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Where To Watch Chinese Anime

Jian Wangchao: Sword Dynasty

How to Watch Chinese Anime/Cartoons Online (learn Mandarin through manga #3)

We follow the journey a brave man set out to create his own dynasty. In a world where the Qin Dynasty has to come to power ending the years of blood and unrest.

But there are many who are not happy with their ascend to the throne. The brave man, Dingning wants to dismantle the Qin Dynasty and create the Sword Dynasty.

The donghua is a pretty popular series in China with both seasons released in the same year.

This Action and Historical-themed ONA series also have a live adaptation television series as well.

Ah, this title is one for the family-minded folks. In a sad turn of events when Dongguo turns 16, her mother contracts a deadly illness known as Grave Illness.

In order to search for the cure for her beloved mother, Dongguo accompanied by her big brother Mo Zixuan and a mysterious being known as, Lifes Hardship tread an unknown path.

The trio is repeatedly attacked by the people they encounter on their journey, are the three onto uncovering a conspiracy here?

Those who have seen the ONA series absolutely loved it, however, the end was so well received but it hasnt dampened the overall popularity of the show.

The 20 Best Chinese Anime Animation Series You Should Know About

Here are The Best Chinese Anime that you can Watch, yeah as the title says we will be referring to a list of the best Chinese anime animated series, that Chinas Mangaka have ever created.

Everyone is talking about how good Japanese anime series are, but there also some other countries like Korea and China that really starts rivaling Japn in this field.

Today we will be on Focusing on the most awesome Chinese animes, in order to give you a well-packed list of the best tv shows that will introduce you to the anime Art Style made in China.

Douluo Da Lu Soul Land

Aired: Started on January 20, 2018

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Historical, Martial Arts, Romance

Soul Land anime is an adaption of the Chinese web novels of the same name. It follows Tang Sanâs cultivation journey and depicts how the boy has grown to be a soul master and brings honor to Tang Sect.

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Zhongguo Jingqi Xiansheng: Chinese Mystery Man

As dangerous man-eating monsters lurk on the streets, a lost form of magic gets revived from the Eastern Han dynasty that could help stop the terror.

We follow Li Xue a cop and Wang Xiaoer who actually does get mistaken for a monster.

But in fact, Xiaoer is actually a magic-user who has been trying to eliminate the monsters all by himself.

As they uncover the gruesome mysteries of the monsters. This 10-minute episodic packs intrigue and a lot of fanservice as well.

Where Can I Watch Chinese Anime Eng Sub

9 Best Donghua/Chinese Anime To Watch

While most of the shows uploaded in tecent video yt channel are chinese drama there are numerous donghua chinese animation uploaded there including our best donghua of 2018 mo dao zu shi grandmaster of demonic cultivation. With newasiantv you can stream movies from chinese english hindi telugu malayalam bengali and kannada in one place the best thing about the is that you can watch all chinese movies and dramas with english subtitles for free.

What Are Some Places To Watch Chinese Anime Both Official Sites And Non Official Quora

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Doupo Cangqiong: Battle Through The Heavens

Xiao Yan, a young boy who possessed great power that no one could comprehend. He and his family were feared and respected due to his powers.

He even gets engaged to a girl from a powerful family, Yan Ran Na Lan.

After he turned 11, his powers began to diminish under mysterious circumstances. Three years later, he was deemed useless and his family was looked down upon.

Yan Ran now wants to break her engagement with him since she doesnt want a useless husband.

Xiao then challenges her to a duel in 3 years time, in which if he wins, he gets to do whatever he wants with her and if she wins, she gets to break the engagement.

The initial season of the anime is a bit drab in world-building and character arcs but it becomes very interesting as your progress on to the further seasons.

The animation style is a 3D animation and that is something you will have to get used to if youre intending on watching Chinese animation.

Despite all of that, the show is highly rated.

The 21 Best Chinese Anime Of All Time

This list contains 21 excellent and all-time popular Chinese anime for your reference. Time to enjoy more anime!

The globe animation industry is at the evolving stage with the emergence of a large number of new animation types from different countries. Chinese animation anime, termed as Donghua, is gradually known to anime fans around the world and many good Chinese anime also own great popularity overseas. Whether youâre a newcomer to Chinese anime or are looking for more series to binge, we have selected 21 great Donghua below. This list covers classic titles and latest releases in various genres from general action, drama, adventure, comedy, slice of life, romance, to featured Chinese mythology, cultivation, and martial arts anime, to meet different tastes.

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Jie Mo Ren: The Devil Ring

As the title goes, its pretty easy to understand the plot for the series. Zhou Xiaoan wears a ring without learning of its origins.

Within no time, a Blood Devil emerges from his mouth, calling himself King Zhou of Shang.

The devil belongs to a race of heart-eating zombies revealing surprising historical truths that Zhou has to deal with.

Zhou eventually learns of a secret group of Taoist Priests who fight against these Blood Devils and also being belonging to a mysterious world who are able to blend into the human society seamlessly.

