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Why Are Anime Girls So Hot

Rangiku Matsumoto From Bleach

Trying Genshin Impact!! Why are these anime girls so hot?

From the very first time she appeared, she got the tag of the hottest and popular female character. Rangiku Matsumoto has a huge voluptuous body with curves to be proud of. Rangiku always ties her robes loosely, and her top portions of the bosoms are visible. Aside from her curve, she is also a skilled fighter with a high rank in the Soul Society from Bleach.

Rangiku Matsumoto

Nao Tomori From Charlotte

Do you like a girl with a lovely smile? If you do, you will soon take to Nao Tomori from Charlotte.

More than anything you will love her adorable looks in that school uniform of hers.

When you meet this anime character, you soon appreciate that she likes to study hard, but it has to be said that she likes to play hard as well.

Are you ready to meet Nao? If you are in the mood for meeting one of the prettiest girls in anime, all you need to do is to check out the anime Charlotte.

Elizabeth Liones The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins is probably one of the most popular anime series in recent memory, and with good reason. The anime got off to a great start, and since then, it seems like fans cant get enough of the series. One character, in particular, seems to be the center of attention: Elizabeth Liones. Fans are drawn to this adorable girl for her personality and looks, and its not hard to see why.

Since her introduction in the 2014 anime The Seven Deadly Sins, Elizabeth Liones has become a fan favorite. Elizabeth possesses an innocent and gentle nature that sets her apart from other anime heroines.

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Iris Cannary Violet Evergarden

If you would like to make the acquaintance of Iris Cannary, you need to check out Violet Garden.

This beautiful anime character is perhaps one of the easiest anime characters to relate to. She is tough but vulnerable at the same time.

Needless to say, she is also very good looking. She works as a correspondent and with her stunningly cute face and big eyes, she gets many scoops.

Iris is perhaps one of the most feminine characters in anime and you will easily relate to her the moment you lay your eyes on her delicate feminine features.

You will certainly love those amazing golden eyes of hers.

Inori Yuzuriha: Guilty Crown

Why horned anime girl so hot?

Guilty Crown‘s Inori Yuzuriha is one of the most indisputably beautiful characters on this list. She may appear cold and emotionless, especially in the beginning of the series. However, there is more to her allure and personality than that! In fact, she can be one of the most emotional and devoted girls on this list. She became more welcoming after meeting the main protagonist, Shu. She occasionally thinks she is a burden to others despite going out of her way to protect those close to her. She is generally quiet but is efficient in combat. If you are thinking of checking out Inori’s series, you can read this review and analysis of Guilty Crown.

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Nico Robin From One Piece

It has always been my dream to start the game with a home run. Though that dream was never fulfilled, I did hit a home run by putting Nico Robin. Nico Robin is one of the hottest characters in the anime world. Be it her curves or her body. Her devil fruit power should never be forgotten. The filler episodes with Nico Robin wearing a bikini can set our hearts on fire.

Nico Robin

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Yukari Caroline Hayasaka: Paradise Kiss

Yukari Hayasake, also known as Caroline, is a beautiful and attractive model from the ParaKiss universe. She was introduced as a character with a dull life, unsure of which path to take. Her mother’s persistence to excel in her studies didn’t help as she never seems to be pleased with Yukari. Alas, she meets and falls in love with George and the Para-crew, and she becomes a bolder and more exquisite woman who decides to pursue a modeling career. We were sure as hell that her beauty was meant for George and George alone, but that didn’t quite workout.

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Erina Nakiri From Food Wars

Next up on our list, is one of the main characters on Food Wars and the rival of Souma, Erina Nakiri. She is an amazing chef and stands at the top of her class and a tough rival for Souma to beat.

Erina has long golden-blonde hair with side bangs covering her pale and soft cheeks, she has a unique shade of pink and purple in her eyes. She has a well-endowed body with a curvy waist.

She wears her high school uniform which is basically a plain white shirt underneath a navy blue coat, a yellow and brown checkered short skirt, and a cute red bowtie with blue stripes.

She looks so sexy in her schoolgirl outfit and though she is kinda pampered I think everyone would love to have her in their class.

Neferpitou Hunter X Hunter

Why People Like Anime Girls

Neferpitou is genuinely one of the best female antagonists of all time.

She became an icon ever since Kite tried to defeat her. Among all the other characters in Hunter x Hunter , she is the only one that would make a person curse his existence every time something terrible happens!

With the power to bounce hundreds of miles, senses so vivid and sharp that nothing can escape her, we can confidently say that shes a nightmare dressed as an angel

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Irina Jelavic From Assassination Classroom

Starting off our list with a sexy assassin and a hot high schoolteacher. Irina is a government agent hired to kill Korosensei, who pretends to be the English teacher for Korosenseis class so that she can get closer to him.

