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Spy X Family Anime Characters

Killua Is Astute & Pragmatic

anime characters react to spy x family

Due to his upbringing amongst assassins, Killua has proven himself a pragmatic young boy with intelligence far beyond others his age. Despite his traumatic past, he’s nonetheless charismatic and friendly.

Due to his charisma and astuteness, it’s no question that Killua would be an excellent spy. Even better, he’d be the most unlikely to draw suspicions from others. He also keeps most people at an arm’s distance, so he’d impartially complete any job, then move on to the next one. Given his experience as an assassin, Killua would also be able to get his way out of any tricky situation.

Thorn Princess / Yor Forger

Age: 27

Yor is presented to us as a kind and sweet person, he usually tends to show himself as a reserved person when he lives with his co-workers. Yor shows a maternal instinct when it comes to Anya, due to having to take care of her younger brother from a young age.

Even so, she has also presented morbid thoughts, this is due to the presumable years of her working as a hit woman, being aroused by an eating knife and a painting of a man in a guillotine in addition to using dismembered limbs to solve a problem.

Yor is a famous assassin, a legend among hit men, she was trained in the art of assassination from an early age. She has participated in several murders during her adolescence.

What Is The Plot Of Spy X Family

You’d think that a show about an international spy and a deadly assassin raising a telepathic toddler would be action-packed and brimming with thrills, and you’d be correct. The trailer for the series shows off its fair share of action. However, “Spy x Family” is also classified as a comedy, and given its themes of domesticity, the series likely has an abundance of slice of life elements.

Regardless of what kind of manga it is, the actual story remains the same. In order to prevent war from breaking out, Loid begins spying on a foreign political official and his family. To do so, he must enroll his own child in the same prestigious academy as the politician’s son, forcing Loid to juggle his new domestic life with his professional one. Can he get the information he needs without breaking his cover, and will he ever learn that his new wife and child are more than they appear? Fans will be able to find out when “Spy x Family debuts in 2022.

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Top 10 Main Characters In Spy X Family With A Great Role

The anime adaptation of the celebrated manga Spy × Family is just around the corner, and fans are eagerly waiting for its release. Thus today, we bring you our list of Top 10 Main Characters

The anime adaptation of the celebrated manga Spy × Family is just around the corner, and fans are eagerly waiting for its release. Thus today, we bring you our list of Top 10 Main Characters in Spy x Family with a great role .

This manga that became an instant hit is based on three distinct individuals who came together to form a dynamic family. Here, we see a spy named Twilight building a fake family for his mission Operation Strix. To succeed, he needs to adopt a child and enroll her in a school where both parents must be present.

Thus he adopts Anya, who has the power of telepathy, and marries Yor Briar, who unbeknownst to him is a skilled assassin. Hence, this family of extraordinary individuals attempts to live together while trying to hide their true identities.

So without wasting more time, go ahead, and read our article on Top 10 Main Characters in Spy x Family with a great role .

Loid Forger Is An Intj

El manga SPY x FAMILY revela la portada de su volumen 5

INTJs are Architects. Theyre atypical and skeptical of the world that surrounds them. Most of them have suffered loss, pain, and mental turmoil that caused their current behavior. Intuitive types try to not get connected to any person or thing as its not sensible to do such a thing.

When Loid adopts the name of Twilight and becomes a man who is focused on finding the truth behind the matter. It doesnt matter if he must pretend to seduce a woman to get more information or start a family in one few days, Loid will do whatever is necessary to finish every task. The goal of becoming a spy is to make an environment where no child is forced to cry.

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Luigi Claes Is Perfect Husband Material

Katarina Claes may be an otome game villainess, but her handsome father Luigi is the nicest guy Yor Briar could ever hope to meet. He is nearly always seen in the company of his beloved wife, Millidiana, and it’s clear what a dedicated husband and father he is, just like Maes Hughes and Joichiro.

As a bachelor, Luigi was once massively popular with the ladies until he married Millidiana, but if he lived in Ostania, then Millidiana would be out of the picture. Instead, Yor would work up the guts to invite him to her co-worker’s house party as her false boyfriend, and that fake relationship would soon become wonderfully real.

The Spy X Family Anime Succeeds Because Of Its Characters

There are certain shows that soar because the stars are special. They have qualities that make you care about them. You want them to succeed. You connect with them. Thats why the Spy x Family anime adaptation is such a compelling watch, as its primary cast of characters work on so many levels. Their personalities are wonderful, their secret identities are exciting, and the dynamic is a joy to watch.

The Spy x Family dynamic is one weve seen in thrillers before. Twilight, a spy, is tasked with a mission demanding he go undercover. This means assembling a fake family. Which, again, isnt too out of the ordinary. Weve seen other forms of media in which more than one member has a clandestine occupation, perhaps without the other members knowing, too. But what makes this one so unique is that we have an observer in the daughter, Anya, who is aware of everything due to being psychic.