Phew, as interesting as that sounds, these 13-minute episodes dont exactly manage to pack a punch due to its pacing but if youre keen on watching some Chinese anime, go for it!

Xiao Lu He Xiao Lan: Beryl And Sapphire

Top 10 Chinese Anime Worth Watching

Maybe one of the most unique shows on the list, Xiao Lu He Xiao Lan features a good-hearted Beryl and a shy Sapphire.

Beryl and Sapphire, can go from being the best of friends to being arch-enemies at their will.

Each episode is set in a different world where they generally greet each other with angst.

Using the main characters as the pivots to the storyline, the storyline keeps getting intriguing as you progress ahead.

It delves into quite a few sci-fi concepts but the crux of it all is the relationship Beryl and Sapphire share, which is amazing to watch.

You must know this is a shounen-ai series yet its not in your face and overtly BL.

This title should definitely be on your watch list!

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Wangpai Yushi Ace Censorate

Premiere date: Jun 27, 2014

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, School, Shounen, Supernatural

On the fictional identical alternate universe, humans and demons coexist and are in different routines. When the sun rises, humans rise and demons rest, When the night falls, demons rise and humans rest. However, since the arrival of new era, humans come out in the night, which causes the riot from demons. There is a corresponding department to act as the mediator between humans and demons and the anime depicts the amusing stories about the censorates.

Grandmaster Of Demonic Cultivation

    Damn! No streaming services found :/

From the same studio that produced Avatar The Last Air-Bender and Kings Avatar, The Grandmaster Of Demonic Cultivation is based in a world where cultivators can even attain immortality.

The plot centers around Wei Wuxian, a man both feared and despised for cultivating the demonic path. After being backstabbed by a close ally and killed, Wei Wuxian reincarnates as Mo Xuanyu, a lunatic and reject.

Soon after, he meets a famous cultivator named Lan Wangji one of his archenemies.

Together, the two work to uncover various mysteries including the death of Wei Wuxian himself. Though it may seem like a typical fantasy anime, the plot, animation, visuals, voice acting, and music in this donghua are all simply top-notch!

Full of thrilling action, humor, mystery, and a fair amount of flirtation between the two main characters, it isnt hard to see why this donghua is as popular as it is.

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Wo De Ni Tian Shen Qi

At number 17 we have My Holy Weapon a romance magic chinese animation series, that has 16 episodes, that follows the story of the main character Chang Tian. who One day, while under an attack, unexpectedly summons an artifact called Xiao Bai that saved him from a horrific fate.

Later, he will finds out that he is now in a battlefield, where he must fight alongside many other people like him, able to summons artifacts

Websites To Watch Chinese Anime Online

Douluo Dalu

Chinese animation series and films have risen greatly in popularity. Apart from Chinese video streaming platforms, more and more foreign anime streaming platforms have also begun to provide Chinese animation Donghua section. In this post, we will gather 6 of the best places where you can watch latest and popular Chinese anime online.

Mo Dao Zhu Shi, Soul Land, Full Time Magister, The King’s Avatar, and many other good Chinese animation series are leading to a hot discussion among anime communities. However, anime websites that deliver Chinese animation content are still scarce for foreign fans when compared with omnipresent Japanese anime streaming websites. Want to watch Chinese anime online yet canât find a place to start on? You may try the following 6 websites. Letâs get into each website!

Because of region restriction, some of the websites in the list may not be accessible in your area. A proper VPN can help you get around geo-blocking and access these services anywhere.

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Shuangsheng Lingtan: Twin Spirit Detectives

Twin brothers Sun Xiaotu and Sun Xiaohu are paranormal investigators.

Their usual day of work handling some pretty weird cases however one bizarre haunting set off a series of odd events challenging their perception of the otherworld.

The twins must now uncover new secrets and face ghosts charting a difficult path for them.

Originally based on a manhua of the same name, which already had a decent following.

This donghua is definitely worth a watch since it has just the right amount of suspense, action, and psychological play.

Donghua Faq: Where Can I Watch Chinese Animation

Here comes another installment of our Donghua FAQ section and this time, we will answer the question, where can I watch Chinese animation? Yes, people who are new to donghua and even those who had started watching a few years ago are still having this question at the back of their minds.

Without further ado, I have listed here a list of sites and apps where fans can watch Chinese anime online? But first of all let me start with introducing a site where Chinese anime or donghua are listed together with necessary details that we need to know about it such as its release date, studio, synopsis, and even official streaming links. A website like MyAnimeList or Anilist, or even LiveChat does not exist for Chinese animation yet, but fans can start by checking out these two sites:

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Quan Zhi Gao Shou: The King’s Avatar

One of the more popular donghuas from the list, Quan Zhi Gao Shou, is a sure-shot favorite in the Chinese anime community.

Ye Xiu, was an acclaimed gamer and a top-tier professional player in the MMOPRG game, Glory.

He was dubbed as the Battle God due to the skills and stats he had developed over the years.

