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How To Learn Japanese From Anime

Watch Real Japanese Anime With Subtitles: 10 Killer Platforms

How to Learn Japanese with Anime

Learning Japanese with anime sounds a little bit crazy.

I mean, youre watching TV.

It seems way too easy to be a study session!

But if youre leaving TV and movies out of your learning regimen, youre actually missing out.

TV, movies and yes, even anime are valuable tools to build your vocabulary and pick up authentic Japanese. Just turn on those subtitles and turn your binge sessions into opportunities for Japanese learning.

Of course, youll need to put in some work and watch actively. But the fun of watching anime combined with the helpful nature of subtitlesin English or Japanese!will take you one step closer to Japanese fluency.

In this post, Ill show you where to find tons of great subtitled Japanese anime shows across 10 different platforms.

But first, are you still skeptical?

This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere.

Learn Some Key Phrases

How to learn Japanese fast? Start with the list of the most common words and expressions. Knowing basic phrases like Hello, How do you do?, and Nice to meet you allows you to begin speaking Japanese and quickly join conversations with native speakers. Take a look at the 100+ most important Japanese words this will be extremely helpful if you ever decide to visit Japan, or if you need a starting point if you decide to relocate there.

Dont Be Afraid To Make Mistakes

When you start to practice Japanese, you are always going to make mistakes. But if you dont put a foot wrong, you wont grow! Making mistakes and receiving feedback from others is the most effective way to learn a language. However, keep in mind that native Japanese speakers may not want to correct you out of respect, so make it clear that youd appreciate some guidance.

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Can You Learn Japanese From Anime

Lets be clear. To share great conversations with locals in The Land of the Rising Sun youll need more than just anime to learn Japanese.

However, its a useful exercise to learn basic Japanese words and phrases, sentence structures, and pronunciation.

Actively watching and listening to anime lets you mix up your learning with a short, fun and engaging session. You dont need to have mastered how to learn Japanese to watch anime. But when you become more proficient in the Japanese language, youre able to enjoy the storytelling even more.

How To Effectively Learn Japanese With Anime

A Complete Guide to Learning Japanese with Anime

Kicking back with a bowl of popcorn to watch your favorite program is certainly a break from your ordinary Japanese language learning routine of learning grammar structures and overloading your brain with more new vocabulary. Well, almost. To effectively learn Japanese through watching anime, some work and effort is required on your end. Here are some of our tips on how to maximize your efforts.

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How To Avoid Common Pitfalls When Learning Japanese With Anime

Its possible to avoid the issues of learning Japanese through anime by following these two main approaches:

1. Incorporate anime into your language learning routine from the beginning. If you choose this route, youll be aware of the language used in anime as you learn about the formalities and nuances of Japanese.

2. Wait until you have achieved an intermediate level of Japanese to actively utilize anime as a learning tool. By the time youre an intermediate student, youll have a solid foundation to work with and wont become confused by casual tone, slang, and invented vocabulary. This comes more highly recommended.

There are a few more points of distinction to be made between anime Japanese and real-life Japanese:

  • Dont adopt a new vocabulary word from an anime until youre certain of its meaning. For example, the main character of Naruto signs off his sentences with a gibberish word, . This word is meaningless to most native Japanese speakers.
  • Dont expect real-life Japanese to sound just like anime Japanese. Many anime fans think they already know correct Japanese speech before formally studying the language, but this is often not the case. For instance, you may rarely hear the polite endings desu or -imasu in an anime but theyre commonly used in polite Japanese.
  • Dont study Japanese for the purpose of watching anime. Youll be learning lots of important elements of language that youll never once hear in anime, and this can be disappointing.

Pick Up Some Japanese Sentences And Learn Them With Anki

Grammar is always learnt best with a sentence. That goes for vocabulary as well. I recently started with iKnow and am quite fond of their service. They offer exactly what I talked about. 6000 core sentences with which you learn the most important Japanese words. Now were using this system and put some sentences from Anime into a special Anki deck which we create. Along with a fitting translation you can use it to learn some slang expression and sentence patterns. If you heard a grammatical expression in a sentence you instantly understand how it can be used.

What do you think about this? Are you watching Anime and if yes how do you think does it supplement your learning? Would love to hear other imp onions about this.

In this article:

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Learn Japanese With Anime: 25 Series About Everything From Tennis To Idols

Tired of learning Japanese with textbooks?

Get yourself out of your language learning rut by getting into anime.

Maybe youre skeptical about this.

You might be wondering:Is it really possible to learn Japanese through anime?

Its a simple but contentious question that has sparked countless heated exchanges between Japanese learners around the world.

