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Why Do People Watch Anime

Theres Something New Everyday

Why Do People Watch Anime?

Have you heard scroll down to your movie collection and thought, Ive watched all of these. With anime, Im not exaggerating, once again, there will never be a moment like that. There is always something new to watch and a new genre to explore. If you dont want the new releases, note that there are an estimated 10,000 animes produced and you have all that at your disposal.

The best thing about that ~10,000 animes is that they are all different in their own way. If you decided to make it a life-long mission to watch all of that, you will never ever get bored because of their unique and variety of storylines.

More Than Entertaining Its Inspirational

Not only Anime are super entertaining and addicting, but also inspirational. Many characters came out to be the leads when they overcame a bully. It motivates your inner voice to be strong and moral full, just like them.

Anime also has Japanese culture mixed within all of its series. You can always learn something from the culture whose people excel in almost everything. So reason three on Why people watch anime is that it is inspirational.

Perfection Is Just An Illusion There Are Flaws To Be Admired

One of the best things about anime is that they present the flaws beautifully. Even the most loved character in an anime dies at the end. Anime shows that perfect characters dont exist. Its our flaws that make us beautiful and keeps us going. Accept and move on, thats what they teach. This is one of the reasons why people watch anime.

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I Love How Relatable The Characters Are

And this isnt about gender either. Because none of that matters.

Madoka Magica is a classic example. Homura Akemi is a relatable character and I have so much in common with who she is as a person.

And then you have characters like Rin Okumura. Whos fearful of revealing his secret, has few people who accept and understand him, and of course hes a rebel .

Ive watched films and TV shows, but none of them compare to anime for how relatable the characters are.

Which is weird since characters are fictional and made up down to the last hairs on their head.

The thing I love about anime is its NOT just pure entertainment, its also inspirational. It makes you want to do something in your life.

It gives you reasons to become more than you are, and make something of yourself.

The anime image above is a horror series . Not the kind of show you think of in terms of inspiration, but inspiration is everywhere if you look.

Another has great quotes like:

Not giving up on yourself is whats truly important. That way you dont end up pathetic. Reiko Mikami

The animated experience just makes this unlike anything else Ive seen.

Unique And Interesting Characters

Why do people watch anime when real movies are present ...

Due in part to the ability to procure any fantastical setting, anime is host to a vast array of characters. These characters can vary from omnipotent beings, ghosts, detectives, pirates, ninjas, samurais, demons, space cowboys or a student in high school. There are no limits to what a character can be. One of the most recognizable figures in pop culture today is arguably Pikachu from “Pokemon,” and Pikachu is a mouse that has the ability project lightning onto opposing threats and win our hearts. Dont deny your love for Pikachu.

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It Is Filled With Thought

A mistake that can be easily made is assuming that anime is made for kids due to the use of animation. While, yes, there are many shows and movies primarily set for kids, there are still many of anime not meant for children. However, to whichever demographic, be it child or not, it does not mean that the subject matter cannot be mature. Much of anime is centered on a certain mature theme whether it is death, acceptance, morality, war or nature itself that leaves the viewer in a pensive state. Take for instance, “Grave of the Fireflies,” a film about two children – an older brother and younger sister – who try to survive during the final months of World War II. This movie is a grim depiction of the horrors of war. The two children lose their mother from one of the aerial attacks on Japan and are left to fend for themselves with no money or guidance. This is not a tale for the faint of heart – keep a box of tissues when watching.

Why Do People Love Anime So Much

When the question of how many people watch anime comes up then there are a number of things one is trying to investigate. One it could be that someone is trying to gauge whether this cartoon is loved much or it is not. In the case of anime though, it looks like this cartoon is loved so much out there.

Why this, it is important to find out. In the interest of the readers, this text takes a look at why many people love anime compared to ordinary cartoons. It will also help you to understand the number of people who watch these cartoons judging from these reasons.

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Amazing Reasons: Why People Watch Anime

Entertainment is fun and enjoyable whether served in any form and therefore, this a reason which will let us learn that why people watch Anime, which is the popular source entertainment these days.

Anime serves a lot of purpose to its audience. It is not just entertainment, but it can convey a beautiful message or keep you interested in the same show. It breaks you off from your monotonous routine of watching humans on screen.

The seven reasons people watch Anime can be because of its accessibility, content, intriguing storyline, etc. There are a lot of other reasons that why people are interested in watching Anime. In this article, we will brief you about some of them.

comm on, lets read the following reasons about people watching Anime

Easy To Read Emotionally

Why Do People Watch Anime?

