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Who Does Yuki End Up With In Fruits Basket Anime

Kyo Sohma Quotes From The ‘fruits Basket’

Who does Yuki end up with? – Fruits Basket (2019)

Tohru Honda ends up with Kyo Sohma. Kyo Sohma and Tohru Honda love each other truly. Here are some of the best Kyo Sohma quotes from ‘Fruits Basket’.

13. Stupid ocean!!! Ya want me to kill you? Huh??

– Kyo Sohma.

14. Yo…Are you ready for me to break your neck…Rat-boy?

– Kyo Sohma.

15. You know…you really are something….

– Kyo Sohma.

16. Ha ha! Eat my dust, rat-boy! .

– Kyo Sohma.

17. I love you. When did I start to love you so much?

– Kyou Sohma.

18. If you love someone, they could make you sad. They could even make you feel lonely sometimes. But, that someone can also make you happier than you’ll ever be.

– Kyo Sohma.

19. I’m gonna take my place as a true member of this family!

– Kyo Sohma.

20. Tohru, I can’t stand not being with you…I…because I love you.

– Kyo Sohma.

21. I want to possess her…to make her belong to me, and only me.

– Kyo Sohma.

22. Maybe I’m not perfect. Maybe I have a long way to go. But someday…someday I’ll be able to stand and walk on my own. Without hurting anyone…and without being a burden.

– Kyo Sohma.

Does Tohru Break Curse

But Tohru takes off in a dash once she see Kyo because she feels as if she has been rejected, but Kyo chases after her. After catching up with her, Kyo confesses his feelings for her. This acceptance of the cat, the first friend of the god of the zodiac, breaks the zodiac curse and all the Sohmas are freed.

How Did Tohru Fall In Love With Kyo

Tohru herself says that she had already fallen in love with Kyo when she chases after him when his true form is revealed. And she says she fell in love with him because of all the little things about him and her interactions with him, remembering as far back as some of their very first conversations.

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Is Yuki Jealous Of Kyo

Kyo is quick to make friends at school and can grow close to others by accident. Yuki even mentions that he is jealous of the fact that Kyo can make close friends so easily. This is one of the reasons Tohru is able to spend time with Kyo. He is able to easily fit in with her friends and interact with the class.

Yuki: Kyo Already Has Kagura’s Love

Fruits Basket (2019) 09 (Enter the ox!)

Yuki may have a dedicated fan club, but Kyo knows a girl who is pretty convinced she will marry him. Kagura, the boar of the Zodiac, might be Tohru’s biggest love rival who can push her away from Kyo and towards Yuki.

Kagura has known Kyo from a young age and loved him ever since she found him playing all alone. Since that day, she has assured him that she’d always be there for him no matter what. Despite her sometimes violent tendencies, she has so much love to shower Kyo with. Tohru better watch out!

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The Three Musketeers Arc

Yuki slyly talking to Ayame while on his date with Machi.

Yuki is shown hand in hand with Machi while they are on a date. It is mentioned by Ayame that after Yuki had his first kiss, Ayame sent him a bouquet of flowers to congratulate him, and although Yuki thanked him, he also comically told him to never do something similar again. He also talks with Ayame on the phone and tells him to “lay down in his eternal slumber”, comically distressing Machi.

Yuki: He’s Tohru’s Gardening Buddy

Gardening is a relaxing activity that rewards patience and love. Unknown to others, Yuki has a “secret base” on the Soma property where he grows and harvests various plants. The only person he shares this secret garden with is Tohru.

One stormy night, Yuki brings Tohru out to his garden to shield the plants from the rain. They hold a tarp together over the garden until the storm stops, and, in doing so, they deepen their trust and understanding of one another. Afterward, Tohru even buys several gardening books with Yuki and his secret base in mind. Perhaps gardening is a metaphor for their slowly blossoming relationship.

