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Blue Lock Anime Episode 1 Release Date


What Is The Release Date For Blue Lock Season 1

Blue Lock Anime Episode 1 Release Date

The “Blue Lock” anime has been steadily moving through the stages of production, and it’s well on its way to release. Like many other anime, there isn’t an exact release date yet, and there likely won’t be for a while. With anime, the exact date usually isn’t released until a few months before.

In the case of “Blue Lock,” the only information available about when fans can expect the show is 2022, so keep your fingers crossed that it’s earlier in the year rather than later. The production company announced that it would be released next year when they shared the first teaser trailer for the show on the Bandai Namco YouTube channel.

Other highly-anticipated anime coming next year include “Tiger & Bunny 2,” returning to the screen eight years since the last anime in the franchise, and the “Laid-Back Camp” movie, which is a continuation of the popular relaxing anime series of the same name.

Synopsis Of Blue Lock

The Japanese Football Association appoints enigmatic coach Jinpachi Ego to build a World Cup-caliber team. To make this goal a reality, Jinpaichi establishes the Blue Lock, a facility where he desires to pit the worlds top strikers against one another. The last guy remaining will be assigned to the striker position in the squad he is assembling. However, there is an additional need for those who do not become strikers.

They will be ineligible to join the team in the future. Yoich Isagi, a striker, is the protagonist. However, he harbors some ill will against himself for failing to guide his high school soccer team to the national championships. Yoichi enters the Blue Lock with enormous hopes of becoming the worlds best striker and lead Japan to World Cup glory.

Blue Lock Anime Episode 1 Release Date: All You Need To Know

It is an upcoming Japanese anime series and it is based on a manga series of the name. This manga series was written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and illustrated by Yusuke Nomura. It was published on 1 August 2018 and in a very short interval of time, it managed to get a lot of popularity in different countries. After this, it was adapted for making anime on it.

The story of this anime will be about football and a character name Isagi Yoichi, a forward for a high school team, gets annihilated in the last game in the qualifier for nationals and gets requested to a program called Blue Lock Their coachs name is Ego Jinpachi. Blue Lock is a training regimen developed to make the worlds most prominent egomaniac striker. Those who fail Blue Lock will never again be allowed to represent Japan. As you can see that the story is quite interesting and this is why many fans are searching for Blue Lock Anime Episode 1 Release Date. So without any further delay lets know about it.

If you want to know about this series in detail then.

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What Are The Best Places To Watch Blue Lock

There is no way to view Blue Lock right now, as expected because there is no season two of Blue Lock to watch. We dont know where the first season will be available for streaming because it hasnt been released yet, even in Japan. Knowing how things operate, we expect Crunchyroll will pick up this show, just as it has done with a slew of others in the past.

Blue Lock Season 1 Trailer And Storyline

Blue Lock Episode 1 Preview OUT: Eight Bit

Blue Lock is a football anime. The trailer for Season 1 is finally here and fans are very hyped after getting a preview from the producers.

The story is set during the time when Japan ended up as 16th during the FIFA World Cup, 2018.

As a result, the Japanese Football Association decided to create Blue Lock to bring the best out of the best strikers in Japan. 300 strikers were selected from all over the country, out of them, only one is supposed to achieve his dream.

Jinpachi Ego, the enigmatic and eccentric coach, is hired to train the strikers to achieve the goal of winning the World Cup 2022. He creates a prison-like facility, Blue Lock, where the talented strikers from all over Japan are made to train and compete against each other.

The strikers are to build the perfect ego along with their skills to become that one of Japans National egotistical Ace Striker who would be able to fulfill the goal of winning the World Cup.

Yoichi Isagi, the protagonist of the story, is also one of those 300 strikers to get selected for the training in the facility, Blue Lock.

Yoichi, who considered himself to be quite talented, realizes how much room he has for improvement when put together with the other strikers.

Obviously, Yoichi wasnt the best player, but his immense ability to think and play, to predict the pattern of the game was quite impressive.

Every striker had some hidden talents. Their coach, Jinpachi Ego, always referred to them as unpolished gems.

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What To Expect From Blue Lock

The story of this anime starts with Japanese soccer team where Football association of the country decides to bring hire a powerful and determined coach who can made Japanese team strong enough to bring the world cup.

Jinpachi, the coach is a very egoistic person and say to association that their strikers are not excited for their goals. So, he made a prison like facility whom he called as Blue Lock to eliminate the weak players from the team.

He nominates 300 super strikers from all over Japan and kept them under Blue Lock, only one player will remain at the end. The remaining player will won his/her pass to play for the national team of Japan. Out of those three hundred players, Yoichi also receives the invite for joining the Blue Lock. He is a good football player but after reaching the event, he realized that other players are sturdy too.

