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Jio Your Anime Friend To Hakken

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With animes firmly in the spotlight now, Hakken!s opening comes as great news for both long-time and newly-converted anime fans.

Know someone whos head over heels over animes? Tag them in the comments below and jio them to Hakken!s physical store soon!

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All images courtesy of MUSE Communication Singapore.

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Golden Village New And Upcoming Anime Movie Posters

The Boku no Hero Academia: Heroes Rising poster was distributed when the movie was exclusively screened at Golden Village in early 2020Image credit: Tang Jia Wen

All you anime fans are in luck, because you can snag yourselves movie posters and memorabilia by simply catching the latest anime films at Golden Village. In partnership with Asian anime distributor ODEX, special GV Exclusives allow you to redeem a free A2 anime poster of the title youre watching meaning youll get more than just a movie screening with your ticket.

GV Exclusives are easy to recognise thanks to the bright yellow border that surrounds the poster itselfImage credit: Golden Village

The latest tear-jerker that was Demon Slayer had three different variations of its poster up for redemption with every movie ticket purchase. Other wildly popular anime titles that had exclusive posters include Boku no Hero Academia and Fate/Stay Night, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for promotions that pop up on site.

Alternatively, keep tabs on as they do update the promotions GV has on offer regularly.

Pro-tip: For IMAX-exclusive mini posters, check out the Shaw IMAXs Promotions page to see if theyve got any blockbuster premiums on offer. Theyve previously given away posters for titles like Avengers: Endgame and Transformers: The Last Knightfor every two IMAX tickets purchased.

Best for: Exclusive anime movie postersAddress: List of GV cinemas Price: From $13Golden Villages website

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Best Ways To Buy Goods From Japan

Love Japanese stuff? I do, too, and thats why I decided to live in Tokyo. But when I was living back home in Australia, it was difficult, if not impossible, to buy all the goods I wanted from Japan easily. Not everyone gets to live in Japan just because they like Japanese cosmetics, sushi, matcha, Evangelion or Hello Kitty, like I do.

So here is what I think is the 5 Best Ways to Buy Goods From Japan. Going to Japan is not the only way to purchase Japanese things of your dream. One word of caution before we start, though.

There are quite a lot of products out there that are made to look like Japanese. Ive met many people who paid a premium price for Japanese products that were produced by non-Japanese companies overseas. Even if Japanese companies are producers, many of them are also produced outside Japan.

If you dont mind where they are made, or who produces, as long as your ramen looks like Japanese, thats okay, too. But if you are a devoted fan of made in Japan goods, then, be smart and always check the country of production before you purchase from Japan and elsewhere.

No 3 Ask Your Friends Travelling Overseas

Location Guide: Places to buy Anime Figures, Merchandise ...

Even if your friends destination isnt Japan, you could ask them to buy Japanese goods at airports for you. Most duty-free shops around the world carry Japanese brands and they are often cheaper.

Also, check if your favorite Japanese shops are operating in their destination countries. When UNIQLO wasnt still in Australia, I asked a friend travelling to Thailand to buy me a few things from UNIQLO in Bangkok. I also bought a MUJI T-shirt in Paris for a friend in Sydney, who unfortunately had to ask Whats MUJI?.

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Anime Retail Shop With Various Goods

Most fans of anime, manga and pop-culture might be familiar with MUSE through the anime-related events and conventions.

Now, MUSE will bring in over 2,600 official goods from 21 licensed anime titles to their first permanent physical store.

It spans 2,200 square feet and it’ll be open to the public from Jan. 16.

Customers will first be greeted with two life-sized figurines of Ram and Rem from Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World.

A wide selection of official goods are available for sale, including that from Re:Zero, and other popular series such as Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba/ and Fate Grand Order.

Other notable series featured in-store include Twisted Wonderland, Cells at Work, That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime Arknights, and Sword Art Online, and the hit Chinese series Mo Dao Zu Shi as well.

Other goods include popular items from Sanrio, baby emperor penguin Koupenchan and Tanuki to Kitsune, an adorable duo of a raccoon and a fox.