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Who Does Tohru End Up With In Fruits Basket

For those who are keeping up with the new Fruits Basket anime and havent read the manga in its entirety, one of the biggest debates is over who Tohru should end up withf she ends up with anyone at all. Although she encounters many potential love interests throughout the story, there are two members of the cursed Soma family who stand out.

Yuki: He Is Versatile

Yuki’s Promise To Machi | Fruits Basket The Final Season

Even if you’re not a fan of Yuki, you have to admit that he is a versatile character. Yuki often ends up in ridiculous situations like wearing frilly clothes, but always makes them work. Despite the fact that he despises roles that make him appear girly, he does a great job of working through these moments.

This is a good sign that Yuki can traverse through uncomfortable of unusual situations.

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Kyo: Tohru Loves The Cat

One of Tohru’s favorite stories to reminisce about is when her mother told her the tale of the cat and the Zodiac. When Tohru hears that the cat was tragically left out of the Zodiac, she claims that she will become a cat despite being born in the year of the dog.

Coincidentally, Kyo happens to be the Zodiac cat that Tohru loves and aspires to be. Rather than feeling bad for Kyo and the unlucky cat, Tohru confesses that she loves the cat and wants to be friends with him. From there, Tohru slowly learns to love Kyo for more than just his Zodiac animal.

What Animal Is Akito Sohma

After this, Yuki asked Akito if he truly was so strange that he had to keep the Curse a secret, to which Akito replied that he did have to, since it was strange for a little boy to transform into a rat. She also told him that any normal person would be repulsed if they knew.

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Episode 1: Talking To The Moon

Tohru: Kept apart, even though the person they long for is still in this world And the distance only makes those feelings more intense

Yes, you definitely bet that my episode titling was inspired by Bruno Mars amazingly soulful song Talking to the Moon! And why not? The sentiments evoked in both the song and this episode are the same: the feelings of yearning until your heart breaks rings so loud and clear!!! What I love about this episode so much is the parallelism of our characters experiences, so kudos for Natsuki Takaya-sensei for effectively bringing out their vulnerable emotions. For Momiji, Kureno, and Kyo, they know that the love of their lives stand right before them but are hesitant for the chase! This episode was definitely their emotional push, leading them to choose the path they were meant to follow.

Who Does Tohru End Up With In Fruits Basket Yuki Or Kyo Relationship Explained

Fruits Basket: 5 Reasons Tohru Should have Picked Yuki ...

For a slice of life shjo anime, Fruits Basket is less preoccupied with romance than other works…

For a slice of life shjo anime, Fruits Basket is less preoccupied with romance than other works in the genre. Still, the manga and its anime adaptation are primarily about human relationships including romantic ones. Since the manga first began in the late 90s, fans have wondered who Tohru was going to end up with, Yuki or Kyo, particularly since the story is so subtle about it for so long.

A newcomer to the fandom who has watched the show’s beginning only might think that Fruits Basket is about a love triangle. Certainly, Tohru shares moments with both Yuki and Kyo that could be interpreted as romantic. But if you read the manga in its entirety or watch the new anime, you will see that author Takaya Natsuki intended much more than that.

Warning: if you would rather find the answer of who Tohru ends up with for yourself, don’t read any further as there will be major spoilers ahead.

In many ways, Yuki seems to be set up as Tohru’s main love interest early on he is a beautiful, gentle boy who shows her kindness when she’s ill and homeless. The concept of the “Prince” of the school, having a romantic relationship with a clumsy main girl is a common wish-fulfillment scenario in high school romances. Perhaps Takaya Natsuki intended to play with these expectations.

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What Happens With Yukis Curse Of The Rat

Part of the reason that it was important for Yuki to tell Machi about the curse is that is has a particular effect on his relationships with members of the opposite sex. Any time he is in proximity to romantic situations, even if hes just near others who are being romantic, he immediately turns into a Rat.