How will he able to tackle with them? Will he able to won the event in the Blue Lock anime now or he rediscover himself as Fushi in To Your Eternity season 2 or Haikyuu Seson 5.

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Blue Lock Anime Episode 1 Release Date

Now here we are going to tell you about Blue Lock Anime Episode 1 Release Date. the anime adaption of this series was announced on August 12, 2021 and it is officially confirmed that this anime will release in 2022 but the exact release date of the series is still not confirmed. We will just suggest you all to stay connected with us because if there will be any announcement related to this anime then we will inform you here on this page.

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Blue Lock Anime Episode 1 Release Date Countdown In Usa Uk And Australia

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  • May 11, 2022

All the anime lovers from all around the world are currently looking for Blue Lock Anime Episode 1 Release Date. Those who read its manga series are more excited for its anime adaptation and to know all the possible details fans are searching all over the internet. If you are also looking for the same thing then you have reached the right place. After seeing the curiosity among the fans we have decided to bring a separate guide for you.

Here in this article, you will get all the details related to Blue Lock Anime Episode 1 Release Date. So we will just suggest you all to read this article till the end and you will find all your answers.

How Many Episodes Will Blue Lock Have

Blue Lock – Official Trailer | AniTV

There is currently no information regarding how many episodes Blue Lock will have.

Some fans reported that a recent chapter confirmed 24 episodes. However, that was confirmed to be a mistranslation and actually refers to TV Asahi’s 24 affiliated stations.

Right now, it is anyone’s guess how many episodes the series could have. As Blue Lock is a popular franchise already, the series might get 24 episodes, or a split-cour run similar to Spy x Family.

However, the sports anime could equally be seen as a risk, leading executives to go for a single-cour, 12-episode run followed by a second season in 2023, depending on the first’s success.

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How Many Episodes Will Blue Lock Anime Have

It is not yet known whether the anime will release with a 24 episode schedule like Tokyo Revengers or follow a split cour format like That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. There is enough source material to fuel any of the formats but the adaptation will have to make sure to remain true to the manga. Most deviations from the manga are not well-received and tend to spoil the animes run.

When Will Blue Lock Anime Be Released

The Blue Lock anime will premiere in August 2022. Eight Bit will create the game. Blue Locks anime adaptation of the football manga series has been confirmed and is scheduled to debut in 2022. Additionally, the producers have released a quick teaser featuring Yoichi among other high school football players displaying his soccer skills.

Blue Lock will most likely consist of 24 episodes and will be available to brook on Crunchyrolls official websites and Netflix. This information was obtained through a tweet from a Japanese animation studio. On the other hand, the Reddit teaser does not merely confirm the existence of an anime adaptation. MAPPA and Blue Lock have both just announced a massive new project that will be disclosed soon.

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Blue Lock Release Date Trailer And Streaming Guide

The Blue Lock anime does not yet have a precise date but its first episode will see the light of day at the end of 2022, on the occasion of jump Festa next December. The rest of season 1 would be broadcast in 2023, according to the first rumours.

Created by mangakas Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura, the manga Blue Lock is now available in France but does not meet with enormous success despite a critical recognition that has awarded it the prize for the best shonen of 2021, styling several other great mangas of the genre. And proving that making an anime on Blue Lock would be a total hit, at least in Japan.

The announcement of the anime did not surprise many fans, but the silence around the project is a little worrying. Indeed, the studio in charge gave little information.

Where To Watch Blue Lock English Dub

Blue Lock Anime Set To Debut On Netflix In October 2022! Know More ...

There are no announcements as of now for the release of a Blue Lock anime English Dub. However, considering the popularity of the manga itself and the anticipation around the release of the anime adaptation, it is almost certain that the anime will get an English Dub from Crunchyroll or Funimation or one of the popular Dubbing Platforms.

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Blue Lock Animation Studio

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
Studio Wyeth
Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia
Sound Production Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle

Blue Lock Animation Studio will be announced along with the announcement which is bound to happen really soon. Looking at the mangas art we think it needs some special treatment and the studio that picks the series must be able to produce good quality animation. On this, we would like if Production I.G picks up the series as they have created various fabulous sports anime in the past like Haikyu!!, Ace of Diamond, Run with the Wind, etc.

What Is Blue Lock About

Blue Lock is a shounen anime based on the award-winning manga written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and illustrated by Yusuke Nomura, who was previously an assistant on the Attack on Titan manga.

The story revolves around the titular Blue Lock, a prison-like training facility developed by the aptly-named coach Jinpachi Ego.