Were here to tell you that you can learn Japanese with animebut it will take plenty of work and you cant rely solely on anime for a full education in the language.

Read on to find out how to milk your favorite anime shows for their language-learning content, followed by 17 awesome anime perfect for learning Japanese!

This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere.

Chat Online With Native Speakers Or Other Learners

You CAN learn Japanese with Anime: Here’s how. Right way to watch anime, learn Japanese

The best way to learn to speak Japanese and strengthen what youve already learned is to practice regularly with others. Even if you dont have a native Japanese friend, you have various options to put your knowledge into practice these days.

For example, you can opt for 1-on-1 video chats to find a language partner who speaks Japanese. Using your smartphone or computer, youll be able to talk or write online to native speakers or learners from all around the globe. Here are some tools you can try:

  • HelloTalk is a language exchange app where learners can quickly find and chat with native speakers
  • LextTalk is the first social networking and chats app designed for language exchange
  • MyLanguageExchange is a platform which allows users to find conversation partners and improve their speaking both with native speakers and language learners.

If you want to start speaking Japanese from lesson #1 with a native,, browse Preplys expert Japanese tutors. You can choose from a vast database of certified teachers who can customize an effective lesson plan for your level and language learning needs. Preply offers private lessons with experts via user-friendly video chat. Its also surprisingly affordable, starting from just $5 per hour.

Preply is one of the leading educational platforms that provide 1-on-1 lessons with certified tutors via the exclusive video chat.

  • Excellent

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Growing Up With Japanese Pop Culture

I am an otaku.

To tell the truth, I feel slightly hesitant about claiming this status. I am far from an expert on the two-dimensional world of manga and anime characters, and part of me feels that I am being disrespectful to the true otaku by claiming membership in their community. But then, as ordinary society looks down on otaku, stating such concerns seems to show that I qualify sufficiently, so I will continue to call myself one.

I did not realize it till later, but when I was a child growing up in Taiwan, myself and the other children around me lived through all the same crazes and watched the same anime as children our age in Japan, and more or less at the same time.

From my first years in elementary school I used to enjoy reading the manga Mei tantei Konan , my imagination captured by the battles between the hero Kud Shinichi and the sinister Black Organizationeven though I couldnt read any of the hiragana and katakana characters that sometimes cropped up in the story as clues. When I was a bit older, we all became obsessed with Corocoro Comics, and I collected all the latest toys from Japan, including Mini 4WD cars, B-Daman, Hyper Yy, and Beyblade. In high school, I discovered the joys of Cardcaptor Sakura manga series, and became hooked on the manga series Inuyasha .

Simple Steps To Learn Japanese Fast

To make quick progress with your Japanese, start focusing on the core pillars of language learning. These include learning the basics, establishing a regular study routine, and immersing yourself in the culture.

Take a look at our 11 simple ways you can cover these bases, and start your Japanese learning journey.

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The Bad News About Studying Via Anime

I dont want to bring anyone down, since were talking about turning enjoyable anime into gross and disgusting studying, but I should warn all of you: Studying Japanese via anime is incredibly difficult for low-level students.

I love using my anime flashcards for improving my Japanese, but I already know 95% of the words showing up in those cards.

If you have a low vocabulary level, then this is going to be grueling work. However, maybe its grueling work that you can stick to over a long period of time which is, after all, the real secret to learning languages.

If you try to follow this method, but you find that its too difficult for you, then I recommend trying to increase your vocabulary as much as possible.

The fastest way to increase your comprehension in Japanese is to increase your vocabulary in Japanese.

I talk about this a bunch in the Hacking Japanese Supercourse, where I give a lot of advice on boosting vocabulary, but its also kind of just common sense.

If you keep learning new vocabulary, you will be able to understand more of what is pouring through your awesome, auto-generated flashcards. In other words, youll be able to enjoy your studies more and that means youll be able to study more hours per day and more days per week, which means that youll hit a point where studying Japanese becomes, in essence, effortless.

You can do this! Fight-O!

Master Japanese Faster With 1

Learn Japanese with Anime: 17 Series About Everything from ...

Whatever steps you take to enhance your Japanese skills, one thing is certain: nothing beats speaking the language from day one if you want to see rapid improvement!

Thats why Preply is an excellent way to practice a new language. With Preply, you can take 1-on-1 lessons through video chat with a certified Japanese tutor. Your tutor will be your language learning senseiguiding you through the process, pointing out your mistakes, and developing a customized plan based on your level.