So in order to have a relationship with Machi, she would have to understand this about him. Because the curse breaks before he confesses his feelings, hes able to embrace and kiss her.

Will Momiji’s Family Find Out The Truth

Fruits Basket isn’t exactly short on heartbreaking moments, but few backstories get lumps in throats quite like Momiji’s. As a child, Momiji was rejected by his mother , and she requested her memory be erased. In the present, Momiji watches his family from afar, his mother ignorant of the boy’s true identity. Momiji’s sister is also unaware of her connection to this mysterious, happy-go-lucky youngster, but senses an unspoken link between them, and keeps following her secret brother around. Until now, Momiji has resisted to urge to tell his mother and sister the truth, obeying his father’s wish to remain distant for fear of causing more sadness. But that was before Momiji broke the Sohma curse. No longer able to transform, can Momiji finally build bridges with his younger sister, or potentially even the entire family?

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Is There A Fruits Basket Season 2

The original Fruit Basket Season 2 was released in April 2002, but the show returned in 2019. Shortly after the new Fruit Basket Season 1 ended, Season 2 was quickly announced. The good news for all the fans is that the second season has been released. It aired on Japanese TV at 1:30 a.m. on April 6, 2020.

Why Won’t Kyoko Forgive Kyo

Yuki Confronts His Mother – Fruits Basket Season 2

Following on from the above, what’s the true meaning behind Kyoko’s last words? On several occasions throughout his Fruits Basket journey, Kyo has recounted a blurred memory of a dying Kyoko uttering the words, “Ill never forgive you.” The context behind Kyoko’s refusal of absolution remains a key source of intrigue.

In Fruits Basket season 3’s “It Was So Foolish,” Kyo experiences an unusually vivid memory of Kyokos death, triggered by seeing his old baseball cap in Tohru’s room. Trembling, Kyo remembers that he “put this away,” suggesting the events of that fateful day were somehow forgotten. While it’s certainly possible that trauma could be responsible for the memory loss , it’s more likely to be Hatori’s handiwork.

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As well as the circumstances of her death, Fruits Basket must reveal what Kyoko wont forgive Kyo for. Are her words as ominous as they sound or is there a softer intention behind them .

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Yuki: Tohru Makes Him Smile And Laugh

For as kind as Yuki is, he rarely shows a genuinely happy side of himself to others. Only a select few have seen him smile, and even fewer have heard him laugh. Tohru is one of the lucky ones who go to witness both.

After Tohru plays a really bad game of table tennis with Kyo, Yuki excuses himself from the room. When Tohru follows him outside to make sure he’s okay, she is pleasantly surprised to find Yuki laughing at her poor table tennis skills. Yuki says he didn’t want to laugh in front of Kyo, and that he doesn’t even show that side of himself to his parents. Despite suppressing his emotions towards everyone else, Yuki is able to be happy and himself with Tohru.

Can Tohru Hug Kyo

Tohru first meets Kyo when she discovers the Sohma Curse. Kyo, who had yearned for such an acceptance that he hadnt received from anyone before, hugs her and calls her by name for the first time. Tohru later admits that the reason she was so desperately chasing after Kyo was because she already loved him very much.

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In the seasons climax, another Sohma shows up. Kazuma, Kyos foster father and martial arts teacher, believes that only Tohru can help Kyo accept himself. Soon, he brings Kyo to his most vulnerable state his true form. As the cat, who has been rejected by the Zodiac cycle, Kyo has another, monstrous form, which has always terrified everyone, from his long-dead mother to Kagura. In one of the shows more tense and moving moments, Tohru accepts Kyo regardless of this repulsive form and promises to stay by his side. Kyo then returns to normal, reconciles with his foster father and resolves to become stronger and more independent. The season ends in a positive note, with many of the Zodiac members meeting up at Shigures house and Tohru sensing something important is about to happen during the approaching summer break. Hiro, one of the few to not join, visits Rin, an important character in the manga, whose role has yet to be revealed in the anime. Shigure himself is notably absent. In one of his mysterious conversations with Akito, he reveals that curse could potentially break soon. But at what cost?