Hired by the Japanese FA to turn around their performances at the FIFA World Cup, Jinpachi determines that what Japan lacks is a selfish, egotistical striker that cares about nothing more than scoring goals.

Blue Lock is devised as a training camp for the best high-school talents in Japan, but theres a catch. Only one player will become Japans striker, and the rest will be banned from ever representing the national team.

The story primarily follows Yoichi Isagi, a kid who dreams of representing Japan on the world stage. However, he meets many other enigmatic personalities in Blue Lock, each with the same ambition as himself.

While Blue Lock is a sports anime, it has many more shounen and action elements than most shows. Comparing soccer anime Ao Ashi and Blue Lock highlights how Blue Lock uses classic shounen manga storylines and ideas to deliver a much larger adventure, hence why its been so hyped.

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Blue Lock Anime Season 1 Release Date

Quite famous and a long-awaited anime, Blue Lock anime 1 is expected to be released sometime around June 2022, the time as Tokyo Revengers Season 2.

We expect Blue Lock Season 1 to have 24 episodes and it will most likely be available to stream on the Netflix and Crunchyroll official website.

The official Japanese anime website has revealed the fact that the development of this anime has been undertaken by Eight Bit Animation Studio, which is also responsible for the development of The Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime anime.

Thus, we expect the animation to be pretty good. Since its a sports anime, we can expect quite high from the animation.

There hasnt been many anime based on the sports genre as compared to the other genres.

Of course, you all must be aware of Haikyuu and Kuroko no Basket. We expect Blue Lock to be as good as these, or even better.

There has been plenty of anime regarding baseball, basketball, etc. but football remains a less trudged genre. Hence, the Blue Lock anime has pretty good chances to shine.

The blue lock fandom is so chaotic when chapters are leaked so when they start airing the anime in 2022 from the first episode i just know when i open twitter the only thing i would see is the blue lock fandom screaming and throwing up


Despite the magnificent artwork, the anime could not keep up, in contrast with that of One Punch Man Season 1.

What Is Blue Lock

BLUE LOCK – Official Main Trailer | English Sub

Blue Lock is a Japanese manga written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and illustrated by Yusuke Nomura, serialized in Kodanshas Weekly Shonen Magazine since August 2018.

After the Japanese national soccer team crashed out in the quarterfinals of the 2018 World Cup, a mysterious man named Ego Jinpachi is hired by the Japan Football Union to improve Japans World Cup performance. His plan is to bring 300 U-18 forwards to the newly created Blue Lock facility and create the best striker in the world through a rigorous and brutal training regimen.

Only one forward will earn the right to be Japans next national striker, howeverthe 299 losers will never be allowed to represent Japans national team. One of the chosen 300 is Yoichi Isagi, whod just come off a heartbreaking loss at the National High School Football Qualifiers after he passed to a teammate instead of taking a shot himself.

The series follows Yoichi Isagi and the other strikers in their competition to cultivate their ego and become the best forward in the world.

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What Characters Are In The Blue Lock Anime

While the story is about 300 talented young soccer players all aiming to take the top spot, there is a small group of characters who are the true focus of “Blue Lock.” The main protagonist is a boy named Yoichi Isagi, who joins the competition with the same goal as everyone else, but he’s a bit more unsure of his skill. As he learns and grows on the field, Isagi becomes more self-assured in himself as well.

There’s also Meguru Bachira, a friend to Isagi who is generally cheerful and energetic and loves having people to play soccer with, along with Rensuke Kunigami, a player who has a strong moral compass and serious attitude towards soccer and life, but sometimes his stubbornness gets the best of him.

Filling out the main cast of characters in “Blue Lock” though there will obviously be more important characters as well is Hyoma Chigiri, a soccer player who suffered a terrible injury in the past, developing a fear of getting hurt that hinders his soccer performance. Thanks to Isagi’s encouragement, Chigiri is able to overcome his issues and bring his all to the game.

Blue Lock News Update

The adaptation of Blue Lock is taking time because of the lack of animators. According to reports, many workers are leaving MAPPA studios due to poor working conditions. The lack of experienced animators has created chaos in the studio. This is why Blue Lock anime adaptation is taking more time than usual.

For more exciting Blue Lock news updates, you should follow the official Blue Lock Twitter page.

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Blue Lock Anime Release Date Studio Episodes Where To Watch Trailer And Everything You Need To Know

Forget everything you know about sports anime Blue Locks release date is approaching.

Its rare for a new sports anime to get hyped months before it airs. However, Blue Lock isnt just any sports anime. If youre ready to discover just why this is one of the most anticipated shonen anime this year, read on for Blue Lock’s release date, studio, where to watch, trailer and everything you need to know.