She has long and wavy blonde hair and light blue eyes. I like how she doesnt bother tying her hair up because they look best flowing down her shoulders.

She has a hot and curvaceous body and a rather large pair of breasts. I like her teaching outfit, it is basically a white suit on top of a plain black top and a short skirt which exposes her sleek and smooth legs. Imagine if she was your teacher!

I dont think Id ever pay attention to my books in her class.

Madame President From Golden Boy

Member Favorites: 12

Madame President is a hot businesswoman who owns a software company and never employs men. She is confident and very strict. Such success can be quite intimidating, which may be why men can’t seem to look her in the eyes… or it could be because their eyes are looking elsewhere? Watch those boobies dance!

For more jiggling anime boobs, please be sure to check out the gainaxing article here.

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They Are Flawless Physically

Anime characters dont have the normal physical flaws we see in real humans. Most of the time, they have no acne, stretch marks, cellulite, or fat.

They are tailored to be perfect waifus and husbandos.

Whether this is bad or good is up for discussion, but they represent the unachievable ideal. They can be the embodiment of your dream girl/boy.

Princess Mononoke Princess Mononoke

Why Are Anime Girls So Hot

Mononoke is a ferocious and vital predator in the series, Princess Mononoke. Because shes a princess, her loyalness to her subjects matters.

Shes a passionate woman who could bring an entire army down with her fearless attitude and grace. As far as stout, emotionally stable, and fierce females go, princess Mononoke will always be on top!

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Why Do We Find Anime Girls Attractive

Joined: Nov 2018 Posts: 19 Whenever I watch anime, a constantly ask myself why the hell I find these characters attractive. I’ve stared at them for a while now and came to the conclusion that these characters don’t look human, and therefore I find them hot for different reasons I would find a real girl attractive. Everything about them, their hair, skin, eyes, mouth, body, really does not translate into real human features. Take your best girl from any show and try to envision what she would look like in our reality. Would you still find them attractive? Am I weird for finding these girls hot?
Joined: Feb 2019 Posts: 1 Anime girls are attractive because they dial up all the factors we find cute in 3D girls to 11. Larger eyes, clear/unblemished skin, long legs, skinny, cute, nice voices, etc. On top of accentuating all the aspects that determine attractiveness, anime girls act in a way that makes them endearing to us, depending on our tastes
Lol. But nothing can beat the company of a real female.
Lol. But nothing can beat the company of a real female.Yep, only virgins don’t know that.
Cause we are ascended beings, transcendent in comparison do dem normies
Joined: Nov 2018 Posts: 58 Because the purpose of anime girls are nothing but sex toys and added to rule 34 factory. Anime sucks, all of them are bad and that’s a fact!
Joined: Jun 2012 Posts: 5785 Because their attractiveness isn’t limited by the constraints of physical reality. The only limit is imagination.

Zero Two Darling In The Franxx

There are many attractive anime girls out there, but Zero Two might be one of the most. She is very cute and has a spunky personality that will make any guy want to date her.

One of the things that makes Zero Two attractive is her color scheme. Her hair and outfit are all pinkish red, which goes well with her skin tone. Her outfit, hair, and horns are very reminiscent of a devil or demon in a way, which matches her personality.

Another thing that makes Zero Two attractive is her smile. She has one of the most iconic anime smiles out there. It is very cute and playful. Its not surprising that Hiro finds himself continuously drawn to her smile.

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Why Are Dark Skinned Anime Characters More Attractive Than Real Life Dark Skinned Girls

Anime girls bodies are more similar to black womens bodies.Big breastsHigher center of gravity / Short torso with longer legs.More lower spinal curvature.Asian women are usually flat up top, and almost always have a flat butt.They have short legs with a low center of gravity.Not all are drawn this way, but a lot are.
Joined: Oct 2014 Posts: 474 anime drawing allows every girl to perfect shaped hips bust and low body fat, most poeple in real life have a short coming and many imperfections without makeup, and if they don’t and actually look perfect they usually are gym junkys with inplanted bust fake tanned girls who worked hard for that specific look.
Joined: Apr 2010 Posts: 3629 Dark skinned people have face “lines” you won’t find in anime.Hiptetocal example: people in real life have “squared” face, but in anime they don’t.
errr….because their anime characters maybe???……duhhh
Because anime characters are made to look attractive, real life people aren’t.
Because animators go for beauty, not realism

"The sun is my enemy, but the moon has been good to me."