Eck& art Art Deco Prints Featuring Local Landmarks & Mrt Map

Eck& Arts Singapore Subway Poster Image credit: Eck& Art

Keeping to the local theme, Swiss-owned design studio Eck& Art incorporates eclectic designs to local pieces to make for some quirky home decor. Their Singapore Subway Poster infuses New York Subway vibes into our MRT map a perfect modern design to grace your walls.

Eck& Arts Lion City Roar! framed posterImage credit: eck& art

Theyve also got cartoon line designs like the framed Lion City Roar! poster, which is another riveting option to slot in your kiddos room. And with vibrant graphical takes on local landmarks like Tiong Bahru and East Coast, youve got plenty of options to add Singaporean flair to your quarters.

Thanks to their free worldwide shipping, it could even make for a great local souvenir for any relatives you might have overseas. Else, free doorstep delivery is always welcome, especially with rather bulky items like framed posters.

Best for: Modernist Singaporean printsPrice: From $59

Image credit: Art Prints Singapore

Specialising in traditional Chinese illustrations, Art Prints Singapore replicates the meticulous nature of hand-painted artworks with Giclée prints. Using carefully selected inks and papers with a special inkjet printer to capture an illustrations texture and detail , Giclée prints are much sharper and last longer than prints made on conventional inkjet printers.

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Shop For Your Favourite Anime Merch At Hakken

With the many exciting experiences and merchandise in-store, Hakken is a must-visit for J-culture lovers. If youre guilty of binge-watching anime on non-official anime sites, heres a great opportunity to show your support for the anime industry not only in Japan but in Singapore too.

Address: Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road #07-08, Singapore 238839Opening hours: 10AM-10PM, Daily

No 4 Ask Your Friends Travelling To Japan

Anime Cafe in SINGAPORE!!!! [Aniplus Cafe Singapore @ Esplanade]

In Australia, I was lucky enough to have a lot of friends who often traveled to Japan. I asked them to buy goods from Japan, making sure that these things werent too heavy or bulky. Shopping for friends on a trip is a hassle, so in return, I gave them a bunch of useful tips as to where to stay, visit and eat, as well as unique ways of enjoying their stay there. Your friends might learn a few thing from your shopping list dont be shy and just ask.

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Singapore’s Largest Anime Retail Brand Hakken Officially Launches Second Outlet In Vivocity

MUSE Communication SG is pleased to announce the launch of Hakken!’s second outlet inVivoCity, which will officially open its doors to the public starting this weekend, 17 July 2021.This new retail outlet is part of the group’s effort to increase accessibility to its products and alsoto present a wider variety of anime merchandise and titles to the community of anime fans inSingapore through exciting collaborations.

Since the launch of its first physical outlet in Plaza Singapura in January, Hakken! has observedsoaring demand for licensed anime merchandise and content, seen in numerous requests torestock instant sellouts, and requests to bring in products that have just been freshly-launchedin Japan. By opening this new retail outlet, Hakken! hopes to fulfill this increasing demand andto further achieve its goal to provide an exclusive retail experience for its loyal customers.

While we did expect an encouraging market for the local anime retail scene, Hakken!’s successover the past 6 months really took us by surprise, and this only proves that Singapore has avibrant and growing community of anime fans, says Jeff Lee, General Manager of MUSECommunication SG.

A Shopping Haven for Fans From All Walks of Life

Newly Plaza Singapura Anime Store Hakken Has 2600 Products From 21 Series

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, many of us have made a conscious choice to stay home more often, and are turning to shows to keep ourselves entertained.

In particular, animes are proving to be quite the hit during this period, with fans either revisiting old-school ones or checking out the latest ones that are fresh from the press.

As more of us join the craze, it appears anime store Hakken! has chosen just the right time to open its first outlet here in Singapore.

Located in Plaza Singapura, the experimental store features 2,600 merchandise from 21 series that will meet all our otaku needs. Heres a preview of what you can expect.

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Plaza Singapura Anime Store Has Merchandise Of All Sorts

Starting out as an online anime merchandise store in Jun 2019, Hakken! has recently decided to take their next step forward by opening a physical store in the heart of our prime shopping district.

Featuring such a large array of product, everyones sure to find something that catches their fancy at the store.

