Anime By Year

Numerous shows must be discussed when talking about the most popular anime. I’m only covering 10 in this article, but here are some additional recommendations. These are some popular series that are organized by year. These are solid recommendations if you are new to the medium.

  • 2000: FLCL
  • 2002: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
  • 2003: Kino’s Journey
  • 2006: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
  • 2007: Gurren Lagann
  • 2017: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
  • 2018: Pop Team Epic

Attack on Titan | Top 10 Most Popular Anime of All Time

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Fist Of The North Star

Fist of the North Star , was published on Weekly Shonen Jump between 1983 and 1988, is one of the most famous action manga in Japan in 1980s. The setting is the deserted world after the nuclear war in 1990s, and Kenshiro, the successor of an ancient martial art of assassination called Hokuto Shinken, survives the world battling with villains.

As the famous manga creator Katsuhiro Otomo and his works have lots of fans all over the globe, his masterpiece Akira should be listed in the best manga lineup. 120 chapters of Akira were published on Weekly Young Magazine between 1982 and 1990, and the anime movie adaption, which was released in 1988, has been worldly renowned.

The sci-fi and near-future manga is set in the fictional, catastrophic city Neo-Tokyo in 2019, which is deserted for by an enormous explosion 37 years ago. The two main characters Shotaro Kaneda and Tetsuo Shima are mixed up in the chaotic conspiracy of the government with Akira who looks like a small child and has the devastating psychic power.

Akira represents a variety of social problems, and surprisingly, 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games are scheduled in this manga as well as the real world even though it was written from 1982. The fact became a popular topic among Japanese and international fans.

Some spin offs as short manga and novels have been published, and anime adaptions are being produced.

Oregairu: My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu

Whats the best anime of all time?

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU , which is also known as just OreGairu or My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected, is a popular modern anime series with the genre of slice of life . The slice-of-life anime is made into from the light novel that completed with the 17th volume in 2019. The cynical and pessimistic character Hachiman Hikigaya starts offering help and advice to other students in the school service club with two heroines: Yukino Yukinoshita and Yui Yuigahama.

The anime series was completed with the final season My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Fin in 2020.

Air Dates: 2013-2020Genre: Slice of life, Romance, ComedyRecommended for Anime Fans/Anime Freaks

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