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How To Draw Male Eyes Anime

How To Draw Manga Eyes Step By Step Slow Tutorial For Beginners

How to Draw Anime Boy Eyes [10 Ways] [No Timelapse]

This video is ideal for beginners as the artist clearly explains how to draw manga eyes, and in this video, you will see how the artist draws both of the. While the video above showed you how to draw one eye, this tutorial focuses on drawing both eyes.

The video tutorial is roughly 15 minutes long and slowly reveals the whole drawing process to you. Its easy to follow and draw along if you have a paper and pencil at your disposal.

How To Draw Manga Eyes In Your Own Style

If you are interested in developing your own anime and manga eye style, this tutorial sheds some light on how to do just that. In this tutorial, you can see how to use the eyeball as a basis, before drawing the eyelids.

While the tutorial is not so extensive, there are things to learn, such as how to draw eyebrows to give a certain mood for your character.

How To Draw Manga Girl Eyes 3 Ways

What I like about this video is the clear explanation that the artist offers to you. Starting from the shaped and then adding eyelashes, shading, and other features to the eye.

The artist is very clear, and even a written explanation is provided with the video. In the video, you will see three different techniques or eyes being drawn, and from each eye, you can learn something new.

While the process is always the same, there are still details and rules that apply in each different scenario.

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Sketching Male Anime Eyes

  • 1Sketch the upper and lower lash lines. First, draw a horizontal line with a slight curve. Then, draw a line with a slight upward curve coming down off one end of the first line at a 45-degree angle. Make this line about 1/3 the length of the first line you drew. At this point, the upper lash line will have a C-shape, and youll be able to see the outer corner of the eye. To draw the lower lash line, draw a short, horizontal line with a slight curve centered under the upper lash line.XResearch source
  • Male anime eyes are usually smaller and narrower than female anime eyes. The curves on the upper and lower lash lines should be slight so the eye doesnt look too round.
  • Draw the eyes about 1/8th the height of the head and 1/4th the width of the head, if youre drawing one.
  • 2Draw an oval between the lash lines. Center the oval and make the top and bottom overlap with the lash lines so only part of the oval is visible. Make the width of the widest part of the oval about the same as the length of the lower lash line.XResearch source
  • This will be the iris.
  • 3Add a small circle near the top of the oval. Draw the circle on the left or right side of the oval, near the top. It doesnt matter which side, but place the circle on the same side in the second eye if you’re drawing one. Make the circle about 1/10th the size of the iris.XResearch source
  • Youll leave this circle white later on so it looks like light is reflecting off of the eye.
  • Leave the small circles you drew white.
  • How To Draw Anime Eyes An Easy Comprehensive Tutorial

    Pin on Anime and Manga

    In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw Anime eyes in every style and form. You will learn how to draw Female and Male eyes and how to diversify the look of your eyes to make them unique! I will show you the Basics, a Step by Step approach and then I will give you some final Tipps.

    So let´s get started with drawing some Anime Eyes!

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    Placing Anime Male Eyes On The Head

    For placing anime eyes on the head draw a horizontal line through the middle of the head and draw the eyes below that line. Real eyes would be drawn directly on that line or even above it but anime eyes tend to be drawn lower down.

    If you are drawing squinted eyes you may want to draw them a little further down from the halfway line as the top of the eyes will be covered by the eyelids.

    These placement guidelines can also change based on style. If you are going for a very realistic look you may want to place the eyes further up as you would with real eyes.

    How To Draw Female Anime Eyes

    Female eyes are generally bigger and rounder. They will also have bigger irises and bigger reflections in their eyes. The eyelashes will be longer and there will be more of them. The overall form of the Eyes should be softer and rounder, not angular!

    As you can see in the Sketch below. These eyes look very feminine even though we did not change all that much.

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    Draw Your Own Anime Eyes Step

    Lets now implement the common visual elements of drawing anime eyes by actually drawing one. Step by step.