Demon Slayer is one of the animes that has seen substantial growth to its popularity during the pandemic. Folks from Hakken! seem fully aware of that, packing the store with merchandise of all sorts from the popular series.

The ones that catch our eyes are these table-top companions, which would make all our WFH days much more bearable.

There are also Demon Slayer folders each featuring one of the main characters.

Tanjiro fans would love these merchandises accented with the characters green-and-black kimono pattern.

Those who are still attending school are sure to get envious stares from their classmates whenever they whip out one of these unique anime pens.

With Singapore experiencing its version of winter of late, these adorable penguins from Koupenchan would make for an ideal cuddling companion.

For the full list of products, check out Hakken!s website here.

Live Out Your Favourite Anime Scene At The Themed Features Section


Yes, there are cute plushies of the main characters too!

The highlight of Hakken would be the Themed Features section where you can pose with full-sized standees of your favourite anime characters. The anime featured this season is none other than Demon Slayer, complete with a rotating set of animated backgrounds straight from the series.

You may even get to meet your favourite cosplayers at Hakken during events

Hakken revealed that there will be many more to come and themes will change once every three months. So if youre a Demon Slayer fan, head down to Hakken for some pictures before it disappears in March.

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No 1 Find The Best Online Shop

Takaski, Made in Japan only products

As great as a trip to Japan is, it still costs a bit and takes time. Because you have limited time while travelling, you tend to shop hastily and regret what you bought once you are back home. Shopping online allows you all the time in the world to find and choose the best items from Japan, in the comfort of your own home.

Online shopping could be pricier than shopping in Japan, but its not really so in reality if you think about the cost of travelling or a hassle of begging friends and waiting for a long time.

A few tips on buying goods from Japan online. As mentioned earlier in this post, not all things online are made in Japan. If you dont mind Japanese products that are made in other countries, thats fine.

Take Japanese cars as an example, though. There is apparently a noticeable difference in quality between Japan-made cars and overseas productions. Thats why the former is more expensive than the latter, and this is not necessarily only about Japanese cars.

If you are a discerning online shopper, we can be your favorite online shop. It is our promise to our customers that what they purchase from us are Japanese products that are made in Japan. We do not list products that are produced by Japanese companies if they are not made here.


Anime Shops In Sg Anyone

  • #18 years ago Updated 8 years agoHi I would like to ask if there are any PHYSICAL Anime shops which sells original PVCS in Singapore? If possible kindly provide the address and/or website.NOTE: Physical Store alright NOT an Online store.
  • hikaridranzVery Important Boarder lv26Offline#24 years ago Updated 4 years agodigging up a 3-y/o thread to add a relevant map of malls and shops, themed cafes and eventscurrently still being updated. I did not include gachapon machine places I also did not include cosplay shops and shops with highly suspicious goodssummarising the list of shopping centres/malls:Local chain stores: Otaku House – they do costumes tooTOG – used to be known as Comics Connection, they’ve rebranded and are now focusing more on games and figurines. They do Ichiban Kuji too.Malls with plenty of relevant shopsPlaza Singapura – top floorChina Square Central – scattered around 1F & 2F of the building. Best to go on Sunday as there’s a regular collectible flea market in the afternoon.Interesting specialty stores:TOG Kuji Tengoku – basically everything Kuji. They have the prizes displayed in cabinets.The Akiba – a branch of The Akiba gift shop in Radio Kaikan.

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Chic Fever Pop Art Movie Posters With Quotes

Image credit: Benjamin Wellesley

Whether its one of our celeb idols or an iconic quote from a movie character, youll be able to immortalise it through pop art. And at Chic Fever, you can grab some of those prints of your favourite football player or superhero.

Located conveniently in Plaza Singapura, you can get smaller prints which are priced at $28, or opt for larger square prints that cost $78. Be sure to suss out the designs available on Chic Fevers online store before heading down so you wont leave disappointed.

Psst there are an abundance of pop art stores in Singapore, like the Famous Popart Gallery Singapore located at Haji Lane for a wider selection of cartoon and pop culture pop arts.