The dynamic with the characters is especially evident once episode 3 of the Spy x Family anime comes around. This is because thats when we finally see the trio interact as a family for the first time. Anya immediately takes to Yor as her new mother. Loid attempts to get them ready for the interview to blend in, which means experiencing the theater, a museum, and fine dining. They begin working together. Even unintentionally, it happens, as the three work together to help a stranger. They pool together their strengths for the greater good. In so doing, we see how much they all need each other.

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Honorable Mention: Your Name

While this isnt a show, I had to put Your Name on here. In this amazing film, two teenagers switch bodies sometimes for a day, and then cant remember what happened once they switch back. Soon, they start to discover there is more to this strange phenomenon than they realize.

Your Name does romance in such a different and fantastic way that youll be astounded the first time you watch this. While the relationship itself is wholesome, what really makes this movie so amazing is its storytelling. Its the first anime movie since the beautiful Studio Ghibli films that has made me cry in the best way, and thats saying something.

There are truly so many amazing anime out there like Spy x Family that I know youll enjoy, and maybe now you can find a new favorite show. Or, you can just re-watch Spy x Family again like I have.

Harumi Takeda Looks Out For Others

Spy x Family – Highschool Anime Ep 2 (English Sub)

Yor Briar/Forger exists in a shonen anime world, but she would have more fun in a shojo anime such as Fruits Basket or a josei anime show like My Senpai is Annoying. Such anime are packed with wonderful male love interests, and that includes an overlooked gem, the salaryman Harumi Takeda.

Harumi might annoy Futaba Igarashi with his loud voice and boisterous antics, but Yor would find him endearing and impressive rather than annoying. Harumi may be loud, but he is also compassionate and protective of all his friends. He’d make a great boyfriend or even husband for Yor, and he’d appreciate and respect everything about her. Except for Yor’s secret assassin life, that is. He won’t ever learn about it.

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Similarities Romance & Deception

Kaguya-sama Love is War follows Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya, who are among their student bodys top representatives. Often regarded as the perfect couple, Miyuki and Kaguya dont agree despite already having developed feelings for the other. They both feel if they confess their love for each other, the other students will look down upon them.

Despite having more important matters to attend to, the anime follows Kaguya and Miyukis growing feud during their war of love. Like Spy x Family, Kaguya-sama Love is War delves into the romance between two opposing individuals. These two individuals also have secrets they wish to keep their partner from uncovering.

Furthermore, both anime contain similar themes regarding love and grief. Most of the characters find themselves in comical situations inside and outside of their academy settings. Spy x Family leans more toward the family angle, though. However, the growing romance between Miyuki and Kaguya is on par with the relationship thats blossoming between Yor and Loid.

Saiki’s Psychic Abilities Make Him The Ideal Spy

Saiki Kusuo is a high school student with psychic abilities. Reserved and analytical, Saiki goes through life utterly fed up with the ridiculous antics of his classmates and parents.

Saiki would do well as a spy because of his personality combined with his long roster of telekinetic abilities. Since he’s so observant and utterly brilliant, Saiki would be able to get a good read on any situation especially considering that he can read everyone else’s minds. He also has the powers of clairvoyance, precognition, and psychometry, among several other helpful skills. Saiki would be the ideal candidate for a spy.

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Similarities Slice Of Life & War

Full Metal Panic is another great series that combines suspense, comedy, and slice-of-life components. The characters in this series hide their identities from higher powers and engage in combat with nearby enemies. The relationship between its female and male lead characters gradually develops throughout the anime.

Full Metal Panic takes place in midst of a war, though. Furthermore, the female lead character feels more akin to Anyas personality than Yors and has telepathic-like abilities. Full Metal Panics male protagonist isnt as sharp or clever as Loid and will occasionally struggle to blend into his environment. However, he does share some of Loids mannerisms.

Full Metal Panic is about a young sergeant named Sousuke Sagara, who must protect a girl named Kaname Chidori because she holds breakthrough scientific information. She also has telepathic powers making her a prime target for opposing organizations. As part of his mission, Sousuke enrols in her high school as one of her classmates and monitors her every move.

The problem for Sousuke is that he lacks proper social skills. This gets him into much trouble as he not only attacks unnecessary attention to himself, but his mistakes always catch Kanames eyes. This leads to him provoking a terrorist ambush at the school, further complicating things for him.

Spy X Family Characters Who Are Wholesome

What I notice when I read the Japanese version of SPY x FAMILY manga

Spy X Family is not only a show filled with hilarity and clever humor it is also one of the most wholesome series ever. Seeing Anya and her family interact with the chaotic world around them can melt even the coldest of hearts.