There are so many tutors to choose from. All you need to do is use our search filters to find the perfect tutor for your goals, schedule and budget. Just a few sessions will make a huge difference to your confidence, and will help you reach your Japanese learning goals faster than a typical learning app ever could!

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Japanese Symbols And Meanings For Animals

In the Japanese Zodiac, there are 12 animals, which were all imported from ancient China. These 12 Japanese animal symbols rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and boar still hold essential meanings to this day.

As evidenced by the many Japanese legends and idioms, monkeys are an important part of Japanese heritage and culture. In fact, the Japanese macaque, also known as the snow monkey, is Japans national animal.

Different animals have different symbolizes in many countries, not just in Japan. Below you will find the symbolism of some of the animals in Japan.

Is It Possible To Learn Japanese From Anime

The good news is, its possible! You can absolutely use anime to boost your Japanese studies, to a degree.

While itd be unwise and difficult to attempt to learn Japanese entirely from anime, theres no reason you cant leverage a love of anime to help you learn Japanese if youre smart about it.

Heres the deal: Youll need a great Japanese course to get you started. You need to learn to read and write, after all, and youll want a guide to Japanese grammar. But even as a beginner, you can incorporate anime into your learning process and this article will tell you how.

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How To Learn Japanese Through Anime

What is the best way to learn Japanese through anime? Well I actually learned it from a native Spanish speaker whose English is truly excellent. She attends an English-speaking school in a Spanish-speaking country, and most of her classmates still speak abominable English. Hers is near-perfect.

I asked her how her English got so good, and she said it was through watching English movies with subtitles English subtitles. She said it was four years of continual watching before she could take the subtitle training-wheels off. But good heavens those four years really paid off.

So that is the path I took in attempting to learn Japanese through anime. Now let me say from the start, it is a lot tougher for a European-language speaker to use Japanese subtitles than to use subtitles in another European language.

I am sure you know why already. The easy part is that it takes a long time to recognize kana quickly enough to just read as you would, say, Spanish because it is in two different alphabets . The hard part is, of course, the kanji.

But dont worry too much about that because this is the best way of overcoming the difficulties of learning to read Japanese. The kanji wont stop you because with this method you can paste them directly from the subtitles file into a dictionary. And even without this extra difficulty, until you are pretty advanced you wouldnt be gliding through anime at full speed with half an eye on the subbies.

Listen To Your Chosen Anime

Why You SHOULD Learn Japanese From Anime

Pick a couple of your favorite episodes, then use a free program like TAudioConverter to rip the audio off of anime video files.

Then you can put that anime onto your mobile device and listen to it 18,000 times per week.

Play it while you go for walks. Play it while you drive to work or school. Play it while youre in bed trying to fall asleep. Let that Japanese goodness soak deep into your brain.

Speaking of which

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Where To Find Good Sources

Time to do some little research! Source:

Anime is so popular around the world that is easy to find and watch them. We can find paid and free anime websites. Here are some of the most popular and famous anime websites:

Crunchyroll: it is an American company, which casts plenty of Asian media . This streaming is hybrid meaning paid members have benefits while free subscribers can view some of the shows.

AnimeLab: this streaming is exclusive to Australia and New Zealand, and is operated by Madman Anime Group. Similarly to Crunchyroll, it is also a hybrid where the free members can use an ad-based service.

Funimation: it is an American corporation and is a major anime distributor in America.

Other Streaming services: last but not least, we have streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu that are always renewing their catalogues and bringing in some fresh material.

Choose wisely! =D

How To Learn Japanese From Animethe Guide You’ve Been Waiting For

June 24, 2014words written byKoichi

Ive been known in the past to say you cant learn Japanese from anime and thats still quite true. The amount of people out there who watch thousands of hours of anime under the pretense that theyre learning Japanese is startling. They sit in front of their computer screens and watch and watch and watch with subtitles. Trust me, not a lick of Japanese is being learned here, perhaps with the exception of the occasional kawaii or __senpai-type vocab being learned. Just look back at the hours you spent learning Japanese with anime and think of all the amazing things you could have done during that time.

While my you cant learn Japanese from anime words are meant for this kind of person, Ill admit that there are some ways to change ones viewing habits so you come away learning something . Thats what language learning is, isnt it? Whoever tries the hardest and perseveres the longest is the winner, and the method doesnt dictate whether or not you make it to the end. Think of it like a transportation device. Some cars are slow, some are fast, but if the fast car breaks down halfway through and the slow one doesnt, guess who finishes the race?

So, stop your faulty car and get out. I have a fancy new car for you. Its not the fastest car in the world but it will get you there if you put in the hard work and effort necessary.

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