Relationships and friendships can be confusing to people with autism. Approaching people can be scary. It is hard to understand the subtle ways people communicate non-verbally, too. These skills can improve with therapy and practice, but it is a challenge. Another social problem people with autism face is mistakenly giving offense to others when they didn’t mean to. Sometimes, they just lack the awareness and intuition to know how their actions are interpreted or understood by others.

Anime helps with this. It is less subtle than real-life human interactions. Emotions are exaggerated. In a picture, you can study a person’s face for a long time, and they won’t get mad at you for staring. People with autism may sometimes need to study a facial expression for a long time to understand it. Manga also gives more clues as to what the characters are feeling. Since the focus is on the visuals, more emotion is conveyed that way. Anime emotions are usually big, loud, and dramatic, making them easier to read.

Indeed, manga typically caricatures characters’ emotional states angry characters are drawn in grotesque distortions sad characters are shown with tears streaming down their cheeks.

â Robert Rozema, “Manga and the Autistic Mind” Article by the National Council of Teachers of English

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People Watch Anime For The Storytelling

Even though you might associate cartoons with children, in anime, there can be blood and gore. Characters die. Weapons are used. Disturbing scenes take place.

There are a lot of deep, adult themes in anime. Most anime shows and movies revolve around death, acceptance, morality, or even war.

Grave of the Fireflies is about two children who lost their mother during aerial attacks on Japan in World War II and are left to fend for themselves.

In Blood-C the main character fights against brutally violent creatures with a taste for human flesh.

Anime is filled with storylines that will draw you in and keep you guessing. There are some scenes that will disturb you as much as any horror movie you have ever seen and there are other scenes that will make you weep for hours.

Even though you arent watching real people, you will experience real emotions.

Overrated: People Won’t Shut Up About It

Pop Culture media, more than seemingly anything else, are where the rabid fans lie. Whether it’s animation, shows, film, movies, or even anime. People will come out of the woodworks to fight you to their dying breath about your opinion on a show. And, Beastars happens to be one of those properties where the people who know about it, never shut up from singing its praises, ourselves included.

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So, by that same logic, we can’t exactly call a show underrated when there’s such a decently sized fanbase recommending it from Every corner of the globe. Seriously, the amount of “tutorials” we’ve seen online from people showing others how to watch it in whatever country is pretty staggering.

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Endless Possibilities Keep Knocking The Door

And just when you think thats it, another possibility knocks at your door. Thats the case with anime. You never know whats next. There are endless possibilities that you cant even think of. A kid walking in the air is just a small bit to imagine. There are a lot more things to amaze you. Now thats why people love to watch anime.

Anime Comes With Rich Stories

Why do people watch cartoon if they can watch anime?

One of the greatest drawbacks of normal cartoons is that they do not come with real stories. In fact, much of what goes on in these cartoon programs is fiction and nothing short of it. However, the case is a bit different with anime which appears to be based on some true stories.

In fact, in many cases, the anime cartoons come with some real and rich stories which are so engaging. If you are someone who likes watching something that is much deeper than cartoons then you will definitely have fun watching these cartoons.

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Fanservice To The Extreme

Like a disgusting, smelly Santa, Fanservice just keeps giving everyone its gifts,whether they want it or not. Entire series are dedicated to being fantasy fuel. The harem genrehas gotten popular solely by telling the exact story over and over again. Average Guy meets Cute Girls. Girls love Guy. Guy gets in awkward situation with Girl, gets caught by other Girls. Hijinks. Its a story manufactured only for viewers to insert themselves into the fantasy, and dream about being adored by women.

Everywhere you look in anime these days, you see the bane of Moe. Moe is a term that refers to characters that are specifically designed to be overly cute. Massive eyes, thin limbs, and big, bouncy hair are just a few of the traits that Moe characters usually have. These girls are usually underage, and put into some type of inadvertently sexual situation for the benefit of the audiences private time. While this fanservice isnt explicitly sexual , the scenes come off as voyeuristic and depraved. These moe-blobs seep into everything, and stain anime as a whole.

Between all the pointless, unsubtle fanservice, and the saturation of an almost fetishized aesthetic, anime comes off as softcore porn to new viewers.

Why Anime Is Great For Autistic People

Even to those with a passing interest in the spectrum, its clear that there is a connection between anime and autism. Yet, its only recently that we have begun examining the implications of how this fascination can be used to educate and support students on the spectrum and, so far, it all looks very promising.