But in due course, Ye gets asked to quit the game by his team and leave his career as a gamer behind.

Now that Ye works at an internet café, he knows that the tenth server of the game has been released, he dives straight back into the game with a new character, Lord Grim.

With years of experience, Ye is able to perform better than most and aims to achieve his dream of becoming the first to reach Glorys summit.

Douluo Dalu: Soul Land

The Westward Season 1Chinese Anime Episode 1 Eng Sub #XiXingJi

The ongoing series Douluo Dalu or Soul Land. In the Douluo, every resident possesses an innate spirit, some of them can harness their spiritual powers and become Spirit Masters, which looked like a noble profession.

Tang who was a disciple of the most prestigious Tang Sects martial arts clan, was their ace student in using hidden weapons.

However, Tang forsakes his current life in order to achieve the clans forbidden lore. Tang takes the leap off Hells Peak but only to find him reincarnated in a strange world.

A world where he is a blacksmiths son. Now at the ripe age of 6, Tang participates in the Spirit Master ceremony only to discover that he has a useless spirit.

But his powers are some of the most formidable amongst the rest. Even though this title is a hit or miss amongst many, mainly due to the animation style, the story definitely keeps you hooked.

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Zhen Hun Jie: Rakshasa Street

Requiem Street, a place where all spirits and humans co-exist. However, not every human can just walk into these bustling streets.

Xia Ling, who becomes a rare soul user after a chance encounter gets his own guardian spirit.

But its not all like it seems. We now follow Xia Ling’s walk on journey to understand why he was chosen to be one as well as his guardian spirit.

The anime is based on the manhua by the name of Requiem Street.

Now the story is quite a bit of a hit amongst the fans but the animation which is some CG infused with 2D animation that just doesnt sit well with too many.

The plot is pretty generic but it is quite popular amongst the donghua loving community.

+ Best Chinese Anime That Are A Must

We are all familiar with anime. Most of us think of anime as animation that came from Japan. But hold that thought! We can also call animation from other countries as anime!The anime we all know are 2D instead of 3D which can be commonly found in western media. So today, Im going to let you in with my secret stash of Chinese Animation that you MUST WATCH!Without further ado, here are 31+ Best CHINESE Anime that you can even watch in order. From an anime centered around your favorite MOBA to some spicy yaoi, follow me and Ill guide you in this journey!

Genre: Donghua
Genre info

Donghua or Chinese Anime are animated shows that are produced and made by Studios in China. An anime can also be called a Donghua if the main language spoken by the Voice Actors/Actresses is any Chinese dialect.

Table of Content

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Shi Xiong: Zombie Brother

One of the most influential Chinese anime, Shi Xiong is an action, comedy, and horror genre donghua.

Bai Xiaofei is the main protagonist of the show. When the water of City H gets polluted with a virus that turns ordinary citizens into zombies, he must save himself and find his way to his girlfriend.

The zombie trope in the series is pretty ordinary but the writer of the series has added his own, human touch to them as well.

Overall, Zombie Brother is a fun show if zombie apocalypse, gore, and sheer weirdness are your jam.

How To Watch Chinese Anime Or Donghua Online

Best Chinese Anime Suggestions

Hey guys, its Yu here and I am back for another donghua talk, and this time, I would like to discuss a common question that many of us shared: How to watch Chinese anime if youre not from China?

With the rise in the popularity of Chinese animation or donghua in recent years, many of us fell in love with it. However, theres a huge gap that hinders donghua from its international fans and its the fact that accessibility for Chinese animation is limited.

Unlike Japanese animation, international viewers are having some problems looking for a convenient place to watch donghua. Since we are not from China, the only place we can watch donghua is the internet but the availability of places to watch Chinese anime in the blue nowhere is very limited.

Furthermore, not all donghua on the internet are translated or have subtitles in English. Personally, I am telling myself that I should start learning Chinese but to no avail, Im still clueless about it.

And while its a fact that Chinese animes availability on the internet is rare, there are various places still that we can watch donghua online. Some are legally affiliated with its distribution and production company, while some giant pirate anime sites also had donghua in their archives.


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    Meng Qi Shi Shen Adorable Food Goddess

    Premiere date: December 29, 2018

    Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Historical, Drama, Romance, Shoujo

    A food magazine editor, Ye Jiayao, finds herself back in time in the body of Ye Jinxuan. How does the cute modern girl live in the ancient time of Huai Song dynasty and what will she meet with in the further?

    Wo De Ni Tian Shen Qi: My Holy Weapon

    While getting attacked, Chang Tian summons his servant to save himself from dying called Xiao Bai.

    Chang is then able to fight alongside others who are able to invoke artifacts themselves on the battlefield.

    Now if youve watched the Fate Series, youll know the similarities, from the summoning to the war and most of the characters are literal replicas of various different shounen anime characters as well.

    You could watch this title if you want to find a Chinese version of the Fate series which you probably never knew you needed.

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