Best for: Movie superheroes and celebrity pop art postersAddress: Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road #03-22A, Singapore 238839Price: From $28

Best Budget Shopping Places In Singapore To Shop Till You Drop


If you are a shopping lover, you should come to Singapore at least once in your life. Being one of the most vibrant shopping hubs in Asia with hundreds of shopping centres, Singapore is a fashion paradise for millions of tourists, who come not only to see the sights but also to get the most fashionable items.

Singapore satisfies label lovers with plenty of world-class brands, but the country never forgets to offer price-sensitive customers trendy items on their budgets. In Singapore, budget does not mean out of fashion or low quality it is quite possible for shoppers to find any desired items that suit their needs, tastes, and wallets, in fact.

So where can budget-conscious shoppers satisfactorily enjoy the shopping on their trip to Singapore? Eight most famous budget shopping places suggested below commit to offering various types of goods from fashion clothing, handbags, shoes to any kinds of souvenirs.

  • 3 New Bugis Street, Singapore 188867

  • Phone
  • Daily 11:00 to 22:00

  • Highlights

  • 145 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207704
  • Phone
  • 24 hours daily, every day of the year
  • Highlights



  • Daily 09:00 – 21:00
  • Highlights

  • www.capitaland.com/sg/malls/imm/
  • Highlights

  • Mon to Sat: 10:30 – 20:00Suns: 09:00 – 21:00
  • Highlights

  • 370 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159953
  • Phone
  • Daily 10:00 to 22:00
  • Highlights

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    Grab Official Merchandise From More Than 21 Anime Titles

    Attack On Titan

    Levi or S4 Eren as your husbando? Hmm.

    Finally entering its last season, Attack On Titan a.k.a. Shingeki no Kyojin has been a huge hit since its release in 2013. At Hakken, theres a whole bunch of Levi merchandise from mousepads to keychains.

    Unfortunately, theres no merchandise for season 4 Eren, so fangirls will have to wait.

    Demon Slayer

    Ah yes, Demon Slayer. We have Japanese Michael Jackson, Kamaboko Gonpachiro, only-gets-powerful-when-he-sleeps Zenitsu and of course, mm-mm Nezuko.

    Becoming a hit even among normiI mean, mainstream audiences, Demon Slayer has smashed records at the box office with its recent movie, Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train.

    Over at Hakken, youll get to choose from a wide range of Demon Slayer merchandise, and I dont just mean badges or keychains. There are exclusive mugs, rings, and even pocket watches.

    Sick Kimetsu no Yaiba kicks

    As a bonus, there are also limited edition high-cut sneakers with Demon Slayer inspired designs*, swords and jackets on display.

    While not available for sale, these might just become available in the near future based on demand. If youre keen on getting a pair, just indicate your interest in-store and hope for the best.

    *Youll have to check with the staff if youre interested in purchasing the Demon Slayer products displayed at the storefront.

    Other merchandise

    Besides the merch from the featured animes, Hakken also sells a large collection of Nendoroids, figurines, shirts and files.

    Carousell Shops Like Luckyno80 & Posterandplus Vintage Posters

    If youve got exquisite taste for the rarest stuff, theres a chance that physical stores might not scratch that itch. Thats where Carousell comes in, providing a convenient way to keep tabs on local sellers that might just have the goods youre looking for.

    To get you started, check out this list of reputable Carousell sellers who deal with an assortment of posters:

    • 5/5 ratings from 87 reviews, sells an assortment of imported blockbuster movie posters
    • 5/5 ratings from 485 reviews, sells posters of Chinese music artists among other memorabilia
    • 5/5 ratings from 253 reviews, deals with paper posters of graphics and celebrities
    • 5/5 ratings from 159 reviews, sells movie posters from older films

    A vintage The Blue Diamonds poster that features the autograph of the late Riem De WolffImage credit: Carousell

    Pro-tip: Collectors will also be able to find legit vintage posters of musicians or even retro local advertisements amidst the sea of in-app listings. To preserve them in tip-top condition, consider using FrameITto build a custom frame matching your new acquisitions exact dimensions.

    Image credit: Carousell

    And if youve missed out on releases like the Shaw IMAX mini posters, keep your fingers crossed as you might be able to find a keen seller looking to offload their copy on the low.

    Best for: Thrifting posters or finding vintage exclusivesPrice: From $5Carousells website

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