    No, you dont have to draw a hundred of them like I did, just draw one, get a feel for it, then decide what you want to draw next!

    To me thats the great part of drawing, once a fresh canvas is in front of you, you get to decide what to do next! You feel like a ruler of your own domain or at least you should feel that way, or rather, you will feel that way once your skill level is where you are happy with it.

    Okay, without further ado, lets draw anime eyes. So far we have learned eight basic parts of the eye as discussed in detail above, these are:

    • Eyelashes

    Let’s Draw Manga Eyes

    How to Draw ANIME EYES: Female and Male in Pencil – Drawing Tutorial (step by step)

    Comparing to the first drawing, this looks more like males eye. It radiates out maybe a bit of anger, and that is why the shape is rather angular. When you compare to the above simple human eye drawing youll easily notice the simplified features. And, that is what manga eyes are about.

    While real human eyes contour resembles to a shell-like shape, especially the eyes of child and female this one has rather sharper angular contours, so it should fit well to a male character.

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    Drawing Manga Eyes Step By Step

    Here is and example of how to draw eyes in easy step-by-step sequence. Take whatever paper you have yes, the back of envelope will serve the purpose perfectly. Take a pen or pencil and do this exercise first. Do it now. Dont make too much preparation, like selecting the right pencil, the right paper/notebook, the right light, the right daytime, the right moodor the right whatever, because it is almost never right.

    We are often stacked in too much unnecessary reparation that literally keeps us idle.

    1) Begin to draw with the outlines of eyelid first.

    2) It does not really matter what angles you decide because it will be your original, so take your time and be easy about it. If possible avoid using eraser. If you made a mistake or do not feel satisfied with the shape, draw over the previous line.

    3) You can observe the proportions and lines as on the picture and try to keep the same shapes but it is perfectly OK if your sketch does not resemble to this one.

    4) Draw a round circle of the iris. Notice that in most cases the upper part of the iris is almost always hidden under the upper eyelid. See your own eyes in the mirror.

    5) Approximately into the middle of the iris draw a round circle of pupil and, one smaller circle next to it, diagonally up above. This circle is the reflection of the light. Youll see in a moment why it is important.

    6) Now, shade the pupil, starting from the top. The upper part of pupil is darker, it helps to create an image of 3-dimensionality.

    Different Style Male Anime & Manga Eyes Drawing Guide

    This is guide and a reference for drawing different styles of male anime and manga eyes. It provides several examples as well as tips for drawing them.

    Male anime eyes are often narrower than their female counterpart and are drawn with fewer to no eyelashes.

    Please note that this guide focuses more on showing actual examples of various male anime eyes. For a step by step tutorial on drawing male anime eyes you can see:

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    How To Draw Anime Eyes

    When drawing manga eyes, or anime eyes, you want to keep in mind what an actual eye looks like. When drawing things that come from a fantasy world, you want to develop them from reality.

    The process to drawing an anime eye is very similar to how you draw a realistic eye.

    Begin by drawing the shape of the eyeball. Circles are great starting points for drawing eyes. You can change the shape with the eyelids, but starting with a circle as your guide will make things easier.

    Next, add the upper eyelid by drawing a curved line.

    Now draw the lower eyelid. If you want your character to look friendly, keep your lines curved and avoid sharp edges and points.

    The upper eyelid determines a lot of the personality of your manga character. There are many different ways to draw your eyes. Since they only take a few minutes to draw, dont be afraid to try out different things.

    Small changes can completely change how your character looks. The more you practice, the better you will get.

    Draw a line that angles up from the end of your curved line that you drew for the upper eyelid.

    Next, draw another curved line to add some thickness. Draw your line so the shape gets thinner at the ends, and wider in the middle.

    Now, do the same thing for the lower eyelid. Make sure your lines get more narrow at the ends, and thicker in the middle.

    Draw another circle for the pupil of your eye.

    Add in a couple of circles for highlights in your anime eye.