This endearing series is full of wonderful characters who can make you smile whenever they appear. However, there are still a lot of characters in Spy X Family whose deeds and motivations serve as a reminder to viewers that not everything in the franchise is sweet and wholesome.

So, in this list, we will show 4 of the most lovable characters in Spy X Family and 4 who can be unpleasant reminders of the cruel world they live in.

Disclaimer: This list reflects the author’s opinion. It does not have an order and it contains spoilers for Spy X Family‘s manga.

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Inko Midoriya Is A Mom With Powers Too

Yor Forger should remind anime fans of a huge variety of mothers, aunts, and big sisters, and that includes protagonist Izuku Midoriya’s own mother, Inko. She may lack Yor’s assassination skills, but she does have a Quirk, and her son later acquired the unique One For All. That’s no ordinary family.

The wonderful single mother Inko shares Yor’s dedication to her child, and she worries nonstop about Izuku’s well-being while also cheering him on. Similarly, Yor soon became highly protective of Anya and will attack anyone who even thinks about harming her.

Every Important Main Character From Spy X Family Season 1 Part 1

Considering that the preview of Spy X Family episode 6 showed that Demian and Becky will be introduced next week, this seems like an opportune moment to list all the members of the main cast who will appear in the first part of the season 1.

While all of them hold key positions in Spy X Family, some are more crucial to the series and occupy more screentime. This list is not ranked and follows the characters in the order they are chronologically introduced in the series.

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The Sorcerer Killer Would Certainly Be An Excellent Spy

Toji Fushiguro doesn’t have any cursed energy, but he was sneaky enough to land hits on some of the series’ strongest sorcerers. Dubbed the “Sorcerer Killer,” Toji is a masterful assassin who takes assignments from any range of clients. He’ll do whatever they ask without question as long as the price is right.

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Since he has experience as an assassin, it’s no question why Toji would be an excellent spy. Cold, calculating, and incredibly dangerous, Toji is an expert at sneak attacks. In the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, his total lack of cursed energy gives him an edge over sorcerers because they can’t even sense him coming.

The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited

New Mama Detected | SPY x FAMILY

For those who want a comedy thats reminiscent of buddy-cop films, check out The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED. This show follows the wealthy Daisuke Kanbe as he is paired up with Haru Kato, two men with very different values on the ideas of justice in their police department in Tokyo.

If youve watched Spy x Family and enjoy the comedic aspects, this is certainly the show for you. The sweet way these two fight is so funny, their partnership is truly one that youll find hard to forget, and their comedic timing is great.

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Which Spy X Family Character Are You Based On Your Mbti Type

The show is filled with adorable characters that each have a distinct persona that distinguishes them from other characters. Its always interesting to examine the characters traits by examining their alignment with specific personality traits, such as Zodiac signs. The most popular type of classification would be the Myers-Briggs test for personality. Luckily The cast from Spy X Family includes almost every type of test covered.

Spy X Family Has Introduced One Of Anime’s Most

Spy x Family has become the hit of the spring anime season for 2022, with the story of the Forger Family becoming the top anime series in Japan with only four episodes so far having been released. With the latest episode seeing Loid, Yor, and Anya attempting to gain entry into the prestigious Eden College, it seems that the fandom has decided to crown a new worst character in anime history, thanks in part to the actions of the headmaster known as Mr. Swan.

While the Forgers are able to overcome the wild initial trials of Eden College, their cover is nearly blown when they come into contact with Headmaster Swan, who certainly has no love lost for the Forger Family. Attempting to slip up the trio in their test, Yor and Loid nearly kill the hated anime character in the process, coming to the realization that they might think more highly of their fake family unit than they originally thought.

The official description of Spy x Family’s fourth episode from Crunchyroll reads as such:

“The day they had been preparing for has finally arrived! The Forgers are fully prepared and head to the interview. As soon as they enter the school grounds, Loid feels someone watching them. All of the applicants were being observed from the shadows by the instructors of the academy. The exam had already begun. Housemaster Henderson, who would be grading their performance, kept a keen eye on how the Forgers were acting and seeing if they were truly worthy of the prestigious Eden College.”

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Tatsu Is Much Nicer Than He Looks

Many of Yor’s best potential boyfriends are all devoted husbands, which is how all these anime men prove their worth as an ideal partner for women similar to Yor. Another example is the reformed Yakuza gangster Tatsu, who often gives the wrong impression with his tough-guy face and shades.

Tatsu seems scary at first, but he is actually a generous and gentle fellow who only wants to make others happy, especially with his cooking and massages. His businesswoman wife, Miku, adores him, and given the chance, Yor would feel the same way. She would love for Tatsu to make her a box lunch for work.


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