For example, over inNorthumbria University, there have been some great think pieces published on how faces in anime may be able to help with emotional processing, whilst other academics have suggested that the topics handled within anime themselves offer steadfast lessons on relationships, employment and how to survive if you were teleported into an online videogame hey I didnt say all the lessons would be useful!

Without sufficient data though, its hard to say just how true this is or how powerful an education tool anime can be. However, what I can say for sure is that, when it comes to teaching soft skills to autists, anime also serves as a doorway into another community where making friendships is SO much easier.

The anime community offers an ideal way for autistic people to connect to others of similar minds, in that most conversations takes place online or in other controlled environments, whilst the topics themselves are usually of one theme but delve to complexities which go far beyond the age-old question of are dubs or subs better?

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Anime Characters Are Crush

The fantasy world has always intrigued people, and similar is the case with the anime characters. Many of my female friends and male friends find anime characters cute, and therefore people are falling for these fantasy characters.

There are a lot of rom-com movies made using Anime, and people are crushing over those characters. It is usually based on a different storyline, which keeps the audience hooked.

Overrated: It’s A Bit Too Over

Why People Watch Anime?

We don’t mean to trash talk Beastars so much, but it’s mostly to be fair to both sides. It’s simply overdramatic! Characters would sooner fight to the death than calmly discuss their issues. In fact, the reason the mystery of the show with Tem’s death is even expanded upon at all is because the writer wanted to show drama rather than a police investigation.

Sometimes we run into the problem of two characters being at odds simply because they won’t talk things out for more than 10 seconds. And in a show about bridging connections between Herbivores and Carnivores, discussion should be the number one thing.

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Fictional Struggles They Relate To

One story James mentioned was that people with autism have trouble getting up in the morning. So, he could really relate to Ash in the first episode of Pokemon, who gets up late and rushes to Professor Oak’s lab in a panic, worried that the three starter Pokemon are already taken. They are, and that’s how Ash ended up with Pikachu.

That’s just one example, but oftentimes a character need not be autistic canonically to have some of the same as some people with autism. Many anime characters face school problems, bullying, harassment, social uncertainty, communication problems, social mistakes, and other problems common for people with autism spectrum disorders. For some people with autism, anime can be a way to see how best to handle their “worst case scenario” situations. Knowing how one might handle a worst case scenario helps people face a potentially awkward social situation with more confidence.

Having A Restricted Interest Hobby Or Activity

Thats not to say that anime should get all the credit for forming this beautiful unison between the autism community and itself, as a big chunk of why autistic people love anime is down to our brain. In particular, the autistic brain loves learning all it can about a certain subject and, conversely, we like things where there are a lot of parallels to draw.

Of course, not all anime IS the same . However, due to the nature of its Japanese origin, there are many formalities and themes which are concurrent between series to series.

For autistic people, this means that, unlike live-action TV, anime always has a strange sense of familiarity and this goes far beyond the art style, the tropes and the fact that historical warrior/government official Oda Nobunaga is in every other show.

Circling back to the other side of how autistic fixations develop though, anime also presents an ideal passion as, while it may be a restricted interest, these restrictions are anything but limited as, with every show , there will be over 9000 ways to get involved i.e.

  • Forums
  • Pins
  • Cosplay

Unlike other autistic interests, where our admiration can fade as we learn more, this means that anime constantly feels fresh, no matter whether your show came out last month or last decade which is great, as autistic people dont just enjoy anime, we can also benefit greatly from it too.

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Relatable Versatile Educational: Why You Should Consider Watching Anime

The joy of spring break has come to an end, and midterms are mostly behind us. Finals are looming overhead but are not yet ready to pounce. This may well be the best time to catch up on or discover shows. Have you considered anime?

Here are the Clogâs five reasons why you should think about adding anime to your radar. If youâre already a huge anime fan, then this article may not be for you, but for those who are new to the idea and ready to open a door to happiness, please read on.

Thereâs something for every genre

Anime is not just cute girls, talking animals and people with gravity-defying hair. It covers many genres, in fact, ranging from slice-of-life and romance, to thrillers and horror, to fantasy and supernatural. There are also a few âspecialâ genres that fans are instantly familiar with: shoujo and shounen, the former targeting a teen girl audience and the latter, targeting teen boys. A little bit less common, there are also josei and seinen, which target older women and men.Thereâs even mecha, which focuses on mechanical and scientific innovation. But among all these choices, thereâs one thing I learned after many years of interacting with other anime fans: You watch what you want.

You can watch it almost anywhere

Great life lessons can be learned

Itâs oddly relatable

It can be considered an actual hobby


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