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Where To Watch Anime Not On Crunchyroll

Needless To Say Crunchyroll Comes Out On Top

Izumi’s Mom is Dangerous… | Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie

With a vast anime and manga library along with better and somewhat pricey plans, new subscribers should subscribe to Crunchyroll rather than Funimation, and heres why. With the news of Sony buying Crunchyroll, fans have wondered what the future of both Funimation and Crunchyroll would be since Sony already owned Funimation.

According to Crunchyroll FAQ page, Funimation and Wakanims most popular shows will only be available on Crunchyroll. On top of that, news shows coming in the spring season will be exclusive to Crunchyroll.

All new series from the upcoming spring 2022 season will stream exclusively on Crunchyroll. You will be able to watch many of Funimation and Wakanims most popular existing series on Crunchyroll by the end of March 2022. If you already have a Crunchyroll subscription, youre all set and can go ahead and cancel Funimation when youre ready! Please note that you wont see your Funimation watch history or queue in Crunchyroll yet. Were working on that right now.

On the flip side, Crunchyroll also confirmed that Funimation will continue to get new episodes in the ongoing series as of now. You should get a Crunchyroll subscription, given youve subscribed to Funimation. Now is a good time to shift to Crunchyroll when your Funimation subscription expires.

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Other Recommended Sports Anime On Crunchyroll:

Number of Episodes 24

Aliens taking over humans is a tried-and-tested staple of the sci-fi genre that has produced more than its share of classics, particularly in the live-action realm. Parasyte takes many standard tropes synonymous with this concept and twists them ever so slightly in order to craft an experience that is both familiar and, well, alien. Shinichi Izumi is just an average, unspectacular teenager, at least that was the case until his hand became the host to an alien parasite, Migi, that failed to take over the human’s brain.

Izumi and Migi’s relationship serves as the story’s core, with both characters influencing each other the longer they remain fused. Parasyte is a slow-burn sci-fi epic that expertly handles quiet, contemplative moments and visceral scenes of discomforting gore.

Where Can I Watch Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll can be watched on the official Crunchyroll website and on its numerous apps that support almost every mainstream smart device.

The Crunchyroll app can be downloaded for free on iOS devices, Android devices, Windows 10 computers and tablets. There’s also a Crunchyroll app for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast.

There is no Crunchyroll app on the Nintendo 3DS nor on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, however, an official Crunchyroll app for the Switch has been heavily rumored.

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That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime: An Unexpected Quest

Meet working man Mikami Satoru only just before hes killed in the street by a mysterious criminal. Mikami finds himself immediately reborn into a new world, one he doesnt recognize, and in a body he doesnt recognize either!

The majority of this series effectiveness is accomplished right out the gate through a rather profound origin story, getting a glimpse of the humanity of a man who is unhappy with his life just before its taken away. It provides a warm heartbeat to the series as we see Mikami don a new identity and begin his quest to take on the new divided world he finds himself in.

Does Crunchyroll Have Dubbed Anime


Crunchyroll offers dubbed and subbed versions of anime series and movies as well as episodes of Asian dramas.

Dubbed means a show has been given an English language audio track while subbed means that the show has its original language audio and has been given English subtitles.

Not every series and movie has dubbed and subbed options. For example, Demon Slayer, Vinland Saga, The Rising of the Shield Hero, Fruits Basket, Black Fox, One Piece, Attack on Titan, Kenja no Mago, Nande Koko ni Sensei Ga, Dr Stone, Dororo, Kimitsu no Yaiba, Sword Art Online, Naruto, Boruto, and Bleach are all available to watch on Crunchyroll but only some of these series have both an English dub and sub option while others may only be available with subtitles and their original Japanese audio.

Typically, newer shows are added to Crunchyroll with English subtitles and are updated at a later date with an English audio option once the dub production has been completed.

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Can Crunchyroll Be Watched Offline

To those who dont consider themselves fans of anime and similar media, Crunchyroll may be a bit of an unknown. What is it? Crunchyroll is an American company focused on streaming anime and Japanese television drama shows, as well as a variety of east Asian videos.

Some have referred to it as the otaku Netflix, with otaku being a Japanese term for a geek. In the west, it relates to people who, among other things, have a great love for Japanese animation shows and general culture. For many of them, especially in the US, Crunchyroll is a favorite pastime.

Whats The Best Location To Watch Crunchyroll

With 990 titles plus dozens of mangas, Crunchyroll U.S. has the most content available.6 Of course, the U.S. library is far from complete. Some popular anime, like Tokyo Ghoul and Cowboy Bebop, arent available in the U.S. If you cant find the titles youre looking for, try changing your location to the U.K. The U.K. library contains 841 titles, including many that are not in the U.S. library. While Crunchyroll Canada has the second largest library with 988 titles, it contains mostly the same titles as the U.S. library.