And yet, there is a sense of foreboding in this optimistic ending. From what we have seen so far, Akito doesnt want the Zodiac members to have a good relationship with anyone but himself, so this new fruits basket could be threatened very soon. Will Shigures plan help his younger cousins and Tohru or harm them? And what about the two Zodiac members Tohru has yet to meet?

Where Is His Father

Who Does Yuki End Up With In Fruits Basket Answered

Its always interesting in anime to know what various characters family situations are, especially in a series like Fruits Basket, where the characters are high school-aged students and dont appear to have a lot of supervision.

Yukis father, for instance, is not seen in the manga or anime. However, he does exist during the time of the story and is still alive. He is not seen in the series because he no longer sees the family, having left them, and Yuki rarely interacts with him.

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Fruit Basket Who Does Yuki End Up With

In Fruits Basket, Yuki ends up with Machi. With the characters being more preoccupied with family trauma and rejection, as well as adorably shy when it comes to self-expression, Fruits Basket is much less of a romance anime than it could have been and this is probably a good thing.

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Parents need to know that this mature Adult Swim anime series isnt intended for kids. It revolves around a high school student who becomes a serial killer. Since his victims are all criminals, he justifies the murders as a way of creating a crime-free world. Most of the deaths arent too graphic, but theyre frequent.

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Yuki: He Is The Most Foward

Despite his lack of confidence, Yuki is much more forward with Tohru at times than Kyo. There are several points in the manga, where he stops just shy of completely confessing to her. Kyo, on the other hand, prefers to bottle up his feelings early on, even at points leading Tohru to believe he doesn’t like her.

If Tohru wasn’t such a ditzy character, she would have probably been taken by some of Yuki’s attempts to get close.

Yuki: Tohru Is More Than Just His Fangirl

Fruits Basket – Official Clip – Kyo Enters the Scene

As one of the most desired boys at school, Yuki has his own fan club that is referred to as “Prince Yuki.”. With over half of the school’s female population in the club, Yuki is constantly watched and bombarded by these hopeful admirers.

Because Tohru lives with Yuki and the Soma’s, she is able to appreciate him for more than what his fan club praises him for. While his fan club only knows him for his beauty and kindness, Tohru embraces everything else about him: his strengths, weakness, secrets, and his adorable rodent form.

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Who Does Tohru Love

aerithgirl posted over a year ago
Tohru ends upo with KYOTohru is more like a mother to Yuki
Kai1Seto said:well in the manga she loves kyo in the end and marries him…..yet in the anime when she thinks of who she might spend her future with/in love with she thinks of them both but in the anime it tends to show yuki is with tohru for they go out on a date and he gives her a present and call’s her princess^^
darkstar1134 said:I think it’s Kyo. Tohru is more of a mother to Yuki.
she does but in the end she loves kyo.
She does love them both. But I am leaning toward Kyo.
I believe that she is in luv with kYoo…they r ma fav couple!! ~ ¥ø 4 ~
Tohru loves Kyo more then Yuki but she does love them both! hope it helped:)
Panda2126 said:Yuki, Kyo, and Momiji all love Tohru. Tohru tells Kyo that she loves him and he rejects her only to find out that he loves her as well. Later Momiji tells Kyo that he’s going to propose Tohru if he doesn’t.In the end Kyo and Tohru get married and have a son and later have a granddaughter.
snowyume1 said:In the anime she didn’t choose either of them or she chose both. In the manga she chose Kyo. I like the anime’s ending because she didn’t leave either alone. Yuki told Tohru to tell Kyo the truth so they could probably all stay together.
tintindy72 said:tohru loves kyo because when she heared the story of the myth she wanted to be a cat more than a dog
in the anime, it never shows. But in the Manga she ends up with Kyo


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