Because animators go for beauty, not realismRealism is beauty. I mean, it can be. Animators leave out a lot of the features that I find attractive, largely to save money. A real body has more to appreciate. Anime characters are just stylized imitations of real people anyway, so I don’t see how they’re better, physically.
I’m cringing at the title hoebut ‘dark skin’ = tan in anime usually.

Yuuki Asuna Sword Art Online

The reason of why anime girls are the best

The main female character of Sword Art Online deserves to be a part of this list as well.

Probably the most admiring feature of Yuuki is her strong but sweet personality. She is strong enough to tackle a group of sailers and sweet enough to understand others feelings. She does her best to offer comfort to lonely and sad ones.

She is the kind of girl every man wants, especially in the anime universe!

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Riza Hawkeye Fullmetal Alchemist

For anyone who has watched Fullmetal Alchemist, Riza has always been the center of attention!

Riza belongs to the manga series: Fullmetal Alchemist. She is a total baddie and a lieutenant in the military.

Shes called the Hawks Eye for a reason! She will shoot the person down or bring a man to his knees if anyone lays a finger on those who she cares about.

She may come off as a cold and unforgiving person, but shes a warm and caring person at heart. Her emotions are real, and she has dreams and goals, plus she can fight. She is genuinely a tremendous female anime icon!

Erza Scarlet Of Fairy Tail

Erza Scarlet reaching her hand out.

Erza Scarlet is a Fairy Tail wizard who specializes in armors. By having a seemingly endless options of armors in her arsenal, she can easily adjust to various situations and use one that can best benefit her during battles. She may be covered by thick metal and cloth but its clear that she has a nice figure. She also has armors that are daring and enhances her overall look which is why its not surprising that she is one of the most sought-after female characters in Fairy Tail.

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Do You Actually Find Anime Characters Hot What Are Waifus To You

Joined: Mar 2016 Posts: 934 At best, I can understand recognizing that anime characters may have features that would be hot if they were on a living person. In that case, I understand calling them “hot”.But when people call anime characters hot, I’m not sure if they genuinely mean they feel lust for that character, or if they just mean they acknowledge that they have qualities that would be considered hot if they were a real person.This also goes along with the waifu thing. I don’t fully understand it. I can’t tell if people really wish their waifus were real, or if it’s something they’re not that serious about.Of course, I’m sure there are people on both ends of the spectrum, but I’m just curious to see what the stats are and where most people fall on this.
Joined: May 2019 Posts: 409 Hell yeah, the perfect waifu for me needs a long dark colored hair and thats all, just like Albedo.
Joined: Aug 2019 Posts: 2097 Yes, I think they are hot, yes I feel genuine love for my husbando, and I want to be 2d as well. Modified by HeruruMeruru, May 3, 2020 4:22 PM
No way my dude….I’m in this for the plot of course…Such a great plot…Mod edit: removed nsfw image Modified by Brandon, May 29, 2020 10:59 PM100K or BUST!
Totsuka from Oregairu is hot, so yes. Anime is trash and so am I.
Yes, I think they are hot, yes I feel genuine love for my husbando, and I want to be 2d as well. Technology is advanced these days, maybe you’ll be able to become 2D before you die.

Teletha Testarossa Full Metal Panic

Pin on Hot anime girls

Like a car from Italy, Teletha is a gorgeous girl who loves to step on the gas. She is one of the cutest female anime characters and has been involved in several love triangles.

Although she is not very athletic, her looks speak for themselves. She is certainly not someone you would like to miss out on a gathering!

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Men Arent Naturally Attracted To Breasts

The presence of large-breasted statues and paintings doesnt necessarily point to a fixation on the chest for sexual reasons. The breast was the only means of nourishing an infant up until the 19th century. Because of this, a fixation on the breast as the symbol for life is a reasonable explanation for its prolific appearance across cultures. The idea that breasts were a way of competing for men makes little sense in light of cultural norms. Anthropologist Fran Mascia-Lees takes on this view and Youngs oxytocin argument by pointing out how not all men are attracted to breasts. She cautions: whenever evolutionary biologists suggest a universal reason for a behavior and emotion: how about the cultural differences? . For example, in some African and New Guinean cultures, women dont cover their chest, and men show a lack of interest in the exposed bosoms.

What about breasts looking like a womans backside? This is a cultural projection of the West. Breasts dont look like a ladys backside without being squished together by bras and corsets. Both of which are Western inventions.

In Japanese culture, you also find a distinct lack of interest in the chest until the modern era. If you look at Japanese woodblock print from the Edo period, not a lot of attention is lavished on the breast. Artists rendered other body parts in loving detail, but they largely ignored breasts. Yoshihiko Shirakawa, an expert on woodblock prints states :


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