Countries with largest Crunchyroll libraries Number of titles in Crunchyroll library
United States

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How To Sign Up For Crunchyroll

A Crunchyroll account can be created for free via any of the official apps or via the website. For this example, well be showing you how to create an account on the Crunchyroll website but the process is almost identical if youre using the smartphone or tablet apps, the apps on your video game console, or from opening the app on your streaming box or stick.

Heres how to do it.

  • Open your preferred web browser and go to the official Crunchyroll website.

  • Select Login from the top menu.


    Dont worry if you dont have an account yet. The account creation process is actually hidden within the Login page for existing users.

  • Under Sign Up for a Free Account, enter your email address, preferred Crunchyroll username, a password for your Crunchyroll account, your birthday, and gender.


    Your username can be anything and wont really be used if youre just planning on watching series and movies. If you decide to participate in the Crunchyroll discussion forums, though, your username will be used to represent yourself to other users and will be shown publicly next to posts.

  • Select Create Account.


    If you get an error after trying to create an account, refresh the web page before trying again.

  • Your free Crunchyroll account should now be created and you can use it to log into any of the Crunchyroll apps on your devices and watch anime or dramas and read manga.

  • The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K

    Shikimori and Izumi’s First Meeting! | Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie

    The Disastrous Life of Saiki K is a shonen comedy series about a boy named Saiki who has incredible psychic powers. He promised to keep his powers hidden and tries not to use them, but, while entering high school, he has to try more and more to keep his ability’s concealed. Its difficult when surrounded by people who are even stranger than he is. This series can be found on Funimation and Netflix.

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    Fist Of The North Star

    A nuclear war has decimated most of civilization leaving the world in a desert wasteland where most survivors are fighting amongst themselves for resources and preying on the weak. Kenshiro is a man who is skilled in the most dangerous martial art but lives his life in peace, until he is separated from his beloved. It is then that he starts his journey of defending the weak and becoming the hero his post-apocalyptic world needs, using the skills hes been avoiding having to use. He takes pressure points to a whole another level.

    On Android And Iphone App

    Open the Crunchyroll app and navigate to your favorite shows episode that you wish to download for offline viewing.

    Now tap the Download beside the title.

    This will initiate the download for the current episode in Crunchyroll. Once the download finishes, tap on My Lists at the bottom of your screen.

    Now select the Offline tab.

    The episode you downloaded should be available in this tab and you should be able to watch it offline whenever you like.

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    When Will The Newly Launched Tiers Be Available

    Crunchyroll has already started rolling out the new tiers to select users in batches. The company is doing slow rollout to identify and fix major bugs without affecting their entire userbase. A stable version of these tiers is expected to be available to all users worldwide by the first week of September.

    Exclusive Access And Discounts

    Crunchyroll Reveals First Crunchyroll Originals Slate

    In the past, Crunchyroll would offer free items like enamel pins, large bags, and posters to Premium members at on-site locations like anime conventions.

    Nowadays, Both Mega and Ultimate Fans receive first access to Crunchyroll Expo events and lotteries. However, every three months Mega Fans receive $15 off a $100 purchase in the Crunchyroll Store, whereas Ultimate Fans will receive $25 off. Ultimate Fans will also receive access to an annual swag bag and a limited-run of the Crunchyroll mascot figure.

    Ultimate Fan subscribers also get access to a free snack pack and Right Stuff anime coupon. With all these options, it’s no surprise that Crunchyroll is one of the best anime streaming services.

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    List Of Anime Being Removed From Crunchyroll On March 31st

    • Akame Ga Kill!
    • BanG Dream!
    • Beyond the Boundary
    • Chivalry of a Failed Knight
    • Diabolik Lovers
    • The Familiar of Zero F
    • Flowers of Evil
    • Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East
    • Havent You Heard Im Sakamoto
    • HENNNEKO- The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat
    • Himouto Umaru-chan
    • Hozuki Cooolheadedness
    • Infinite Stratos
    • Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
    • Is The Order a Rabbit
    • Kids on the Slope
    • Listen to Me, Girls, Im Your Father!
    • Little Busters!
    • Lov, Chunibyo & Other Decisions
    • Majestic Prince
    • My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
    • Mysterious Girlfriend X
    • Non Non Biyori
    • Outbreak Company
    • The Pet Girl of Sakurasou
    • To Love Ru
    • Ushio and Tora
    • Wolf Girl and the Black Prince
    • Young Black Jack

    Watch Anime With Crunchyroll On Your Console Smartphone Or Smart Tv

    • Western Sydney University
    • Tweet
    • Crunchyroll is a streaming service that specializes in animated Asian media .
    • Go to Crunchyroll website > Login> Sign Up for a Free Account> Create Account.
    • Search content or pick from recommended categories, change to subtitles or English dub from content info page.