    How To Draw Anime Boy Eyes


    Today we will tell you how to draw anime boy eyes. As you know, anime artists always pay great attention to drawing the eyes. There are many different sub-styles of anime, however, in each of them, you can see characters with huge, expressive eyes. Other facial features can be carefully drawn or sketched out. However, the eyes are always very detailed.

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    Drawing An Anime Eye Front View Step By Step

    I will now show you a step by step process on how I draw a typical, quite simplified anime eye!

    Drawing the eye shap

    I first drew the overall eye shape for my eye. You can see at the 2 ends I drew a few curved tips to show as eye lashes. I have the top lashes connected to part of the waterline as it goes down, this is a stylistic choice, in some styles they are not connected. The bottom eye is simply drawn with a line. It can be ommitted depending on your style.

    Adding in the iris

    Here Ive drawn in an ovalish iris.

    Drawing in the pupil

    I drew a heart shape for the pupil, you can add any shape you like! Circle, star, rectangle etc. The beauty of drawing anime is that its very customisable! Very commonly, you will also see a line dividing the centre of the iris.

    Drawing in the eyelids

    If your character has double eyelids, simply add in 2 lines as below to indicate its presence.

    Finishing up

    Add in an eyebrow and some highlights in the eye and youve just drawn an anime eye! Isnt it soo much simpler than drawing a realistic eye?

    As mentioned before, the beauty of drawing in anime style is that everything can be customised to your preferences! In the next section, Ill talk about how you can do that.

    Drawing Anime Male Eyes

    For spacing the eyes draw them far enough apart that another eye can fit in between them.

    Draw the eyebrows after drawing the eyes. Usually the eyebrows tend to be slightly wider then the eyes.

    Optionally you can also give a hint of the upper part of the eyelids. More realistic anime styles tend to show eyelids while the more simplified dont

    After you draw all the major shapes of the eyes draw the inner details of the eyes.

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    How To Draw Human Eyes For Beginners Step By Step

    How to Draw Male Anime Eyes in 3 Ways – Slow Motion

    In the initial stage maybe you are not so perfect but never let you down. above all, your practice and motivation towards being an expert will lead you to perfection,

    Step 1: Start drawing a curved line as an outline for the upper eye.

    Step 2: Below the upper one draw another curved line to form the outline of the lower eye join both lines at the right side as shown in the image.

    Step 3: For the upper eyelid draw a curved line.

    Step 4: Draw 2 circle for the iris and pupil as shown in image.

    Step 5 : At the edge of upper and lower eyelid draw eyelashes. In Case of female upper lashes must be longer and darker then lower lashes.

    Step 6: Its time to draw eyebrows to give it proper look, follow image given below for reference.

    Then to make it look more clear mark a small sharp curve for the nose.

    Step 8: For hair fill the eyebrows with short heavy strokes and give some shadow effect.

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  • My Random Anime Generator Was Created To Help People Find New Anime Shows By Creating Randomized Lists

    Welcome to anime characters database. They really arent that hard, though, just different. How to draw male eyes by atsuhisa okura and manga university male characters are sometimes neglected by fan artists, because many fan artists have trouble drawing guys. Popular anime 3d models view all. Of course, your anime character can sport any eye color you may dream up.

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    Most male eyes are more thin and narrow than female eyes, though there are several excep All the best female reference drawing 40+ collected on this page. I put some anime eyes in the references too, hope you guys dont mind, hahaha. Be sure to also leave enough space on the side of each eye. Capture the emotions in your drawings with this simple and easy to follow how to draw anime eyes tutorial. Feel free to explore, study and enjoy paintings with Archillect on Anime eyes, Manga drawing, Manga eyes.

    They really arent that hard, though, just different. Here are the skull studies i did back a few years ago: Alternatively, you can give it free reign, creating a list of all the anime on the site for complete variety. Kuroro lucilfer is the head, founder, and probably the strongest member of genei ryodan . Male anime eyes generally arent as round and exaggerated as female anime eyes. Free 3d anime models available for download. More anime eyes and tips by on.

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