    This article explains what Crunchyroll is, how to use the service, and how to decide what plan is best for you.

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    Classroom Of The Elite 2

    Japanese Title
    • 12
    • 3+

    The follow-up to 2017’s Classroom of the Elite will continue to chronicle Kiyotaka Ayanokouji’s intellectual but subtle battles against Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School’s top students. The opening season kept the protagonist’s intentions under wraps for most of its run, but his manipulative nature revealed itself during the final arc.

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    Classroom of the Elite‘s second season should cover the light novel’s Cruise Ship Special Test arc, a storyline that highlights Ayankouji’s incredible ability to bend people to his will. The other students might be uninformed about the protagonist’s sociopathic tendencies, but that cat is firmly out of the bag for the audience â that is a good thing.

    What If I Already Have A Premium Membership

    Step 1: Flirt, Step 2: Regret | Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie

    If you already have an existing premium membership with Crunchyroll, then you should visit this link from a device where you are already logged in to Crunchyroll. The link will take you to the membership page for your account where you will be able to upgrade your existing membership to one of the new tiers for a discounted price. As for the exact prices for the upgrade, Crunchyroll has not disclosed them publically.

    We hope this guide helped you get familiar with the two new tiers introduced by Crunchyroll to their premium subscription model. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below.

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    Can You Still Watch For Free

    The good news is, you dont actually need a premium plan. Crunchyroll has always had a free streaming option, but with slight drawbacks.

    • Ads: Using a free account to watch on Crunchyroll means youll have to sit through 20- to 30-second ads throughout each episode. Based on our experience, each episode contains two or three ads at the beginning, midway through, and near the end.
    • Delayed release of new episodes: While premium users get to watch new episodes just an hour after their Japan release, free users have to wait a little longer. Some episodes drop just hours later, but sometimes they take a day to become available.
    • No offline viewing: Mega Fan subscribers can download multiple episodes and watch them offline, but free users have to be online to watch on Crunchyroll.
    • Lower streaming priority: When new episodes of My Hero Academia or other popular anime drop, viewers flock to Crunchyroll. This means the websites servers experience a lot of traffic. To keep its premium users happy, Crunchyroll gives priority access to them, sadly, at the expense of free users.

    A Place Further Than The Universe

    Japanese Title
    Number of Episodes 13

    Classifying A Place Further Than The Universe as slice of life does not feel 100% accurate since the show’s subject is far from ordinary. The anime follows four girls who wish to go to Antarctica, and each of them has their own reasons driving this ambitious goal. Madhouse’s series is powerful, heartbreaking, funny, and grounded .

    Even though the girls are focused on their destination, A Place Further Than The Universe is just as much about the journey, and this is very much a coming-of-age story. Boasting gorgeous animation, an unbeatable story, and lovable characters, this show has very few peers in anime.

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    Can You Rent Anime Movies On Crunchyroll

    Crunchyroll does not support one-off rentals of any of its content as most of it is viewable for free or as part of a Premium or Premium+ subscription, which isnt much more than what a rental would cost anyway.

    Some anime may be available to rent on other services such as iTunes or Microsoft Movies & TV.

    Other Recommended Slice Of Life Anime On Crunchyroll:

    How To Watch Dubbed Anime On Crunchyroll Roku : How To Find English ...
    Number of Episodes 23

    Sports anime might not seem all that attractive to the uninitiated, however, the genre is among the most accessible in anime. It does not matter whether a viewer has any knowledge or interest in the main sport since, for the most part, it is only used as a vehicle to supply character development, drama, and humor.

    Running with the Wind is about healing, friendship, and finding satisfaction by establishing personal goals. Outside a few exceptions, Kansei University Track Club consists of novices, so they have a long journey ahead of them if they wish to attend the Hakone Ekiden.

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    Can You Stream Crunchyroll On Discord With Mobile

    It is completely possible to stream Crunchyroll Anime on Discord through your mobile, albeit with two main limitations.

    The first one is that it is only possible to stream using a Browser from your Mobile rather than directly from Crunchyrolls app.

    This all goes back to the previous entry where you will be streaming a black screen with just the audio and subtitles playing but no direct workarounds available on the mobile app.

    Secondly, screen sharing in Discord mobile will usually only share what is on your mobile screen and not the audio to go along with it. Again, this is because the feature is still experimental.

    If you and your friends are ok with these limitations, you can follow these steps to stream Crunchyroll on your mobile phone.

    Crunchyroll Vpn Testing Methodology

    Not all VPNs are created the same, and it is easy to end up with an inferior service. To ensure you get one that is reliable, we test market-leading services to check they are good for gaining online freedom and high levels of privacy.

    To this end, we test, review, and compare VPNs to make recommendations for various purposes by using a precise, scientific, VPN testing methodology. Below, we have included some of the most important things we check for when testing:

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